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donderdag 9 februari 2017

Anarchic update news all over the world - 9 Februari 2017

Today's Topics:


1.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #268 - Free software:
      Articulate librism and decay (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

2.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL - Against violence against
      women, in Fougères on 7 February by AL Ferns (fr, it, pt)
      [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

3.  ruptura colectiva RC: "Putin is not great, he is a
      dictator": On the onslaught of capitalism in Russia

4.  federacion anarquista de rosario: Resistance and solidarity
      in the street building a strong town -- Current situation
      February 2016 (ca) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

5.  Britain, solfed: Call for Soldarity for the Woolwich Free
      Ferry Strikes (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

6.  Britain, class war: Belgravia: The Anarchist Present


Message: 1

Digital technologies are at the heart of two major struggles for emancipation: on the one 
hand, for the liberation of users from digital multinationals like the Big Brother state; 
On the other, that of a decreasing, environmentally-friendly society, with little energy 
and non-recyclable materials. But the two rarely communicate and may even seem 
incompatible. Is a libertarian communist articulation possible? ---- In early November 
came Oliver Stone's biopic on the alert thrower Edward Snowden, who in 2013 made public 
the secret surveillance programs of the NSA, US intelligence agency (PRISM, Xkeyscore, 
etc.) .). They have been made possible by the active collaboration of the big 
multinational digital companies, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. 
(collaboration regularly denied by them, but constantly reconfirmed, such as the beginning 
of October when Yahoo was accused of willingly accept the role of subcontractor of state 

Centralization of the identification data

France is no exception, as shown by the recent decree TES (secure electronic documents) 
Valls government, which established a highly centralized identification data of all French 
and French[2]. This is the occasion to put back on the carpet what could be called the 
"Big Brother question". Although little debated among libertarians (lack of interest or 
consensus, ignorance?), It is a central node of the struggle for anti-state emancipation. 
Difficult to defend against the repression, even to organize the revolution, in a police 
state such as France under state of emergency.

However, it is also difficult to expect from every activist and activist that he uses only 
free software and encrypts his e-mails because this still requires a significant 
investment (despite the real efforts to democratize these tools that followed the Snowden 
revelations[3]). Being aware of the problems of computer security and not relying on 
capitalist intermediaries for critical exchanges (organization of direct anti-fascist or 
environmental actions, for example) is, however, a "union minimum" not always acquired. 
We, libertarian communists should certainly carry a political message 
libriste[4]unambiguous nor complaisance[5].

Another libertarian struggle brings us to take a stand on the digital: the emergence of 
the ecological crisis by the adoption of an anti-capitalist economy called "decreasing". 
Of course, the term "decreasing" covers a broad and varied reality, ranging from 
anarcho-primitivists to authoritarian Marxists defending a digital one, vary equally.

But one of the most striking analysis of digital is that taken as an example by the 
newspaper The decay , the pub Breakers Association[6], whose anti-EELV and anticapitalist 
editorial is largely compliant With the ecologist positions of Alternative libertarian.

Says The Decline on digital? Indeed, anyone who opens an issue of this monthly get will 
soon account[7]Based on the observation (based) that digital pollute, dehumanizing social 
relations, isolates the Internet allows mass surveillance, etc. , They deduce that it is 
necessary to fight unilaterally the "society of the screens", to refuse "to go there", to 
make fun of those for whom the Internet has made it possible to horizontalize a little 
more the society, and so on. They throw the baby without hesitation with the bath water: 
their decay is irreconcilable with digital, and therefore with librism.

Yet Wikipedia brings culture to all; Peer-to-peer promotes sharing, decentralization, 
self-management and violently undermined capitalist copyright; TOR allows activists from 
dictatorial countries such as China to bypass government censorship while protecting 
themselves from repression. The teaching of programming in schools could make it possible 
to illustrate the difference between (scientific) error, pedagogically fruitful, and 
(school) failure, a factor of social exclusion ... Examples abound and it is, Neither 
necessary nor even possible to enumerate them here to convince: denying the interests of 
the digital is an equally caricatural and bad faith posture that in denying the problems.

Double work

The question that the libertarian movements should therefore ask is not so much that of 
the blind boycott of the numerical that of the articulation between the Librist struggle 
and the antiproductivist struggle. What place should be reserved for digital in the 
project of libertarian communist society? A double task, similar to that of 
anarcho-syndicalism, consisting of simultaneously engaging in a librist struggle 
"immediately improving the living conditions of users and users of digital" and in an 
antiproductivist struggle to establish an Internet Self-managed, the end of the programmed 
obsolescence and the stroke to the computing power, recycling components as thoroughly as 
possible, and so on, is it possible? Questions with no clear answers at the moment (to my 
knowledge at least). I therefore invite the debate and reflection on this cross-cutting 
issue, not only ecologist, nor solely anti-authoritarian, but certainly topical.

Léo (AL Val-de-Marne North)

[1]"Espionage: Yahoo! Has fallen to the last desires of the NSA ", humanite.fr.

[2]"Press Freedoms Observatory and digital" laquadrature.net.


[4]A term referring to free software and more generally to distributed computing, and 
again in the hands of users.

[5]For example, do not tolerate the speech "I have nothing to hide", "Open letter to those 
who have nothing to hide," internetactu.net


[7]See for example the editorial of No. 134 (November 2016), the article "Your attention 
please ..." of No. 133 (October 2016), the interview "Against the School of screens" of 
heading 130 (June 2016).



Message: 2

Tuesday, February 7, AL Fougères organizes a public meeting against violence against 
women. With prospects for action on the program! To the Urban planners (Salle 
Ernest-Feuvrier) ---- Violence against women takes place in the private sphere, at work, 
in public space. Today, with the presidential approach many politicians allow themselves 
to give an opinion on the management of the body of women by others (abortion, veil or 
not, ....). It is to propose a space of exchange to denounce the violence suffered by the 
women and how many people instrumentalize their bodies that a debate will take place on 
February 7. It will also be an opportunity to exchange ideas for action on March 8, the 
historic day of women's struggle. ---- Join the Facebook event ---- Alternative Libertaire 
has made the fight against violence against women a national campaign: fear will change 
sides !



Message: 3

I'm not sure if nations like Russia, Syria Al-Assad or Ukraine Yanukovych are (or were) 
fully capitalist states. ---- The state controls 70% of the Russian economy by the 
International Monetary Fund, and 60% according to other estimates. Anyway, within the 
state there is a narrow group of people who have criminal roots (they were connected with 
the mafia of the cities of Tambov and St. Petersburg) and at the same time linked to the 
KGB. This group controls the whole pyramid of power and capital. ---- This strange 
alliance was formed in the 90s of the last century, during so-called "Great criminal 
revolution". It was a time when criminal organizations were merged with the security 
forces of the state and become owners of business and, at the same time, were engaged in 
extortion of money from business.

Esta extraña alianza fue formada en la década de los 90's durante la llamada "Gran 
Revolución Criminal"

They are unofficially called "Cooperative Lake" because of the name of organization, which 
has gained for them the land for construction of country houses in the past. There are 
about 60 people.

There are about 60 people. This is the highest oligarchy with the past of gangsters and 
criminal thinking. It is the same thing as if Al Capone had become President of the United 
States and at the same time he and his friends from Cosa Nostra had controlled the court, 
police, army, media and state companys that produce 70% of GDP.

Also even big businessman is nothing more than a clowns in the hands of these people. They 
"tilted" business and this word in the modern Russian language means at the same time 
squeezing money (racketeering) and sexual humiliation. This definition fully reflects 
psychology of the higher power and it is used in the confessions one of the highest 
authorities. Any businessman could be jailed if he did not give them the required sum of 

In other words, people from the higher echelons of power are at the same time the largest 
owners and the biggest gangsters. In some sense they own everything in the country.

This elite is not monolithic. There are conflicts among its representatives. Some of them 
control powerful state agencies. Putin plays the role of the regulator. They call him 
"Dad". Below this elite different groups exist and operate, but they all obey the highest 

Law does not exist for them. They can do anything whatever they want. Principles of 
bourgeois law, created by the French revolution is not functioning in Russia. Yes, it's a 
dictatorship. But is this bourgeois dictatorship, if private property is not protected? In 
the same time according to the estimates of Russian economists from 40 to 60% of the state 
money is stolen regularly.

Political and economic interests cannot be separated here. The same people have the 
highest power and wealth like the emperors of China Yin-Shang era.

However, unlike the ancient Chinese, we do not live in small rural communities, providing 
themselves with food. We live in big cities and are employed in offices or factories.

And yet such a society reminiscent of some pre-capitalist countries, such as absolutist 
France or some Eastern despotism where the economy was dominated by state ownership.

 From another side Russia is the part of global economy. Russia is a gas and petrol 
station of the European Union and the best investor of petrodollars to EU economy. Half of 
the Russian exports go to Europe (oil, gas and other raw materials). 70-80% of demand of 
Russian industry are foreign and largely European goods (machines and other equipment). 
50% of food is imported. 93% of Russian medicines are either produced abroad or contain 
foreign components. The largest Russian companies and banks total debt to western 
foundations is $ 600 billion. Russian state is totally dependent on Western technologys, 
and 50% of the income of the Russian budget comes from oil and gas exports. If energy 
prices falling Russian budget collapses.

But here's is a question againe. Was or was not capitalism in such place as British India?

What transitional forms between capitalism and other types of society can exist? Can we 
consider the capitalist society in which 70% of GDP is produced at the state-owned 
enterprises, the same people are concentrated in theier hands higher power and property, 
and where there is no bourgeois property rights, ownership?

... Such terms as capitalism, feudalism, bastard feudalism, illegal feudalism, 
oligarchical collectivism or Asian mode of production does not explain everything. It is 
important to understand exactly how this society operates. It is doubtful that the 
king-sun Louis XIV was subordinated to the interests of the French bourgeoisie...



Message: 4

As a balance of 2016, we can conclude that during the year two positions were expressed, 
roughly, in terms of how to resist the brutal offensive of those above. On the one hand, 
the one that aims fundamentally at the institutional channeling of the popular demands, 
aiming at the elections of 2017[1]and, on the other hand, that is oriented to the popular 
protagonism and the fight in depth, that in these Moments becomes essential to not lose 
any conquest. ---- Thus, in the last months of last year we saw how a sector of social 
organizations closed a social peace agreement in the search of being positioned as an 
alternative political force to the kirchnerista debacle, with electoral aspirations from 
conquests at the parliamentary level; At the same time as internally disputing the 
representation of the Pope at local level. It is increasingly evident that Bergoglio's 
approach, far from being antagonistic to Macri, is part of the reinforcement of statehood 
and the dominant institutions, in order not to return to a moment of social rebellion 
similar to that of 2001. In this sense, the sanction of the Social Emergency Law would 
imply the administration of a social work, and the creation of a state body with 
participation of the social organizations, called Council of Popular Economy. These 
concessions added to some crumbs by the end of the year were the points of a negotiation 
for which Barrios de Pie, the CTEP and the CCC not only allowed to pass a December with 
little conflict but also signed a social peace clause until 2019 .

Also during December the misunderstandings that occurred in the congress in reference to 
the so-called income tax, were solved with concessions of all the parties in conflict: 
Macri, Massa, the CGT, the block of the FPV and the governors arrived at a exit Negotiated 
in which the salary tax situation is not substantially modified. On the one hand, this 
agreement legalizes that more than one million workers continue to pay profits, as well as 
a large number of retirees. On the other hand, when new joint agreements are made, the 
number of workers paying the tax will again increase to the previous situation. As an 
expression of this agreement on the closure of last year, the president appeared to join 
with the union bureaucracy, while hundreds of thousands of workers lost their jobs during 
2016 and a scenario of worsening of this situation is outlined, not only Of job losses but 
of lower wages and greater precariousness.
Even so, different specific struggles that were developed during the year have overflowed 
the attempts of containment and institutional channeling. In this sense, we highlight the 
struggle of women during 2016, who through great mobilizations and fruit of years of 
organization on the feminist level have been able to fight in the streets. Direct action, 
organization and unity from below proved to be the best allies of the people in resistance 
to the neo-liberal and reactionary offensive.

Some signs from the government show that in 2017 the above intend to give a new impetus to 
the adjustment. The increasingly complex and unpredictable scenario at the international 
level, with the assumption of Trump, which can complicate the supposed arrival of 
investments, the possibilities of external indebtedness and the price of commodities, In 
an election year. To this is added that the bureaucracies (union and piquetera) gave to 
Macri a year in which he was able to measure his forces and intentions and on this basis 
the government evaluate the margin with which counts to advance.
The repression seems to also take momentum, from the moment in which it is spoken again 
from the government of the anti-protest initiative, this time for the capital of the 
country. Repressive episodes are increasingly less widely spaced and more accompanied by 
media discourses that make them more acceptable to "public opinion." The war of the poor 
against the poor is put in the media focus, the poor young people become the public enemy 
number one, and meanwhile the workers become a "labor cost" and the retirees in "spending 
Public ", a circulation of speeches with practical and material effects. In this sense, 
the government, with important help from the mass media, promotes an ideological 
propaganda campaign aimed at legitimizing its program - paradoxically from a posture 
declared as post-ideological - and to deepen the process of fragmentation of the oppressed 
class, Changes in the cultural sphere aimed at erasing any element that may remotely refer 
to an idea of socialism.

It is no coincidence that, having passed a relatively "quiet" December, in the first days 
of January a whole series of measures aimed at attacking the conditions of life and work 
were announced, with the expectation that the Higher levels of investment; Something that 
starts badly and ends worse for those below. It seems that the government understands that 
if bureaucracies are to "resist" from parliament, committed to governance as indicated by 
the papal mandate, this would be the time to move forward with the anti-worker reform that 
the Business sectors.

These measures were taken, without hesitation, in the context of a series of situations 
that highlight the precariousness of the habitat where we live below, and which were a 
sort of anecdotal of news from the "interior" of the country. The repeated floods and 
avalanches, product of the model of agricultural devastation; The fires in La Pampa that 
give rise to an endless speculative real estate business; The already known cyanide spills 
by the miners in the waters of the province of San Juan; The advance of privatizing real 
estate projects by international and national owners that have been taking place for 
decades in Patagonia and that put in check the access to water, energy and territory by 
those who live there. Thus, it is pertinent to look at those struggles that were given in 
response by organized Mapuches (mostly heavily repressed) settlers and communities, always 
seeking a way of articulating resistance against this system of domination.

The balance of the year leaves us as an apprenticeship where resistance and solidarity 
were expressed in the streets through direct action, those from below were able to 
maintain our conquests and demands, ie the limit we put on fighting.
During this year from the FAR we aim to continue building from that orientation in the 
field of social struggles. In an election and adjustment year, elections are likely to act 
as a brake on downward pressure, but also as a distraction for sectors of the grassroots 
that will dump their energies into the dispute within the system, weakening the chances of 
Struggle and unity from below.

For this reason, one of the tasks of the year will be to continue strengthening the 
perspective and the horizon of popular power construction, clearly referring to what the 
system proposes with its mechanisms of domination that serve to domesticate the struggles 
and make them functional - in their Institutional enclosure - to a network of social 
relations that does nothing more than reproduce the essential of capitalism.
Without concessions or possibilities where popular participation allows us to advance, and 
preventing our struggle is an instrument for the construction of electoral apparatus, 
always defending class independence.

Whether on the ideological level or in our participation in social struggles, our struggle 

[1]This pro-institutional positioning is reflected by positions of the FIT, the De Genaro 
UP and the RCP among other sectors of the left, to the positions of bureaucratic unionism 
from different sides of the PJ through its deputies.



Message: 5

strikes London -- GMB and UNITE members who work on the Woolwich Free Ferry are taking 
strike action every Friday. Against a background of long-running health and safety issues, 
they are coming out in solidarity with a female colleague who brought a complaint about 
persistent sexual harrassment by her offce boss. She was then left facing him every day at 
work for 3 weeks. ---- It is a credit to the ferry crew that they didn't hesitate to take 
action to support their colleague, who after being subjected to unwelcome personal 
comments and offensive behaviour for over a year, had the courage to record and report 
these events, only to find herself vulnerable to further harassment. ---- After the death 
in 2011 of Ben Woollacott, who was pulled overboard by a mooring rope, SERCO lost the 
contract to operate the free ferry and Briggs Marine Contractors Ltd. have been operating 
the service since 2013. They are a company based in Burntisland, Fife, with international 
experience and interest in the marine industry.

They are not short of resources, having a £100 million contract to maintain navigation 
buoys for the Royal Navy, as well as valuable deals with BP, Exxon Mobil and Scottish and 
Southern Energy. They also provide 'navigational aids' for Forth Ports and Peel Ports and 
'marine management' for the Environment Agency.

However, the ferry crews recount a catalogue of problems - including oil and fuel leaks, 
safety-crucial generators failing and a leaking diesel engine, instead of being fixed, 
being vented into the passenger deck. Workers report that health & safety is being 
compromised through lack of training and that the bosses are trying to cut costs by 
failing to abide by agreements. Joint meetings between the GMB and Unite members have 
resulted in a solid strike, and their reps say that Briggs are going to be very keen to 
resolve the dispute at ACAS talks which start today, Friday February 3rd.

If Briggs Marine fail to address the culture of sketchy maintenance, poor safety culture, 
sexual harrassment and bullying we can expect further strikes every Friday. The ferry is 
crucial to London's freight movements. It depends on the dedication of its crews, many of 
them having decades of practical experience working on the tidal Thames. They know how to 
provide a safe and well-run service.

South London Solfed



Message: 6

JAN 30, from ASH: "The occupation of an oligarch's empty mansion in Eaton Square by the 
Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians is real, not symbolic. The courts, acting with 
a swiftness that only a billionaire's displeasure can buy, will have them out of there at 
the end of the riot police's batons, but they have pushed back against the occupying force 
of capital that presides over every aspect of this servile country, and in doing so opened 
a chink in its armour - a chink we and others may chose to help force open..." ---- I know 
almost nothing of anarchist theory, but of what little I know there seems to be a problem 
with what happens afterwards. A little like Jane Eyre's famous concluding line - ‘Reader, 
I married him' - it's the unwritten bit that follows that will determine whether the love 
affair was real or just infatuation.

But whether the idea is to destroy the power of the state (and refuse to get married) or 
take power (and abolish marriage as an institution), I don't understand how that is meant 
to be done or maintained against the power of the military-industrial complex backed by 
the wealth of international capitalism.

Communism, by contrast, came up with a pretty clear image of the future once their fabled 
Revolution was brought about, even though so far things haven't quite gone according to 
plan - quite the contrary. However, the hope and faith in the Revolution has induced a 
sort of idealism in communists, who tend to act as if it was always just around the 
corner, capitalism always in crisis, and just about to fall, as it has been, it seems, 
practically since it reared its ugly head.

I have always felt that the contradictions of capitalism are more often to be found in the 
hope and faith of those predicting its imminent demise than in the economic, political and 
ideological system that has colonised the entire world.

This hope and faith - terms more appropriate to messianic religious nutters than 
materialist revolutionaries - leads communists to act in ways that are purely formal 
approximations of political activity. The latest example was last week's communist protest 
outside a Glasgow bar, apparently against Bacardi for being ‘an enemy of Cuba'.

If you can't see the ridiculousness of this you belong in Stalin's politburo - or worse, 
on Tariq Ali's picnic guest list. Quite apart from the Borg-like behaviour of its 
adherents towards those who don't toe the Party Line, it's because of absurdities like 
this that communism has never managed to appeal to the British working class sufficiently 
to make it a political force in the UK, as it has been, at times, in Germany, Italy and 

The Canary: A shocking attack in the heart of London sums up why Trump is so dangerous[VIDEO]

As much as communism gains a certain authority from its international scope, and 
notwithstanding the importance of its critique of capitalism as a global system of 
exploitation and violence, the British working class, faced with homelessness, 
unemployment and poverty, and without an apparent alternative to the corruption and 
capitalism of the Labour Party, are not going to be lured by communists banging on about 
Palestine, Cuba and Venezuela and thrusting one hundred year-old texts by Lenin in their 

The failure of communism to increase its followers - even now when there is such a need 
for a political alternative - is, if not proof, then a strong argument to the truth of 
this accusation, no matter how unpalatable it may be.

The working class of Britain want to be spoken to about solutions to their own sufferings, 
which however much they pale besides those of the people of Palestine, Yemen or Syria, are 
theirs, getting worse, and to which no political movement in this country is presenting a 

It's for this reason that anarchists alone, it seems to me, are grabbing the attention of 
the despised of Britain, the ‘left behind', the ‘just about coping', and other euphemisms 
of capitalism's victims. Marching, demonstrating, protesting, and all the other 
out-of-date activities of the Left have become a purely formal, symbolic activity.

That is to say, they have become the playthings of the middle-classes. They have neither 
constitutional reckoning (which is why President Trump really doesn't give a fuck how many 
people march against him) nor political threat - not only because of the growing power of 
the police, army and other security forces, but because, with a few exceptions, the mass 
of people who march, whether in Washington or London, do so with no intention or ability 
to use their numbers as a political force.

As I said, what was once, a long, long time ago, a demonstration of working-class power, 
has for some time now become little more than a show of disapproval. And people with 
armies at their disposal don't care about disapproval.

In contrast, the occupation of an oligarch's empty mansion in Eaton Square by the 
Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians is real, not symbolic.

The courts, acting with a swiftness that only a billionaire's displeasure can buy, will 
have them out of there at the end of the riot police's batons, but they have pushed back 
against the occupying force of capital that presides over every aspect of this servile 
country, and in doing so opened a chink in its armour - a chink we and others may chose to 
help force open.

They haven't made demands of the corrupt, they haven't asked someone else to do something 
about the problem, they haven't stood around waving flags demanding that a politician in a 
faraway country who has never heard of them does something he wouldn't do in a million 
years and pretended they're making a difference.

They've taken direct action - a term that is much used but little understood. Marching, 
demonstrating, protesting, demanding, petitioning isn't direct action. Whatever 
affectivity people might kid themselves into thinking it may have is always mediated 
through the addressees of their pleas, who really and truly do not give a fuck.

If you don't know and face this, your protest is not only ineffectual bullshit, it is 
contributing to the spectacle of democracy by which the mass of people in this and every 
capitalist country are kept politically passive.

Anarchism may not have a plan for what happens when our three-volume romantic novel is 
closed and we all walk off into the sunset with Mr. Rochester, but we're no way near 
crossing that line. Quite the opposite. And pretending we are is the surest way to turn 
our Bildungsroman into a Gothic horror.

Perhaps anarchism is best understood - it's how I understand it through watching and 
participating in the actions of my anarchist comrades - as political action under the yoke 
of capitalism - which is to say, in the horror story of our present reality.

Finally, anarchists, whether chasing fascist architect Patrik Schumacher down the street, 
occupying the Aylesbury Estate, smashing the Cereal Cafe, taking Tower Bridge, hanging 
anarchist and anti-fascist flags over Eaton Square, or setting up a homeless shelter in an 
oligarch's empty mansion, really know how to produce an image that captures the 
imagination of anyone in Britain who may be thinking of throwing off the shackles of 
capitalism and the blindfold of parliamentary democracy and joining the fight.

And under the blanket propaganda that keeps the British electorate in a state of 
consumerist complacency rising, when required, to xenophobic hatred, this is one of the 
most important tasks of direct action.

I'd suggest that, if communists ever want to turn their Revolution into reality, they 
should start learning from the anarchists.

After victory for Harrod's workers organised by United Voices of the World and the halt to 
the compulsory purchase order on Millwall Football ground and the surrounding estates and 
businesses by the campaign of resistance, the occupation of 102 Belgrave Place, which has 
been reported around the world, is our third victory in London in 2017. And we're still in 

Original article here at Architects for Social Housing (ASH)

The Canary: A shocking attack in the heart of London sums up why Trump is so dangerous[VIDEO]


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