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vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Up to date information :No Border Camp Rotterdam - Nederland

No Border Camp Rotterdam 2013

No Border Camp Rotterdam 2013


The camp will take place August 2 -10, 2013

Friday, August 2

Saturday, August 3
Day theme: Travel (flee) and arrival – day of the refugees 

Sunday, August 4
Day theme: Frontex and border control – crossing the sea – stowaways

Monday, August 5
Day theme: Repression

Tuesday, August 6
Day theme: Deportation & detention profiteers / blacklisting / 

Wednesday, August 7
Day theme: Stop deportations!

Thursday, August 8
Day theme: Day against the services DT&V (Service to force return), IND (Immigration), IOM (International Organization ‘for’ immigration), immigration police

Friday, August 9
Day theme: Anti-capitalism 

Saturday, August 10
Large demonstration through Rotterdam

Sunday, August 11