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zondag 31 maart 2013

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - For equal rights and against homophobia: immediate release of detained activist (fr)

We were informed es placement in custody of a militant of the CGT Educ'action. His arrest 
followed an altercation with several activists posting, Noisy-le-Sec, leaflets in favor of 
"Manif for all" on 24 March against marriage rights for homosexual couples. ---- This 
Saturday, March 23 in custody was extended and liable to prosecution. ---- In the current 
context of homophobic reaction particularly aggressive, it is an attack against the whole 
movement for equal rights. ---- His detention under the influence of a complaint of an 
elected UMP whose positions against the opening of marriage to same-sex couples are 
notorious gives this case a highly political nature. ---- Alternative libertarian demands 
his immediate release. ---- Alternative libertarian, March 24, 2013

(en) US, NYC Book Fair Presses & Workshops, 4/6-7 update

ANNOUNCING The 7th ANNUAL NYC ANARCHIST BOOK FAIR ---- Saturday, Sunday, April 6 and 7 at 
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center 107 Suffolk Street bet. Rivington and Delancey ---- 
Meet and Greet Our Publishers: AK, Fifth Estate, PM, Semiotext, WW3, Crimethinc, Black 
Cat, IWW, Institute for Anarchist Studies, Earth Journal, Native Resistance, OWS, Red 
Emma's, Seven Stories, Bread & Puppet Press, Books Through Bars, Black Cross Federation, 
Charles Kerr, Combustion Books, Earth First! Journal, North American Animal Liberation 
Press Office NAALPO, The Truth, NJALL New Jersey Alliance of the Liberation Left, Open 
City, ON OUR OWN Authority Publishing, Wooden Shoes, Bluestockings, NYC Leonard Peltier 
Defense Offense Committee, NYC Jericho Movement, Ardent Press, Human Rights Caucus 
Taminent Labor Library, Perro Verlag, Radical Reference, Pioneer Press, Microcosm Press, 
Under The Pavement, anarcho feminist distro, OWS Sustainability, OWS Screenprinters, In 
Our Harts,Occucopy, Jeremy Hammond, ADAHAH- WESPAC, NY, Lies Journal, Slingshot, Burning 
Books, National War Tax Resisters Collective, A GO GO,Pluto Press-Zed Books, East Rev; and 
a few other late entries.

And Sample Our Provocative Panels, Workshops, & Skillshares: Anarko Feminism, What Can 
Anarchists Learn from Marxist Economic Theory?; Against the Nation: Anti-Nationalists 
Politics in Germany; Back to the Future: From Social Security to Mutual Aid; Pirate Party: 
Why the Hell Would Anarchists Run for Office?; The Anarchist Interview Project; Archivo 
15M art show from Madrid; Decisive Ecological Warfare; End:Civ; ; Occupy & Anarchy; 
Inequality and the Economic Crisis; Black Flags and Windmills: Creating Power from Below; 
; What Does Utopia Look Like?; Don't Leave Your Friends Behind: Supporting Families in Our 
Movements; The Climate Will Not be Dumpsterd; Anarchist and Left-Wing Radicalism in 
post-Soviet Belarus; Do We Need Masters? (Or Do They Need Us?); Custer Died for Your Sins: 
How to Be an Indigenous Ally; The Anarchist Involvement with Occupy DC: Tactics, Theory, 
Practice, Conflict; Solidarity Organizing: Hosuton's Toxic East End; Museum of Reclaimed 
Urban Space: Founding a Radical History Museum; Why Anarchists Should Care about the IMF, 
World Bank, and G20; Flatbush Rebellion and the Murder of Kimani Gray; Ecodefense; A Forum 
on the Police; Prisoners are Speaking: Are We Listrening?; and much more!

And, as a special treat, once again, we present The Anarchist Film Festival on Saturday 
evening, 5-10 PM,
and The Anarko Art Performance Festival, beginning at 7 PM on Sunday.

For further info, schedule, directions, and late-breaking updates or to volunteer the 
day of the book fair, visit

(en) Brazil, Journal of FARJ: #157 - VIOLENC: ROTTEN FRUIT OF THE STATE AND Bourgeoisie (pt)

Content --- repudiation of the murder of MST-RJ militant ---- page 2 ---- "A Manifesto" 
Flores Magon ---- page 2 ---- "Earth" Malatesta ---- page 3 ---- Libertarian News ---- 
page 4 ---- The FARJ last week published the latest issue of its journal, the Libera! --- 
The 157 issue is the result of militancy and the reflection of the organization of social 
movements in land struggle (MST and MPA), the number is entirely devoted to the problem 
that the field workers face in their daily struggle and resistance. - In addition to the 
texts of the organization, the paper presents two classic texts (Errico Malatesta and 
Ricardo Flores Magon), libertarian news for the months of January to March, as well as an 
account of which we participate and organize demonstration in front of the consulate 
Argentina (on release to prisoners / as de Bariloche).

Releases The # 157 is available physically on F?bio Luz Social Library for distribution 
and can be downloaded in PDF HERE If you want to get some for distribution, please contact The Libera also meets our militancy of popular movements that are building.

We used to reinforce the cry of resistance in tribute to the two comrades who left us!

Cicero and Regina gifts!!



"Pinga sweat on hoe the land is blessed."
If on one hand the beautiful verses of the plot
2013 School of Samba States
Vila Isabel - unfortunately financed by
a company of agribusiness - Sing
importance and the effort of the worker
rural, establishing the school as a champion
Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, the second
negligence, cowardice and impunity stun
these same characters with blood
two MST, Field of Goytacazes / RJ, murdered by
explorers who finance the misery and hunger.
We put the Government on account of negligence
that claimed the lives of two more fighters
field. Not surprisingly the
mediocre at best in the Dilma Government
relation to the promotion of Agrarian Reform in
country, even lower than the performance
negligible in Fernando
Henrique. Still less did the Government
State of Rio de Janeiro and the mafia
Garotinho, which controls the municipal policy
Fields of Goytacazes city where
the brutal murders occurred.

The neglect of which we speak can be observed
in 150 000 families are camped
under black plastic, undergoing
poor housing conditions, without access
to sanitation, rural education,
roads and electricity. There are no resources
available to these farmers invest
in production, there is no access to political
as PRONAF (National Program
Strengthening Family Agriculture), not
's rural technical assistance. In this situation
abandonment, the land is only able to produce
insecurity and suffering.

Cowardice, as well characterized in shots
the back that targeted the militant assassinated
feature is the exploiters,
damn landlords, colonels century
XXI. These people, if they can
be considered as such, are used for
every means to achieve their goals:
buy the state, people buy without
character, the war between finance
the poorest and the cult of capitalism. The
These government grants all rights,
incentives and subsidies for millionaires
produce food contaminated by

According to S?rgio Sauer, Rapporteur of the Right
Human on Earth, the Territory and Power
(Platform Dhesca Brazil), "Conflicts
in the field, unfortunately, that result
the assassination of leaders and peasants,
are the result of two key factors: the
absurd concentration of land and impunity. "
Historically, actual field
Brazil is a deep concentration
of land ownership. The data of
Agricultural Census 2006 IBGE come
reaffirm this concentration: while
large landowners hold 45% of the land,
small farmers, real
providers of food, beans and rice,
occupy only 2.4% of the country's land.
The huge orders for land
can be seen through the fact that
there are at least 3.7 million
landless families in Brazil.

Impunity, as could not be otherwise,
constitutes the contribution of the judiciary
for violence in the countryside. Many
cases of unsolved crimes and responsible
untouched. To illustrate, in February this
year was acquitted a defendant accused of murder
leadership landless in Paran? -
in a trial held 10 years after
the crime was committed. Justice is not
punishes the guilty and protects either
innocent. They were not included in
witness protection program, a
couple was killed after tappers
denounce illegal logging in
Par? in 2011.

Completing the scene, in the legislative
large landholders and explorers
field is strengthened by a countertop
ruralista reactionary and corrupt. These are
scoundrels who dictate the direction of policy
Brazilian environmental and rural, there is seen
that exercised decisive role for approval
New Forest Code. The workbench
ruralista is supported even by parties
Based allied government (PT, PC do B, PMDB,

The struggle of MST militants killed
Campos was greater than the struggle for
earth. They fought against Batista, who
small farmers expelled from their
land to build their empire
tropical; against slavery, even as
This absurdly in the Fields
Goytacazes; against the sugarcane mill owners
and their jagunfos, and especially
in favor of a decent life in the field that includes
production of healthy food for

Even with all these guidelines and CLAIMS,
the Raptor's corporate press
is organized to expose the society
the lie that the deaths were the result
the movement of internal conflicts,
thus omitting the list of crimes
entire chain of violence that comes from
concentration of land ownership to the lack of
basic in the settlements and in the field.

Thus, we have no more choice but
we organized front to be offensive
capitalism and never keep quiet
while there extermination and exploitation
the working class. It's time to fight, to
build popular power in permanently
workplaces, in the slums, in
field of study spaces and all
places where there are oppressors and oppressed.
It is in the organization and rebellion against
injustice that makes a strong people because
we can not accommodate long as there
fallen comrades. For the poor and
oppressed / the world, all the time
are fighting!

We would like FARJ of these fellows,
Cicero Guedes and the Regina
Santos, could still be on our side,
but now part of the land that both
struggled to cultivate. Their bodies will be
seeds of a better society, egalitarian,
fraternal and against capital. Their stories of
fight the culture that will make these
seeds germinate. To these heroes, our
honor and our struggle. We will not rest
never until the land and the means of
production of all are!


-------------------------------------------------- -
For our dead, not a minute of silence!
A lifetime of struggle! Cicero and Regina gifts!!

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #225 - Health: Gynecology in danger (fr)

Gynecology is a French specificity. Thanks to her, the life expectancy of women has 
improved significantly: early detection of cancer in women using contraceptives 
individualized ... but she is still in danger. ---- Too few jobs are open in gynecology: 
thirty in 2012 against one hundred and thirty in 1986! If this number does not increase 
significantly in the coming years is the eventual disappearance of gynecology in France. 
The possibility for women to entrust their gynecological specialist is trained to do and 
questioned, and with it the prevention. ---- Yet it is through this monitoring that the 
number of cervical cancer of the uterus was divided by four in twenty years, mortality 
halved and there is a decrease in mortality for breast cancer with the best survival rate. 
It is also thanks to gynecology and women can receive adequate contraception.

What are the policies?

The Defence Committee of the gynecology was received Monday, October 8th at the Ministry 
of Health, where he expressed his extreme concern about the health of women. For the 
moment no increase in the number of medical gynecologists are planned. Again socialists 
continue the policy right and sacrifice the health of women hiding behind the Regional 
Health Agencies (ARS) created by the government Sarko to manage and administer health [ 1 ].

It is they who are in charge of the internal number of positions, from the recognition of 
needs. What would be a technical and not political! While it is nonetheless a political 
will that not give the health of a substantial budget.

A decline in social

The ARS and 0.5 consider medical gynecologist for women 5000 in Auvergne, or 0.8 medical 
gynecologist for 5000 women in Ile-de-France are sufficient, according to the 
recommendations of the College of Physicians. However, according to the National 
Observatory of the demographics of the health professions, the current does not allow more 
than a quarter of women of childbearing age to have access to see their specialist [ 2 ]. 
According to the INED and Inserm this time, about 20-24, "the gynecological has also 
declined among young women: in 2010, 12.2% of them reported having no monitoring usual, 
against 6.9% in 2000. "

And the situation is likely to worsen, as almost half of the gynecologists (48%) will 
retire in the next five years. Another social regression for women!

Agnes (AL Toulouse)

[ 1 ] The Act of 21 July 2009 on hospital reform and on patients, health and territories, 
created the Regional Health Agencies (art. 118). They are the pillars of the reform of the 
health system

[ 2 ] Report of February 2011.

(en) Chile, Statement of Libertarian Students Front of Iquiq in support of Mejillones dockworkers (ca)

Faced with the paralyzing the Mejillones port workers, solidarity and action of most of 
the country dockworkers joined in Port Union of Chile, as Libertarian Students 
Front-Section Iquique, we stated: ---- In the last week, we have witnessed a clear example 
of struggle and solidarity from Chile dockworkers. Given this, and students committed to 
the interests of all the exploited, we can not be oblivious to the struggle they are 
giving dockworkers Mejillones, which require minimum rest and sustenance in power. 
Specifically, their demands have translated into half time snack, a casino to develop that 
activity, and while the work is constructed, a $ 4,000 per shift to allow them to afford 
lunch after a heavy day's work. They demand an improvement in communications with the 
company UltraPort, which is known for its hegemony in the port sector in the north and its 
repeated failures and violations of labor rights established.

Given these facts, and given the limited media coverage by the mainstream media, we 
express our full support to the port of Mejillones peers and the rest of the country, who 
through a concrete expression of class unionism, have achieved reduce legal obstacles set 
by the Labor Plan Jos? Pi?era in Dictatorship, and that, to this day, remain in place 
through the consent of the political class in general.

In turn, we can not ignore the great gesture of solidarity that are giving the port of 
Iquique companions, who have paralyzed the port as a whole. In this regard, strongly 
sympathize with the gesture given by fellow port city and urge all students committed to 
the interests of the oppressed, to support this exemplary struggle. At the same time, we 
extend the call to all the people of Chile, that by following the steps taken in recent 
years, still has a long way to go in the arduous task of unifying our class, with this 
situation, a clear opportunity to strengthen linkages between different sectors in struggle.

No big changes without a great struggle!


We continue to build decent people SOVEREIGN!

Libertarian Students Front of Iquique

Related Link:

Britain, Anarchist Federation bulletin - RESISTANCE #149 March 2013

Contents ---- Something in the Air: Scandals, Sex-pests, Corruption and Cover-ups ---- 
Hundreds Protest to Support the Halesowen Four ---- Sussex Staff and Students Fight 
Privatisation ---- Paisley Lecturers Strike Against Cuts ---- Coming Up: Barnet Spring 
Demonstration ---- Free Palfreeman! ---- Toronto Airport Fuels Dissent ---- Prisoner 
Support on the Web --- 1. Something in the Air: Scandals, Sex-pests, Corruption and 
Cover-ups ---- There?s a stink of corruption hanging in the air. From the recent cover-up 
of Clegg and his cronies to disguise the actions of the sexual harasser Lord Rennard, to 
the scandals rocking the Catholic Church in Scotland and in the inner Vatican circles and 
Vatican Bank we have seen how deeply corrupt the whole system of government, state, 
church, big business and the media are.

Almost every day new scandals and cover-ups are revealed. We have seen the phone hacking 
and bribing of police and officials by News International journalists. We have seen the 
cover-up of the predatory activities of Jimmy Saville and others at the BBC. We have seen 
supermarkets scurrying to distance themselves from the horsemeat scandal. We have seen the 
Royal Bank of Scotland forced to shell out ?390 million over its Libor rate rigging. We 
have seen Tesco forced to pay out ?6.5 million over rigging of dairy prices. We have seen 
the appalling treatment of patients at the Mid-Staffs Hospital (and take it as read that 
that is the situation prevailing at other hospitals with 9 more hospital trusts to be 

Revelation after revelation is appearing at an accelerated rate. This is an indication of 
how unfit for use the present system is. As austerity bites, as the Bedroom Tax attacks 
the working class, as benefits for the disabled are under attack, as the beleaguered 
health service is eyed up for further privatisation, as the Coalition prepares for the 
possibility of further military adventures in Africa and possibly in Syria following the 
fiascos in Afghanistan and Iraq, now is the time to consider that a new world is possible: 
a world based on equality and solidarity, where the wealth of the world would be shared 
out, where there would be no more wars, no more famine, no more exploitation.
Mass actions saw the collapse of regimes in Eastern Europe in recent decades, and more 
recently the Arab Spring brought down regimes in Tunisia and Egypt. That struggle is 
ongoing, and so are the mobilisations in Western Europe. Surely now here in Britain, we 
can start creating movement to sweep away this rotten system, can?t we?
Education Workers in Revolt!

2. Hundreds Protest to Support the Halesowen Four

On Saturday 26th January over 200 people took to the streets of Halesowen to demand the 
reinstatement of four members of the Maths department who had been sacked. On a cold day, 
with snow on the ground, there was a fantastic array of banners and placards showing how 
far people had come to express solidarity with the Halesowen four.

Music and speeches made for a carnival atmosphere as workers, students and members of the 
local community assembled outside the gates of Halesowen College.

The reason that these sackings have caught so many peoples? attention was highlighted in 
many of the speeches. Educators realize that if these unprecedented dismissals, based 
solely on student outcomes, are allowed to go unchallenged then no teacher is safe. Any 
college, school or university can ignore local and national agreements and tear up 
contracts because they can apply any arbitrary measure to isolated sets of student 
results, ignoring other outcomes that may not suit their purpose, in order to justify 
sacking staff. This notion of sacking at will is not only a very real fear in education 
but across all areas of working life.

3. Sussex Staff and Students Fight Privatisation

Following a demonstration of over 300 staff and students in opposition to the 
privatisation of services at Sussex University; a large group of people occupied the 
university conference centre on February 12th.

In May 2012, the University announced its unilateral decision to sell off most services 
provided on campus, over 10% of its workforce, to private investors. This announcement 
came with no student consultation, and next to no consultation with the 235 workers 
concerned. Since then, management has failed to offer any more than a series of 
?negotiations? and piecemeal Q&A sessions, only after repeated requests by students and 
staff, and the conclusions of which it repeatedly proceeded to ignore.

The workers and students demand:
A complete halting of the ongoing bidding process and end to the entire privatization 
program, effective immediately.
A commission of students, staff and lecturers to be formed. With full remit to re-evaluate 
procedures and channels for holding management accountable as well as reviewing and 
extending student and workers? say in these decisions.
An end to the intimidation that senior and middle management have used to deter students 
and workers for airing and acting on their concerns.

4. Paisley Lecturers Strike Against Cuts

Over 200 lecturers at Reid Kerr College, Paisley, started a series of rolling strikes on 
February 27th.

The lecturers are fighting attacks on their wages and conditions. Around 40 pickets 
covered the four college gates on a freezing cold day. Reid Kerr, like all FE colleges in 
Scotland, faces massive attacks. The Scottish government wants another ?30 million worth 
of cuts this year by merging colleges. Reid Kerr is to be merged with James Watt and 
Clydebank colleges. Workers at both these colleges supported the Reid Kerr strike.
Strikers plan a further strike for two days for each of the following two weeks and a 
three-day strike each week until June if there is no movement from the management.

5. Coming Up: Barnet Spring Demonstration

Saturday, 23rd March

Meet at 11 am at Finchley Central Station

March starts at 12 noon

Barnet Alliance are building towards a demonstration on the 23rd of March in Barnet. They 
aim to turn it into an all-London event, since Barnet is the flagship of the government 
annihilation of local services, running under the name One Barnet. The scheme involves 
handing over 90% of the council services to private companies (Capita is the preferred 
bidder with the Tory council) nailed into a 10-15 year contract, worth around ?1bn. This 
means massive lay-offs of the local work force, major cuts to services and moving services 
out of the borough. You are all invited to participate, and to spread the word.
For further details contact Barnet Alliance for Public Services.
Twitter: @BarnetAlliance
Tel: 07534 407703
Or visit:

6. Free Palfreeman!

Australian prisoner Jock Palfreeman, currently serving a 20-year sentence in Sofia, 
Bulgaria for defending two Roma boys from a racist mob, was on hunger strike this January. 
The Director of the Central Sofia Prison had ordered another punishment measure because of 
Jock?s activist work as chairman of the Bulgarian Prisoners Association. Due to this 
punishment Jock is now not allowed to finish his education.

After 30 days Jock ended his hunger strike, having lost 20 kilograms, because he got an 
answer from the prison administration. However, they will only allow him to study in a 
Bulgarian university, not in a foreign one. Bulgarian universities do not accept prisoners 
as students, so in practice he is not permitted to continue his studies. However, he can 
now apply in the courts against the decision.

The issue is not resolved, so please continue to write letters of complaint to the 
Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria.

Write letters of complaint to:
Ministry of Justice
Diana Kovacheva
No. 1, Slavanska Street
Sofia 1040
Write letters of support to:
Jock Palfreeman
Sofia Central Prison
21 General Stoletov Boulevard
Sofia 1309
See the following websites for more information:
Sign this petition to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice: To Approve Jock Palfreeman?s 
Prison Transfer to Australia

7. Toronto Airport Fuels Dissent

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and members of the anarchist Common Cause Toronto 
joined picket lines in support of striking refuelers employed by Porter Fixed Base 
Operations at the Toronto Island airport. The strike has been bravely fought by 22 workers 
fed up with unsafe working conditions and low wages. Workers currently earn just 12 
dollars an hour.

A recent picket saw IWW and Common Cause members come down to the lines in the bitter 
cold. Workers stopped cars going into staff parking lots for over 10 minutes. Delays this 
long are rare on picket lines today, with standard delays being just 2 to 3 minutes. In 
addition on January 26 a large number of anarchists, IWW members and others, with 
encouragement from the striking workers, blocked the only road into the airport causing 
serious disruption.

It remains to be seen if or when Porter will come to the negotiating table, but what is 
clear is that when they do the IWW and Common Cause will have a real voice with the 
workers to help ensure the refuelers? demands are met in full.

8. Prisoner Support on the Web

Books to Prisoners
Haven Distribution buys books for inmates who are on courses in prison. They supply 
dictionaries to inmates whose first language is not English and send to prisoners with 
dyslexia books on improving reading and writing skills.

Green & Black Cross
G&BC was set up to support autonomous social struggles. GBC was inspired by the Anarchist 
Black Cross plus skills and networks built up by elements of the environmental movement.

Against Prison Slavery
Campaign Against Prison Slavery campaigns against compulsory labour in British prisons. 
The CAPS site has many articles; news, analysis, links and suggested books about prison

Legal Defence & Monitoring Group

LDMG monitors police activity on demonstrations & pickets; assists anybody assaulted by 
the police or wrongly arrested to sue the police and provides support to those held on 
remand. LDMG have produced No Comment and The Survival Guide to Prison.

Pen and Ink

A letter to a prisoner helps to maintain a connection with the outside and relieves the 
tedium of a regime that often involves spending 23 hours a day in a cell. Leeds Anarchist 
Black Cross produce a leaflet Writing to Prisoners. For addresses of prisoners to write 
to, search for Anarchist Black Cross Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds or London.

Liked Resistance? Try Organise!

Organise! is the Anarchist Federation?s theoretical and historical magazine. It is 
published in order to develop anarchist communist ideas. It aims to give a clear anarchist 
viewpoint on contemporary issues, and initiate debates on areas not normally covered in 
agitational journals.
You can order or subscribe online at, or get in touch with your local AF 
group for a copy.


Organise! single issue (including postage and packing):
?3.50 UK/?4.00 EU /?4.50 rest of world

Annual subscription to Organise! (two issues, saving ?1/year or 50p/issue):
?6 UK/?7 EU /?8 rest of world

Resistance subscription (10 issues per year, to cover postage and packing):
For UK addresses only:?8.00
Anywhere in Europe: ?15.00
Rest of World: ?20.00

About the Anarchist Federation

The Anarchist Federation is an organisation of class struggle anarchists (based in Britain 
and Ireland, but with many contacts overseas) which aims to abolish Capitalism and all 
oppression to create a free and equal society. This is Anarchist Communism.

We see today?s society as being divided into two main opposing classes: the ruling class 
which controls all the power and wealth, and the working class which the rulers exploit to 
maintain this. By racism, sexism and other forms of oppression, as well as war and 
environmental destruction the rulers weaken and divide us. Only the direct action of 
working class people can defeat these attacks and ultimately overthrow capitalism.

As the capitalist system rules the whole world it?s destruction must be complete and world 
wide. We reject attempts to reform it such as working through parliament and national 
liberation movements (like the IRA) as they fail to challenge capitalism itself. Unions 
also work as a part of the capitalist system, so although workers struggle within them, 
they will be unable to bring about capitalism?s destruction unless they go beyond these 

Organisation is vital if we?re to beat the bosses, so we work for a united anarchist 
movement and are affiliated to the International of Anarchist Federations.

Contact the Anarchist Federation

Email: info [at]

Write to:
London, WC1N 3XX,
England, UK.

International of Anarchist Federations (our international coordination):


Resistance bulletin no. 149, March 2013

The Anarchist Federation:


april trekt 'de solidariteitsmars van mensen met ?n zonder papieren' 
twee weken lang door Belgi?. Tijdens het weekend van 6 en 7 april maken
ze een tussenstop in Gent en zijn er verschillende activiteiten gepland!Wij willen u daar graag voor uitnodigen?
Zaterdag 6 april:Benefietavond in het Pierkespark
18u?Welkom aan mensen met en zonder papierenBuffet (vegetarisch of vlees, voor 6?).??????????????????Graag inschrijven op?info@vluchteling.be20u:?Bij de vieze gasten'Jamila nodigt uit: mensen zonder papieren!'Muziek, getuigenissen, po?zie,? en een kwis zonder papieren.
Zondag 7 april:
14 uur: ontmoeting tussen mensen zonder papieren en ex-mensen zonder papieren.?Buurtcentrum Rabot, Jozef II straat 104-106 in Gent

20 uur: Debat: Welke toekomst voor mensen zonder papieren?Buurtcentrum Rabot, Jozef II straat 104-106 in GentInkom: gratis?
Moderator: Jos Jacobs (Odic?)Sprekers: V?ronique Biamba (ex-sans-papier)Karen Declercq (Samenlevingsopbouw - De Meeting)Paul Pataer (Liga voor Mensenrechten)Didier Vanderslycke (Kerkwerk Multicultureel Samenleven)Jan Knockaert (Orca)?
Welke rechten hebben mensen zonder papieren? En is er een verschil tussen de theorie en de praktijk??
recht op onderwijs bestaat voor leerplichtige kinderen. Kinderen zonder
papieren kunnen in Belgi? schoollopen. Maar hoe zit het met het
volwassenenonderwijs? De Liga voor Mensenrechten, Samenlevingsopbouw,
LBC-NVK Volwassenenonderwijs en Samenlevingsopbouw vroegen recent de
vernietiging van de nieuwe inschrijvingsvoorwaarden voor het
volwassenenonderwijs. Door deze nieuwe voorwaarden werden mensen zonder
papieren uitgesloten van het volwassenenonderwijs. Het Grondwettelijk
Hof heeft de organisaties ongelijk gegeven??
op arbeid bestaat niet voor mensen zonder wettig verblijf. Dit neemt
niet weg dat heel wat mensen zonder papieren wel degelijk werken in
Belgi?. Meer nog, bij de laatste grote regularisatieronde was het
beschikken over een arbeidscontract een van de voorwaarden op basis
waarvan men geregulariseerd kon worden. Ook in het breder debat over
arbeidsmarktbeleid is de (mogelijke) rol van migranten van tel.?
op recht. Welke rechtszekerheid hebben mensen zonder wettig verblijf?
Er is veel willekeur in het uitwijzingsbeleid: in sommige steden of
gemeenten wordt er echt jacht gemaakt op mensen zonder papieren, in
andere is dit veel minder het geval. Veel mensen durven een beslissing
niet te gaan ophalen uit angst voor arrestatie. En wat als een
sans-papier iets overkomt? Als die het slachtoffer wordt van geweld,
uitbuiting, enz. is het verre van evident om klacht in te dienen bij de

Surf naar en klik op Vind ik leuk om op de hoogte te blijven van de activiteiten in Gent.Meer info over de Mars op:

zaterdag 30 maart 2013

(en) A-Infos #18 - Brief history of unionism (pt)

In most cases studies on syndicalism in Brazil, almost always start in an abbreviated form 
of anarcho-syndicalism, when mentioning its existence, in a dizzying rise and fall, often 
attributing to themselves anarcho-syndicalists such decline, enclosing the period with the 
decree of the Get?lio Vargas CLT, which was the final stop on free trade unionism in the 
country and the beginning of a period of over 70 years of fascist organization in the 
middle of work. ---- Highlighted in these studies, however, the formation of CUT and CGT, 
both derived from discussions and cracks of paths that unionism should tread to advance 
workers' struggles. In our analysis, we believe that this historic building meets the 
partisan interests in order to reduce the strength of anarcho-syndicalism and libertarian 
practices that marked its 30-year life of workers in Brazil.

It is a grotesque record, which distorts and obliterates the
Memory of social movements and workers.

Let addition, there are several theories that attempt to erase the
existence of anarcho-syndicalism and give unionism
revolutionary another connotation than
anarchist, but socialists and other aspects
ideological minorities who were and acted without
problems within the revolutionary syndicalism, basic
anarchist as shown in historical documents,
newspapers and letters of the period. Seek to isolate the
anarcho-syndicalist thought as a museum piece
the heads of these bizarre invented "the Illuminati
institutional left. "

Given these we can only revisionisms with all
respect, keep fighting those fellows, many
murdered by the state repression of service
interests of capital.

Trade unionism in Brazil originates with the end of
slavery and immigration, bringing experiences
worker organization of mainly Italian and Spanish.
We have here a case of change of working arrangements,
what about a deeper analysis reveals that
have far more in common than you might believe.

The labor, slave labor was becoming increasingly
difficult to obtain as it pushes the enclosure
abolitionist, translated into an escalation of laws
aimed to reduce and eliminate slave labor gradually.
Allied to these laws, Britain decree in 1845, the
"Aberdeen Bill" which was the practice of attacking and imprisoning
boats of slave trade, bringing much of the price
Africans. For a while there was still trafficking
internal, but with tougher laws in force, the labor-
slave labor became too expensive.

With the decline of the viability of the use of hand labor
slave in the country, one of the solutions was to use
Hand workforce employed mostly immigrant.
One can not say that it was a hand labor more
Qualified that Africans, once came
just perform the same work as the Africans already
were, initially working in the plantations. It is an illusion
and believe it's a wonder why it was not
wage hand-to-work existing in the African country?

Understanding the extent of large plantations
Coffee is easy to understand that much more was needed
workers, the cost of bringing these immigrants from their
countries was much smaller than give the Africans a
living wage structure, since nothing had. The
omission of government and contempt for farmers with
Africans and their descendants, led to the forming
outskirts of cities, the first favelas of Brazil. The
option by using immigrants was basically an option
economic, because even if you opt for hand-
of African labor employed, there would be enough
using hand also seek labor abroad.
Whereas hand to bring African labor
would be much more expensive because they should bring them in
human conditions (no more ships in the dark
"Slave"), there were no boats under appropriate conditions
between Africa and South America The situation was different
between Europe and South America, with regular routes
ships with the minimal conditions to bring families
whole, was the natural choice for the latter. But there
much to study to understand this period of
indeed what occurred and what paths.

The point is that with immigration, became the
labor relations.

In principle, many of these workers
went to the coffee plantations where the exploitation of
farmers was immense, creating huge friction. The
large farmers still accustomed to slavery,
authoritarian attitudes kept on hand labor
employment, which leads to many abandon their fields
and go to work in the cities.

We must remember that it is a very prosperous
for coffee, the largest merchandise export
country, generating much wealth, as to be politicians
directly linked to the grower sector. With this
prosperity huge influence on a part of
European industrialization, solve form the first
factories, what is considered by some economists, the
Brazilian late industrialization. This implementation is
mill plants of low cost, small and
Replacement of commodities. Nevertheless
needed labor-wage labor. Many
immigrants, already familiar with the mode of production
industrial and factory floor would form this labor-

But equally as farms, exploitation
exaggerated on workers, led us to
in organizing resistance groups, trade unions, to
defend the rampant exploitation by employers.

Salientarmo it is very important because if for
This is still many images of military dictatorship and
the impact it in the middle of workers, on the other hand,
little is remembered about the authoritarian period of Old
Republic was and how cruel this period to the recent
unions. It must be stressed that the issues
related to work were treated as if
police. There was legislation and working
governments had no concern with the
exploited and oppressed. All measurements
government for the period were of repression against
workers. One for instance, was the Law
Repression of Anarchism, 1921 by Pessoa.

Other repressive measures were trapping fields
concentration as in the middle of the Clevel?ndia
Amazon, the deportation of the elements
foreign subversives; disclosure of blacklists
with names of workers considered agitators; constant
invasion and police chase in the spaces
union and frequent breakers in graphic
workers (jamming), preventing the circulation of
union stuff. But turning to newspapers
period, we have many cases of persecution and
murders ordered by bosses.

Workers persecuted, exploited to
maximum working hours of 12, 14 and 16
hours were able to organize themselves to face
such abuses. When we write workers
we refer not only to men but women and
children who made up the workforce in

The Brazilian Workers Confederation (COB)
was created in 1906, given the advancement of the organization
performed by workers.

Considering the strong repression, not only was a
important milestone, but showed the ability
organizational and free workers,
many coming from anarchism.

In developing this revolutionary syndicalism,
associations of resistance had commitments
the education of fellows and their
sons, Modern Schools (secular and rational)
inspired by Francisco Ferrer. Boxes were Greve
raised to support the families of the strikers. Also
contributed to medical help and in case of bereavement, had
support the family realized from contributions
of each syndicated simple, without charge, without
mandatory. The process union itself was highly
educator and preparing associated with a good life
being and freedom, bases for human emancipation.

The most important thing in all this is that no
separating social struggles, economic and political. All
was one movement of class struggle, of confrontation
direct with the powerful. We can write that
social movements in this period were coordinated,
united through struggle that anarcho-syndicalist
contemplated the breadth and comprehensiveness of the fight
emancipatory. It would be strange to speak of this period
social movements because there was no separate
partisan prevalent as we thought
Now, which led to a "specialization" of the struggles and
fragmentation of social movements.

The general strikes, work stoppages were common and
important practical education and the struggle between
workers. Stand the General Strikes of 1917 and
1919, which is considered the largest strikes in Brazil
to date, the extent and impact of downtime

On the other lada, introducing the idea of ??a party
workers, laborers emerge with the advent
the Russian Revolution, which by a knowledge of what
occurred and the consequences of the counter-revolution
Bolshevik, led to form the Communist Party, which
soon begin to compete with unions
anarchists, with the orientation of the coordinates

In this situation, anarcho-syndicalism faces three
classic enemies: the employers, the state and party
communist. Weakened by constant attacks and
persecutions by these enemies, still manages to
hold, eg, in 1934, there were over 50
Unions associated with the Workers Federation of S?o Paulo
(FOSP) and performed the Battle of Cathedral Square,
confronting fundamentalist and troops of the Armed Forces (the
PM period).

But anarcho-syndicalism worn by repression,
would still have to confront the dictatorship of Get?lio Vargas
that was the height of repression against the movement of
workers against the free trade unions. Having
inspiration in the fascism of Mussolini decreed Vargas
a sequence of steps that would cause impacts
terrible in the middle and revolutionary union free. The
starting with the need to have an authorization
State to operate and regulate a union. The
then arrested unionists considered subversive and
closed all unions that did not conform to new
legislation and opened new unions profile
corporatist, fascist supervised by the State.

Another milestone of dismantling unions
revolutionaries, was the enactment of free CLT, a
straitjacket fascist that lasts until today. Enacted in
May 1, 1943, regulates the work in the country for
satisfy the interests of capital, with the state through
Ministry of Labour, his faithful squire. That
also reconciles Organization guidelines
International Labour Organization (ILO), an arm of capital
international organization within the United Nations
(UN). It's easy to imagine why, after 67 years, and the CLT
practices are steeped in fascist organization
Brazilian labor.

The unfolding of this story can
understand and comprehend contemporary unionism
that all unions formed from reforms
institutional structures, were and are bound to
being instruments, transmission belts of
Fascist corporatism, gagging workers
ballast for keeping the capitalist model work.

Let us look at the formation of the Central
Workers (CUT) to illustrate and justify what

In the process of political opening, a way that
military found to transfer slowly, the
authorities had confiscated in 1964, and ensure that
all they had done might not be capable of
future cases, as the Amnesty Law, which served
tortured and torturers, creating resentment and
issues that still need to be resolved.

The process of political opening softened the rigid
dictatorial system, providing the conditions for
social movements began again to organize. That
that occurred in the union movement. Were raised
documents across the country through state meetings
and that led to the First National Conference Class
Working (CONCLAT), bringing together the most diverse
groups linked issues of labor,
Where did a Commission pro-Central Unica dos
Workers, leading to Congress Class
Working in 1983, where he finally emerges CUT.

This path was not direct and unambiguous, there
discussions, disagreements and separations, which would give more
late formation CGT (1986). As we described,
during this period the left institutional formed by
Catholic sectors, PT, PCdoB, MR8 and other actors
so hypocritical politicians tried to print a paper
the new center, something that had not, and populism
extending up today. Created aiming to break with the
and corporatist fascist model, focusing on concepts that
signaled by a revolutionary syndicalism in
practice has become a central bureaucratic
institutionalized and reformist.

As we mentioned previously, in
Treasury building, the history of trade unionism in Brazil
revolutionary practice of the early twentieth century was
completely ruled out, leaving the new central use
some slogans of effect, as Lenin had done in
Russian Revolution to attract workers and betrays them
later. Not only the speeches and propaganda made
by "leaders" are in stark CUT
mismatch with its practice reformist and pro-state,
As the structure that remains critical, and the largest
"Trade union in the country." We need not extend this
text the history of other unions. All
have more or less populist speeches, some even
more radical, but all of reformist practices,
bureaucratic government and receiving sums of their relationship
organic with the state. The union tax, tax, logo
mandatory drains annually and encourages workers
maintaining the current system corporatist union.

Unions today

Every union that seeks legality, will be
subjecting the logic model time Getulio
though we have some small advances, roughly
Similarly, the subordination of the Ministry of Labour is
huge. The union fight is done primarily by cool

Some still try to point within that spectrum
some different practices, as scabs / white plate
What are complicit with the system and practice a
result of unionism and labor conciliator. Not
There is a deepening of the issues of workers,
remained superficial and always seeking the path of
According to the employer. It is seen as an extension of the employer
work in harmony.

Moreover, there are those who practice a
corporate unionism, seeking above all, resolve
and generate gains for the category in which they are linked
detriment of the others. It's what we consider a
unionism "selfish", which sees only its own cause and only
seeks to satisfy the interests of its category. A
especially result of unionism.

We practice trade union said "resistance" with a bias
radical and a discourse of "class struggle", which uses the
union structure to maintain a power struggle
a political class and the state apparatus in
marxist?ides molds. But there is no confusion, if
maintains the official union structure, seek
legality by recognizing the State
which control aspire to practice
programs supposedly "revolutionary".

And finally, the revolutionary unions. And it is by
a simple question: are constructed without
consent of the State, without the blessing of the boss, seeking
the legitimacy of fact among the workers,
ignoring existing structures addicted: no
a board made no union dues,
no union officials, there is no
structure of privileges, the construction work is all
and according to the words of the International:
"The emancipation of the oppressed and exploited is
work of their own oppressed and exploited. "

In this sense, contrasts with the other
union practices, using the means union
to favor their own interests. The
revolutionary syndicalism is anarcho-signer
unionism, the COB, 1906, reborn
today with the proposals of large fight,
leading to have a much greater interaction with
social movements, incidentally, bringing the concept
union struggles of our people in order to
strengthen all social struggles. Searching for each
the composition of a worker collective energy of
a union truly free, legitimate,
by well known revolutionary
being and freedom, the slogans of yesteryear
revived the fervor of the fight.

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #225 - State Reform: New semantic same logic (fr)

Promise Kept: Revision Policy (RGPP) the right, it's over. Instead, the modernization of 
public action (Map) must " improve the quality of public services in a more constrained . 
" In other words, do more with less. The difference with RGPP? The name change especially. 
---- The government's fiscal policy Ayrault supports the business, and the note is salty, 
twenty billion on behalf of the tax credit community employment. Will be paid by the 
working classes. In addition to an increase in VAT (from 19.6 to 20.0% for the standard 
rate) which had not been proposed by Holland during the presidential campaign, it is sixty 
billion economy that will Map allow to carry out all of the quinquennium. While the 
principle of non-replacement of an official two was abandoned.

It remains that each department was invited last December 19 to prepare audits (forty 
public policies will be evaluated in 2013) that warrant future cuts. As at the time of the 

The plane is made for planing
" We must combine savings and efficiency. If you say plane say efficiency, indeed our 
country will not be in a good position , "said on Europe 1 Marylise Lebranchu, Minister 
of State Reform and Public Administration. The austerity and competitiveness as registers 
(less political than accountants) of public action supporting the pretext of budgetary 
savings. They are ideologically consistent with the transfer of government debt and 
payment by local authorities (in the form of block grants payment diminished functioning) 
and more generally by the workers. Specifically, it will reorganizations and mergers of 
services. They will necessarily result, job losses and use of non-holders in the public, 
undermining the status will increase while the public-private partnerships.

The plane on the government to end the Map will be completed accordingly at its other end 
by a plane on the service actually rendered to the population, still less egalitarian. In 
the wake of Welsh report [ 1 ], the decline of public policy reflects the new role for the 
State in the context of neoliberal domination. It is to divert an ever greater social 
wealth in favor of the lucrative pension and global finance. That is why the department 
planned march in Seine-Saint-Denis on 17 January and the national day of action on 31 
January for the public represent a minimum two important steps to reverse the balance of 

Franz Biberkopf (AL Seine-Saint-Denis)

[ 1 ] See " Pigeons and vultures patterns set the tone , "AL # 223, December 2012

(en) A-Infos #18 - Groups | Collective | Associations | Anarchists and Related Initiatives (pt)

Disclose groups, collectives, initiatives, like experi?nciase that have relevance in the 
anarchist movement, anarchist regardless which side are aligned. ----- Barricade 
Libertarian - Liberacana Barikado (LoBo) ---- The Barricade Libertarian resists and tries 
to organize ideas according to some builders / destroyers. ----- It is a concept 
individual / collective Advertising and Direct Action whose intention is to keep the 
information up to date and libertarian knowledge and practice it. The libertarian 
propaganda is not limited to fabricate critical texts or apologetic. ---- Advertising 
libertarian attitude and goes through with it is that we act. Our policy is contrary to 
the party and its bureaucracies as well as any state. ---- To raise this Barricade 
Libertarian, Fenikso Nigra (Since 2005) we need to get organized and have some principles, 
let's think about it.

The points below will help it:

1) The barricades used to block actions
repression and violence of groups and / or individux * s
who like to oppress and exploit.

They can be erected in any place and time.
So do not be afraid to raise or join
one, because they are always fair and justice bothers
and is often illegal. But if it is legitimate, that
"Legality" does not matter!

2) A barricade is made of all that is

Gather everything you find it useful to build
a barricade ... and do! There is no matter that
can be used. Reinvent new uses to old
things, destroy the meanings and build new
the Barricade. If you do not get good, redo, not
have to worry every time it destroys a
barricade, another is built.

3) There is no plan, this is the plan.

A barricade is and will be pure improvisation.
Be wary of any that seems obscure
or too complicated. A barricade is simple:
a lot of things to stop the enemy. And that's not
is complicated.

4) Any barricade should be a line
defense and simultaneously ahead of a possible

To distinguish from one another, it is necessary to
inform and learn always.

Ready! It's all there to build the base
a barricade. Each one adds or takes a
some material on these points.

When more people participate, the stronger,
Our extensive and resistant barricade becomes.
To do so does not need authorization
nobody, not his conscience rebel!
Hugs libertarians!

If you thins with these ideas,
practice them at BARRICADES!
Created in 2003, updated in 2012.

Fenikso Nigra (Since 2005)

Writing about anarchism can organize in
sound strange, but for lack of knowledge
this weirdness happens. Every anarchist understands
that is fundamental to organize a society
free, because without it, we are doomed to
management of the state. If we do not organize the
State parties and the ruling classes will,
as they currently control society and
making it favorable to its interests that are not
the society as a whole, making it hostage
its arbitrariness.

Organize not form a party, or delegate
authority and create a bureaucracy, because
it is contrary to our principles. No
authority, so there are no bosses, leaders, or
any definition of control. Or all participating
or not. The commitment of each is intrinsic, is
Within each. Organizing is inherent
anarchists, since with the participation of all, is
need to combine as it happens, as each
activity will be done and who takes action. One or
multiple, independent in each time it happens or
always. What is important is the set all
manifest it in the way that best understand
maintaining the balance between individual freedom and
the collective commitment.

For more considering our priorities,
will tend to selfishness, an essential part of
liberal thought and very helpful in today's society
the economic and social model of capitalism.

Our Organization

To make clear what we do or
left undone and strengthen our relationships
anarchists, we will establish our
principles and line of action.

1-That the Fenikso Nigra is a union of anarchists
and supporters for the development of
anarchism in general.

We respect and will respect each strand anarchist, a
As we believe the lack of "true"
"right" or any single form of dogma;

2-Each participant, within their means, assumes the
responsibilities necessary for
development of the union. All respond by
our union;

In the three-met according to the needs
union. Decisions shall be by consensus
all. In case of disagreement, the
good judgment of all in consensus.

4-The basic principles are freedom union
with full accountability and justice correspondent
anacionalista egalitarian, since we have no homeland or

5-In the fight for the exploited and oppressed

6-Participation and admission will be by acceptance
the 5 points above statement in our meeting.

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #225 - Elections in very small enterprises: An election for nothing (fr)

In December 2012 were the first elections in very small enterprises (VSEs). They have 
resulted in a low turnout, a corollary of low union density and an election which gave no 
new rights to employee-es. ---- In almost all companies employed fewer than eleven-es, 
there is no staff delegates or committee business: it is not mandatory, so necessarily the 
owners do not. In December, for the first time, these workers could vote for the union of 
their choice.The very low turnout (10.38%) is not a surprise. These companies are deserts 
union. The trade union movement, locked for years in what he thought to be bastions bears 
a heavy responsibility for the desertion of this sector. But the first reason is the 
repression against those who try to unionisation. The absence of representative 
institutions, and on legal protection they entail, weighs.

And this is one of the major flaws of this election: it gave no new rights to employee-es, 
created no staff representative or trade union rights. Its sole purpose was to meet the 
obligations of the law on the representativeness of 2008.

Another major difference with professional elections: in the latter, are employee-vote to 
select spokespersons who are accountable to their mandate. There they had the choice 
between acronyms, "Marks union" somehow! Numerous failures making access difficult vote 
did not improve participation: voter approximate random internet voting, postal voting 
material received late, etc..

To develop an implementation
If we refer only to national organizations, the scores are as follows: 32.99% for CGT, 
21.51% for the CFDT, FO 17.03%, 8.21% for Unsa, 7, 29% for the CFTC, 5.31% for Partners, 
2.67% for the Autonomous Confederation of Labour (CAT), 2.59% for the GSC and 2.38% for 
the CNT. Power relations are essentially the same as in union elections and are not 
unrelated to the number of unionized workers in each organization. It should be noted that 
the Corsican Workers Union, the General Union of Workers of Guadeloupe and Guyana Workers 
Union confirmed their first places in Corsica, Guadeloupe and French Guiana.

In the aftermath of the election, unionism is not more prevalent in TPE. But there is the 
real issue! If the campaign has hardly motivated many union collective basis, however, it 
has led to a resurgence of activity of local unions or inter-departmental to these 
companies. We have a role to play: to continue this momentum, broadening support, to 
ensure that trade unions in which we advocate translated into action reaffirmed the 
priority of one congress (the CGT and Solidarity in particular) development sectors in the 
most precarious and least unionized. Impose new rights for these employee-es, involve them 
in the union local support their struggles ... Make unionism!

Mouldi (AL Transcom)

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #225 - School timetables: Peillon tinker school (fr)

The "refounding School" proclaimed loudly by Vincent Peillon proves a masquerade more. In 
many aspects, continuity with previous policies, All?gre in Chatel, is obvious. Staff of 
National Education will mobilize they provided? ---- One of the greatest 
sleight-of-Password government is to swallow his so-called "priority to education." But 
can we talk about priority when does not even 8000 posts, only 10% of the 80,000 jobs lost 
in five years under the National Education Sarkozy? When one finds ministry is to provide 
a substitute for youth employment with the "jobs of the future teachers," all for 900 
euros a month? When insecure of Education can not see the shadow of a massive tenure 
profile is? And the list could be extended! ---- closures for classes ---- This overhaul, 
cobbled together in a hurry, really hard to convince both the word itself is from the policy.

On school timetables, the hiatus is overwhelming. The children will have to go back to 
school on Wednesday morning, continuing in most municipalities, to stay up to 16 h 30 the 
other day, the lunch break is extended. And this "revolution" was imposed on the grounds 
that children have overloaded weeks? For teachers in any case, the thing is heard: they 
are asked to work one morning back again without lowering their amplitude work elsewhere 
(and of course without upgrading their salaries).

Not to mention that we are very far from a real reflection on school timetables in the 
context of a school emancipatory. In secondary schools, grants are coming cruel: the means 
are not lost back and working conditions, severely degraded, will continue to affect the 
lives of staff and students.

Faced with the nonsense of the government, the largest union of education, FSU plays 
dithering. Should be "constructive", "critical", "offensive"? It depends sectors, trades 
and departments. If the level of the national machinery is the wait dominates in 
vocational schools, trade unions FSU, South CGT called joint strike on January 31.

The ministry has decided to decentralize some of its powers, which threatens many closures 
of classes and sections. On school timetables to Paris, SNUIPP-FSU is a party to the 
Inter-built broad mobilization. Other examples exist, and it is on these mobilizations, 
still sparse, and South-CGT ?duc'action Education and would like to support the struggle 
to engage at the national level.

Exceptional mobilization Paris on 22 January, with 90% of teachers of first-degree strike 
and demonstration in 3000, shows a significant response is possible, leading beyond union 

Tom Rouergue (AL activist of Education)

(en) The revolution begins with education. (pt)

Knowledge is a powerful weapon which must be disseminated as widely as possible. What 
interests us most is that every individual develops awareness and through her ??ability to 
analyze, reflection and action. Ignorance only serves the powerful! ---- institutional But 
education has become an obligatory reference and dictates the form of moral and political 
people. There is an inequality in the educational process. There are popular models that 
cares more about the results. MEC's ??efforts in this direction are changing the form of 
evaluation, leveling down the averages of students. This is important because it is 
necessary to say that there is a workforce that has performed the steps and obtained the 
certificates attesting that.

Of course, to make a more accurate analysis it is clear that they are only elementary 
knowledge, no depth, no quality no. In contrast, educational areas with the highest degree 
of preparation and having a clear goal in an authoritarian society, so hierarchical. It is 
forming a group leader in several areas and that will dictate the course of society in all 
its aspects.

course in a pseudo-democracy, the fact can not be so clear and should be florid, with a 
speech that makeup can understand how " egalitarian. " The rule omits this speech, magna 
into law the country. But its implementation does not match speech. People have the right, 
but the relationships that dominate census is, or who has enjoyed economic conditions is 
that the prerogatives of law in the system. See the example class entities.

In MTE and other ministries, which organizations have free access in these spaces? In 90% 
of cases, employers, business, the employers who attend. The influence and partnership is 
such that news is often said that in meetings, conferences and meetings of these 
associations, there are always representatives of the government as ministers, presidents 
and consultants related. This promiscuity occurs under our eyes, but as the critical 
capacity of our population is negligible, seems to be something common. In fact, the 
formation of an ignorant population is a success for capitalism. This ignorance leads as 
we explained, the maintenance of social inequality and models of social harmony, 
nationalists, philanthropic (you can also read as "pilantr?pico") and welfare.

Britain, Collective Action - association of anarchist communists: Budget 2013 brings us more smoke and mirrors

Populist measures used to hide a pat on the back for bosses and even the TUC turns against 
workers. ---- It?s the most wonderful time of the year! Who am I kidding? The weather 
sucks, plenty of us can?t afford to turn the heating on and to top it off George Osborne?s 
been smirking in the papers holding up his red briefcase containing all the evils of the 
world. (That?s Pandora?s box ? Ed.) ---- So what does Ozzy have in store for us this 
spring to cure those winter blues? The headline being touted is an advanced delivery of 
the Lib Dems? flagship policy: a raise in the Personal Tax Allowance to ?10,000. This 
populist move appears to benefit everyone, especially people on low incomes. However, any 
support for the move should be critical.

The impetus for the new PTA is to create effective demand, i.e. getting people spending, 
which puts the money we?ve saved through lower taxation into the pockets of businesses on 
the High Street.

Furthermore, the package will act as a state subsidy for poverty wages, meaning businesses 
do not have to raise wages in line with inflation. Interestingly, our politicians of all 
stripes neglected to inform us of the Office for Budget Responsibility?s calculations that 
this year real wages (adjusted for inflation) are down 10% since summer 2010. Of course 
the tax break on earnings also deflects attention away from the hike in council tax, which 
helps the government direct the blame for cuts to public services onto local government.

Noticed your boss looking chirpy this week? It?s not just because he can afford 24 hour 
heating! Osborne has announced that bosses will be rewarded with a ?2000-a-year cut in 
National Insurance contributions, amounting to a ?1.25bn tax break. Bosses will presumably 
have the option of either pocketing the saving or putting more people to work on poverty 
wages to fuel the company?s profits now that everyone?s got a bit more to spend. Just in 
case bosses weren?t sure whether or not Christmas really had come early, Osborne ensured 
no mistake could be made by slashing corporation tax to 20%, which is the lowest rate in 
the G20.

And for the rest of us? 1p off a pint of beer. Cheers, George!

Sounds like a joke? Unfortunately it isn?t. This is George Osborne trying to show how 
in-touch he is with the plebs. Sorry, ?Britain?s hard workers?. Wondering what the hell?s 
going on? Having ditched the ?Big Society? project, which I?m still not sure most of the 
front bench ever really understood, the coalition?s new rhetorical device is the 
?Aspiration Nation?. Catchy, eh? The idea as it?s presented is that if we all knuckle 
down, work hard, do ?the right thing?, abide the law, marry suitors of the opposite gender 
and have well-behaved children (though not too many, you benefit scrounger), we can all be 
upstanding individuals with healthy bank balances. Who says politicians are out of touch 
with the real world?

First in the government?s blueprint for the ?Aspiration Nation? is to make us all property 
owners. As we may by now suspect, this is not the kind gesture it may appear to be. The 
government is shelling out ?3.5bn over three years in shared equity loans ? indicative of 
serious pump-priming. The idea here is to buck the trend towards private rents, which 
currently risks increasing demand towards social housing and deflating the housing stock. 
Of course it?s no problem that house prices are spiralling; the government will just help 
us take on more debt. This measure has an added bonus for the government; encouraging 
growth in the ?home-owner? demographic will pay dividends in years to come. Typically 
conservative, economically-stable and individualistic, who better to vote in the next Tory 

Feeling up against it? Fear not, the trusty Trade Union Council is on our side. TUC 
general secretary Frances O?Grady said, ?This budget is the wrong answer to the wrong 
question. We face a jobs, growth and living standards crisis.? Indeed, growth isn?t quite 
going how the government had hoped ? halved to just 0.6% this year. However, let?s just 
have a little look at the TUC?s stance on jobs. Recently the TUC announced in relation to 
the ?job guarantee? programme for young workers, ?Claimants who turn down a job guarantee 
job without good cause should face benefit sanctions?. It seems our friends at the helm of 
the union movement are all for Osborne?s ?Aspiration Nation? after all. We should be clear 
that advocating benefit sanctions supports the narrative of the unemployed as ?workshy? 
versus the ?hard worker?. This is a shameful piece of divide and rule manoeuvring on the 
part of the TUC, which serves to reinforce the ideological advancement of theories about 
the ?culture of dependency?, whereby unemployment is apparently a lifestyle choice. 
Clearly this does not account for the many valid reasons someone may not accept a job, 
whether ill-health, childcare issues, or indeed: not wanting that job!

I don?t think we should be surprised by anything in the budget. Clearly the government is 
adopting a pump-priming strategy of cutting taxation and stimulating the housing market, 
but with benefit sanctions, poverty wages, continued cuts to public services and the 
proposed welfare reform, it?s going to be another difficult year for the class and a busy 
year for class-war militants. Pint of beer anyone?


intal-vrede | intal-paix: 'Foto's vanop het Wereld Sociaal Forum in Tunesië' at intal‏ (deel 1)

Fotoreportage 'Foto's vanop het Wereld Sociaal Forum in Tunesië' by Joaquim

Een manifestatie voor Palestina, een atelier over de volksmobilisatie in
China, een geanimeerde discussie tussen de leden van het Populaire Front
van Tunesië en een vertegenwoordiger van Ennahda ... . Het WSF van
2013 is zeer politiek en schrijft zich duidelijk in in de Tunesische en
Arabische realiteit. Een ideale gelegenheid voor intal om zijn
Palestijnse vrienden te ontmoeten, maar ook om nieuwe contacten te

In afwachting van enkele langere artikels, hier alvast enkele foto's
die het WSF en Tunis tot bij jou brengen.

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Fotoreportage 'Foto's vanop het Wereld Sociaal Forum in Tunesië' by Joaquim
Een manifestatie voor Palestina, een atelier over de volksmobilisatie in
China, een geanimeerde discussie tussen de leden van het Populaire Front
van Tunesië en een vertegenwoordiger van Ennahda ... . Het WSF van
2013 is zeer politiek en schrijft zich duidelijk in in de Tunesische en
Arabische realiteit. Een ideale gelegenheid voor intal om zijn
Palestijnse vrienden te ontmoeten, maar ook om nieuwe contacten te
In afwachting van enkele langere artikels, hier alvast enkele foto's
die het WSF en Tunis tot bij jou brengen.

intal-vrede | intal-paix: 'Foto's vanop het Wereld Sociaal Forum in Tunesië' at intal‏

Fotoreportage 'Foto's vanop het Wereld Sociaal Forum in Tunesië' by Joaquim

Een manifestatie voor Palestina, een atelier over de volksmobilisatie in
China, een geanimeerde discussie tussen de leden van het Populaire Front
van Tunesië en een vertegenwoordiger van Ennahda ... . Het WSF van
2013 is zeer politiek en schrijft zich duidelijk in in de Tunesische en
Arabische realiteit. Een ideale gelegenheid voor intal om zijn
Palestijnse vrienden te ontmoeten, maar ook om nieuwe contacten te

In afwachting van enkele langere artikels, hier alvast enkele foto's
die het WSF en Tunis tot bij jou brengen.

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Fotoreportage 'Foto's vanop het Wereld Sociaal Forum in Tunesië' by Joaquim
Een manifestatie voor Palestina, een atelier over de volksmobilisatie in
China, een geanimeerde discussie tussen de leden van het Populaire Front
van Tunesië en een vertegenwoordiger van Ennahda ... . Het WSF van
2013 is zeer politiek en schrijft zich duidelijk in in de Tunesische en
Arabische realiteit. Een ideale gelegenheid voor intal om zijn
Palestijnse vrienden te ontmoeten, maar ook om nieuwe contacten te
In afwachting van enkele langere artikels, hier alvast enkele foto's
die het WSF en Tunis tot bij jou brengen.

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privacy... in de ons omringende landen en in de VS brengt de huidige afbreuk van onze privacy heel wat beroering teweeg. Bij ons liggen er jammer genoeg maar weinig mensen wakker van. Terwijl tegelijkertijd de controle op ieder van ons verscherpt wordt. Op dit eigenste moment wordt de Europese privacyregelgeving herzien, onder zware druk van Amerikaanse lobbygroepen. Actiegroepen uit heel Europa proberen een tegengewicht te bieden om alsnog onze privacy veilig te stellen. Zelfs vanuit de VS komen actiegroepen op voor onze Europese privacy. Tijd om de realiteit onder ogen te zien: de bescherming van onze privacy is meer dan ooit aan de orde. Willen we een toekomst met meer controle en minder privacy? Of willen we onze vrijheid vrijwaren?
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Nu de Antwerpse gemeenteraad beslist heeft de retributie voor een eerste inschrijving aan het vreemdelingenloket te verhogen naar 250 euro zien wij ons genoodzaakt deze beslissing aan te vechten. Dat...
Politieambtenaren opereren soms in moeilijke omstandigheden, daar verdienen ze alle respect voor. Dat ze daarin niet altijd geweldloos optreden is eigen aan hun taak. Buitensporig politiegeweld is...
Wanneer het gaat over privacy is er een opmerkelijke mentaliteitsverandering merkbaar. We zijn bereid onze privacy op te geven. In naam van veiligheid maar ook voor ons persoonlijk gemak. We...
DO 18/04 TOT ZA 20/04 EN DO 25/04 TOT ZA 27/04 - 20:00
30 MEI 2013 - 20U-22U30

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #225 - School timetables: Peillon tinker school (fr)

The "refounding School" proclaimed loudly by Vincent Peillon proves a masquerade more. In 
many aspects, continuity with previous policies, All?gre in Chatel, is obvious. Staff of 
National Education will mobilize they provided? ---- One of the greatest 
sleight-of-Password government is to swallow his so-called "priority to education." But 
can we talk about priority when does not even 8000 posts, only 10% of the 80,000 jobs lost 
in five years under the National Education Sarkozy? When one finds ministry is to provide 
a substitute for youth employment with the "jobs of the future teachers," all for 900 
euros a month? When insecure of Education can not see the shadow of a massive tenure 
profile is? And the list could be extended!

closures for classes

This overhaul, cobbled together in a hurry, really hard to convince both the word itself 
is from the policy. On school timetables, the hiatus is overwhelming. The children will 
have to go back to school on Wednesday morning, continuing in most municipalities, to stay 
up to 16 h 30 the other day, the lunch break is extended. And this "revolution" was 
imposed on the grounds that children have overloaded weeks? For teachers in any case, the 
thing is heard: they are asked to work one morning back again without lowering their 
amplitude work elsewhere (and of course without upgrading their salaries).

Not to mention that we are very far from a real reflection on school timetables in the 
context of a school emancipatory. In secondary schools, grants are coming cruel: the means 
are not lost back and working conditions, severely degraded, will continue to affect the 
lives of staff and students.

Faced with the nonsense of the government, the largest union of education, FSU plays 
dithering. Should be "constructive", "critical", "offensive"? It depends sectors, trades 
and departments. If the level of the national machinery is the wait dominates in 
vocational schools, trade unions FSU, South CGT called joint strike on January 31.

The ministry has decided to decentralize some of its powers, which threatens many closures 
of classes and sections. On school timetables to Paris, SNUIPP-FSU is a party to the 
Inter-built broad mobilization. Other examples exist, and it is on these mobilizations, 
still sparse, and South-CGT ?duc'action Education and would like to support the struggle 
to engage at the national level.

Exceptional mobilization Paris on 22 January, with 90% of teachers of first-degree strike 
and demonstration in 3000, shows a significant response is possible, leading beyond union 

Tom Rouergue (AL activist of Education)

(en) A-Infos #18 - P1. Summary + Editorial (pt)

March 8 - The Fight is All! ---- page 02 ---- Let us always remember that we are all about 
and I think if there's oppressed and exploited that they feel are more than a companion 
that can send and oppress because they are men, it is a big mistake that should be 
repaired. ---- page 04 ---- workers persecuted, exploited to the maximum working hours of 
12, 14 and 16 hours were able to organize themselves to address such abuses. When we write 
workers, we refer not only to men but women and children who made up the workforce in the 
period. ---- page 08 ---- Anarchism respects the philosophical opinions private. There is 
no harm in that people seek religious explanations to make sense of their lives. Every 
person has suffered a chill in thinking about death. There are those who need the belief 
and another lifetime to better withstand the pain of losing what they have.


March 8 - The Fight is todxs!!

We can not deny all oppression and exploitation
that women were subjected. Can not
forget all oppression and exploitation of existing
on all of us, women, children, elderly men
and animals. Let us always remember that we are
todxs on the judge and whether there are oppressed and exploited
who think they are more than a companion,
that can send and oppress because they are men,
this is a big mistake that should be repaired. No
the anarchist proposal, one whose supremacy
whatever. Sums iconoclasts, we should not
bend to anyone, whether male or female.

We stand for equality for all, justice between
todxs, freedom of todxs. We must fight
reproduction of the patriarchal model of domination, but
not replace it with a supremacy of one gender
over another. The break with this is the only option
our daughters to be educated so
human, without falling into stereotypes and labeling
castrating and limiting.

When more than 200 women are burned in
Weaving in the U.S., is a direct attack aas
workers. And the union should be the answer to that
brutality, because if we go in the draft
politicization of fights where everyone is in a
niche struggle and fight against all, keep in
long the capitalist system working. The
division of the fights is a throwback to the proposal
anarchist revolutionary, because it makes the fights
isolated and easier to dominate and suppress, if
necessary. To destroy the system, we must
join. Not only all the struggles for emancipation, by order
exploitation and oppression are just as we
deepens them.

March 8 is a day of awareness that all
We must rise up against the system, for our
daughters, our caregivers for our people. Not
hopefully no one else!

If sozinhx fight, Tips UMX
oppressor / exploiter; unidxs, emancipate us!!


Politically Correct?

Politically Correct, Dictatorship of view, policing
ideas, restriction of a supposed "free speech", which is
all this?

Reactionaries feel their liberties by the oppressed reviews
contrary, they feel oppressed minorities who advocate is
their verbal violence.

They feel oppressed by whom they oppressed forever. If
speak both freedom of expression, because they can not
also respect the freedom of expression of minorities? Mr.
Reactionary, you poor thing, right? It is because tristinho
people react when you are bigoted, intolerant, racist and
scrotum? If you want to have freedom to express shits and prejudices,
prepare your ears! "Politically correct" yes! And why not?
Incidentally, this term seems to have been born head pies
Conservatives to discredit opinions, ridicule, oppress
freedom of expression and put those who defend minorities as
"Moralists", but note that the moralist is today
politically incorrect, thinking along the lines just right
Catholics macho!


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