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vrijdag 24 november 2017

Anarchic update news all over the world - 24.11.2017

Today's Topics:


1.  Greece, Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki: Solidarity
      gathering with the arrested on 6/12/2014 (gr) [machine
      translation] (

      [machine translation] (

3.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL Novembre - Clash, Organize
      us ! by Youth Secretariat (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

 4.  Poland, rozbrat: Do not mark equality between anarchists and
      nationalists Joanna M. (

 5.  France, Alternative Libertaire - Tract AL: After the
      liberation of speech all on the street so that fear changes camp
      (fr, it, pt) [machine translation] (

6.  Turkey, DAF, Meydan #41- Anarchism in Azerbaijan (tr)
      [machine translation] (


Message: 1

On 6/12/2014, Thessaloniki takes place in the memory of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, who was 
murdered by the special guards of EL.AS. Epaminondas Corkonas on 6/12/2008. This course 
also gains additional weight, as it gives a strong signal of solidarity to the struggle of 
the anarchist hunger striker, Nikos Romanos, who was on the 27th day of the hunger strike, 
requesting the granting of educational leave. There has been a series of actions, paths 
and the occupation of the Olympion theater, with the wave of solidarity with the hunger 
striker growing up. ---- The course was violently hit by the forces of the MATs, which 
also made many arrests. The retaliation of the a / a area to state repression comes with 
the occupation of the Labor Center at the end of the course. The cops are attacking again, 
this time in the occupation. The protection of occupation prevented the attack, but the 
cops made arrests and adulterations of solidarity that were around the Labor Center and 
could not enter the occupation because of the strong police clerk.

We know from the outset that to stand on the side of the oppressed and the exploited in 
the blatant social and class war means that it can be found at any time in the face of the 
oppressive forces that undertake to preserve the perpetuation of sovereignty and attack 
those who resist. But the repressive state attacks do not scare us. Whatever blows and 
accepts, we will continue to struggle for universal emancipation, for releasing from under 
the bonds imposed on us by state and capital.

Solidarity is the cohesive bond developed within the social base both to respond to the 
attacks of sovereignty and to crush the world of generalized injustice.


THIRD 21/11

Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki - member of the Anarchist Federation
l ib_thess @ ho t


Message: 2

HANDS OF THE FLOPE OF FILOPAPPOU ---- Since 2002, residents and fighters of our regions 
have been battling against the fencing and commercialization of the Philopappou hill. 
State and bosses, inventing various legal pressures - such as declaring the hill as an 
"organized archaeological site" - attempted to place rails and outposts to prevent free 
riders and walkers on the hill. This was just one step in moving to the commercialization 
of one more free space where, with full control, they could exploit it and make more 
profits. A step that was halted by the militant and dynamic attitude of all those who 
believed and believe neighborhoods belonged to the residents, not to the business and the 

We knew it then, and it came and the reality to confirm that the plans of the above for 
the control and commercial exploitation of the region may have been interrupted but only 
temporarily. In any case, defending our neighborhoods and claiming decent living 
conditions is a continuing challenge as few exploit and oppress many as long as the 
existing political and economic system is not overthrown.

The effort of the state and the capital for the commercialization of Philopappus has not 
stopped, only its tactics are changing. Since they were unable to "total" in a single 
movement on the hill, due to the strong resistance of the inhabitants of the surrounding 
areas, they divide it to grab what is public and free there is around it, and they are 
able to "drop the last bastion "Which is the hill itself. At the beginning of the year, 
residents and militants of the areas were once again called to defend him when the case of 
Dionysos was reopened, where the 13 acres of the Philopappou hill, dubbed "grove and 
square", attempted to pass through City of Athens in the super-fund (TAIPED) so that they 
can sell them out.

This is also the goal of this  park at Orlof Street. The private company "DASYC AE-SOCIETE 
(Ardittou 32, 5th floor) claims this place by claiming that it belongs to its corporate 
property . This particular company, where only some of its customers are Hellenic 
Petroleum and INTRACOM, has again been brought to justice on January 16 to add Orloff Park 
to its assets. The various attempts to obstruct the company in the past were unsuccessful 
due to the dynamic mobilizations of the residents who threw the fences and kept the park free.

The privatization of free spaces and their commercial exploitation, the transformation of 
neighborhoods, villages and towns into barracks for their inhabitants - the full control 
of which will be held by various bosses who, together with the state, aim at full 
subordination and exploitation from the bottom - are just one of the expressions of the 
all-out attack that the rulers have launched in society.

Against this attack, to resist our own, self-organized, unconventional and 
counter-resistance, so that we leave no field and no one to implement his barbaric and 
antisocial plans. We continue the unwavering struggle for life, land and freedom
To build another world, a world of equality, justice, solidarity.



Concentration, Tuesday 21 November at 6pm

at the offices of DASYC SA at Ardittou 32 (Metz)

anarchist anti-authoritarian hangout Antipia

Aristoboulos and Pylados, K. Petralona


Message: 3

"You'll eat when you're competitive." While the richest, big bosses, shareholders and 
financiers have never benefited from so many tax giveaways and laws in their favor, the 
government continues to make the weakest and the destruction of public services 
precarious. ---- Attacks on our rights ---- This case is particularly violent in the 
faculties and high schools since every year it is millions of euros that the state 
withdraws them. Many high schools can no longer provide quality education because of lack 
of staff and revolting teaching conditions. The universities are launching an outrageous 
selection in the Master's degree, and next year the baccalaureate will no longer suffice 
to guarantee access to the university. Young people do not have to pay for the lack of 
resources that the state gives to high schools and universities, while wealth is massively 
produced in this country by workers and is occupied by a minority. The latter is organized!

Employers and the government

Macron are conducting several attacks. Their goal is to destroy our social conquests to 
exploit us more and make more profits. The bosses have their organizations like Medef and 
they have several political parties to relay their interests. The media repeat all day 
long that there is no alternative and that liberalization and the destruction of our 
social rights is the only way to go.

Organize against the camp opposite

We must organize to have a collective power relationship. It is thanks to an organization 
that we can be informed about what is going on, that we have material to print leaflets to 
circulate around us, and that we can coordinate to put in place strategies. . Getting in 
motion and getting others moving is easier when you have been trained, when you are 
surrounded and you have self-confidence, rather than when you are isolated.

And the organization is us who do it ! At Alternative Libertaire decisions are collective, 
nobody decides for us, and federalism is a tool that allows us to be a structured and 
coherent organization. Alternative Libertaire fight against capitalism and the breakage of 
our social rights. We also carry a radically different social project: self-management, 
ecologist, without exploitation or domination, against racism and patriarchy. It is up to 
us to show that the society that Macron and the bosses want to impose on us is not the 
only alternative, to give meaning to our struggles and that as many people as possible 

Communists and Libertarians, a revolution remains to be done !


Message: 4

Demonstration "Nationalism will not pass - We will win the Winnicki" from the very 
beginning aroused considerable controversy. The extreme right-wing media and the media 
disseminated a distraction from the reality that the anarchists had decided to bring 
German and French Antifas to Poznan, with the help of which they wanted to trigger riots 
in the city center similar to those in Hamburg on the occasion of the G20 summit. On the 
one hand, it awakened the unhealthy interest of the far right, and on the other was the 
cornerstone of the critique of the demonstrations by the liberal middle-class people who 
feared for their health and private property. It is almost a tradition that both groups - 
the right and the liberals - mark the equality between anarchists and nationalists. One of 
the successes of Wednesday's demonstration is that, How wrong is such a belief. Just 
listen to excerpts, view photos, review the film documentation of the two manifestations 
to see the gigantic divide between the manifestants.

In short, on the national side, there was anger, hatred and aggression. The words 
"Antiposte", "Poland is all white", "fuck the whore", once hammered with red hammer "," 
your mothers are fucking "," fuck and trash, you will not leave Poznan "" Crap like a 
whore, you're gonna end up in a brothel, "" white power, "" we'll burn all the streets 
today, fuck you, fuck you what you're waiting for, and other cute chants. " Demonstrators 
were also not afraid to hail in front of the police or sing the text "white honor, white 
pride" neo-fascist band 88[*]. In a word, the natives ostentatiously showed their racist 
and fascist views and openly confronted them. Their greatest dream was probably "the whole 
of the left hooligan".[Here you can see a video from MW demonstration]

The national demonstration was held under the slogan "We are defending Poznan from the 
left", and it was in this spirit that all the comments and information about the event 
were kept. At the conference on the subject, MW President Ziemowit Przebickowski borely 
stated that "the extreme left in the form of anarchist militants nesting on Rozbieta 
decided to implement a scenario known from Western Europe, that is to make the city a 
regular mess", and that MW is threatened with leftist banditry that extremist militias 
Leftists terrorize social activists. He insisted that "the only goal of anarchist groups 
in Poznan with regard to social activities is to bring about social unrest and to 
regularly destroy its opponents of ideology" while "All-Polish Youth is an organization, 
The main goal is educational and social activity. " He repeatedly stated that the 
formation of future generations is the most important task of his organization. The whole 
situation is more terrified than that of Ziemowit Przebitkowski, who did not react to the 
screams of the murder of the left, ignoring the people who were silenced by the white 
light. However, it is no wonder, then, that MW are "racial separatists", the most common 
in the world of racists and neo-fascists. And no one even tries to deny these facts. It is 
no coincidence that at the door to the pub Reduta can find stickers with the slogan 
"Entrance only for white". The formation of future generations is the most important task 
of his organization. The whole situation is more terrified than that of Ziemowit 
Przebitkowski, who did not react to the screams of the murder of the left, ignoring the 
people who were silenced by the white light. However, it is no wonder, then, that MW is a 
"racial separatist", the most common in the world of racists and neo-fascists. And no one 
even tries to deny these facts. It is no coincidence that at the door to the pub Reduta 
can find stickers with the slogan "Entrance only for white". The formation of future 
generations is the most important task of his organization. The whole situation is more 
terrified than that of Ziemowit Przebitkowski, who did not react to the screams of the 
murder of the left, ignoring the people who were silenced by the white light. However, it 
is no wonder, then, that MW are "racial separatists", the most common in the world of 
racists and neo-fascists. And no one even tries to deny these facts. It is no coincidence 
that at the door to the pub Reduta can find stickers with the slogan "Entrance only for 
white". However, it is no wonder, then, that MW are "racial separatists", the most common 
in the world of racists and neo-fascists. And no one even tries to deny these facts. It is 
no coincidence that at the door to the pub Reduta can find stickers with the slogan 
"Entrance only for white". However, it is no wonder, then, that MW are "racial 
separatists", the most common in the world of racists and neo-fascists. And no one even 
tries to deny these facts. It is no coincidence that at the door to the pub Reduta can 
find stickers with the slogan "Entrance only for white".

At the time of the anti-nationalist shootings, speeches calling for tolerance, for 
understanding, could be heard. To say that there is no place for fascism, hatred and 
prejudice due to color, religion, sex or sexual orientation. The atmosphere was warmed by 
samba and tea in thermos. No one called the pogroms, instead the words "Poznan free from 
nationalism", "Solidarity with our arms", "Freedom, equality, mutual help" appeared 
instead. It is at the level of the idea that the anarchism is very different from 
nationalism. Although both environments struggle for social change, their goals are 
basically opposite. Anarchists fight against the exclusion of minorities, against 
evictions, against violence against migrants and women, the possibility of crossing 
borders, repression and deportations, fight for higher wages and working conditions and 
self-organization of workers across borders. Nationalists are calling for crimes against 
people of different nationalities or religions, for beatings, assaults and spitting of 
sexual minorities, and eventually calling for the murder of people of differing political 

All those who make the mark of equality between neo-fascists and anarchists remain deaf 
and blind to facts. And the facts are as follows: Nationalist groups, supported by the 
ruling party, are no longer afraid to manifest their neo-fascist, racist, chauvinistic and 
xenophobic beliefs. It is the people of similar views who are behind the greatest crimes 
of the past century and it is with them to fight. Passive and eye-opening allows them to 
grow in strength, attract and manipulate more and more frustrated, full of hateful people.

We do not let that happen and therefore we consistently shout - NONJONALISM DOES NOT GO!

[*]Morning Dawn is Breaking, comes the day
I still hear the sound of the sea, the dying groan.
It was a fight to die for white honor and blood,
O white pride, Celtic cross.
And the light wind carries the message,
 From the mouth of the victory song flows.

Ooo white honor, white pride
Ooo white honor, white pride
White fight, white fight


Message: 5

In recent weeks, a certain release of speech has occurred on sexist and sexual violence. 
Social networks have allowed many women to tell about the harassment and abuse they have 
suffered. A necessary first step so that the fear that prevents us from fighting becomes 
the fear that will push back our aggressors. At present, it is in the street that we must 
be present ! ---- Violence that keeps the exploitation ---- In 2014, in France, 134 women 
died under the blows of their spouses. 223,000 women between the ages of 18 and 75 suffer 
from physical and sexual violence each year and 84,000 are victims of sexual violence or 
attempted sexual violence each year. 1  % of them say they have lodged a complaint. 
Nevertheless, in 2014, only 765 men were sentenced. All women who use public transport 
have already been harassed. These figures, which we tirelessly repeat, are a reflection of 
the many testimonies reaching the greatest number via the #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc 

Violence against women is the cement of this system that favors men at the expense of 
women. This allows us to be too afraid to revolt. And yet, we are exploited everywhere ! 
At work, and especially since our wages are lower than those of men, at home, where we do 
housework and where we take care of children.

But this fear, omnipresent, violent, keeps us far too often in silence. We live it at 
work, at home, in the street. There is no escape.

Download the leaflet in pdf
Let's take power together on the street !

Fighting against violence against women means allowing us to fight for our other rights. 
For our economic rights, but also so that we can dispose of our bodies as we see it: 
access to contraception and IVG free, free and accessible ! The strength of our claims 
will only be fully expressed when we no longer feel so alone and in danger.

This violence will not disappear with words. These are essential, to show that we are no 
longer ashamed, to show what it is, to be a woman in our society, to tell other women: you 
are not alone, and is not your fault. But then it must be possible to build a real 
collective movement. We have to take the street, all together. This is how we will feel 
stronger, that we will realize that we are not isolated.

To men of good will, we also want to say: support us ! Do not let the attackers reach us.

On November 25, we protest against violence against women. Make camp fear change: this is 
the first step in women's liberation.


Message: 6

The rise of tension between the people and the ruling power in Russia in the early 20th 
century led the tsarist government to take a more oppressive position. While the power of 
the police, the military and the tsarist bureaucracy increased, the privileges and 
political rights previously granted to local governments were being restored. ---- From 
1905 to 1907, anarchism turned into a theoretical-practical-political movement in the 
Russian reality. The spread of anarchist ideas in the Caucasus began in 1905 in Kutaisi, 
Grozny, Elisavetpol, Tbilisi. But it emerged in 1904 and the center of the most developed 
anarchist movement was Baku. ---- Baku in OHAL ---- In January 1902, a " state of 
emergency " was declared in Baku . The police have been able to overcome the judicial 
system and deal with labor movements and political agitation. In February 1905, martial 
law was declared in Baku and the temporary general governor was appointed. That summer 
Baku was declared " under siege " (na osadnom polozhenii). Until the beginning of the 
First World War, the tsar was publishing a decree announcing that the tsar was continuing 
every six months in Baku, and with the beginning of the war it was turned back in Baku.

The emergence of anarchist thinking in Baku and its transformation into a movement took 
place in the most aggressive period of the state. In 1906-1907, the number of anarchist 
organizations in Baku was between 13 and 40 according to certain information, and this 
period is known as the most militant era of anarchist tradition in Baku. In the ranks of 
anarchism, Baku had only 2800 workers-militants in the " Balahan " and " Black City " 
districts of Baku for 1906 . The most influential organizations, anarcho-communist groups 
that emerged in 1905 were " Anarchy " from the city center and " Borba " (Struggle) from 
Bibi-Eybet . In the same period, " Bunt " (rebellion) was established in Balahani and " 
International " was established in the Black City . Interestingly, " 
Anarchy"Social-Democrats and anti-parliamentarians from a factory in Baku also participated.
On July 1, 1906 , a group named " Krasnaya Sotnia " (Red Hundred) was formed, named " 
Anarchy " . " Krasnaya Sotnia " stated that there was bureaucracy in " Anarchy " and they 
thought that they would implement a more effective "struggle" method.

" Anarchist-individualists ", " Black Crow ", " Anarchists-Bombers ", " Red Stars ", " 
Khlebovoltsi " (Bread and Libertarians), " Terror ", " Land and Freedom ", Azeri anarchist 
organization " Azad " and other smaller anarchist organizations emerged. Most of the 
organizations were people from Russians, Armenians, ancient Gynchakists, Dashnaks, Jews, 
Azeri, Georgians and other Caucasian peoples.

Conflict of Anarchists with Dashnaksutyun

The factory  patron Mantashev - I. After the murder of Doluhanov by anarchists, the 
leading Ginchakist S. Kalashyants who wrote in the brochure " Struggle and Anarchy" at the 
beginning of 1906 with the leading names of "Anarchy" and also at the beginning of 1906 
were slaughtered on 5 September 1906 by the Yashnaks. After that, the organization 
continued its activities with names such as F. Yatsenko, H. Zaharyants and A. 
Ter-Sarkisov. In the same year, V. Zeynts and A. Stern, one of the most famous names of " 
Krasnaya Sotnia ", were murdered by the state while they were running away from prison.

Dashnaks killed S.Kalasyants in order to avenge their party members. The anarchists then 
declared war on the " Dashnaksutyun " party, which resulted in the deaths of 17 stone and 
11 anarchist workers between 1906 and 1907. Originally, the war was carried out directly 
with the Dashnaks, but in 1907 the Armenian industrialists were fighting with the 
anarchists and the " Green Face " they created to protect themselves . The same Armenian 
industrialists said that the war had been carried out as both the " Green Face " and the 
liquidation of the Tashnak gangs.

Azad , founded only in Azerbaijan in 1906, was known as the greatest among the small 
anarchist organizations in Baku. The organization, which gained fame with the active work 
of the Aga-Kerim and Aga-Sanguli brothers, fought against the gochu, which was mostly the 
Azerbaijani city mafia in Baku and Teymur Ashureyov's head. Both brothers were arrested in 
1907. One direction of anarchist activities in Baku was to disseminate the ideas of 
anarchist ideas fathers through propaganda and agitation, to publish brochures and papers. 
A publishing house was set up for this. Protests, leaflets and brochures largest anarchist 
organizations " Borba " ( "Valerian", V. Gorbunov, D. Kulikov, K. Lubomudrov, G. Kost and 
R. Pisçik), " anarchy " and " Red Hundreds"(V. Seitz, M. Zayachenkov and P. Studnev).

Sevastopol Meeting Event

 From time to time, general meetings were organized by anarchists to unite different 
groups into one organization and prepare a common tactical and action plan. Often these 
meetings were distributed as a rule either because of their own mistakes or as a 
consequence of police raids. One of the sounding incidents was the September 11, 1906, 
Baku " Sevastopol"At the restaurant; where anarchists gathered from different fronts. The 
restaurant was taken to the blockade by police and rifle cleric troops. 38 people were 
taken into custody after major conflicts and the police seized a large amount of weapons 
in one of the neighboring houses. Numerous anarchists have escaped, some have been 
detained outside the city. In this case, a total of 88 people were arrested. Some of the 
escaped went to Batumi, where they joined the local anarchists, and organized the " 
International ", the trade union of Batum anarcho-communists, along with the famous 
anarchist David Rostomasvili ("Kara Datico") . " International , " with the slogan " What 
God, What a Master ", " Comrade Revolutionaries"And this statement became the program of 
the Transcaucasian anarcho-communists, and it was widely discussed in Baku.

The declaration was starting with a warning about the upcoming parliament in Russia and 
the desperate future parliamentarians who spoke in vain, who would enter the charitable 
sphere in order to benefit the dark and needy people. But the anarchists' place is in the 
people's crowd preparing the revolution from below. In the declaration, " stateless 
communism as a goal, social revolution as a means! "- he was trying.

" But from this point of view, you can understand the idea of a great freedom and put an 
end to today's economic and political slavery ... but if the liberals and others who hold 
power hold us with sophisticated and subtle ways of slavery, we regard it as a historical 
necessity and by expanding the anarchist movement , we declare that the revolution has 
taken an unfinished, immortal, chronic form ... " The papers and leaflets of
" Anarchy "and" Krasnaya Sotnia "were all starting with M. Gorkin's words" Wisdom of life 
is in the boldness of the crazy "or Bakunin's" Destructive soul-creating spirit " and 
where the anarchists were talking about the fights for the people's liberation and happiness.

The tactics of " Krasnaya Sotnia " were agitation and talk that would eventually lead to 
an armed revolt. The " Anarchy " report dedicated to the memorial of the murdered A. Stern 
and V. Seitz was about the heroism of falling comrades. The comrades had their willes to 
think " that the great work initiated would continue to spread the brilliant ideals of 
revolutionary anarchism among the oppressed people, " and that " the saviors of the 
people, the form of struggle and anarchism would be the international revolutionary 
proletariat .

The actions of anarchists, of course, were not limited to publications and theoretical 
debates. The sensational robbery of the postal ship of the communities " Caucasus and 
Mercury " - " Tsesarevic " was, as is known, attributed to only one group of 
socialist-revolutionaries. However, according to some later documents, " Krasnaya 
Sotniadan"Anarcho-communists I. MDinaradze, N. Beburasvili, S. Topuria, G. Gobirakhashvili 
also joined the peasantry. The money was mostly shared for the needs of the organizations 
and for the help of the workers. One of these actions took place in 1906 when the 
government allocated 16 million rubles to help those who survive after the massacres. 
Manganese industrial corporations were assigned to distribute the money, refusing to give 
money. In this way, the workers of the Manganese industry began a grave of two months. 
During the strike , the " Anarchy ""He played a very active role. Noting that, they were 
punished by assassinating the British community director of the factory (as well as the 
chief consul) in Urguhart and also the director of the Mantashev factory, I. Doluhanov. 
This forced the shareholders to give the workers' rights.

The largest number of direct actions have been organized by the " Red Face ". From 1906 to 
1908 they were assisted by the police chief Jgenti, the regional security officers of 
Zavgorodni and Kudryašov, police agents Doljnikov and Levin, police officer Prokopovic, 
prison guard Prokopenko, police director Rihter, police officer Pestov, Nobel company 
manager Eklund , The engineer of Nobelplat's plant Tuasson, detective B.Rachkovski and 
others were killed. The famous anarchists who made these actions were Abram Stern, 
Brotherhood Brothers, Poliakov, Shlamak, Ter-Galustov, Staroverov and others.
In 1906 Urbanovic and Slavsky, known for their brutal attitudes towards the rulers and 
workers of the Bibi-Eybet Industrial Zone, were also the provocateurs Tavmisiants " 
Anarchy " and " Borba"(Struggle) was killed by anarcho-communists.

Among the most important things of the anarchist movement were " economic direct actions 
". There are many cases where anarchists bring strings with industrialists, especially 
bombing oil engineers to comply with workers' demands, burning oil and oil tankers. During 
1906-1908, the police repeatedly found weapons warehouses belonging to anarchists, 
laboratories and workshops for the production of explosives. With economic direct actions, 
they gain " Anarchy ", " Anarchist-bombers ", " Anarchist-individualists ".
In recent years, arrests, raids, wars between organizations have weakened anarchists very 
much. According to anarchists, in Baku "only Marxist fanatics tried to undermine the 
anarchist movement , "but only Marxists did not. The entire government and liberal press 
were filled with articles and commentary against anarchists. Nor did the police who 
organized the pressures and arrested the anarchist groups. Anarchists who were sentenced 
to imprisonment and exile until 1908 generally did not go out. In connection with the 
reactions that took place in Baku in 1908-1909, the detentions gained a massive character. 
Only in March 1908 50 members of the " Red Face " were arrested and all were sentenced to 
exile in Siberia. The arrest of members of " Krasnaya Sotnia " continued in 1909. At the 
home of D. Veselov and E. Rudenko, bombs, explosives, parts of the printing press and 
anarchist literature were found.

After the massive raids of 1908-1909, the anarchists could not recover until the end of 
the century.

Gynchakist:  Social Democrat Hinchak Party members
Goers:  Baku's braves, mafia of the period.
Dashnaksutyun: In  Armenian it means Federation. It is an abbreviation of the Armenian 
Revolutionary Federation organization.

Mammad Azizov

This article has  been published in the 41st issue of Meydan Newspaper .