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donderdag 23 november 2017

Anarchic update news all over the world - 23.11.2017 part 2

Today's Topics:



      translation] (

2.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL Novembre - Movie: Amandine
      Gay, "Open Voice" (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

3.  Holand, vrije bond: Nijmegen against Racism - two-day
      solidarity & anti-racist marathon 25 & 26 November(nl)

4.  Greece, Black and Red - APO: Escola Politécnica, 1973-2017:
      The rebellion remains alive against the myths of Democracy (ca,
      pt) [machine translation] (

5. Support Clydeside IWW member in court for Glasgow
      Pride protest! (

6.  Poland, rozbrat: "Nationalism will not pass # 2. We win the
      Winnicki "- a relationship (


Message: 1

On September 18, dozens of cities were scheduled to mobilize resistance and memory of the 
anti-fascist Pavlos Fissa, who was murdered four years ago at Keratsini by the gold-rusty 
Rupakia. In particular, the collectivity for social anarchism "Black and Red" undertook 
the formation of an anarchist-anti-fascist bloc in Thessaloniki, within the framework of a 
call from the Anarchist Political Organization-Federation of Collectives, whose 
members-groups protested in the cities of Athens and Patras. an anarchist group 
cumulonimbus organized a microphone concert in Corfu. ---- (link to poster and poster of 
APO-OS: ... /  ) ---- The 
journey from Kamara to Ag. Sophia and Tsimiski to the offices of the Athens Stock 
Exchange. More than 350 protesters rallied in our college block. The banners featured: 
"Fascism is killing in Europe and America. Crush the fascism and the system that gives 
birth to it. "
There were anti-fascist slogans, slogans in favor of immigrants and internationalist 

The attitude of EL.AS was the usual, thus forming the police forces, encircling the body 
of the course, especially at the height of Tsimiski. Police in the city of Thessaloniki 
prove the consistency of EL.AS and Minister Pro.PO Tosca in the repression of protests. A 
typical example is the heavy injury of a 16-year-old in Athens, being arrested, resulting 
in a critical situation being infiltrated in the KAT, as well as the detention of a 
15-year-old girl for 5 days in GADA.

The police corps continued from the Dodecanese, where they were lined with cages to 
prevent the move to the fascist offices until Venizelos and Tsimiski.

The "Black and Red" college block, the second in the series of blocks that formed the body 
of the course, accepted the police's assault on the contribution of the above roads. The 
police's intent was to dismantle the block as well as collide with its organized 
guardianship. This attack was apparently intended to injure the world as repression forces 
were engaged in throwing straight flash shots and tears.

The MATs were attacked 2 times more and were successfully repulsed by the guardianship, 
members of which were injured while fighting to ensure continued cluster march. Finally, 
the course was steadily and steadily directed to Kamara and was completed.

This attack takes place within a framework where SYRIZA provides political coverage on the 
Athens Stock Exchange and other fascist constructions either by making joint appearances 
or by hitting the anti-fascist demonstrations with the MAT. By making it clear that state 
and partisan go hand in hand. The fascist prize coincides with their legitimacy, with the 
striking of collective resistances, with the threats and attacks on occupations, hangouts, 
and the world of the struggle, with the depth of impoverishment and the exacerbation of 
social censorship. It comes with unbearable economic measures and employers' terrorism, 
along with the murder of workers, along with the premium of large-scale and large-scale 
businesses, with the looting of the natural world, with the continuation of politics that 
makes immigrants and refugees invisible, which closes them in concentration camps and 
kills them at the border. With the policy of "rational" management, which tries to break 
the resistance, it seeks social peace and sets the foundations for class collaboration. 
Clearly outlining that the current power administrators also impose barbarity and 
oppression from below.

We do not forget that the yesterday's assault by the forces of repression follows the 
assault our block received in the summer of 17 on the anti-fascist demonstration against 
the concentration of the Sacred Lojo. The result of this was the injury of our comrades 
and the vulgar repressive and sexist assault on our comrades. Attack, which follows the 
attack on the anti-fascist demonstration in the White Tower, which is also captured by one 
of our members.
We still do not forget the targeting of Mundo Nuevo in the summer of our conquest, the 
threatening reports of evacuation from guerrilla parrots and our members' checks outside 
the occupation.

Well, as much as you attack our block, our members and our comrades, whoever you conceive, 
and you threaten us with evacuations, we have to say that you have to pass over us. We 
have to say that WE WILL WIN.





Collectivism for Social Anarchism "Black and Red", member of the Anarchist Political 
Organization - OS-


Message: 2

Amandine Gay's documentary Open la voix gives voice to those who never have it: black 
women, who tell the story of the daily life they face. Essential testimonies. ---- The 
release of Open the Voice, the documentary of Amandine Gay, on October 11 at the cinema is 
a tour de force. A tour de force of the one who worked tirelessly for four years to make 
the images and the message of the film available to the general public. ---- Beyond what 
we are told by the difficulties to release the film (see our interview with the director 
above), we must dwell on the meaning of this documentary. In the form first. Very simple 
but perfectly executed, it could almost seem austere. Some reports give touches of color 
to all interviews. ---- We feel that what matters is not so much the faces as what they 
have to say. It's the voice it's all about, and those voices are clear and speak loud. 
They first tell how they learned they were black. That is, the way others have had to show 
it to them. This daily racism has not left them ever since.

The film then leaves in a whirlwind of stories of pieces of life. One hundred and twenty 
minutes that we do not see pass, because these pieces, put end-to-end, show us raw 
realities that our postcolonial society would like to hide.

The fight to be waged

To read in the monthly Alternative Libertaire of November the interview of Amandine Gay 
the director of the film

 From  where do you come from ? - From Limoges. - No, but where do you come from ?  From 
school orientation to mental health issues, the topics are wide-ranging because they 
occupy their entire lives. These are first of all testimonials, which we can only listen 
to in order to understand. But it is also a reflection on the struggle to be waged and th


Message: 3

To fight, together, for a world that makes solidarity without borders its first priority, 
we will organize an anti-racist marathon on the 25th and 26th of November, with workshops, 
discussions, food, movies, parties and actions to strengthen the fight against racism. 
---- Two years ago, we organized a very successful demonstration for the people of 
Nijmegen. It was a clear signal for freedom of movement, against racism and in for 
solidarity without borders. Two years later, with the election victories of the PVV and 
FvD in the Netherlands, the AfD entering the Bundestag, and Trump ascending to the 
presidency of the United States, it appears that support for right extremist ideals has 
received a new boost. In recent years, racist intimidations and violent attacks on us 
people from different countries and cultures have increased dramatically.
In the Netherlands, this was seen in the way anti-racist activists like Sylvana Simons 
were treated, in violent attacks on refugee centres, and in recent actions against Muslim 
schools, mosques, and community centres. In Nijmegen, a Pegida demonstrator climbed onto 
the stage at the ‘Nijmegen Against Hate' manifestation, and there, of all places, he 
succeeded in spreading his hateful message. Right extremist protesters of Nijmegen 
Rechtsaf have also tried to disturb two gatherings against the racist caricature of ‘Black 
Unfortunately, these are not just incidents. Racism is clearly still part of Dutch 
society. This country has never really risen above its colonial past and is still 
profiting from it. Capitalism, nationalism, colonialism, racism and fascism: the one 
cannot exist without the other.
People without papers are being increasingly marginalized, and so are people who are 
trying to support them. Member countries of the European Union are making deals with Libya 
and Turkey to stop migrants before they can even reach the Mediterranean. People migrate 
for many different reasons, but for a large part, those reasons can be traced back to 
Western economic and foreign policies. But let one thing be totally clear: to us, no 
reason to migrate is illegal. We stand for freedom of movement for all people, regardless 
of (socio-economic) status, gender, religion or skin colour.
We can't expect anything from the established political order. If we want to stop racism 
and halt the rightward shift, we must take the initiative ourselves, and tackle these 
problems together, from the bottom up. By coming together in the streets and strengthening 
our mutual involvement, we can start to advocate a realistic alternative. Everybody should 
be able to live in safety, solidarity and social security! Please keep an eye on the 
program on our website for more information.
Nijmegen Against Racism - for a society with solidarity without borders


Message: 4

Polytechnic School , 1973-2017 . Against the myth of Democracy that follows: ---- - Form 
the conditions of the imposition of the modern dictatorship of the State and Capital, that 
is, the system of modern totalitarianism, calling "enemies" to the alter ego of 
Domination. ---- - Armando, supporting and actively supporting criminals and fascists of 
all kinds. ---- - Extending the state of exception, legalizing the permanent state of 
emergency. ---- - Applying the policy of death against immigrants and refugees, violently 
suppressing all their revolts for a better life. ---- - Increasing the cost of living, 
crushing the plebeian social strata. ---- - Intensifying exploration. This has resulted in 
an increase in the number of "occupational accidents", that is to say, the murders of the 
employers. ---- - By squandering the homes of the poor in the name of protecting private 
- Repressing, imprisoning, chasing, leaving Irianna and Pericles in jail, constantly suing 
anarchists and antifascists, backing the fascist aggressions out of court, etc.
... The rebellion remains alive:
- From the mountains of Mexico, the streets of the US and Europe, to the struggles in the 
Middle East, the resistance of the people endure.
- Against the social cannibalism promoted by the state and capitalism with the creation of 
ghettos of delinquents near the neighborhoods (zones) of social character that one wants 
to repress (neighborhood of Exarchia, University of Thessalonica).
- In Moria and other internment centers, where immigrants and refugees are fighting 
against the repression of the European Union, Greece, Turkey, various human traffickers, 
judges, police and non-governmental organizations, repressing violently all his revolts 
for a better life
- Within the social and class resistance of the plebeians against the state and the 
employers, their plans to suppress the rights, the destruction of natural resources, the 
reduction of the workers' incomes and the increase of the unemployment rate. Also, within 
all struggles for life and dignity.
- In the constant confrontation with the true Executive Power of Democracy: the Police and 
the entire system of imposition of state repression.
Demonstration, November 17, 2017 , 18 hours, Polytechnic School.
Black and Red - member of the Anarchist Political Organization
Translation from Greece: Anarchist News Agency.


Message: 5

Following the arrests of five protesters at this year's Glasgow Pride, one of the 
arrested, a member of the Clydeside Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch, is 
facing trial on the 7th of December. Clydeside IWW have organised a solidarity protest and 
published a call for solidarity, reproduced here. ---- Call for Court Solidarity with 
Clydeside IWW Member on the 7th of December Clydeside Industrial Workers of the World call 
on all political organisations, groups and individuals sharing an emancipatory, 
anti-capitalist vision to support and attend the demonstration outside Glasgow Sherriff 
Courts on the 7th of December 2017, in solidarity with the IWW member arrested with the 
Red and Black bloc in August's Glasgow Pride.
Panos Theodoropoulos of the IWW was arrested while supporting a 16-year-old being harassed 
and threatened with arrest by the police. The police used extensive physical force on 
Fellow Worker Panos, tackled him to the ground, and subsequently held him for more than 30 
hours in custody. It should be noted that the IWW- organised Red and Black bloc was 
resolutely non-violent and did not seek any type of confrontation before or after these 
events. In the same Pride march the police arrested 3 trans activists protesting Pride's 
decision to have police lead. The charges include ‘attempt to rescue' and ‘resistance to 
arrest', with an officer further claiming that they were injured (presumably during their 
violent and unprovoked attempts to wrestle Panos to the ground). In the following weeks, 
the police dropped all charges on the 16-year-old, proving that they were wrong in 
harassing and arresting them in the first place and rendering even more absurd their 
decision to press on with Panos's charges. The relevant statement issued immediately after 
Panos's release from custody is available below. In the meantime, the other 3 trans 
arrestees have not been issued court dates as the police continue to search for evidence 
that has eluded them for three months. This is clearly an issue which the police are 
unprepared to drop, with the dual purpose of: 1) criminalising and thereby attempting to 
diffuse the re-energised wave of political organisation and protest that Glasgow is 
experiencing in recent months and, 2) attempting to save face and looks less ridiculous 
after their actions in Pride were criticized from all angles.

For both of these reasons, demonstrations of solidarity to the arrested and accused are of 
deep political importance, their implications extending beyond the personal situations of 
those involved. To begin with, the police's actions provoked a significant backlash that 
ran counter to a carefully crafted public relations campaign. Their very presence in the 
Pride march, which the 3 trans activists protested, was part of that campaign. After the 
backlash they were forced into issuing a statement which, despite its conciliatory tone, 
offered nothing concrete to those affected by their activity (available below). A 
fundamental aspect of all emancipatory struggles is concerned with uncovering the masks 
and illusions which the system uses to maintain its legitimacy. The institution of the 
police plays a crucial part in this narrative, and thus the opportunity for further 
fracturing their attempts to present a humane, supportive face must be seized upon to the 
fullest. We need to keep up the pressure.

 From a movement and organisational perspective, Red and Black bloc was organised by queer 
members of the IWW as an anti-capitalist, anti-fascist presence in an increasingly 
commercialised and depoliticized Pride. In an era of deepening wealth inequality and the 
rise of the far-right across the West, the bloc's was an important political statement 
that aimed to unite, in practice, a variety of seemingly disparate struggles under the 
banner of solidarity. It occurred in a time when autonomous radical movements in Glasgow 
are on the rise, a variety of which are represented in IWW membership. Despite significant 
differences that exist between groups, it should not be forgotten that the current 
situation presents a significant improvement to where the movement was at a year ago. 
Events have made clear that when such progress is achieved, the police and the State will 
retaliate by criminalising protesters. They hope that their actions will succeed in 
breaking our resolve, in literally terrorising us into silence. On the contrary, the facts 
show that their actions are fuelling our activity. Indicatively, the Pride arrests sparked 
the creation of a new radical group, Anti-Capitalist Queers (links available below). This 
is a positive momentum which needs to be nurtured, built upon, and extended. The State's 
enmity towards us is a confirmation that we are moving in the right direction.

As the struggle deepens and the movement develops, it is reasonable to expect that the 
police will employ increasingly heavy-handed tactics on protesters and activists. They 
will attempt to silence us, divide us, and disempower us. It is therefore imperative to 
make court solidarity a lasting habit, to institutionalise it to the point that: 1) the 
activists involved in the movement know that they will never be left alone, a knowledge 
which will further empower and embolden our struggles and, 2) the police know that when 
they target one of us, they will be faced with an entire movement. Court solidarity, part 
of a wider mentality of support to whoever is caught in the cages of the State, is an 
indispensable aspect of all radical political activity. Let it be shown that the movement 
refuses to accept the criminalisation of protesters, whether now or in the future. Let us 
lay the foundations, in our budding movements, for lasting, practical political 
solidarity. As the IWW slogan goes, ‘an injury to one is an injury to us all'.

Join us at the solidarity demonstration on the 7th of December 2017 outside Glasgow 
Sheriff Court! The exact time will be made available shortly.
More information:
Original statement released by Clydeside IWW following the events:
Original Statement by Anti-Capitalist Queers following the events:
Police statement mentioned above:
Anti-Capitalist Queers/ Pride 5 Solidarity page:
Facebook Solidarity Demo event page:
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Nov 14 2017 11:55
UK Clydeside IWW IWW police Scotland LGBTQ repression
Police out of Pride! 5 arrested at Glasgow Pride as Police Scotland lead the parade
Anti-Capitalist Bloc at the RNC: an IWW report
Battle for the Soul of Pride
Database of repression of the IWW, 1906-1920
We haven't even started yet! On the state of anti-capitalist protest in Germany in the 
summer of 2012
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Message: 6

On Wednesday, 15 November at 18:00 in Poznan at ul. Fishermen held a picket "Nationalism 
will not pass # 2. We're calling Vinnicki . " The organizer of the action was Poznan 
Against Nationalism. ---- The inhabitants of Poznan have proved that they will not 
intimidate fascists giving false information about the event - a fascist strategy of 
building tension and a fearless atmosphere did not work! There were about 700 people on 
the anti-fascism balloon. ---- Contrary to the mass produced by the right-wing duck 
journalists, the capital of Wielkopolska was not demolished by the anti-terrorists. All 
those who try to create symmetry between antifascist attitudes and fascism, nationalism or 
homophobia must feel disappointed. ---- The reason for the assembly "Nationalism will not 
pass # 2. We're calling Winnicki ", was to show the disagreement among the Poznan 
community about rising nationalism, racist attacks and neo-Nazism, which is increasingly 
present in the Polish streets. In Poznan, there is no place for a deputy to hate, 
fomenting refugees and appealing to their pre-war tradition of fascist groups. Winnicki, 
known among others for his unsuccessful attack on the Romani cavalry in Wroclaw, became 
the face of the fascinating extreme right. He arrived in Poznan that day to meet local 
allies in one of the cellars near Poznan Rybaky. Their opposition decided to express: 
Poznan Free from Hate, Stonewall Group, Poznan Light Chain, Anarchist Federation s. Poznan 
and many other groups. The presence of an "important guest" is an attempt to legitimize 
the actions of nationalists. Examples of the fascist activity of the All-Polish Youth in 
Poznan include demonstrations, including Equality Mars, LGBT activists, Anarchist Club and 
Revenge Bookstore. There were also loud voices of hatred against refugees and migrants 
organized by them. The last days additionally confirmed this image. The MW spokesman 
described the group's views as "racial separatism," and nationalists were on the 
"Independence Day Europe" on Saturday. The last days additionally confirmed this image. 
The MW spokesman described the group's views as "racial separatism," and nationalists were 
on the "Independence Day Europe" on Saturday. The last days additionally confirmed this 
image. The MW spokesman described the group's views as "racial separatism," and 
nationalists were on the "Independence Day Europe" on Saturday.

Numerous whistleblowers brought with them whistles, caricatures of Robert Winnicki, and 
self-made slogans with anti-fascist slogans. There was no shortage of the appropriate 
Samba rhythm and massively screamed cries: "Fascism stop", "Nationalism won from Poznan", 
"One, two, three, four - enough with Winnicki cholera", "Freedom, Equality. Mutual 
assistance ".

Eventually the meeting with the fascist deputy was repeatedly interrupted, and the noise 
generated by the congregation drowned out his gibberish.

Numerous participants and participants of the demonstration gathered at the end of the 
event white roses, symbolically expressing their opposition to the rising wave of 
neo-Nazism. Biala Róza was a German anti-Nazi organization, operating between 1942 and 1943.