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maandag 19 maart 2018

Shark dragged behind car until dead - but it wasn't illegal

Laughing fishermen strapped live shark to car and dragged it along a road until it bled to death.
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Dear friends,
A few days ago, a video went viral on Facebook. But this one wasn't about cute puppies or a new make-up tutorial. In this video, laughing fishermen in Australia tie a living shark to their car. Then they start driving at a fast pace. They keep driving and laughing even as the innocent creature bumps and scrapes against the harsh asphalt.
This kind of animal abuse would normally be illegal, but in this case, it's not. That's because Australia's Animal Welfare Act does not recognize or protect fish species. We have to tell the Australian Government: protect sharks from this sadistic cruelty, now!
After the shark starts to bleed from its many cuts and abrasions, one man chuckles and boasts that the shark is "done," showing zero empathy for the once-living animal he and his friends have just murdered.
While this may seem like an outlier incident, it's actually become one in a series of brutal acts against sharks. Previous Australian videos have shown a young man punching a shark in the head; hanging a shark from a basketball hoop; and using a shark as a punching bag.
The Minister for Fisheries, the Honorable Dave Kelly, has called the video "disgusting," but that's not enough. He needs to back up his words and make sure this type of animal torture is made illegal now, before any more innocent animals are harmed or killed.
Thank you,
 Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team
P.S. This shark spent its last moments on Earth in extreme pain and agony. We can protect other animals from suffering this same sickening fate. Please sign the petition to tell Australian leaders that the world is watching.