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woensdag 30 mei 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 30.05.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  [Argentina] Anarchic Days of Buenos Aires - Winter 2018 By
      ANA (pt) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  [Indonesia] Yogyakarta: Libera Infoshop is raising funds for
      a new space By ANA (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

3.  a-k koeln: Sex and anti-feminism as petty right-wing
      extremist and right-wing populist mobilizations (de) [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

4.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #283 - CGT-Commerce: Peace
      between us, war against the bosses ! (fr, it, pt) [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

5.  ABC-Belarus: Anarchists from Minsk support Sam Faulder
      [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

6.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #283 - Photography: Seine,
      "A dreamed proletariat" (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]


Message: 1

We call again to the encounter, the fraternal debate, the deepening of our ideas, seeking 
to expand anarchy beyond our individual perspectives, considering that in the differences 
and the multiplicity of each is the potentiality of the encounters, sharing the denial of 
all kinds of authority as a principle and, above all, as a project in progress. ---- Faced 
with a context that tries to frighten us and limit us to passivity, we again choose to be 
on the streets, because we know that fraternity and solidarity among the ancestors are 
arms with which we can secure ourselves, and before the social hierarchy that imposes us 
daily , the creation of free space is indispensable to think and materialize our position 
against Domination. ---- We therefore seek to generate dialogue and debate around the 
lectures, workshops and anarchical publications fair that are developed in the days to 
further sharpen our projects that embrace the desires to destroy this society


Those who want to participate in workshops, we invite you to write to us: 
jornadasanarquicasdeinvierno @ riseup.net

FB: Anarchic Days Bs As


Message: 2

The Libera Community Space is organized by a group of anarchists in a horizontal and 
egalitarian way. We promote themes such as gender and sexual liberation, economic 
equality, and other socio-ecological themes, whether in the form of writings, art or 
social movements. ---- We are openly egalitarian and not religious or ideologically 
dogmatic. We are open to the participation of all people, regardless of their contexts. 
However, we do not want to get involved with political parties, NGOs, or anything 
institutional. We are committed to building a truly horizontal and self-organized 
community. ---- Context ---- In 2016, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the collective Libertas 
was formed. He started several discussion panels, classes on anarchism, and also got 
involved in the creation of one of Indonesia's anarchist sites, anarkis[dot]org. Then, one 
of the individuals from the collective decided to set up a small café and infoshop: Libera 
Community Space (Café, Books and Infoshop).

Inspired by the anarchist tradition, we decided to unite our efforts, seizing the moment, 
and having our own place. We provide a wide range of activities, such as a meeting place 
for political and cultural initiatives, film screenings, a bookstore, and building a 
stronger network of the anti-fascist movement.

What we do

In collaboration with many anarchist publishers - such as Ikarus Press, Pustaka Catut , 
and Nihilis Media - Libera also functions as an infohub for curious people who are 
interested in anarchist and radical thoughts.

 From 2016 to 2017, there was an initiative to build an anti-fascist network in Yogyakarta 
and Libera became the basis for it. Since then, individuals who are active in Libera are 
involved in many projects, such as:

* Anti-fascist organization

* Publication of books ( Ikarus Press, Pustaka Catut, Nihilis Media )

(We translate and publish books from a wide range of anarchist thinkers, such as Emma 
Goldman's " Anarchism: What it Really Stands For ", Murray Bookchin's " Ecology of Freedom 
," " Armed Joy, " by Alfredo Bonnano, " On the Poverty of Student Life , "" Under the 
Black Flag: Anarchist Writings in Dutch-Indies, "and we are currently working on Alfredo 
Bonnano's translation of Anarchism and National Liberation Struggle .

* Managing the counter-information website: agitasi.noblogs.org

* " Dapur Nomad " kitchen cooperative

Since then, even with all our limitations, Libera has thrived. We have received many kinds 
of people: local anarchists and travelers, students, activists, curiosxs, and even 
Marxists trying to convert other people to Marxism. Libera has achieved a lot, and we want 
to achieve even more.

Libera is not just an infoshop or café, but also a community space, a bookstore, and a 
free internet zone where we always work to empower community networks, expand our outreach 
network and fight for our cause. However, since the frequency of anarchists in Central 
Java has grown, we would like to reorganize our workplace, coffee, cooperatives, and 
provide a place for anarchists and traveling activists to rest or to meet with groups and 
organizations from different cities.

If any of your friends are in Yogyakarta, our location can be easily found. You can just 
type " Libera Coffee and Book " in Google Maps. Of the 6 people who are involved in Libera 
, we work mainly as writers and translators, freelancers, illustrators and baristas.

Most of us do not have an academic degree, but we have been able to use part of our 
personal income for the infoshop. I hope this little introduction convinces you to help us.

What we need

Above all, we need a bigger place. We hope that by having a bigger place, we can have a 
collective house where anarchists and traveling activists can take place to stay while in 
Yogyakarta. Our current location is too small for this. We also hope that in this new 
location, we can do a number of other projects that we can not do in our current space 
because of limited space, such as organizing a larger bookstore, home gardening, 
self-defense classes, and other ideas that may arise from moment we already have the place.

The estimated cost is about 1,800 USD. However, we would like to ask for your solidarity, 
whether in the form of books, financial aid, or helping to spread these words.

There will be a sign of thanks from us if you decide to help us. We will send some 
collections from Ikarus Press and Pustaka Catut . If you would like to request them, 
please contact: anzimatta@gmail.com or feldasit@riseup.net .

And if you're in town, our gesture of appreciation will also include a printed art.

Translation> Marginal Press


Message: 3

On 27.05. We, the Anarchist Collective Cologne and about fem, are organizing a workshop on 
gender and anti-feminism with the support of the stavv of the University of Cologne. From 
6 pm there will be food in the Autonomous Center Cologne, the workshop starts at 18:30. 
---- "In addition to racist, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic and ethnic positions, family and 
gender policies are increasingly moving into the center of right-wing extremist, 
right-wing populist and neo-realist mobilizations. The fight against gender equality 
policies, feminism and diverse lifestyles, attacks on women's and gender research and 
equal rights for LGBT * I * are not just strategic fields of action for these actors. They 
form a central link between actors from right-wing extremism, right-wing populism and the 
New Right, and find connection abilities in society as a whole. Women appear more present 
and visible than ever before. Together we want to be with the gender images, gender and 
women's roles and strategies in current manifestations. In addition, we explore the 
question of what a feminist positioning and a gender-reflective perspective in research 
and prevention work can look like. Rachel Spicker works at the Gender and Right-Wing 
Extremist Section of the Amedeu-Antonio Foundation. "



Message: 4

When will end the grueling quarrel of devices that rotten the life of the CGT-Commerce ? 
The last congress was again the theater. Yet there is work to do. ---- The atmosphere was 
more tense than for the 15 th Congress of the CGT federation of trade, held in Reims from 
19 to 23 March. Was it because of the current struggles at Carrefour, Pimkie, Lidl, 
Amazon, McDo or Monoprix ? In part, but not only. Alas, the endless device war that 
undermines this federation will have once again polarized attention. The federal 
leadership has indeed prevented several opponents from being delegated under a false 
pretext, a dozen unions have tried to cancel the congress before the TGI (in vain) ... 
---- Nearly 450 delegates were there on the day, under the watchful eye of some 40 members 
of the federal and even confederal service, who had come specially to reinforce. The 
strict control of the badges at the entrance was to prevent a possible heckling of the 
sessions by external activists, as it had been possible during a previous congress, in 
spite of violent jostling and guns of the SO at the time .

For unionism in tune with those who struggle
What is the crux of the problem ? A conflict between the Trade Union Union of Paris on the 
one hand, the federal direction on the other hand, which lasts for at least ten years. We 
can recognize the first, led by Karl Ghazi, its driving role in the inter-Clic-P and its 
dynamism in the fight against Sunday work. In comparison, the current federal team seems 
paralyzed and incapable. She also shone by her inaction in 2016-2017, in the movements 
against the Labor laws and ordinances.

But the competing tendencies of the federal leadership share many dubious bureaucratic 
practices, in addition to personal hatreds and conflicts imported from the PCF, which is 
still very much present in this federation. For the anecdote, the oppo also won a symbolic 
victory by obtaining that the congress asks for affiliation to the ... World Federation of 
Trade Unions, a rump organization inherited from the USSR, where there are almost only 
Stalinist unions and bureaucracy guard-chiourme (Syrian, North Korean, Vietnamese, Cuban, 
Iranian ...).

All of this does not serve our unions, which need to be renewed and transformed. The 
self-management that the revolutionaries claim is not only a motto for decorum, or a 
simple aspiration for more transparency: it is the desire that unionism be in tune with 
those who struggle. It is at the base that will emerge victorious strategies.

Work on systematic Sunday, suppression of thousands of jobs, collapse of bonuses and 
remunerations, Mafia practices ... While anti-union repression is omnipresent in these 
monsters, symbols of the worst of capitalism, the struggles are only growing. This is not 
a coincidence: the rapacity of the shareholders is their weakness and we will not support 
their contempt for a long time !

Fernand (AL Nantes)



Message: 5

A group of Minsk anarchists have issued a postcards in support of Sam Faulder - an 
anarchist prisoner, who is serving her life sentence in Britain. ---- Sam Faulder were an 
anarchist for whole her life. In 2007 she were detained by suspicion of murdering her best 
friend. After almost 2 years spent in investigation facility, she was sentenced to life 
imprisonment. Police abuses influenced the sentence, and the lawyer refused to defend her 
three weeks before the trial. Because of absence of a legal support she was unable to 
appeal to a Higher court. By now she is imprisoned for more then 11 years. ---- In 2016 it 
was revealed that Sam has a cancer. Almost for two years she was not having a treatment 
because of bureaucratic obstacles and intentional sabotage of a help from an 
administration of a prison. With different reasons she was refused to checkup, make 
medical analysis, and hospitalizing. Because of this the cancer have progressed and Sam 
got a number of following diseases. Thanks to support of comrades and human right 
activists after two years she finally had a treatment. Now she is getting a course of 
chemioradiotherapy. You can read her treatment timeline here.

You can support Sam by writing her on address: Samantha Faulder A1209CF, HMP Foston Hall, 
Foston, Derby, Derbyshire, DE65 5DN

To get a postcards, made by Minsk anarchists (for free), you can write on pramen@riseup.net

Also you can donate to her support fund.


Distribution of anarchist brochures in Minsk

"During a last week we've handed out few dozens of an brochures "If we we will be silent - 
we are going to loose everything". They were given predominantly to the students and youth 
- their protest potential is higher but amount of stereotypes is lower".

You can get our brochures for free after writing on pramen@riseup.net



Message: 6

In May 68, Jean-Claude Seine photographed - in color or in black and white - the 
barricades, hordes of CRS, the Gaullist counter-demonstration of May 30, and that of May 
13 with the leaders of the left and the unions . With their monetary and legalistic 
claims, the signs in this manifest monster appear in complete offset with the magnitude of 
the bottom sweep that then sweeps the country. But, above all, missioned by La Vie 
Ouvrière,organ of the CGT, Jean-Claude Seine photographed the general strike. He went to 
Citroën Clichy, at the port of Gennevilliers, at Optalix in Amiens, at Chausson in 
Asnières, at Renault Flins, at Saint Frères in Vimeu ... and of course at 
Renault-Billancourt. There is an imagery quite different from that of the student 
demonstrations: smocks and blues, berets and caps and, above all, planted at the entrance 
of occupied factories, tricolor flags mixed with red flags, testimony of the PCF's 
domination over the workers' movement of that time. A common point on the other hand: the 
joy on the faces, the pleasure of the transgression, the feeling to live it an out of the 
ordinary moment.

William Davranche (AL Montreuil)

Jean-Claude Seine, A proletariat dreamed, Passe du vent, 2010, 125 pages, 20 euros ; 
Rebellious spirit, leporello of 35 photos, 2018, 20 euros.



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