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maandag 7 mei 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 7.05.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  Britain, glasgow anarchists: Glasgow Events Autonomy Update
      29 April 2018 (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  Australia, melb acg: MAY DAY 2018 by ablokeimet

3.  Poland, zsp - Wroclaw: 1-May employee information campaign
      [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

4.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL - Solidarity with the
      Kurdish people, in Lisieux on May 11 by AL Pays d'Auge (fr, it,
      pt) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

5.  Mexico, Collective Rupture (RC): In a historic assembly, the
      municipalities of Chilón and Sitala in Chiapas elect a council
      of spokespersons to walk towards self-government without
      political parties - Demián Revart (ca) [machine translation]

6.  [Bangladesh] May Day in Sylhet: "Our struggle is to
      eradicate all kinds of authoritarianism!" By ANA (pt) [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

7.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #282 - Essay: Pattieu,
      "Beauty Parade" (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

8.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL - Tribute to the victims
      of the Ouvéa massacre of May 5, 1988 (fr, it, pt) [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

9.  [France] 1 May: 109 protesters remain arrested in Paris By
      ANA (pt) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

10.  wsm.ie: Well that makes no sense - on the anti-choice 1916
      beermats (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

11.  Argentina, FORA, 1st of May: International fight day By ANA
      (ca, pt) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

12.  Poland, WORKERS' INITIATIVE: Program of the OZZ IP Working
      Party on May 12-13, 2018. [machine translation] 


  13.  Greece, Libertarial Initiative of Thessaloniki:
      Concentration of solidarity in the total denial of conscience
      Dimitris D. | Thursday 3/5, 11:30 in the courts of Thessaloniki
      (gr) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)


Message: 1

Hello friends and fellow workers. May Day is this week and there's no shortage of events 
in Glasgow celebrating International Workers Day - on the day itself and later on. We hope 
it stays sunny and people are reinvigorated to fight for a better world for all! ---- Many 
thanks to the folk behind May Day Week 2018 for the information they sent us and all the 
hard work they've put in organising events. ---- As always, please send us your events so 
that we can publicise them for you! ---- 1. MAY DAY Parade & Rally - Tuesday 1st May ---- 
2. Radical Film Network (RFN) Scotland 6818 Launch - Tuesday 1st May ---- 3. Radical 
History Walk - Wednesday 2nd May ---- 4. Radical Imagination Presentation - Thursday 3rd 
May ---- 5. Memories of Underdevelopment (Radical Film Network) - Friday 4th May ---- 6. 
Songs for Revolution - Saturday 5th May ---- 7. Trades Council MAY DAY March - Sunday 6th May

8. MAY DAY Picnic - Sunday 6th May

9. Spirit of Revolt Show & Tell Event (The Free Hetherington) - Monday 14th May



Message: 2

This statement was distributed at noon on May Day at the 8 Hour Monument in Melbourne: 
---- International Workers Day ---- May Day is International Workers Day. It is a day for 
workers to come together in struggle worldwide and to celebrate our solidarity. It started 
as a campaign to free the Haymarket Martyrs, Anarchist union organisers who had been 
falsely convicted of murder in 1886 after an unidentified person threw a bomb at a 
workers' demonstration in Chicago in the United States. As the campaign spread around the 
world, the workers' movement developed a sense that its movement was international as its 
pioneering thinkers had predicted. Four were executed and one committed suicide, but the 
survivors were ultimately pardoned. August Spies' last words before his execution came 
true: "The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you 
strangle today."

The Workers' Movement

Over succeeding years, the workers' movement has waxed and waned. It has spread to new 
countries as capitalism created new battalions of the working class. It has been weakened 
by war, repression or betrayal. It has been strengthened by fresh waves of struggle. And 
all along, greater or lesser numbers have maintained the vision of an international 
movement with a global vision of a better society. We have had great victories - the 
revolutions which ended World War I, the great strike wave of the late 1960s and early 70s 
and the strikes that have driven up wages in China, Indonesia and Bangladesh in recent 
years. We have had bitter defeats, too - counter-revolution in Russia, Fascist 
dictatorship in the 1930s and the ongoing imposition of neo-liberalism in the last twenty 


The working class is now the biggest class in the world, larger than either the peasantry 
or the urban poor. We are still exploited. We still build unions. And we still strike. It 
is only from a narrow national view that it can be said that the working class has been 
rendered powerless or irrelevant. Globalisation has changed the game plan for workers. To 
put an end to the defeats we have suffered at the hands of neo-liberalism, workers must 
take an international perspective.

The Task Before Us

The contradiction between the global nature of production under capitalism and the nation 
state framework in which it is rooted is intensifying. A national perspective, whether it 
is "Aussie jobs for Aussie workers" or expecting a Labor Government to rescue us from the 
pressures of the global market, is a recipe for defeat. The only winning strategy is for 
workers to link across borders and use the power of the capitalists' global production 
chains against them. Our movement can unite the human race. Through taking power in the 
workplace, we can defeat capitalists and governments in all countries. We can create a 
world of peace, freedom and equality for all. We can make a revolution and create 
libertarian communism.


Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

PO Box 5108 Brunswick North 3056
1 May 2018
macg1984 at yahoo dot com dot au



Message: 3

This year, instead of the May march, aimed mainly at activists and activists, ZSP Wroclaw 
carried out an information campaign directed at employees and employees of gastronomy and 
other services.



Message: 4

In the violence and the degenerate war for power that has plagued Syria for more than 
seven years, Rojava is a bulwark against barbarism and an immense hope for peace and 
democracy. ---- Indeed, the Kurdish people have played this role, sometimes alone, in the 
face of jihadist atrocities in the Middle East and, since 2014 with the Battle of Kobane 
where the Kurds fought Daesh in a spectacular way (September 2014-June 2015), it is placed 
in the spotlight of international news. ---- What is less well known is that in the areas 
he controls, and particularly in Rojava (part of Kurdistan in Syrian territory), he 
favored the rise of a counter-society on feminist bases, social, democratic and, in a way, 
secular. ---- For this reason, it scares the tyrants of the region: the Turkish regime 
(which invaded the Canton of Afrîn early 2018), Iran or Syria.

This situation calls for resolute support from all. That's why, let's discuss it during a 
on May 11, 2018 at 8:30 pm
at the Gare
2 bar , Place Pierre-Sémard in Lisieux (opposite the train station)
This coffee-debate could be the starting point of a collective initiative of solidarity 
with the Kurdish people.



Message: 5

The Mexican State is increasingly shaken by the paws when it realizes that the exercise of 
self-government in its territories (or rather "exterritories") is expanding. By providing 
foreign capital concessions on the largest biological and water reserves, in this case, in 
the state of Chiapas - the main region from which water is extracted for the monopolistic 
Coca-Cola industry, as an illustrative feature of this abomination -; by ignoring the 
millionaire deviations of resources in the municipalities of the most marginalized 
municipalities; and, of course, by creating a climate of paramilitary violence and 
internal divisionism in the villages that have deeply hurt the Cuklejalil lekil [1].... It 
is a clear response that populations encourage social organization to"Look for another way 
to govern without affecting the nature or the people themselves ".

I have stated it too many times: the peoples who decide to self-govern not only establish 
a rupture with the structure of the nation-state, but have also glimpsed their 
antagonistic class position and understood without hesitation the chains of harmful 
situations that this provokes and that threaten seriously against natural and human life.

One of the municipalities that has joined this break to self-govern is Chilón -located in 
the jungle region of Chiapas- that holds 70% of its population in a state of poverty, 
which is in contrast to the high annual budget received by the municipality exceeding 700 
million pesos . "It is an insult to the people that the government receives so much money 
and that even then, this is one of the poorest municipalities in the country. Enough of 
the bad government! " [2]has been the main political argument of the communities of Chilón 
(mostly Chol, Tzotzil and Tzeltal) to generate an organizational nucleus in them and 
decide to confederate in the " MOVEDITE "( Movement in Defense of Life and Territory)that 
also promotes diverse strategies of militancy and internal communication in more than 12 
municipalities of Chiapas that are "candidates" for the imposition of developmental 
projects that are being planned within their territorial demarcation, such as 
hydroelectric dams on the Chakté-Cancuc rivers and the Florido River -Huixtán-; 
explorations of oil wells in the community of El Jardín -Ocosingo-; the project of the 
military barracks in Patria Nueva; a new Coca-Cola factory in the community of Río Molino 
-also Huixtán-; as well as the validity of the project of the Palenque-San Cristóbal 
superhighway that would cross dozens of towns affecting both their lands and the natural 
resources they protect.

Although in Chilón the extractive industry or some megaproject has not been installed as 
such, the environmental-territorial affectations that their sister communities will suffer 
soon will touch them, although their people know thoroughly that "there will always be 
affectations under the command of any partisan government because those leaders are not 
people from here, from the people, " so in 2016, a very visible scenario linked to the 
billionaire budget robbery by the City Council that have denounced all their 
mobilizations, because " the health clinic of the municipal capital of Chilón, has been 
under construction for years without seeing its end ", causing as in much of the national 
territory, health services are scarce and negligent, forcing in the event of illness or 
accidents, residents have to travel hours and hours to state capitals to try - still the 
matter Stagnate in an "attempt" - receive the necessary medical attention.

With interstate meetings, pilgrimages to promote the union "beyond belief" and gathering 
signatures to validate the entry of a request delivered on November 17, 2017 to the 
Institute of Elections and Citizen Participation of the State of Chiapas to achieve legal 
recognition of his free determination, Chilón is walking quickly through the path of 
self-government. His most recent step towards that goal - and which is described in the 
title of this text ... but he could not omit the preamble to the causes of this movement 
without reaching this part! - emerged last Friday, April 20; about 4 thousand people 
gathered at the Bachajón community fair park to publicly present to the Council of 
Community Government Speakers, an elected group of men and women in 20 regions of the 
municipality through their respective assemblies that "will walk spreading the word in our 
communities about this alternative organization that seeks to resist the system of 
election by political parties and recover the constitutional right of indigenous people 
determination (...) that allows us to exercise our own mode of government ".

For its part, on Saturday April 21 in the municipality of Sitala was made public 
presentation in the municipal seat of the councilors who will have the same task as 
chiloneros: "These comrades are not authorities, they are a community charge that will 
have the mission to strengthen the word in the communities in the search for Community 
Government in our territory. "

I have also mentioned - in a stream of occasions! - that what happens in rurality is not 
unique to that geography, since the paradigm shift from the representative to the 
autonomous is applicable in any substantivity (oh, we have everything the work that the 
Citizen Council has done for the Good Government in San Cristobal de las Casas!, who 
support the objective of banishing the party in that gentrified city so that the 
citizenship can self-administer the City Council).

For self-government in Chilón and Sitala, this radical change is summarized in 'renew 
social relations and politics': "(...) we promote COMMUNITY GOVERNMENTS that renew social 
relations among indigenous people, mestizos, diverse religions, adults and youth; 
COMMUNITY GOVERNMENTS that renew the policy (...) to combat corruption and division of bad 
governments and thus guarantee the defense of our Mother Earth and community harmony ".
"To those who want something, something has to cost them," the Turkish DHKP-C[3]militants 
say when governments attempt any organizational process, repress or ignore the signs of 
violence within the communities. I quote this sentence because the struggle for autonomy 
in Chilón has also met with different threats.

According to the research carried out by the Center for Indigenous Rights, AC (CEDIAC) , 
insecurity and robbery crimes due to external factors have increased since October 2017 to 
date, with the main concern being the theft of products and raw materials. the Women's 
Cooperative "Luchiyej Nichimetic"[4], which allegorically represent two primary objectives 
of the Community Government proposal: 1) protection, comprehensive support and non-sexist 
reeducation for the emancipation of indigenous women; and 2) enhance the projects of 
economic self-management and own culture, as is the trade-art of traditional weaving.

These crimes -which are added to the constant and express death threats against several of 
those implicated in the Council of Community Government- give guidelines to affirm that 
yes: 'the State trembles the legs'. Baia ... it is not the first time that the state 
machinery takes advantage of the isolation of the communities of the Selva de Chiapas to 
militarize and assassinate the rebelling populations right and left.

I could not keep silent ... I feel tremendous indignation at the impunity and the 
'alertness' in which people who dare to risk their lives live for a common good, however, 
we all know that good always triumphs and in Chilón and Sitala will not be the exception.




[1]In Tzeltal, "the Good Life in Common".

[2]"'Enough of the bad government!', Demands in Chilón, the pilgrimage in defense of the 
land and the territory," Pozol Colectivo , November 16, 2016. ( http://www.pozol.org/? p = 
14041 )

[3]Partido-Frente Revolucionario de Liberación del Pueblo , an armed communist 
organization in Turkey that has been active since 1994, promoting class organization in 
universities, neighborhoods and cities. In recent years they have carried out actions and 
protests in defense of the Kurdish people and ethnic minorities, which are constantly 
violated by the regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the popular neighborhoods and borders of 
the country.

[4]"The Bachajón Mission denounces threats to defenders and attempted robbery of a women's 
cooperative", Radio Zapatista , February 22, 2018. ( http://radiozapatista.org/?p=25799 )



Message: 6

The  Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation of Bangladesh  (BASF) organized an event (rally, 
rallies and debates) on Tuesday morning (May 1) to mark  May Day , with the participation 
of other affiliated organizations. The  demonstration took place in Sylhet , in the tea- 
growing areas. A  large number of working women, men and young people, participated 
enthusiastically . They spoke in the debate Moni Sankar Das, Ranjit Das, Jugal Das, 
Srikant Das, Amanda Das, Ananda Das, Anjan Das, Sanjeev Karmi, Nishi Das, Janoni Das, 
Bobby Das and Shunita Das. Founder and secretary of BASF, AKM lawyer Shihab played a role 
as facilitator of the event. ---- AKM Shihab gave a welcome address at the beginning of 
the meeting. He said, among things: "The new anarchist base is the union of workers and 
the method of action is the labor struggle "; "The union is not only a tool to fight, it 
can be the structure for the future society"; "Socialists have long used the working-class 
unions as a springboard to occupy state power, but they did not work"; Marx and his 
followers also see no other role for the unions "; "We are contrary to this principle"; 
"The aim of our struggle is not to gain any power, we want to rid ourselves of 
authoritarianism. Not only do we want to end exploitation, but abolish the dominant. We 
believe that no human being can become master of another. People can not dominate other 
human beings. The people will collectively govern themselves through creative actions 
among themselves . "

The people present also spoke and expressed their homage to the martyrs of Chicago. They 
stimulated the strengthening of the work of organization and federation in the light of 
the ideals of anarcho-syndicalism and respect for self-initiatives as a way to obtain 
equal rights for all working people, including all types of workers, especially the 
production of tea, rubber, construction, transportation, etc.

Translation> Marginal Press


Message: 7

Beauty parade is the story of a struggle that took place in 2014 and had then experienced 
some media coverage for its originality. At 57, rue de Strasbourg, Château-d'Eau district 
in Paris, the owner of a hairdressing and manicure salon disappears overnight with the 
cash register. He leaves fifteen women workers on the floor, only two of whom have papers. 
Two months that the boss did not pay wages. One of the workers then decides to contact the 
CGT who answers the call: the occupation of the salon begins. Of the 15 hairdressers in 
the show, 7 will stay: 2 Cameroonians, 4 Chinese and Gang, the only man in the show, China 
also. ---- The boss is already far away and it is futile to hope to recover the two months 
of stolen wages. Objective of the struggle: to obtain the regularization of those who have 
remained and who have chosen to fight.

Sylvain Pattieu chronicles this fight: 75 days to turn the salon to pay ; 75 days of 
occupation of the living room, night and day, including Sunday Sundays.

No big speeches, contextual analyzes or sociological interviews: only the day-to-day 
narrative of the struggle and the reported words of those who are bound to it: workers, 
trade unionists, customers, bosses of other salons ... thread of discussions in the living 
room, we discover the life trajectories of West Africa or China. Sometimes, the choice to 
try one's luck elsewhere, the adventure, sometimes the obligation to leave, to get out the 
head of water, unemployment, debts. Still, the hope of a better life but always, there as 
here, be subject to the vagaries of the capitalist economy.

Beauty Parade is an informative and inspiring read. Among others, the role that unionism 
can play in the struggles of undocumented migrants. Far from being unsuited to these forms 
of work precarious to the extreme, because unrecognized unionism provides logistics, broad 
support to avoid isolation and especially the experience gained in similar struggles. As 
Raymond, a CGT unionist, explains: "  The only way to take things is not from people's 
personal files, but from their place in society. There, you make the connection with other 
workers, with a common social identity.[...]The strike[undocumented workers]is a fact, it 
forces to recognize what is not supposed to exist.  "

A very well written story, moving, funny and warm. A story of courageous women, struggling 
and winning. In short, a reading that makes you want to fight !

Benjamin (AL Nantes)

Sylvain Pattieu, Beauty parade, The paperback, 256 pages, 6.60 euros.



Message: 8

Kanaky: May 1988 - May 2018: 30 years to achieve independence ---- With the approach of 
the referendum on "  the accession to full sovereignty and independence of Kanaky-New 
Caledonia  " to be held on November 4, 2018 in the territory, we would like to recall, 
here in France, the origin of this self-determination vote. ---- This possibility for the 
Kanak people to "  close the long parenthesis of  French colonization " is indeed the last 
stage of a long Kanak struggle. ---- On May 4, 2018, we will first recall the mobilization 
of 1988, the one that wrested from the State a negotiation process, leading to the 
Matignon and Oudinot Agreements (June and August 1988), then to the Agreement Nouméa in 
1998 - the latter initiating the process of progressive decolonization, which should be 
completed this year.

We will honor the memory of those who fell in this collective struggle for independence:

the 19 militants killed on May 5, 1988, during the assault given by GIGN and commandos of 
the army against the cave of Gossanah, killed or executed after the battle as it was the 
case for several of them including Alphonse Dianou . then their leaders, also fallen to 
Ouvea, a year later, on the painful anniversary of this massacre: Jean-Marie Tjibaou, 
Yeweine Yeweine, Djubelli Wea. We will associate the names of the combatants killed in the 
previous confrontations with the police or the army: Eloi Machoro, Marcel Nonnaro, as well 
as those killed under unsolved circumstances, Pierre Declercq, or the ten Tiendanite 
assassinated in an anti-independence ambush .

The undersigned signatory organizations therefore call for participation in this 
mobilization to highlight the stakes of this self-determination vote and to denounce the 
colonial processes still at work.

They support the legitimate demands of the Kanak people, foremost among them the accession 
to full sovereignty, and ask:

that the French State respects impartiality and its word in accompanying the process of 
decolonization ; that all Kanak (common law and common law) be inscribed on the general 
list and then referendum ; that the special electoral body, which marks the definitive end 
of settlement colonization, be constituted with sincerity and legitimacy ; that the State 
responds to the demands of the Truth and Justice Committee, created by the families of the 
victims; that it opens its archives and thus allows to shed light on death Alphonse Dianou 
and other fighters of the cave of Gossanah, on that of Eloi Machoro and Marcel Nonnaro, 
Pierre Declerq as he did for other anticolonialist militants killed or missing in Algeria 
or Senegal. Rally on May 4, 2018 at 6 pm in front of the City of Immigration History, 
formerly the Colonial Museum, located in the Palace of the Golden Gate, built for the 1931 
Colonial Exhibition where 111 Kanak were exhibited as that "  authentic cannibals  ", 293 
avenue Daumesnil 75012 Paris, metro Porte-Dorée.

Sharing the memory of Kanak militants murdered, speaking out

Laying a plaque Rue de Kanaky-New Caledonia

At the call of: Alternative Libertaire, Kanak Youth Movement in France (MJKF), Kanaky 
Solidarity Collective, Information and Support Association for Kanak People's Rights 
(AISDPK), Survival, FASTI, Association Plurielles, Peace Movement, CDISComores , 
Collective neither war, nor state of war, USTKE, CGT-SNMD of the National City of the 
History of the immigration, trade union SOLIDAIRES, CNT, NPA, ENSEMBLE, PCF, MJCF ...



Message: 9

French police said on Monday that 109 people were detained following the riots that 
occurred during demonstrations at Labor and Workers Day in Paris. ---- Police chief Michel 
Delpuech told local media that during Tuesday's clashes, 283 people were identified by the 
authorities and 109 remain in detention. ---- Tuesday's clashes in the French capital left 
several "wounded" who, according to police, were provoked by hundreds of "black blocs" 
(anarchist groups) during a procession involving thousands of demonstrators. ---- On 
Tuesday afternoon, four people were injured, 31 shops were attacked and two shops and six 
vehicles were set on fire. ---- Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse 
anarchist protesters who clashed with the authorities. ---- Meanwhile, Interior Minister 
Gérard Collomb told the local press that authorities will have more resources during the 
upcoming demonstrations.

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anarchist-ana news agency


Message: 10

There are many strange things about the anti-choice bigots trying to protect the 
antiquated status quo of the 8th amendment - a piece of text inserted into the 
constitution at the moment when the power of that old clerical Ireland was about to 
crumble. Strangest of all for those of us who fought against clerical control, against the 
Magedeline laundries, against the bans on divorce and sex between men, against corporal 
punishment in schools and clerical child abuse and for sex education, contraception and 
secular education is now finding the very people who were always on the other side of that 
argument trying to redefine themselves as 'the rebellion' ---- The latest aspect of this 
is 1weird 916 themed beer mats with anti-choice messaging being distributed in pubs. Apart 
from spoiling our pints its a messaging that makes no sense at all. From a republican 
perspective we don't want women in Ireland dependent on British healthcare and the whims 
of British politicians. We want them to be able to access the healthcare they need, 
including abortion, here.

Any genuine republican would be fighting to get rid of the 8th and so allowing not only 
women in the 26 counties to access healthcare right here but also giving women from the 6 
counties another option than travel to Britain. The reactionary dinosaur parties of 6 
counties are all anti-choice, the DUP virulently so - getting rid of the 8th is a blow 
against the 'carnival of reaction' that partition created.

True, we have little trust for Irish politicians but we have forced them to call the 
referendum and if we are honest they are hardly fighting to win in. Fine Gael are sitting 
on their handstand the deputy leader of Fianna Fail is appearing on the platform of 
anti-choice No meetings.
For that matter have you seen a single Fine Gael or Fianna Fail Yes poster? Almost all the 
Yes posters are from the parties of the radical left or the Together for Yes ones that 
were paid for by an online crowd fundraiser that saw over 10,000 people contribute an 
average of under 50 euro. Watching those donations pour in was watching another phase of 
the real Rebellion, the one against the 8th in practise.

We've forced the establishment currently in government to act but a lot of the 
establishment, particularly of rural Ireland, are defending the status quo. And of the 
course the bedrock of the establishment post partition, the Catholic bishops are very 
vocal about trying to order their flock to vote No, and facing a genuine rebellion of 
their own as they try to do so.

Whatever about correctly not trusting Irish politicians do we want to continue to trust 
Teresa May to deliver healthcare for pregnant people from Ireland. Thousands continue to 
travel every year to the UK for abortions, a situation that is at the whim of the 
conservative government, itself slashing away at their NHS. With the water charges and the 
calling of the referendum we have shown we can forced Irish politicians to do what we tell 
them through mass action, that is not true of Westminster.

There is a rebellion and that is the 30+ year rebellion against the hated 8th amendment. 
Those who tell you to vote no out of distrust of our gang of politicians are those who are 
in cahoots with the most odious of politicians here, in the UK and in the USA. Do you 
trust Nigel Farage, Trump or Jackie Healy-Rae. Or do you trust you own power to continue 
to force our politicians to do the right thing.

When we win a massive Yes vote on the 25th May its hardly like that will be a job done. 
After that date just as before the referendum was called we will be fighting against those 
in power including forcing them to bring in the best possible available. Along with many 
other Yes campaigners we've been fighting them for decades and together we will continue 
to do so in future.

If you want to see the real rebellion against the 8th as it unfolded over 30 years check 
out our photos, video and audio thread

Author: Andrew N Flood



Message: 11

In Buenos Aires, dozens of people took part in the act of 1 st  May organized by the 
Working Federation Regional Argentina (OUT), in Praça Onze. The following is a handout we 
read during the event. ---- Against labor reform and the complicity of the trade union 
bureaucracy ---- With the labor reform underway in Congress just before these dates, the 
State continues to demonstrate its role as guarantor and defender of employer interests. 
The union bureaucracy as a whole, aligned within the official CGT or not, continues to be 
an accomplice and protagonist of this direct attack of capitalism on labor rights. The 
symbolic acts of confrontation, the threats of strike and one or other isolated paralysis 
are in response to constant and increasing pressure from the grassroots and the workers' 
organization, rather than from the real interest of the union leaders. We are not 
surprised by the action of the trade union bureaucracy. The CGT was created by the state 
and converted into a fundamental actor to ensure social peace and class reconciliation. 
What really worries us is the passivity with which the working class takes these stumbles 
over and over again. The present shows that delegating, depending on union bureaucrats and 
parasitic leaders, is giving the working class a passivity that plunges us day by day into 
misery and precariousness. We have inculcated learned impotence, where we have been given 
the conviction that any effort to defend us is useless since the structures of Power will 
win us over hopelessly. This is false. We can resist and we can win these attacks. What is 
lacking is organization, will and solidarity. These are our weapons of struggle. depending 
on union bureaucrats and parasitic leaders, is giving the working class a passivity that 
plunges us day by day into misery and precariousness. We have inculcated learned 
impotence, where we have been given the conviction that any effort to defend us is useless 
since the structures of Power will win us over hopelessly. This is false. We can resist 
and we can win these attacks. What is lacking is organization, will and solidarity. These 
are our weapons of struggle. depending on union bureaucrats and parasitic leaders, is 
giving the working class a passivity that plunges us day by day into misery and 
precariousness. We have inculcated learned impotence, where we have been given the 
conviction that any effort to defend us is useless since the structures of Power will win 
us over hopelessly. This is false. We can resist and we can win these attacks. What is 
lacking is organization, will and solidarity. These are our weapons of struggle.

In order to face this employer's advance, reflected in a disastrous labor reform for the 
working class with the complicity of the state and the traitorous unions, we must 
encourage the participation of workers in their jobs. We must encourage the creation of 
workers' organizations and organizations in decision-making assemblies and use direct 
action to combat and overcome the adjustment and withdrawal policies of the different 
governments on duty. Only then will a radical social change be possible. They want to 
convince us that our ideals are old-fashioned pieces that should be in a museum and that 
union organization is not necessary, while the bosses negotiate with the labor bureaucracy 
on the back of the workers, knowing very well the potential that can have the organized 
against the capitalist advance.

May this May 1 serve as a kick-start to regain hope, to redouble our efforts and not to 
let us be frightened by the dire living conditions that impose us!






Society of Resistance Crafts Various Capital

Adhered to  the Argentine Regional Operational Federation (FORA)

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Message: 12

Over the last year, the committees operating within the OZZ IP have started two important 
discussions related to the condition of the workers' movement. The first concerned planned 
changes in the labor code and the law on trade unions. At the convention, we want to 
discuss in what situation we are now as a relationship, what benefits and risks are 
associated with proposals for changes in the labor law, as well as plans for the nearest 
actions. ---- The second of the debates was related to the situation of budget sector 
employees, which in March this year decided to extend the fight against anti-woman policy 
conducted by local government authorities by organizing the Social Congress of Women. 
During the Congress, members and members of the IP developed a joint list of postulates 
that should lead to an improvement in the economic situation of working people. Although 
they have been articulated by women, they apply to all employees, regardless of gender. At 
the congress, we would like to discuss whether they are also shared by other IPC 
commissions and how they relate to their activities.

In addition, during the Congress, we will summarize the most important events in the life 
of the association, the activities of the Commission and activities undertaken in the 
international field. One of the themes will also be the functioning of environmental 
commissions, plans for their development and problems faced by their members and members.

The OZZIP National Commission requests all structures of the association, so that each of 
the company, inter-enterprise and environmental committees choose at least one person who 
will participate in it. Below we present the program of the Congress. Below, we publish 
the program of the Congress, downloadable materials and a film from the 10th National 
Congress of Delegates and Delegates OZZIP, which took place last year.

Saturday, 12 May 2018 (11:00 - 18:45)
Place: Malta Foundation, ul. Ratajczak 44

1. 11: 00 Beginning of the Congress, welcome of participants and participants

2. 11:15 - 11:35 Finances of the Union

3. 11:35 - 13:00 Report on the activities of the connection from last year

4. 13:10 - 15:10 Postulates of the Social Congress of Women as an area of the Union's 
activities[Please read the materials attached under the article]

     15:10 - 15:50 Lunch break

5. 15:50 - 16:50 Changes in labor law[Please read the materials attached to the article]

6. 16:50 - 17:50 The establishment of a federation of independent trade unions

7. 18:00 - 18:45 Development of working groups

Sunday, 13 May 2018 (10:30 - 13:00)
Venue: Klubokawiarnia Zemsta, ul. Fredry 5 / 3A

1. 10:30 - 11:30 International issues (current IP activity on the international forum and 
possibilities of its development)

2. 11: 40 - 13:00 Environmental Committees and union strategies

Download: A draft amendment to the Trade Unions Act
Download: There is nothing to rely on the grace of power - a comment by J. Urbanski to 
plans for the reform of labor law
Download: Postulates of the Social Congress of Women
Download: Labor law reform - tougher strikes, more flexibility and the end of union democracy
Why is it worth taking part in the OZZIP Working Conference?



Message: 13

This morning he was arrested in his presence in the prosecutor's office for previous 
cases, the total denial of conscription Dimitris D. This is the third in a row prosecution 
against him regarding his refusal to do military service 2 years ago, which he 
characterizes it as inexorable. While he was released by the military prosecutor for the 
offense of insubordination, he was then arrested on charges of impunity because he refused 
to go through the marking process. ---- Any prosecution for insubordination results in a 
fine of € 6,000, creating an enormous financial burden, which accumulates with material 
unbearable conditions for fighters who refuse to be placed in the army, especially if one 
considers that persecution of denials never ends and consequently fines the 6,000 euros fall.
Indeed, because they have been criminalizing convictions (recently re-released for the 
political prosecutions against him and other comrades in 2011) against him, Comrade 
Demetris D. no longer has the right to be suspended. This means that when the final 
decision of the military courts comes out, the partner must either be reinstated in prison 
or redeem his sentence by paying EUR 10.50 for each day of the penalty imposed on him.

Prosecutions and fines are the price of each fighter's decision to directly declare to the 
militants that he will not lift the weapon against any proletarian, regardless of 
nationality and religion. This decision disturbs every state mechanism in the world, as it 
challenges the basis on which its own existence rests: the "people" rallying around a 
national idea - always to cover up the class exploitation. Against this ideology that all 
he does is serve the interests of capital, we answer that there are no Greeks or 
foreigners. There are only proletarians, melting under the wheels of wage slavery, melting 
under the wheels of the tanks until they stand up and fight the world of the bosses.

As the partner himself states in the statement of his refusal to engage: "We recognize 
ourselves as a part of the struggling community of the exploited and oppressed class who, 
like the masters, has no specific origin and speaks all the languages of the world. We 
count as our own dead all the oppressed who were thrown into the front line of battles 
under the threat of death, all the exploiters dying all over the world from the miserable 
conditions of life offered by world domination and even more those who were assassinated 
in their battles social and class war. Our story is the world's story of the uprisings and 
revolutions that raised black and red flags, our anthem is the International. For these 
dead, for this story,

We did not nurture illusions at any moment that the SYRIZA-ANEL government would abolish 
compulsory engagement. We never believed that the Greek army and Hellenic Army would be 
democratizing. Left, right, centered, each government manages the state machine and with 
it all institutions of expansion and domination inside and outside, including the armed 
forces. And so the courts of the deniers of conscription continue, and the subless fines fall.

In this context, the trial of comrade Dimitris D. is not just a judicial issue of an 
individual with the armed forces, but a political question that goes beyond any of the 
governments and forms part of our struggle with the deep state and the rotten institutions 
that incarnate it.

We express our unreserved solidarity with our partner and with all the deniers of the army 
that are at the forefront of judicial, military and state institutions. Their struggle is 
a struggle of our whole class.







Eleftherial Initiative of Thessaloniki - member of the Anarchist Federation


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