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maandag 4 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 4.06.2018

Today's Topics:


1. President Erdogan is as dangerous as
      President Trump by Zaher Baher (

2.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL - fascism, Five years:
      Clément Méric, always present (fr, it, pt) [machine
      translation] (

3.  Greece, Anarchist Political Organization APO: Concentration
      against auctions (Thursday 31 May, 1 pm at Georgiou Square) ---

      (gr) [machine
      translation] (

4.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 - Five years later:
      Clément Méric always present (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]


Message: 1

This article covers the similarity between President Trump and President Erdogan . It 
tells the readers that President Erdogan has been dangerous to the world too and probably 
there is no comparison between him and Trump. The article also covers the role of UK Media 
about Trump as the most dangerous man in the world but very little about Erdogan while he 
is more dangerous than Trump. ---- President Erdogan is as dangerous as President Trump By 
Zaher Baher ---- May 2018 ---- The system is always able to create dangerous people but 
the real danger is the system itself. The system also makes the people powerless, helpless 
and slaves too through its dark forces of which the Media is one. ---- Media is a part of 
this system, portraying heads of state, powerful people and celebrities as either good or 
bad. In this way Media does a great job in protecting and preserving the system. It does 
this by diverting people's attention from real problems. It is always better for the 
state, the United Kingdom (UK) that its people do not take important issues they are 
facing seriously. Health services, education, housing and homelessness, immigration, 
racism, the railways and Brexit are just a few of them.

Since Trump came to power, Media almost everywhere tries to discredit him and dismiss him 
as the most dangerous man in the world and call him any name. There is no doubt that most 
of what the Media says about Trump is right but no doubt the system from time to time 
needs people like him.

Is president Trump dangerous and a real threat to the world?
Many of President Trump's polices from beginning to the present are wrong and inhuman from 
cutting health care, racist and inhuman immigration policy, continuing the global "war on 
terror", withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, abortion restrictions, cutting 
taxes on the rich and corporations, withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action 
(JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear agreement, to moving the US Embassy from Tel 
Aviv to Jerusalem in recognition of Israel's claim to Jerusalem as its capital.

He is an extremist, sexist, bigoted, prejudiced, anti-Islamic and can be fascistic too. He 
is the most powerful person in the world and the head of the most powerful state as well.

Many of us because of the above reasons think he is the most dangerous person and is a 
major threat to the world and peace. Certainly he can be. But the words ‘can be' are very 
much different from ‘is' and also we should know that he is very fragile and weak although 
he became powerful through the election process. And his support can be limited by the 
wealth of corporations and only extends to a certain degree. At most, his power may be 
extended to six more years while there is the possibility of having only two more years as 
it is doubtful that he will be elected again even that is what he wants. Whatever he wants 
he still cannot reshape the fate of the Middle East as a whole let alone of the world.

How about President Erdogan? Is he less dangerous or less of a threat to the world or at 
least to the Middle East?
Let me remind the readers about him and his polices and the actions of his political 
party, the Justice and Development Party (AKP), then I leave it for the readers to make 
their own judgement.

President Erdogan from the very beginning was an extremist and fanatical as he came from 
an Islamic background and described himself as a conservative democratic. He was the Mayor 
of Istanbul form 1994 to 1998. He was stripped of his position, banned from political 
office, and imprisoned for four months, for reciting a poem that promoted a religious 
point of view of the government during a speech in 1998.

He founded the AKP in 2001 and won three general elections in 2002, 2007 and 2011. He was 
the Prime Minster from 2003 to 2014 and then became the President of Turkey.

Like Trump he is a sexist, bigoted, prejudiced, extremist and racist. He is fanatically 
religious, nationalist and certainly a vicious dictator and fascist. He and his National 
Intelligence Organisation, (MIT) is the creator of Islamic State with the help of Qatar 
and the US.

He tried to expand his Kalifate beyond Turkey and dreamt of bringing back the times of the 
Ottoman Empire. He intervened viscously in Syria and Iraq and tries to play a major role 
in the whole region to consolidate his power. He abused his power to restart war not just 
with the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) but with all Kurdish people in Turkish Kurdistan 
(Bakur) after two policemen were killed in June 2015 which the PKK always denied. He 
banned active members and supporters of the People's Democratic Party (HDP) and the PKK. 
Thousands of activists and politicians including many HDP MPs and both heads of the HDP 
are in prison. Since July 2015 so many Kurdish civilians have been killed or injured, over 
400,000 people displaced from their own homes and so many towns and villages destroyed.

He justified the military coup of July 2016 in order to imprison many thousands from the 
military, politicians and civilians including judges, prosecutors, lawyers, teachers, 
nurses, academics and journalists and dismissed many more thousands from their jobs. On 
16th April 2017 he held a constitutional referendum to approve 18 proposed amendments to 
the Turkish constitution in order to create an executive presidency and presidential 
system. This would allow him to stay in power as head of the state until 2029. On January 
20th, of this year he ordered an attack on Afrin, one of the Kurdish Cantons in the North 
of Syria, a most peaceful place, commonly known as Rojava. It was invaded after 58 bloody 
days of fighting, on 18th of March. Recently he brought the Turkish general election 
forward from Nov 2019 to 24th of June fearful of losing power.

While he still supports terrorist groups, especially Isis, financially and logistically he 
is a very big threat to innocent people in the US, UK, the rest of Europe, Iraq, Pakistan 
and Afghanistan and also to peace in the Middle East. So the longer his stay in power the 
more dangerous it will be for Turkey, the region, Europe and the US.

The question here is why a man with this character and terrible record is not seen as 
being dangerous? Why was he not faced by hundred of thousands of angry protesters when he 
visited the UK on 13th of May?
Of course he should have been made unwelcome by a huge number of angry protesters. But the 
Media and the State in the UK did not want that to happen to avoid embarrassing both the 
Prime Minster and President Erdogan. The Media here usually silent or only very covers the 
atrocity that has been going on for so long against Kurdish and activists in Turkey.

As for the Prime Minster and her government, it was not just a matter of being silent 
about Erdogan and his government. It was business as usual. In fact, the failed coup and 
suppression of the Kurdish and others by the state of Turkey were beneficial for May's 
government. On the same day, she met Erdogan she made a declaration of support for him and 
denounced the Kurdish as "terrorists" and, since 2016, the UK sold over £1bn of weapons to 

For those of us who did not know before, we should now know it is not in the interests of 
the UK to denounce Erdogan as Turkey is one of the strongest members of the North Atlantic 
Treaty Organisation (NATO), of being an important key ally in the fight against "terrorism 
"and an indispensable partner for future trading in a post-Brexit world.

So the recent demonstrations and protests against the visit of Mr Erdogan on 15th May and 
of his govern


Message: 2

On June 5th, it will be five years since our comrade Clément Méric fell under the blows of 
right-wing activists. Clement died for his struggles: he fought for social progress and 
against all forms of oppression ; it was unbearable for his attackers. Deeply antifascist, 
he died of refusing to lower his eyes. ---- Five years after his death, his fights are 
still topical: the Asylum and Immigration bill, Macron's forcible passage against railway 
workers, the fascist and police attacks against students mobilized against the ORE law, 
Police violence in working-class neighborhoods and structural discrimination remind us 
that racism and authoritarianism are still firmly rooted in institutions. ---- Their 
progress is made of our setbacks. That is why it is important to continue the fight on a 
daily basis, in our workplaces, our places of study, in our neighborhoods and in our 
streets, by having discussions, by building solidarities, by continuing to develop 
resistances for an egalitarian and emancipatory future.

Clement's memory and his struggles are intimately linked and we want to make them live, to 
make them known. We call all the people concerned by these fights to converge on June 2, 
2018 Place Gambetta at 12h for a demonstration of tribute. She will head to the Republic 
Square to join the protest against the Asylum and Immigration Act.

We wish this tribute event to be broad, dignified, open to all. It will host mothers of 
Italian, Spanish, Greek, French antifascists killed or imprisoned.

First signatories: Committee for Clement, Action Anti-fascist Paris-Suburbs (AFA), Union 
syndicale Solidaires, Solidaires é, Libertarian Alternative (AL), Walk of 
Solidarity, Adama Committee, New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA), Emergency Our Assassin 
Police ( UNPA), Union of Kurdish Students of France (UEKF), Antifascist Sorbonne (SIAMO), 
MJCF, The Horde, Collective of Solidarity Mothers, Madri Per Roma Citta 'Aperta, Madres 
Contra la Represión, Mamme in Piazza per la Libertà di Dissenso, Collectif Quartier Libre ...
Friday,  June 1st at The Wandering Word (9 Rue François Debergue, 93100 Montreuil):

International Meetings / Antifascist Village / Canteen (18h / 22h) (Collective of 
Solidarity Mothers, Madri Per Roma Citta 'Aperta, Madres Contra la Represión, Mama in 
Piazza per la Libertà di Dissenso)
Saturday, June 2:

Anti-fascist demonstration 12h / Gambetta
Antifascist Village / Canteen / Concerts (18h / 00h30) at The Wandering Word
Sunday, June 3rd:

MFC 1871 Match in the Coupe de France - 2.30 pm
Departmental Stadium La Motte
40/102, Av. Division-Leclerc
93000 Bobigny
The Committee for Clement calls for a mobilization for the commemoration of the 5 years of 
Clement's death. We call on all anti-fascist, anti-racist, individuals, political 
organizations and unions to support this mobilization (collage, tugging, release of 
support ...).


Message: 3

For months, we have been gathering every Wednesday afternoon in front of the Patras County 
Court to prevent our fellow-house auctions. Together with other fighters, student clubs, 
collectives and organizations, we have managed - at the present time - to put down mounds 
in the attempt to get the first home from the state and the banks. Respective 
mobilizations were carried out by a number of people at county courts throughout the 
country. Mobilizations that have occasionally been targeted by state repression and 
resulted in the persecution of several fighters. ---- The inability of the state and 
capitalist system to draw consensus on its plans has led to the adoption of the method of 
electronic auctions through the relevant online platform. Electronic auctions are 
conducted with the care of local notary offices on various days and hours. In many cases, 
fighters attempted to block electronic auctions and were faced with the repressive state fury.

Despite government announcements for immediate operation of the system since September 
2017, technical issues, according to the official version, have not allowed its 
implementation. In fact, the development of a militant and unwavering movement to defend 
housing and basic social goods coupled with widespread aggravation of the social anger and 
indignation generated by the assault of the bosses created a climate of complete 
socialization of the measure, postponed for about 7 whole months.

True allies throughout this aggressive movement of the state and capital are the big 
notary offices, which act as the long hand of the banks by undertaking the implementation 
of electronic auctions. Nobody is responsible ...

Today, electronic auctions are held in many notary offices under a massive massive 
mobilization outside and under the protection of the police, which often attacks the 
protesters and makes arrests.

Until mid-April, no Patras Notary Office had undertaken to conduct an electronic auction. 
On the morning of Wednesday, April 18th, it became clear that Athena Ravazoula's notary, 
in Votsi 52, will auction houses in Agrinio. After the intervention of several fighters, 
no auctioning eventually took place.

A few days later, on the evening of Tuesday 24/4, it became known that besides the 
Ravazoula notary, the notaries of Papageorgiou Vasiliki at Botsi 21 and Mitropoulou Irene 
at Kanari 45 will attempt to carry out electronic auctions. Massive mobilizations took 
place outside these offices, but the strong presence of the MATs that blocked the road to 
the movement secured their conduct.

On Wednesday, May 16, a group of 25 anarchists attempted to invade the Ravazoula notary at 
the time of electronic auctions, which allowed them to accept the attack of MAT with wood 
and chemicals. The next day, a reunion took place outside this office with the 
participation of several people. Meetings outside of notaries continue to date, at any 
given date when they are held.

For Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st May, a series of online auctions are scheduled at 
notaries Ravazoula (Votsi 52), Papageorgiou (Votsi 21) and Mitropoulou (Kanari 45). For 
our part, we call the world of the struggle for vigilance for the upcoming mobilizations, 
which attempts to exploit the social wealth in our region and declare that we will stand 
in every way against the state and its mechanisms in the attempt of looting the people's 
residence. Housing, as well as access to basic social goods (electricity, water, health, 
education) are non-negotiable rights and we will defend them against the state which once 
again bangs the lower and poorer social strata confirms its timeless antisocial role . Any 
notary attempts to contribute to the realization of the most anti-social plans of the 
state and the capital must know that he should also bear the cost of his choices. This is 
the moment when organized,

Especially at a time when bosses and unprofessed trade union leaders are promoting 
co-operation through the "social alliance," we insist that the only way to be able to 
respond to the state-run assault, banks and bosses is the road of social and class 
struggles.Employees, unemployed, youth, locals and immigrants, knowing their real needs, 
must live in their own hands, organize themselves and fight, collectively, self-organized 
and uninvolved, away from all sorts of mediation and factories. In every social and 
workplace, in schools and schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and streets, away from any 
party and syndicalist manipulation that inevitably leads to the weakening and degeneration 
of the social and class movement. It is now perceived that the underprivileged of society 
can no longer have any confidence and can not expect anything from all sorts of aspiring 
managers and mediators of social anger.

We emphasize that the insidious approaches of the state, the bosses, the bankers and their 
notaries will fall into the gap. No attempt to evict will be tolerated. Safeguard our 
neighborhoods, apply social solidarity and class self-organization in practice.

To link the few and demanding struggles for permanent and stable work, access to the 
social goods of housing, care, education, for the defense of labor and social rights, with 
the comprehensive and timely social and political demand to overthrow the world power and 
the libertarian transformation of society. For the society of equality and solidarity. Of 
justice and freedom.




anarchist group "Dysenium Horse"

member of the Anarchist Political Organization - Federation of Collectives

and companions - companions


Message: 4

On June 5, 2013, Clément Méric, trade unionist at Solidaires student unions struggle and 
activist Action Anti-fascist Paris-Banlieue died under the blows of right-wing activists. 
Five years later, the fight against fascism remains an emergency. ---- From June 1st to 
3rd, there was a weekend of struggles and tribute to Clement. It was made of discussions, 
exchanges, debates on the extreme right in France and in Europe. A demonstration was also 
organized to make the memory of Clement alive by continuing his struggles for social 
progress and against all oppression. A concert and a football tournament made it possible 
to combine the party with the fight. ---- And the fight must be up to the offensive. 
Reactionary attacks continue to be numerous: the breakdown of public services organized by 
successive governments demonstrates a desire to make social inequalities a pillar of 
society. The asylum-immigration law that has just been passed is part of the series of 
racist and xenophobic laws, being a salient point. Asylum applications will now be more 
complicated to formulate, expulsions will be facilitated.

Borders murder
In this context, it is not surprising that the police let far-right activists stage the 
blocking of the border between France and Italy in the abject goal of refusing asylum to 
people fleeing war persecution and misery.

Borders are murdering, the National Front welcomes the initiative and the government 
remains passive in the face of identity. Which act.

On the other hand, the government is very active in suppressing the social movement. It is 
with rigor and violence that he sends the police to expel the Zad of Notre-Dame-des-Landes 
and the occupied facs. Moreover, in this company, he is assured of the solicitude of the 
fachos. Indeed, students fighting against the ORE law had to thwart the attacks of 
right-wing activists in Montpellier, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Tolbiac or Malesherbes and 
Clignancourt (among others). At the same time, police violence is perpetuated and remains 
unpunished in poor neighborhoods.

The reactionary society model carried by the far right is therefore emulated, including 
among the rulers. It is based on violent social relations of domination and on the 
oppression of the greatest number. These modes of operation seem, unsurprisingly, to suit 
the dominant who are in power. Our task is to provide a political answer to this by 
fighting, within collectives, political and / or trade union organizations as well as by 
acts of concrete solidarity. It is crucial to develop an anti-fascist consciousness in 
order to bring about a project of social justice, solidarity, equality and the collective 
and individual growth of all. As Clement did.

Lucie (AL Saint Denis)