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maandag 11 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 11.06.2018

Today's Topics:


1. 12th Dublin Anarchist Bookfair - 15th September 2018
      - Teachers Club 35 Parnell sq (

2.  [Spain] We hit plastic contamination. CGT communiqué to the
      World Environment Day 2018 By ANA (pt) [machine translation]

3.  Britain, surrey anarchist communist group: No War But the
      Class War. Public Meeting. Newcastle. (

4.  black rose fed: FRESH BREAD IN JORDAN (

5.  Greece, vogliamo tutto - Struggle for land and freedom in
      the Palestinian territories (gr) [machine translation]


Message: 1

The 12th Dublin Anarchist Bookfair takes place on the 15th September 2018 at the Teachers 
Club 35 Parnell square. Every year hundreds of people attend the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair 
for a day of inspiring discussions and the opportunity of meeting lots of other radicals, 
browsing books and meeting campaigns. ---- It's early days in terms of planning, join the 
Facebook event to let us know you are coming so we can plan for expected numbers and when 
you do so ask 10 of your friends who you reckon should go. ---- Below to give you an idea 
what to expect as we finalise this years details you will find information about the 11th 
Dublin anarchist bookfair. The bookfair consists of stalls from campaigns and book 
suppliers plus about a dozen meetings on everything from anarchist feminism to Rojava 
solidarity to radical Irish history.

THE 11 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair took place Saturday 16th of April around Smithfield 
square, there was also a major event on the Friday night in the Teachers Club, 35 Parnell 

On the Saturday the book & campaign stalls were in The Generator on the east side of 
Smithfield square, doors open at 9.30 for setup, 10.00 for early browsing. The meetings 
were also in two pubs, the Cobblestone at the top (north) of the square and Frank Ryans 
which is just off the South West corner on Queen st.

Our meetings and panels over the weekend
Eyewitnesses accounts of the Rojava Revolution with Janet Biehl -[Watch the video]

[PDF of Saturdays Timetable]

Environmental crisis, environmental struggles (with Janel Biehl) -[Watch the video]
Rebuilding Trade Unions from below -[Listen to the Audio]
Challenging the Special Criminal Court - 11.00 Ryans

Remembering 1916 Together: Anarchist Perspectives -[Watch the Video]
Struggles against racism - Traveller, migrant, and direct provision perspectives -[Listen 
to the Audio]
Errico Malatesta in 10 words with author Davide Turcato - 12.30 Ryans

Experiences of Feminist Struggle - past, present and global -[Watch the Video]
Debating Basic income - 14.00 Cobblestone -[Listen to the Audio]
IWW members meeting - 14.00 Ryans

Community Resistance and Grassroots Activism -[Watch the video]
Bodily Autonomy at the Intersections -[Listen to the Audio]
Drug Criminalisation: effects on society and autonomy - Ryans, 15.30

Getting organised for Anarchism with the WSM - 18.00 Cobblestone

After party - The Cobblestone - doors open 19.00, Performances from/by "Capitalism The 
Musical" "Third Fermen" and "The Vulture Collective" - followed by DJ/karaoke

Stalls at the 2016 Anarchist bookfair included
PM Press
Rebel Books
AK press
Abortion Rights CampaignWorldwide Information Blogger Luc Schrijvers
Dublin ABC
Freedom Bookshop
Anti-Internment Ireland
Grupo Raices (Colombia Solidarity) & Kobani Group
Dublin Squatters
Special Criminal Court campaign
Glasgow Anarchist Federation
Basic Income Ireland
Catalyst Collective
Save Moore Street
T.C., Commemorative Committee
Irish Labour History Society
Stoneybatter & Smithfield peoples history project
Alliance for Animal Rights

There is no admission charge DABF but donations are always welcome

Be sure to join the DABF 2016 Facebook event and help
with our promotion by inviting your friends
and tweeting with #DABF

Please email all queries to

Make a donation towards the bookfair costs

The Dublin Anarchist Bookfair is costing about 4,000 euro to put on this year. The costs 
include flights for speakers, hiring the venues & tables and printing programs & posters. 
All of the organisers are unpaid volunteers contributing hundreds of hours of labour 
between them. Their work and your donations mean that there is no entry charge for any of 
the events except the Afters Party.

Any donation you can make towards the costs is welcome.
What people think of the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud

To give you an idea of what to expect, links to older bookfair pages below
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2006 1st Dublin Anarchist Bookfair


Message: 2

On the World Day for the Environment, we at the CGT join the action proposed by the 
International Anarchist Association against the dumping of plastics in our waters, rivers, 
seas and oceans, not only because of the highly contaminating potential of plastic and 
damages that they produce in the animals that eat it, but also because it seems to us a 
civic conduct not to throw anything at sea. ---- We also invite the search for 
alternatives to avoid as far as possible the use of plastics in our lives. ---- The CGT, 
from our marks of identity, our union and social action, agreed to put human and non-human 
life at the center of our priorities. The ecology denounces the war that the human being 
declared to the environment in which he inhabits, plundering all his resources, without 
understanding that the time and the environment in which we inhabit does not belong to us, 
we only transit it.

We encourage you to join in this international action on World Day for the Environment as 
well as to communicate your actions to us for dissemination.

Health and Ecology!

CGT International Relations Team

Madrid, June 5, 2018


Translation> Sol de Abril


Message: 3

Graffiti from imprisioned First World War conscientious objector held in the cell block at 
Richmond Castle. ---- "By any criteria the world is in a problematic state. There are 
ominous signs of worse to come. The rise of Trump and other populists is the outcome, not 
the cause, of a life-threatening crisis for world capitalism which started decades ago and 
which has seen the working class share of GDP decline ever since. Since the 2007/8 
financial crash the pretence that international bodies like the UN can keep the peace or 
that the IMF can resolve the problem of a world economy paralysed by debt has worn more 
than thin. The ground is now being prepared for the ‘final solution' to the crisis: war - 
large-scale, world war. There isn't a set of progressive policies which can alter this 
"But the alternative is not to do nothing. The alternative is not to be dragged into 
support for the lesser imperialism. The only alternative to capitalist barbarism and 
towards a civilised future is for the working class of the world to raise its head and 
reject all war but our own class war for a new world of peace and prosperity where 
borders, wars, states, and the financial speculation and production for profit which cause 
them, are a thing of the past."

"The capitalists think the working class is dead as an international political force. But 
there is a groundswell preparing to challenge their complacency. If you are interested in 
being part of this, come and discuss how we can launch No War But the Class War in the 
North East."

Organised by the Communist Workers' Organisation.

Public Meeting.
Friday 9th of June.
Hosted by Communist Workers' Organisation.
Bar Loco. 22 Leazes Park Road.
Newcastle upon Tyne.


Message: 4

Here we share the exclusive reflections of a Jordanian anarchist on the ongoing popular 
mobilizations that have gripped Jordan beginning on May 30, 2018, as a response to 
tax-reform measures proposed by the State in accordance with International Monetary Fund 
(IMF) demands. ---- by Mohammad Abdel Qader Alfar, Architect and Academic ---- As soon as 
authority was born, it developed its most dangerous habit: creating scenarios where it 
appears as if any move the people would take can be against people's own interests, taking 
them a step away from their aspirations instead of making them advance. Helpless masses 
who plead for justice from their rulers and feel grateful when given the least have always 
been the best nation example for authority, every authority.

It is similar to chess, when a player employs some tactics that can put the opponent in 
"zugzwang," where the best move is not to move. However, what works for chess does not 
work in the fields. Chess is focused on the king, but real streets are all about the 
people. In the streets, people would die to achieve justice for themselves or for their 
neighbors. War, on the other hand, is what harshly resembles chess, where ordinary people 
die helplessly to protect the ruler. That's why authority-when its control over fields 
falls-has no problem in turning public squares into battlefields.

And that's exactly the position we thought we were in after 7 years of the Arab Spring. 
We, as ordinary people, lost part of our hope and called that "maturation." Our 
appreciation for security grew and consumed our sense of adventure and our will to be free 
at any cost. Seven years of witnessing people on the other side of the northern borders 
being slaughtered[i.e., in Syria]have made a lot of us slow down, and accept all the flaws 
that are ruining our lives, from corruption to mismanagement to wasting public money.

But when things went beyond the limits, people moved spontaneously, without the need for 
any model to follow this time. In 2011 we were influenced by Tunis and Egypt and sometimes 
we tried to copy their examples. Our circumstances[in Jordan]were not mature enough, but 
we were driven by the wave. But this time it is essential and real. We have developed our 
own model that was born from our own context, our own details, and our own fabric. The 
Professional Associations had a leading role at the beginning of the events, especially 
with their refusal of the proposed income tax law.

However, Jordanians all over the country filled the streets without being limited to the 
sectors that the associations can normally influence. The moves were highly civilized and 
self-regulated. And furthermore, people felt eager to discuss with each other the details 
of the income tax law and the mechanisms of pricing fuel products in Jordan: two main 
reasons for the protests. People of different genders, backgrounds, and ages engaged in 
such dialogues in public squares and on social media, thus reflecting how serious people 
are this time about being fully aware of what they are demanding and being able to propose 
their alternatives for managing the country without fear.

Another positive observation is that one could barely find people accusing each other of 
treason or making doubts about the origin of the movement as was the case in 2011, where 
regional events divided the people into different sectors, making it easier for the 
authorities to move in and ruin the protests.

After days of continuous protests, the government had to resign under the pressure of the 
protests, while the new-unfortunately also appointed-government promised to reconsider the 
income tax law and fuel-pricing mechanisms, an achievement to commend the people for, but 
still not enough for the people who are not showing naive consent with the authorities' 
moves. "For the first time, we as people made the move and the government had to respond, 
and we should not lose this strong position." This is how a young protester replied to my 
question about whether we should stay in the streets after the government resigned.

During the 7 past years, and concerned for security, many Jordanians tried to give the 
authorities a chance, assuming that a "good authority" can give us our daily bread, only 
by being asked politely to do so. But during the last 7 days, we all agreed implicitly 
that the best bread is the bread we bake ourselves, with no need for permission from any 
authority on earth.

If you enjoyed this piece, we recommend reading our recent blog post, "Gaza Massacre Marks 
70 Years of Al-Nakba: We Demand Justice!" and other blog posts related to Syria and 
Rojava, including articles by Joanna Aziz (Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists), "Syrian 
War in Year 7: The Age of Cyber Warfare," and Frieda Afary, also from the Alliance of 
Middle Eastern Socialists, "Victory of Assad Regime in Ghouta is Major Defeat for Those 
Fighting Racism and Capitalist Authoritarianism Globally."


Message: 5

a brochure issued by the anarchist En Plo in January 2005 ---- "Intifada is not just a 
war. The war takes days or months, but in our case it has become a way of life " ---- 
Bana, a woman from the West Bank ---- Since its inception, the State of Israel maintains 
such a special and positive relationship with the United States that the movements of the 
two states in the Arab-Israeli conflict only make sense if they are seen in this 
perspective of mutual support. The amount of US economic and military aid to Israel is 
revealing as it is ranked first in relation to the state's population, and diplomatic 
support has no precedent. With their support to the newly established state of Israel in 
1948, and in particular after the 1967 expansionary war, the United States came to confirm 
the post-war status quo of the new world ruler in the areas of the oil-rich Arab 
territories, passing a clear message that the void from the collapse of the colonial 
British Empire would be covered by their puppies or states and marionettes themselves.

Thus, following the British retirement in 1948 - who had imposed a occupation status in 
Palestine since 1917 - the Israeli state is being established and virtually continued to 
be a state-overseer of the US interests. The division and bloodshed in the coexistence of 
Arabs and Jews in the Palestinian territories peaked, as is usually the case, due to the 
aspirations of the great powers. The United Nations' suggestion in May 1948 to divide the 
Palestinian territories into two states, Israeli and Arabic was never realized, and 
instead, the entire area intended (according to the suggestion) for the Palestinian state 
was conquered by Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. In 1967, with the 6-day war, Israel will 
conquer the entire Palestinian region, and from that moment on until now the Israeli state 
continues its settlements in the Palestinian territories by displacing, killing, 
imprisoning and oppressing the Palestinians for the purpose of further development of its 
interests. Indicative is the huge number of refugees reaching 5.5 million, prisoners of 
militant militants reaching 6.5 thousand, including children, and the dead whose number is 
unclear because many are ignored. Jordan and Egypt. In 1967, with the 6-day war, Israel 
will conquer the entire Palestinian region, and from that moment on until now the Israeli 
state continues its settlements in the Palestinian territories by displacing, killing, 
imprisoning and oppressing the Palestinians for the purpose of further development of its 
interests. Indicative is the huge number of refugees reaching 5.5 million, prisoners of 
militant militants reaching 6.5 thousand, including children, and the dead whose number is 
unclear because many are ignored. Jordan and Egypt. In 1967, with the 6-day war, Israel 
will conquer the entire Palestinian region, and from that moment on until now the Israeli 
state continues its settlements in the Palestinian territories by displacing, killing, 
imprisoning and oppressing the Palestinians for the purpose of further development of its 
interests. Indicative is the huge number of refugees reaching 5.5 million, prisoners of 
militant militants reaching 6.5 thousand, including children, and the dead whose number is 
unclear because many are ignored. Israel will conquer the entire Palestinian region and 
from that moment on until now the Israeli state continues its settlements in the 
Palestinian territories by displacing, killing, imprisoning and oppressing the 
Palestinians for the further development of their interests. Indicative is the huge number 
of refugees reaching 5.5 million, prisoners of militant militants reaching 6.5 thousand, 
including children, and the dead whose number is unclear because many are ignored. Israel 
will conquer the entire Palestinian region and from that moment on until now the Israeli 
state continues its settlements in the Palestinian territories by displacing, killing, 
imprisoning and oppressing the Palestinians for the further development of their 
interests. Indicative is the huge number of refugees reaching 5.5 million, prisoners of 
militant militants reaching 6.5 thousand, including children, and the dead whose number is 
unclear because many are ignored.

In an increasingly degraded situation, the US decision to transfer the US Embassy from Tel 
Aviv to Jerusalem is coming to an end on 14 May (the 70th anniversary of the original 
Palestinian violent persecution by the Israeli state). This decision comes almost at the 
same time as the US has withdrawn from the historic agreement on Iran's nuclear program 
(just two years after its signing and while the terms were fully respected) and the 
restoration of sanctions against it. Almost simultaneously with the announcement of 
withdrawal from the deal, Israel is launching rocket attacks against Iranian forces on 
Syria. A series of movements on the part of the United States that, because they see peace 
politically favors their opponents in the region (Russia, Iran), resort to tension,

The provocative decision to transfer the embassy was replied by mass demonstrations by 
thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, with the Israeli state once 
again showing its merciless face by killing more than 100 protesters and effectively 
putting an end to any false hopes that had been created to the Palestinian people by the 
rulers, to end the crimes against him.

The Gaza Strip as well as the West Bank are now the only territories belonging to the 
Palestinians and could be likened to informal modern concentration camps. All the 
functions of these two regions are controlled by the Israeli state, such as the economy, 
social and political life, travel, food and water supply, and many others that make up 
what Israel is, that is, an apartheid state. In particular, in the West Bank, besides the 
wall built on the border, the Israeli settlements are also fenced, and there are separate 
streets in which only these are circulated and the use to the Palestinians is forbidden. 
In the same context of control and repressive planning, in the Gaza Strip,

The basic prerequisite for the existence of the Palestinian people is that they can have 
land to drink and drink water. As self-evident as they seem to us, they are deprived of 
the Palestinians who are facing the risk of physical extermination. The attempt to 
exterminate Palestinians as well as the Kurds in Syria takes place due to the economic, 
military and political interests of the sovereigns. The goal of the Israeli state is to 
isolate and exterminate the Palestinian people or use it as a cheap manpower.

In an effort to justify all this in Israeli society, the Israeli state through the media 
conceals the truth and turns Palestinians from victims to perpetrators creating a climate 
of fear and racism that enables Israel to legitimize the occupation regime. Although what 
is being attempted is the Israeli society's complicity in the crimes that are being 
committed, there are those who rise up and resist media propaganda, state pressures and 
the militarization of their lives. There are many examples of pieces of Israeli society 
that, against the predominant narration, are demonstrating the Israeli killer state. An 
exemplary example is the denial of hostilities that come in direct conflict with the 
militarist state of Israel, and that is why they are dealt with even by imprisonment. 
Although the so-called "peace process" is due to the creation of two nation nations, there 
are also Israeli and Palestinian people who propose something different. This is a free 
land inhabited equally by Palestinians and Israelis, by Muslims, Jews and Christians. They 
are the people who are not misled by either the Israeli occupation state or the creation 
of two states that will stop oppression, exploitation, injustice and inequality. They are 
those who put their bottom-up interests in front and oppose state and capitalist 
barbarism. They are those who strive for justice, solidarity and equality. For a world 
without wars and injustices. For the total liberation that comes only when the oppressed 
lay down the bonds of both the foreign and the local bosses and take their lives in their 

Solidarity with competitors and contestants in Palestine,

in Africa and Syria, in the mountains of Mexico's Chiapas

and all over the world struggling for land and freedom

"Little time of the Palestinian issue"
a brochure issued by the anarchist En Plo in January 2005

  anarchist collectivity Vogliamo tutto e per tutti