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dinsdag 12 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 12.06.2018

Today's Topics:

1.  Greece, vogliamo tutto" Sunday 10/6: Striking strikes at
      Inditex stores We do not give them any Sunday! (gr) [machine
      translation] (
2.  Greece, "Black & Red" [APO]: Antifascism in the dock (gr)
      [machine translation] (
3.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 - Communities:
      Disengagement from the state, real scandal and false excuse (fr,
      it, pt) [machine translation] (
4.  fau deliverunion: How to be broke in one week at Deliveroo
5.  Greece, Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki: Trial June
      12. Solidarity in Rubicon | Anarchist Federation -- TOWARDS THE
      [machine translation]
6.  Indonesia: Update on the Continuing State Repression against
      the Yogyakarta Anarchists Following on from May Day.
7.  Greece, anarchist "dignified horse" APO: Solidarity
      gathering for Dimitri Koufodina, hunger striker since 30/5 (gr)
      [machine translation] (


Message: 1

On Sunday June 10 , continuing the fight against the abolition of the Sunday holiday, we 
are launching strike strikes at Inditex's stores in "tourist zones" , which will be open 
under the law that provides for the opening of stores every Sunday in May -October. ---- 
SERIOUS CONCENTRATIONS on Sunday 10 June , 10.30am ---- ZARA Glyfada, A. Metaxas 36, close 
to Tram Square Hesperides ---- Inditex Group , Eolou and Stadiou Group Offices , Baythrea 
- Athens ---- The recent announcement of the Coordinating Action Against the Abolition of 
Sunday ---- Holidays and the "Liberated" Hours: LOW HANDS FROM OUR SUNDAY AND OUR LIFE 

Coordinating action against the abolition of Sunday's holiday and "liberated" hours | ,


Message: 2

A review ---- In the autumn-winter of 2015-2016 we are, the year after the 
referendum-rioting on the government of SYRIZA-ANEL with the hottest question of debate, 
from the TV channels to the Parliament and the neighborhoods being the migratory flows and 
their management by the state. This is because migrants cross the borders of Europe and, 
in any case, Greece, who have been struck by the war and the socioeconomic trench, find 
thousands of deaths in Evros and the Aegean (and all the land and maritime borders). In 
this context, it is decided to go to Evros and specifically to the village of Kastania, 
who wants to demonstrate precisely this, death. The SYRIZA government, following the 
immigration policy of a fortress Europe that is standing up every day with the bodies of 
dead migrants, refers to "technical" issues that prevent the Ebro fence from falling and 
even the immigration policy minister stated that "it is wrong to consider the passage of 
the Ebro to be untouched" , when people were drowning daily trying to cross the border and 
seek asylum in our country. The borders are closed, walls are raised and migrants are left 
in the treaties of the European Union. The Europe-fortress opens the smuggling of migrants 
by creating an exemption regime for those who are surplus. These conditions, however, 
serve the interests of capital, whose "laws" require the creation of cheap labor. The 
supposedly humanitarian values of Europe, then, impose the absorption of a very specific 
number of immigrants so as to meet the needs of the capitalist system. And when these 
needs are met, then the tap is closed ... then there are only wet graves of immigrants, 
only minefields and fences, social cannibalism and racist behaviors. Then the murderous 
attacks of the paratrooper continue and the bosses find the next victims of their 

In the context of this particular treaty and with a central targeting of the demonstration 
against the Evros fence, we have massively involved in the port and propaganda posters, 

One of the propaganda posters of the course is in the Golden Dawn offices in Thessaloniki. 
Associates involved in this action are being prosecuted for accusations of prominent wear 
and tear. This court adjourned for May 18, 2018

The Golden Dawn

The place and timing of the trial are of particular importance. The Athens Stock Exchange, 
after the arrests of some of its orchestras, has been stigmatized as a criminal 
organization, but for decades it has been and is the core of fascist, intolerant 
propaganda and action in Greece. We can not forget the pogroms in immigrants, the beatings 
in fighters, the assaults on hangouts and the murders of immigrants and anti-fascists, all 
with the coverage of the state and Hellenic Police. who, of course, did not show any mood 
to cut off or at least limit to a certain extent the activity of their vanguard until the 
situation had reached the endless and the crimes became so harsh that the inaction from 
the democratic arc would have seemed absurd. The murderous pogrom of migrants,

But even now, the ASE lawsuit, pages on the pages of the achievements of its protagonists, 
can not be seen as nothing but a parody, where the state mechanism protects itself and its 
allies, throwing in softly accused. The murderer of Pavlos Fissa, Roupakia, is still free 
and now, while the fascists despite their criminal prosecutions, continue their action by 
carrying out a pogrom of immigrants a few days before, in Aspropyrgos. Any convictions of 
the fascists can not convince us of the institutional antifascism that the state sells. As 
anarchists we perceive the battle against fascism as a part of the most comprehensive 
struggle against capitalism, and we struggle on the road to break the fascism and the 
system that gives birth to it.

Continued anti-fascist action has succeeded in dismantling the Golden Dawn's ability to 
act on the streets and has forced the state to further step up protective measures towards 
fascist formations, making the relationship between state-partisans even more apparent. 
Social action and fighting anti-fascism give the solution to the fascist instinct, the 
intervention at the offices of the Athens Stock Exchange. in Thessaloniki last October in 
view of the demonstration against the Ebro fence, was the most clear signal that the 
fascists of the city or their holes can not sit quietly. This angered the state and the 
police first, who rushed to file a joint file with the fascists to blame and insurers to 
betray anti-fascists.

The case-file specifically targets, of course, not only the defendants themselves and our 
two members, collectively the Social Anarchism, Black and Red, quoting, as an 
understandable proof of the case file (and our anti-fascist action), the group's 
announcement of the intervention at the ATHEX offices. ELAS's cooperation with fascists 
will continue with the personal targeting of a team member. It seems that the state will 
do as it passes by its hand to back the fascists. However, it is a matter of time and the 
new batch of nationalists of the Holy Lodge, AMU, etc. to end up where they were found and 
all the previous ... in the hospital and from there to some uncharted hole.

Why are we anti-fascists?

The wars in the Middle East, and in particular the worsening of the war in Syria, led 
millions of people to the land and water borders of Greece in order to ensure their entry 
into Europe and at the same time their survival. So, the borders functioned like a tap, 
providing Europe with the cheap workforce it needed and then shutting down by condemning 
thousands of people to death. But even those who managed to get to Europe were confronted 
with concentration in concentration camps and the invisibility that made them easily 
manageable but also easy victims. The immigrants themselves, looking for answers to their 
demand for papers or asylum, or some shelter, proceeded to seize the train lines at 
Eidomenis at the border, and, together with the solidarity movement, we saw streams and 
housing structures in many cities, structures that politicized locals and immigrants and 
migrant women, effectively realizing the motto of common struggles. This was something 
that could not be left unanswered by the Greek state, which, always in tandem with the 
supranational institutions, tried to suppress and control the situation. This translates 
into the evacuation of Edomeni, to the creation of open-ended camps, always outside the 
urban fabrics, making people virtually invisible, but also to the continuation of the 
institution, in spite of any pre-electoral fanfare for abolition, of closed-type camps, 
concentration camps. The living conditions in these places were naturally inhumane, as 
they did not fail to impart to us the mass media,

The solidarity movement, along with the support of the existing structures, was often 
found by intervening in camps of all types and tried to approach these people in a direct 
way from the piers of the port of Piraeus to Kalochori in Thessaloniki. This movement, in 
Thessaloniki, was also the noborder camp and the Anarchist Match Meeting in July 2016, 
with the participation of thousands of immigrants and immigrants and interlocutors of 
domestic and Europeans. The activation of the repressive mechanism was immediate, as a few 
days after the end of the camp, three occupations of immigrant and immigrant homes were 
evacuated in Thessaloniki, whose inhabitants were sent to camps in the county and the 
comrades found in the structure of the Orphanage were prosecuted (and relieved at the 
Court of Appeal) in a grave criminalization of their joint action. This, of course, has 
also been a major blow to competitive structures. Combined with the fact that all of the 
aforementioned for the living conditions of those without papers still residing in Greece 
are still valid, although they are no longer displayed by the media (obviously they no 
longer sell so much), they constituted the dismantling of the construction of the inner 
enemy from the Greek state, where immigrants, anarchists and those who disrupt their 
action by the smooth operation of the modern totalitarian system of course and was a key 
hit in competitive structures. Combined with the fact that all of the aforementioned for 
the living conditions of those without papers still residing in Greece are still valid, 
although they are no longer displayed by the media (obviously they no longer sell so 
much), they constituted the dismantling of the construction of the inner enemy from the 
Greek state, where immigrants, anarchists and those who disrupt their action by the smooth 
operation of the modern totalitarian system of course and was a key hit in competitive 
structures. Combined with the fact that all of the aforementioned for the living 
conditions of those without papers still residing in Greece are still valid, although they 
are no longer displayed by the media (obviously they no longer sell so much), they 
constituted the dismantling of the construction of the inner enemy from the Greek state, 
where immigrants, anarchists and those who disrupt their action by the smooth operation of 
the modern totalitarian system

The movement of the fascists

In the year 2018, to talk about the fascist phenomenon, we can not go on a conversation 
just about the Golden Dawn. The devastation of its world, at least in the public debate, 
but also its absence, is related to the trial for the Golden Dawn organization, which 
continues. At the same time, far-right and fascist groupings, which declare autonomous 
from the Athens Stock Exchange, are trying to mend politically. This, however, does not 
mean that they do not fully preserve the mischievous reason she has inaugurated. So, in 
the north of Greece, in the last few years, we have seen actions coming from various local 
ATHEX. (see Office inauguration in Xanthi and event in Kavala and Komotini) or by groups 
such as the Patriotic Movement in Kavala which was later renamed Phoenix. Especially in 
Thessaloniki, in 2016 in the area of Oreokastro, a short-lived grouping, called the 
Patriotic Movement of Oreokastro, attempted to be plagued as the local reaction to the 
arrival of refugees in school, something that was not tolerated by the anti-fascists, with 
constant interventions in the region, the Autonomous Ma'andian Nationalists attempted 
unsuccessfully to attack social and occupied spaces the Sacred House calls last year to 
gatherings, the venue of which is never announced, on the occasion of anniversaries that 
do not concern anyone (last August 30th) for the victory of El Military Army in Grammos 
and Vitsi '). These appointments, even though they are not always and always under the 
protection of ELAS, are placed, however, at regular intervals, in an attempt, apparently, 
of the fascists to claim public space and space, creating a beaten.

The response of the anti-fascist movement, which consistently stands against these 
pseudo-claims, is obviously well-reputed by the police, which apparently acts on demand 
from above. The range of repression ranges from bans of demonstrations to wood to 
protesters and protesters (in October, the course of Pavlos Fissas), anti-fascist arrests, 
and collections of collections. In particular, in Thessaloniki again, the gatherings of 
the Holy Lodge are guarded by more than 100 times the number of their concentration, so on 
March 29 we have 3 arrestees on a anti-fascist course in the White Tower, one of them a 
minor, and on July 19th the course is being pushed unintentionally and the MADs attack 
sexistly in comrades.
Of course, this attitude of the authorities, both centrally and at street level, gives the 
space where the calls of fascists can not conquer socially, sets the framework for 
hatching the snake egg that today can target migrants, occupations, anarchists but 
ultimately it concerns us all.

And even more recently, in the Greater Greece, fascism to remind us that if we do not 
mobilize, it will not die on its own, it has managed, among other things, 3 key blows to 
its usual enemies. Whatever the punishment of Golden Dawn or C18, the Greek justice on 
Jan. 21 in Thessaloniki sprang through the frenzied nationalist feast on the 'Macedonian 
issue', a group that burned Libertatia, beside MAT, resulting in its complete arson. 
Subsequently, almost a month later, on February 25, Piraeus's AE leadership attacked the 
Favela Free Social Area, resulting in a serious injury to at least 3 people. Even on 22 
April, the most massive pogrom against immigrants and refugees of recent years took place 
in Lesvos, where at least 30 people were injured. Again, ELAS left the fascists 
uninterrupted to attack everything, while arresting 120 immigrants and 2 soldiers. All of 
this, we do not raise them to condemn the fear that wants to sow the state and the devout 
to the oppressed, but to communicate the obvious: the struggle against fascism is a 
struggle for life.


We, as anarchists and anarchists, are defending all those who daily put themselves in the 
anti-fascist struggle, for human emancipation in terms of collective, resistance and 
solidarity in the various shooting of the times, from Sofia to Bulgaria to the courts of 
Alexandras Avenue and Oreokastro as the courts of Thessaloniki. No fascist challenge will 
remain unanswered. Every attack of the state in the world of struggle will be confronted 
with our solidarity.

We call all those who were together in struggles, immigrants and solidarity, anti-fascists 
and anti-fascists on Friday, 18 May, 9:00 am, in a solidarity gathering for the comrades 
who are being persecuted for anti-fascist intervention at the offices of Golden Dawn in 
the courts of Thessaloniki.

Collectivity for social anarchism
"Black and Red"
member of Anarchist Political Organization-OS-


Message: 3

For several years, one sees appearing, on the pediment of the town halls, of hotels of 
departments, at the entrance of the nurseries or schools, protesting banners demanding 
more means. But regularly, they are not made by angry staff, but ... by their employers, 
local authorities. And sometimes, behind the patent vindication of the communities hides 
the exploitation of the staff and the contempt of the users. ---- Local and regional 
authorities have a series of public service missions to ensure: road maintenance, 
implementation of local urban plans, early childhood care, maintenance of schools (for 
municipalities) ; management of social action, social minima, maintenance of colleges (for 
departments). ---- An injustice in the service of capitalists ---- To ensure these 
missions, communities have a number of resources, of the order of 200 billion euros. More 
than half of these resources come from local taxation (on the population and companies), 
but a good part comes from a State grant, the overall operational endowment (DGF).

However, this DGF was particularly impacted by the Holland years. In 2014, it amounted to 
40 billion euros, or more than a quarter of community revenues. In 2017, the last budget 
programmed by the Dutch government, it was ... 30.86 billion euros. The decline is 
substantial: in four years, communities have lost nearly a quarter of their state 
resources. We know the mechanism: at the same time, between 2014 and 2016, the State gave 
a gift, mainly in the form of a tax credit, 33 billion euros to companies. This fall in 
state funding of local authorities is therefore a pure and simple transfer of money to 
companies. The Macron government fits well in this logic: one of his first actions, in 
August 2017, was thus to draw 300 million euros the current year's community budget. And 
the prospects are not better: the government intends to force communities to reduce their 
spending by 13 billion euros over five years. was thus to draw 300 million euros the 
budget of the communities of the current year. And the prospects are not better: the 
government intends to force communities to reduce their spending by 13 billion euros over 
five years. was thus to draw 300 million euros the budget of the communities of the 
current year. And the prospects are not better: the government intends to force 
communities to reduce their spending by 13 billion euros over five years.

As a result, many communities have campaigned in recent years to denounce this decline in 
state funding. To take just one example, in December 2015, the PCF President of 
Val-de-Marne presented to the Minister of Decentralization and Civil Service, Marylise 
Lebranchu, a petition signed at the end by 27,000 Val-de-Marne. Marnais as part of a 
campaign entitled " Local Finance, all mobilized ! ". And this denunciation is emulated 
far beyond " left " communities ". This is one of the favorite stories of François Baroin, 
president of the Association of Mayors of France, who indignantly indignant at a policy of 
austerity in the service of capitalists, of which he is one of the most eminent 

This enthusiasm of the city council for the denunciation of the decline in state 
endowments should put us in the ear. Would not it be a way to easily get rid of their own 
responsibilities towards staff and users ?

Selective indignation that clears the employer !
Take the example of the city of Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis). This large suburban city of 
Paris, with more than 100,000 inhabitants, is run by a composite municipal majority, under 
the leadership of the PCF. On November 16, she was organizing a " municipality-free " day 
, with the reinforcement of a poster campaign on public buildings (including schools), a 
tug in the mailboxes of the entire population and inserts in the municipal newspaper: " 
Thursday, November 16, the activity of all municipal services in the city of Montreuil 
will be suspended and public facilities will be closed ." Involved, the fact that " the 
state owes us 28 million euros ".

Except that, at the same time, anger rises in the ranks of municipal staff, especially the 
agents of the cleanliness of buildings, abused by the boss installed at the City Hall. 
Thus, while the mayor was organizing his grand raout, the CGT and CNT syndicates of 
Montreuil communes were launching a petition demanding that the vacant posts be filled, 
that a team of replacements be set up and that the agents in charge CDD or CDI are 
tenured. The working conditions for the employees are indeed more and more unbearable: 
forced assignment to positions other than their own, sudden displacement of the usual 
workplace, restriction of access to training. Overall, the " degraded work mode Has become 
the norm. The consequences for the users are obvious, especially for the children 
attending the 49 schools in the cities, particularly affected by the non-replacements.

After the winter, the mobilization of staff has passed a notch. Since March 26, 150 agents 
of the municipal service of the Cleanliness of the buildings are in fight, even if the 
mobilization weakened at the return of the spring holidays. The mayor, prompt to denounce 
the disengagement of the state, treated all the claims with disdain. After refusing to 
receive the unions several times, she made some apparent concessions, widely distributed 
to users by mail: replacement of 12 female employees on maternity leave, 15 recruitments 
through an integration association. We are still far from the 40 recruitments requested by 
the inter-union ! It should be noted at this stage that the demands of the unions are not 
maximalist: the 40 recruitments requested would represent, at most, 128,000 euros of wages 
... that is to say 0.1% of the payroll of the City !

Morality: the municipality of Montreuil is a boss like the others, and it's true for all 

It is not because it has left parties at its head, that it acts differently. Whatever the 
majority in power, we see that behind the good intentions displayed hides the sad reality 
of management in a capitalist context. We can verbally defend the public service at the 
national level, and degrade it concretely at the local level. On the side of AL Montreuil, 
this dual discourse was denounced through participation in staff initiatives and 
dissemination of a leaflet to municipal staff. Failure to stand for municipal elections 
gives us freedom of speech and clarity in the analysis and support of staff, which is not 
the case for almost all other left-wing organizations. far left on the city. AL is on the 
side of the staff, !

Jules (AL Montreuil)


Message: 4

I'm a Deliveroo rider, and this is my story about why I'm broke: ---- While working at 
Deliveroo one small incident can dramatically change your living conditions. This is all 
because of an unfair shift booking system, too many riders, and a company that pushes the 
consequences of not getting enough customers for their workers. All of this happened to me 
in the last two weeks. It is my personal experience, but unfortunately there are hundreds 
of stories like this in the city. So let me tell you what happened... ---- As you probably 
know, to be able to work you first need to register for a shift. It is not easy, as there 
are far more riders than free shifts. Deliveroo constantly "hires" new people. Well, 
actually they don't hire anyone, as everybody is offered only a freelance contract. This 
way Deliveroo has no costs of getting more and more people on board, but the number of 
shifts remains the same.

Berlin is divided into different zones. The shifts are also not equally profitable. There 
are zones and time periods where it is impossible to make even an average of 5 euro per 
hour (believe me, many of us tried). But it is worth taking shifts in zones with lots of 
restaurants and customers, at times when people order more food. During these shifts you 
can earn easily 15 euro per hour. But shifts like this are few. All the shifts are one 
hour long.
In order to manage the shifts Deliveroo developed a system that divides all the riders 
into 3 groups. All the shifts for the coming week are released on one day. The first group 
has first access to the booking system before the others. A few hours later the second 
group can book shifts, and then the third. This means that the last group has very little 
or no choice - usually all good shifts are gone in the first round. There is also a 
possibility to work the same shifts one already had worked the previous week. This 
automated copy is also dependent on which group you are in.

Deliveroo found a very clever way to discipline workers - the evaluation of groups is done 
according to statistics, which are based on absence and the "order acceptance" rate. This 
means whenever you are 15 minutes offline (you've come late or had a break), the shift 
will be considered as an "absent" shift. You also are not allowed to cancel shifts less 
than 24 hour before. The statistic is also influenced by the amount of orders one rejects 
(some deliveries have a ridiculously long distance and are not worth doing). In order to 
be in the first group all statistics have to be perfect - 100% attendance on time, 0% 
cancellations. This way Deliveroo forces us to be always on time, take every order and 
have a fixed working plan - otherwise, we have no hope of being in a good group, and thus 
of being able to make a decent income. This way we are managed like regular contracted 
workers, but Deliveroo doesn't have to cover any costs.
Having said this, I would like to show how it worked for me in the last weeks.
Two weeks ago I was in the first group. Most of my weekly shifts got copied (I had 25 
working hours in a week), and everything was going fine. Unfortunately I had an accident. 
Nothing really serious but also not that small: I had a small brain concussion. I couldn't 
work this day any more. I was all in pain - couldn't also work the next day, and couldn't 
have cancelled it before the 24-h notice rule. Of course, being a freelancer, I had no 
right for a paid time off. And I have to pay the bills. So three days later I had to be on 
my bike again - even though the doctor advised my to take care. The same day I got a flat 
tire. It took me more than 15 minutes to fix it - another "absent" shift. The next time I 
wanted to work I had a problem with my gsm network - it was a Germany wide problem for all 
02-network users. It also happened out of sudden and I couldn't do anything about it - I 
had no option but to cancel my shift. Within these 9 days I got kicked into the third 
group. On the following Monday I found out that out of my nice 25 hour working routine 
NONE shifts got copied to the next week. Being in the last group I could get just 3 nice 
working hours in the whole week. There was nothing left from a decent working schedule. 
With no sick leave I can't hope to be able get any money in the next few weeks: shifts I 
had are gone, because I had an accident and I can hardly book any new shifts. The whole 
system evaluates my "performance" for the last 28 days. So I guess, I will have real 
problems with paying my rent this month...
Situations like this - accidents, problems with gsm networks, problem with our gear, maybe 
aren't that frequent, but they are unavoidable. This happens to all of us, and is a part 
of the job. To get it all happen together within 10 days seems unlikely. But yet, it 
happened to me. In this case this working scheme offered by Deliveroo shows exactly how 
precarious and risky our working conditions are. It also shows that with this kind of 
"management" that Deliveroo imposes, all the risks are forced on us. Company never has to 
pay for any accidents or unlucky coincidences; all the economical costs are on us. We are 
the ones that take the true costs of Deliveroo poor management. This is unfair, and it 
needs to change!


Message: 5

The struggle against power and all forms of repression and oppression that it carries is 
long, continuous and difficult. The "left" government of Syriza has trapped society in an 
endless survival struggle for the basics. ---- Methodically and without crowns, Syriza is 
constantly suppressing the anarchist space and its structures, while the "liberal" 
far-right opposition has launched a modern witch hunt, through false news, the equation of 
the anarchist space with its neo-Nazis golden dawn and the targeting of the Exarchia area. 
---- Expecting all of this, because in order to keep the game of power, every party 
suicide creates a feeling of terror and insecurity for the voters to be presented as a 
savior. It creates imaginary internal enemies of society to cover the real ones. Just 
everyone in the regime has its own way.

In short, government and opposition, they try to persuade and justify to public opinion 
the exacerbation of repression, equalizing misdemeanors with accusations and introducing 
counter-terrorism law from the back door.

Anarchist collectivity "Rubikon", a member of the Anarchist Federation, has been at the 
heart of this targeting, for a long time, just because it does what is self-evident. He 
defends the weak of this society, opposes and reacts to all forms of oppression and 
systematically exposes both the "left" and the right political tactics. This is the real 
problem. Rubikon defends them from "down". That is why dozens of comrades (members of the 
Rubikon) are arrested, brought to court and tried for their actions.

On June 12, the repressive mechanisms will try to exhaust their rigor through a trial that 
will attempt not only the criminal repression of comrades as it has been so far, but also 
the decline of their morale through the criminalization of all actions of the Rubikon.

As pieces, not only of the Anarchist Federation, but of the entire anarchist movement, we 
must show our solidarity, politically and morally, to our companions / equalities.



Anarchist Federation
anarchist-federation @
fb: /


Message: 6

May Day (Labor Day) which took place on May 1, 2018 at the intersection of three UIN Sunan 
Kalijaga, Sleman, Yogyakarta still casts a long shadow to this day. 69 May Day 
participants were arrested and from this number 12 have been declared suspects. Eight 
comrades are still detained by regional police (up till today 2 June) and a further four 
comrades were taken into custody and now are released on conditions of reporting to 
police. On May 7th more arrests took place against 4 friends in Bogor. According to the 
police testimony, they have been monitoring the comrades since the day of the incident 
that eventually led to the pursuit and arrest in Bogor. ---- We hope these details clear 
confusion over reports that a comrade had given himself up, which is not true. Rumours 
exist because of false media reporting. Print and online media only mentions 2 people so 
that this raises the presumption that the unnamed friend surrendered when the arrest in 
Bogor took place in 2 different locations and the location was not reported. Until now we 
are still speculating about the reason why the police did not provide complete information 
related to the arrest in Bogor to the media crew.

Additionaly, other matters that we can convey are the legal counseling of friends in the 
beginning of the 8 suspects ( who were arrested since the incident on May 1, not counted 
with comrades caught in Bogor) one friend Brian Valentino, who goes by the name Ucil was 
the only one who did not get legal counseling. But for now the 8 friends including Ucil 
have all received legal assistance with the following details:

- 4 people (3 students from Islamic University of Indonesia, Yogja campus and 1 student 
from Sanata Dharma University) accompanied by LKBH (legal aid lawyers) Islamic University 
of Indonesia - 1 person (from Manado) accompanied by Team OBH (including LBH) - 1 person 
(student from National Islamic University) accompanied by LKBH (Mbak Ririn) the other two 
according to info (unconfirmed ) also accompanied by Ririn Mbak. And for the friends who 
were arrested in Bogor we are arranging legal assistance for them and will give more 
detailed info when that happens.

Regarding past and future acts of solidarity from any comrades here in Indonsesia or 
overseas it is hugely appreciated from our friends inside. Solidarity in the form of 
previously collected funds for the Ucil's legal assistance we are now redistributing to 
Ucil's other needs and any remainder to the needs of all friends who are currently in 
detention. Is solidarity is still needed? Yes, in whatever form, because the spirit of us 
all always get to the friends who are now languishing behind bars.

They have been detained now for a month by the provincial police and will be until June 29 
when they will be transferred to Cebongan Prison, Yogyakarta. And for the date of the 
court hearing we will relay information as we hear of it.

The comrades who are being held are in both good health and spirits. They hear the news 
that they are not alone and that there is much solidarity for them which makes them smile 
cheerfully. They never forget to tell their friends who are outside to never extinguish 
the spirit of class war.

Any funds will be gratefully recieved and can be paid into this paypal 


Message: 7

TURKISH FASHION STATE ---- On Wednesday, May 30, political prisoner Dimitris Koufodinas 
launched a hunger strike demanding regular regular leave and abolishing the prosecution 
veto. After an intervention by the Athenian Prosecutor, Koufodtina's right to leave (which 
was denied for seven years) was lifted, resulting in the suspension of the licenses he had 
begun to take over the last few months. ---- The world of power reserves more control, 
more repression, more exploitation and fear. Behind him to rebuild the struggle 
communities, to organize our social and class fronts and our political presence to 
overthrow the plans of the political and economic elites. Let us fight to break the regime 
of political prisoners, oppose state repression and attempt to enlarge it, highlight the 
fate of state struggles at the expense of militants, fight state revival, and let none of 
us alone hands of the state. Standing by the side of D. Koufondina, who for years 
struggles with dignity through the white cells of "democracy" defending both his actions 
and the law of the struggle for a society of freedom, equality and solidarity. Standing on 
the side of Turgut Kaya who is fighting for his non-extradition to Turkey and his release. 
To stand by the side of Marios Seisidis who experiences the avenues of repressive and 
persecutory mechanisms.

In irreversible decay of the state and the capitalist world, the dead ends, the policy and 
the value of the bankruptcy, to oppose collective resistance, class solidarity, the 
emancipation of the oppressed, the only living social perspective: the world of Anarchy 
and Libertarian Communism.


Tuesday 12/6, 6: 30 pm, Esperos (pl. Georgiou)

anarchist group "dignified horse" - member of APO and companions