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donderdag 14 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 14.06.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  [USA] 12th New York Anarchist Book Fair takes place this
      Saturday By ANA (pt) [machine translation] (

2.  International of Anarchist Federations: All solidarity to
      our anarchist comrades in Turkey! (

3.  anarchistisches kollektiv köln REBLOG: 420 ANMERKUNGEN

4.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 - Tolbiac: When the
      occupation is not at the party (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

5.  Russia, avtonom: Against torture and repression: anarchists
      at the rally on June 10 [machine translation] (

6.  Greece, anarchist "dignified horse" APO: Banner in Espero,
      poster and tricky interference in the center of Patras by the
      initiative of women against patriarchy (gr) [machine translation]

7. Call for Solidarity with our Russian
      Comrades! by - WSM andrew n flood WSM (fr, it) 



Message: 1

The 12th Anarchist Book Fair in New York will take place on Saturday, June 9 at the Judson 
Memorial Church in Manhattan from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. ---- The New York Anarchist Book 
Fair is an important event for anarchists from across North America and the world. It is a 
meeting place for the anarchist community; a forum for creative activities, scholars, and 
artists; and an opportunity for curiosxs to learn about an anti-state and anti-capitalist 
political tradition that remains alive, flourishing and challenging the established order. 
---- Each year, the New York Anarchist Book Fair hosts more than 60 exhibitors, including 
publishers, writers, designers, artists, musicians and organizers. The list of 
participants in debates, workshops and other past presentations included such figures as 
journalist Chris Hedges; cartoonists like Seth Tobocman, Peter Kuper and Fly; photographer 
and Native American activist Lenny Foster; estudioxs / activistas David Graeber, Silvia 
Federici and Martha Ackelsberg; civil rights lawyer and radio broadcaster Heidi Boghosian; 
and the former Black Panther and anarchist Ashanti Alston.

Judson Memorial Church in South Washington Square Park - the neighborhood that is one of 
the cradles of the American anarchist movement - has hosted the Anarchist Book Fair every 
year and will do so again in 2018.

Once again, the New York Anarchist Art Festival and the New York Anarchist Film Festival 
Emma Goldman will take place simultaneously at the Book Fair:

>> New York Anarchist Art Festival

Friday, June 8, 2018

 From 7 to 11 p.m.

>> Emma Goldman Film Festival of the Anarchist Film of New York

Saturday, June 9, 2018

 From 7 to 11 p.m.

Details including exhibitor exhibitors and schedules of debates, workshops and other 
events are posted on .

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Message: 2

"The demonstration which was organised by the revolutionary high school organisations has 
been attcked brutally by police. High School Anarchist Action (LAF) is also one of the 
organisers of the protest. The demonstration is for protesting the university exams which 
is made for accepting the high school students who can pass the exam. The exam is one of 
the major problem in education issue. ---- For protesting this, every june there is 
demonstration about the exam. The protest has been planned to be in Kadiköy. The police 
has attacked to the protestors who tried to march. First attack to take the protestors 
have been occured brutally. The police have beated many protestors who are high school 
students. The violence of the police has continued during the police buses. ---- 7 
comrades from LAF, totally over 30 revolutionary has been taken into custody.

The vilonce of the police and the repression won't keep us away from our struggle."


Message: 3

Revealed: Ambulances Were Called to Amazon Warehouses 600 Times in Three Years
cocainesocialist: ---- Figures obtained by VICE under the Freedom of Information Act 
reveal that ambulances have been called to Amazon's UK warehouses at least 600 times in 
the last three years. Common complaints included breathing problems and chest pain, and 
patients were taken to hospital on more than half of these occasions. Between 2015 and 
2017, ambulances were called 115 times to Amazon's warehouse in Rugeley, Staffordshire. 
Over the same period, paramedics attended a Tesco warehouse of the same size in nearby 
Lichfield on eight occasions. (Amazon said the warehouses employ different numbers of 
people and that the sites are not directly comparable.)

A members survey of Amazon workers conducted by the GMB union paints an alarming picture 
of life in the company's warehouses. The findings are due to be published at the union's 
annual congress this weekend. Respondents included a pregnant woman who claimed she was 
made to stand for ten-hour shifts. Workers described life at the company as "soul 
destroying" and like "living in a prison". Another reported feeling "like a trapped 
animal". Current and former employees shared similar stories with VICE. One claimed to 
have been the subject of disciplinary action after failing to call in sick from hospital 
following an epileptic seizure at work.

Mick Rix, national officer at GMB, said: "Hundreds of ambulance call-outs, pregnant women 
telling us they are forced to stand for ten hours a day, pick, stow, stretch and bend, 
pull heavy carts and walk miles - even miscarriages and pregnancy issues at work. None of 
these things happen in safe, happy working environments. Companies like Amazon should be 
treating staff with respect, not treating them like robots."


Message: 4

During the mobilization sequence against Parcoursup and the ORE law, occupations were one 
of the main tactics employed by struggling students. That of Tolbiac, Paris 13 th , was 
particularly publicized. Critical assessment, seen from the inside, by a militant 
communist libertarian. ---- It is not a question here of going back over all the details 
of this occupation which, from the 26th of March to the 20th of April, made Tolbiac one of 
the leading spots of the student protest in France, alongside Toulouse or Montpellier. The 
experience was beautiful, rich in new encounters, thrills and moments of joy and sharing. 
---- Between enthusiasm and disappointment ---- The Free Commune of Tolbiac became a 
crucible in which new militant individuals were formed, now determined to carry their 
enthusiasm in new battles. Nevertheless, she also suffered from many problems, sometimes 
very serious ones.

The first and most fundamental was the general unpreparedness of the occupants. In 
Paris-I, the activists of the self-management were notably grouped within Solidaires 
é which was one of the main forces at the origin of the project of occupation. 
Recently created, the union was a structure that was too fragile, which was shattered from 
the beginning of the business. The occupation project had been mentioned in the weeks 
preceding its implementation, but without really being prepared all the logistical 
elements necessary for its proper functioning. In addition, these activists had little or 
no concrete experience of community life and self-management.

This lack of preparation and inexperience largely resulted from the inability of the 
occupiers and occupants to establish a lasting collective framework to organize the 
occupation. After a few days, they decided to hold a daily meeting to discuss the 
day-to-day management of the occupation. Unfortunately, because of lack of time and a lack 
of organization, it took place only irregularly. In addition, she was constantly 
parasitized by issues outside the management of the site, often led by activists who were 
not themselves occupiers. In addition, the distribution of tasks within the occupation was 
done through large tables where everyone enrolled at his pleasure. The notion of mandate, 
however central, was completely sidelined.

Heavy tensions to manage
This lack of a collective framework resulted in the general inability of the occupiers to 
enforce the rules they had tried to develop together. Faced with the almost mafia-like 
methods of several autonomous or antifascist groups who, under the pretext of offering the 
occupation a " protection That this one did not claim, sowed the disorder, they were 
incapable of coping. Degradation and aggression were therefore committed without the 
occupants being able to do anything about it. Their lack of cohesion and their fluctuating 
number, often too small, prevented them from establishing durably the balance of power 
necessary to maintain security in Tolbiac. Another source of tensions during the 
occupation was the complicated relationship of the occupants with the youths of the city 
opposite. Arriving in Tolbiac towards the end of the second week of occupation, they met 
the mistrust of the occupants and occupants. They quickly became aware of their inability 
to cope, and thus ignored most of the rules of the place. Nevertheless, in the last days, 
a dialogue was established as best they could, and some of these young people showed a 
growing desire to participate in the occupation and to integrate fully. Who knows what 
could have been done over the long term in this nascent convergence ?

All of this ended up burdening the occupants with a stifling sense of urgency and panic. 
Their small numbers, organizational problems and threats of fascist or police attacks all 
contributed to their exhaustion, both mentally and physically. In a self-management 
without mandates, the few individuals who mechanically found themselves at the center of 
all the management of the occupation were criticized for their supposed authoritarianism, 
while they were overwhelmed by fatigue and stress. It was on this basis that the feeling 
among many occupants and occupants that Tolbiac developed was an area to be defended, even 
to the detriment of the mobilization as a whole.

Several balance sheet documents say that it is mainly because of the political convictions 
of the occupiers and the occupiers that the occupation has finally fallen back on itself. 
This ideological element could play, and the imagination of the Zad was indeed very 
present in Tolbiac. Nevertheless, these ideas could only develop because they found a 
fertile ground in this sense of urgency whose causes were very concrete.

A necessity in the face of closure
As soon as the university administration decided to administratively close Tolbiac to 
prevent students from regrouping, the occupation became a necessity for the movement. All 
the political components present in the mobilization finally agreed and supported this 
idea. Nevertheless, not all of them seemed aware of the practical constraints that the use 
of this tactic would impose on the movement. It is wrong to oppose, as NPA members have 
for example, the idea of an occupation conceived as a " place of life " to that of an 
occupation which would be a simple tactic in the service of the struggle. If there is 
occupation, there is necessarily creation of a place of life and necessity of its daily 

Therefore, rather than criticizing by far the supposed mistrust of the occupiers vis-à-vis 
the outside, playing astonished as soon as they heard about the problems of the 
occupation, political activists would have had to become more involved in the occupation. 
Thus, their participation could have undermined the material bases of this beleaguered 
fortress mentality, a mentality that their perpetual criticisms ultimately only 
strengthened. Meanwhile, the occupiers gradually succumbed to exhaustion or 
discouragement, and it was easy for the police to come and put an end to the occupation.

Guillaume (AL Paris North East)


Message: 5

June 10 in Moscow on Sakharov Avenue was a rally "For a free Russia without repression and 
arbitrariness", in which, according to organizers, about 3 thousand people took part. 
Moscow anarchists went to the action with portraits of the figurants of the "Seti" case , 
as well as the Crimean anarchists Alexander Kolchenko and Yevgeny Karkashev and the Nizhny 
Novgorod anarchist Ilya Romanov . Guests from Belarus brought a banner in support of the 
Belarusian political prisoner Dmitry Polienko. ---- When not far from the entrance to the 
event, the members of the anarchist bloc were arrayed to go to the meeting place, a group 
of activists of the Left Bloc and the Russian Socialist Movement stood side by side. 
Chanting the slogans for the freedom of political prisoners, they all reached the rally, 
where for a while they stood as a common "box".

Among the speakers at the rally was an anarchist and former political prisoner Alexei 
Sutuga , as well as Svetlana Pchelintseva, the mother of one of the figurants of the Seti 

Speech Alexei Sutugi: "I was asked to talk about the" Penza case. " Eight people from St. 
Petersburg and Penza read Kropotkin and played airsoft. They are in jail, they were 
tortured and accused of terrorism.

Why does the FSB act this way? In all epochs, the ability to own weapons distinguished 
free men. And now there are times like this, that even in plastic models the FSB sees a 
danger. The FSB is afraid that free people will be able to defend themselves.

Nobody forbade anarchism in Russia. Kropotkin's books are sold in stores. In honor of 
Kropotkin not far from here is called the metro station. In Russia there are anarchist 
sites, publications, cooperatives. Anarchists publish books, participate in social 
protests. They have many projects.

In Russia you can play airsoft. There are hundreds of airsoft clubs, patriotic or 
apolitical. But together, unsecured anarchism and legal airsoft, as it turned out, lead to 

People of different views came to this meeting. For example, nationalists and Stalinists, 
who are extremely unpleasant to us. But political struggle in Russia can not be done by 
the hands of cops. If they can fabricate a case against the Nazis, they can also be an 
anarchist. If an anarchist can be imprisoned, the liberal is under threat.

Breaking the horns of a police state is a common goal for all. Without this, no 
development of Russia is possible. "They do not give rights, they are taken!" Said 
Kropotkin. "


Message: 6

The 22-year-old PA was sentenced to 15 years in prison in September 2017 for defending her 
assault and attempted rape by her 46-year-old man, two years ago, in Corinth. This is one 
of the thousands of examples of daily violence against women. Sexist attacks, domestic 
violence, lay-offs, rape, and more are incidents that happen every day. ---- On Saturday 
night, 9/6, there was a mass poster and a tricky solidarity intervention in the center of 
Patras for the 22-year-old woman's case. That same evening was hanged in Espero, at 
George's Square, a banner that read: "SOLIDARITY IN 22 YEARS | NO REMEDY CONCERNING 
FROM CORINTH CREATED ONE OF THEM (13 June, nafplion) ---- Women's Initiative Against 
Patriarchy ---- contact: every Tuesday 19: 00-22: 00 in the self-managed area On the walls 
(Patreos 87) |


Message: 7

Tuesday, June 12 (Russia Day) We are asking for a day of action to highlight the torture 
and detention of Russian Antifascist Anarchists who are being detained with forced 
confessions for charges of terrorism. ---- The Actions: Please take photos of yourselves 
with messages of support and solidarity for the Anarchist prisoners. You can include signs 
with the names of those detained and tortured (names are below). ---- Workers Solidarity 
Movement Ireland will be holding a demo outside the Russian embassy on the 20th of June at 
7pm with such posters and signs. ---- We hope you can join us in this day of action and 
solidarity. ---- Egor Zorin - Arrested October 17-18. He was the first arrestee, and the 
first to make a confession. Currently under house arrest. ---- Ilya Shakursky - Arrested 
October 19. Law enforcement planted two grenades and a pistol under the back seat of 
Shakursky's car. Tortured with electricity in the basement of the pre-trial detention 
center until he confessed. Currently in pre-trial detention.

Vasily Kuksov - Arrested October 19. Beaten by police and tortured in custody. Guns were 
planted in his car (the lock of which is broken). He still has not agreed to offer or 
validate any testimony to the police. Currently in pre-trial detention.

Andrey Chernov - Arrested at the beginning of November. Was tortured until admitting 
guilt. Currently in pre-trial detention.

Arman Sagynbayev - Arrested at the beginning of November in St. Petersburg. Sagynbayev is 
reportedly experiencing serious health problems and needs medical attention. Brutally 
tortured. Currently in pre-trial detention.

In the city of St. Petersburg
Viktor Filinkov - Kidnapped in an airport by the FSB on January 23 and tortured until he 
signed a confession. Currently in pre-trial detention.

Igor Shishkin - Kidnapped and tortured until he signed a confession. In pre-trial detention.

Ilya Kapustin - A witness. Tortured and questioned. He is free.

Starting in the autumn of last year FSB have been arresting antifascists and anarchists 
organising boycotts of the presidential elections and upcoming World Cup to be held in 
Russia. They invented an anarchist terrorist group call 'the Network' and used the all the 
creativity of the state to make this fiction appear true. The FSB have planted evidence, 
kidnapped people and systematically used beatings and torture with electric shocks to 
produce confessions. Our comrades are being held in unbearable conditions in over-crowded 
detention centres to break them mentally as well as physically. This cannot continue in 
silence. The world's attention will be on Russia with the FIFA World Cup beginning 14 June.
Let's raise our banners and not let our comrades be forgotten.