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zondag 3 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 3.06.2018

Today's Topics:


1. Now it's Aotearoa's turn for a referendum on
      abortion (

2.  Greece, Libertatia, a collective for libertarian
      communism:[Thessaloniki] Calls in a Classical Concentration By
      APO (gr) [machine translation] (

3.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 of June is on sale !
      (fr, it, pt) [machine translation] (

4.  Greece, Anarchist - Classical Concentration and
      Demonstration against State - bosses - labor patrons By APO (gr)
      [machine translation] (


6. Prometheus and the gray belt by Kostas
      Despinaiadis (

7.  Greece, Anarchist "Dysenium Horse" WONDERLANDS - A.P.O. -
      Update from the 2-day "on Anarchy and Liberal Communism. (gr)
      [machine translation] (


Message: 1

After years of facing criticism over their abortion laws, and years of women being forced 
to travel to another country to receive medical care, the Irish Government gave into 
pressure from the Irish people and allowed them a chance to express their opinion, and 
they overwhelmingly voted to repeal their existing laws and, in the words of Terry 
Bellamak, the president of Abortion Law Reform New Zealand, "said yes to bodily autonomy, 
human dignity, and the human rights of women and pregnant people." ---- The Irish 
government has now promised to introduce legislation by the end of the year providing for 
abortion care on request up to 12 weeks, with no reason having to be given. When this law 
is passed, Ireland's abortion laws will be more progressive than New Zealand's.

Under current New Zealand law, women don't have full bodily autonomy. The decision to have 
an abortion does not rest with the person who is pregnant, they have to meet strict 
requirements before they can get an abortion, including gaining the approval of two 
certifying consultants, who are specially appointed physicians. They decide whether or not 
the woman meets the grounds for abortion set out in the Crimes Act.

Abortion in New Zealand (until the 20th week of pregnancy) is only legal in the cases of 
serious danger to the life or mental health of the mother, cases of severe mental or 
physical handicap of the foetus, incest, or severe mental subnormality of the mother. Rape 
and extreme ages of the person in question may be taken into account, but are not grounds 
for abortion. After the 20th week of pregnancy abortion is only legal to save the life of 
the mother, or to prevent serious permanent injury to the physical or mental health of the 
mother. Certifying consultants denied an abortion to 216 people in 2014, the last year for 
which there is data.

Women have to consider many different issues when they make the decision to have an 
abortion. They may consider the views of their partner, parents and of the society they 
live in. They may consider the effect it will have on their career or studies. They may 
think about whether they are ready for motherhood. They may look at the relationship they 
are in. They may examine their financial and economic situation.

The grounds doctors consider ignore the importance of socio-economic and personal factors 
in making a decision. In fact we would argue that there should be no need to have 
specified grounds for abortion. They are disempowering for women.

The Coalition government has asked our Law Commission to consider changes, including 
removing abortion from the Crimes Act and making it a health issue. Justice Minister 
Andrew Little says the Law Commission is due to report back to him by the end of this year 
and, providing the Government can agree on the recommendations, he says it's possible 
there could be legislation before Parliament next year.

In Ireland, the matter was given to the people to decide. It seems here any change we are 
subject to will be via a conscience vote in Parliament.  We need to demand a referendum on 
the issue.

Conscience votes do not reflect the wishes of the electorates in which they reside, they 
are the personal choices of the elected MP, and the fact is that often people tend to be a 
lot more progressive than MPs. It should be left up to women to be trusted to look after 
their own bodies and mental health, and it should be them who decide whether or not to 
continue a pregnancy, not parliamentarians with a conscience vote and not state-funded 

The Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement supports a woman's right to control her own body, 
and we believe that control over one's fertility is an essential part of individual 
freedom. A woman must have the right to abortion on demand. In defending and defining the 
right to choose in the broadest way possible, we are defending the right to make choices 
about how to live our lives. This is our agenda for a future society.

We envisage an anarchist society as a society where people are free to make choices about 
their own lives. We picture a society where decisions are made at the lowest effective 
level. For women, this includes the decision whether or not to become pregnant, whether or 
not to remain pregnant, whether or not to have children.

For anarchists, the best person, indeed the only person, with the right to make that 
decision, is the woman who is going to have to live with its consequences. There should be 
no abortion laws or regulations around abortion - we should just simply trust women.


Message: 2

POTASSIANS & BREAKDOWNS ---- The SYRIZA-ANEL Government evangelizesand the notorious exit 
from the memorandums in August, continuing the generalized assault on the working class. 
On the pretext of returning to normal, we are witnessing the complete deprivation of the 
downside with more extreme examples of the breakage of collective agreements, the lifting 
of the 8-hour working period and the legalization of rotation contracts, to the precarious 
conditions prevailing in all employment, virtual numbers of unemployment exceeding 43% for 
young people and crumbling SYRIZA with VOUCHER programs and short-term contracts to gold 
the pill. The culmination of these, the latest polynomiogram that came to unlawfully 
strike, demanding no more than 1/5 but 1/2 of economically settled members for their 
declaration, making them impossible to carry out. At the same time, we see the "accidents 
at work" reforms that, in the event of an accident at work, the cost of compensation is 
borne by the employer only if it is proven that he has been guilty. The intensification of 
working conditions is becoming more and more noticeable as accidents at work are rising, 
with a recent example of the murder of a 32-year-old worker in Larissa who was first 
mutilated during work and ended two days after his injury.
In particular, employers' terrorism is clearly evident in many of the struggles that the 
workers and the social movement have given daily, such as Market In's dismissals in 
Giannena, the vengeance of Aromalab in Thessaloniki, the failure to pay the salaried 
Sarafianos and prosecution of the members of the CMP of Athens with accusations of moral 
and physical incitement in extortion and attempted harm to Salinin-Botanical Enterprises, 
attempting to criminalize trade unionism. The last employer's arbitrariness is the 
non-payment of accrued to ARSIS NGO to more than 40 workers who have resumed work since 28/3.
Within this framework, and as the state and capital attack on the lower strata deepens, 
the continuation of the multi-frame bill voted in winter is the conclusion of the "Social 
Alliance" by GSEE and ADEDY with employers, scientists and other actors in the country. 
What has always been known that the GKSE-ADEDY's outlawed leadership and the bureaucratic 
unionism they could never have with their bottom-up struggles, as they represent the 
interests of capital and the ruling class, were confirmed by their attitude in the 
referendum in July 2015 and comes to be enshrined through this agreement.
The so-called "Social Alliance" attempts to disarm workers, depriving them of another 
weapon against the exploitation of bosses, the strike, as strikes are now being called by 
employers. Indeed, this strike on 30/05 also includes the demand for over-filing, 
according to which a shopkeeper, that is to say the bosses, is charged with the request, 
not the social base and the exploiters. The framework of the "social alliance" is based on 
three-fold national development-social peace-class co-operation, as it is part of the 
narrative "to save the country together", eliminating with the posture down.
The only solution to combat this situation effectively is every day and more clearly. 
Through uninterrupted, unrelenting and uncontrollable struggles from below, with base 
societies organized beyond and against bureaucracy, with the association and aggregation 
of social struggles, we can go into the counter-offensive, against exploitation and 
oppression, to fight to to consolidate our social and class resistances. Let's not let the 
state and the capital bloody well-knit bloody labor struggles!




Collectivism for Social Anarchism "Black & Red"
Member of Anarchist Political Organization | FOUNDATION OF COLLECTIVITIES

The Commemorated strike on 30 May by  GSEE-ADEDY and the "social alliance", ie a clear 
alliance with the bosses, is nothing more than an attack on the working class. The 
GSEE-ADEDY having primacy in the workplace, in the absence of strong self-organized 
revolutionary base unions are the main representative-manager of industrial and acquired 
rights. We can only oppose their inter-systemic role, which is nothing more than 
maintaining the social peace that is desirable for the bosses, organizing strikes that 
fail to take a radical revolutionary character and represent a real threat .
Thus, the need for the revolutionary organization of the working class is imperative. With 
workers councils and self-organized grassroots clubs against the logic of representation 
and commissioning.
We clearly state that on May 30 we are striking, but not on their side, against them.


Libertatia, a collective for libertarian communism


Message: 3

Zad ; SNCF ; Facs ; Repressive policy ; Nuclear in Bure ; Clement Meric ; occupation at 
Tolbiac ; Cambridge Analytica ; Chile ; Rojava ; 6 e extinction ; Pack in Spain ; Pride 
marches ; collective conventional break ; South-PTT Congress ; Air France ; Kanak Revolt ; 
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Facs: The state club ---- Political: the state club ... what counterattack ? ---- Nuclear: 
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and false excuse ---- Five years later: Clément Méric always present ---- Chronicle "Echo 
of Africa": The arrogance of Vincent Bolloré ---- Chronicle "Neither God nor 
schoolmaster": Francisco Ferrer and the libertarian school ---- Social ---- Tolbiac: When 
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  Air-France: Victory of the "  no  ", a plus for the direct action ?

   One hundred years ago: The great revolt Kanak

   Yannis Youlountas (libertarian filmmaker): "  A symbolic destitution of power, before 
its political destitution  "
  Documentary: "Love and revolution" Yannis Youlountas


Message: 4

FOURTH 30 MAY PATISSION AND STOURNRI, 10.30 ---- In the context of state and capitalist 
restructuring, the Greek state's agreements with the EU and the IMF, the memorandums and 
the multitude of antisocial and anti-labor measures are now state laws, the new tools of 
exploitation, oppression and control of the great social majority by the economic and 
political bosses. The current SYRIZA-ANEL co-operation is the best spokesperson and 
spokesman for both this overall assault and the sovereign state perception of "class 
co-operation", "social peace" and "national development". ---- In this direction of class 
conciliation and cooperation with the bosses is the latest reactionary initiative of 
GSEE-ADEDY to create the "social alliance", a common front with our bosses. The 
announcement of the strike on 30 May by GSEE-ADEDY based on its framework of cooperation 
with the bosses is a clear attack on the strike itself, in order to strike this weapon in 
the hands of society and workers. This business of depreciating the strike is not 
accidental as it comes as a follow-up to the attack launched by the economic and political 
bosses at the beginning of the year making the strike virtually impossible to declare by 
class unions at the base.

For all of us employees, unemployed, youth, locals and immigrants it is necessary to 
overcome any disappointment and defeatism, it is necessary to participate and organize 
ourselves in every social space, in every area of exploitation. Everything we have to 
gain, the ones from the bottom of the world, will be the result of the broad, organized on 
the basis of our militant and radical struggles. Only the total overthrow of the state and 
capitalism, the social expropriation of the wealth that we ourselves produce and defeat a 
caste of power, and the global social revolution for a new world of communal, solidarity 
and freedom can justify the cravings and real social needs oppressed and exploited.





Assembly of Anarchists on Social and Classical Empowerment


Message: 5

On May 25th 2018 a ballot held in the Republic of Ireland repealed the ‘Eighth Amendment', 
which had been added to the Irish constitution in 1983. This held that a foetus has the 
same right to life as a woman, effectively making it more difficult than ever for women to 
get abortions. ---- A woman should have the power to make decisions over what happens to 
her own body. This Right to Choose is at the heart of Anarchist Communism. The Workers' 
Solidarity Movement (WSM), the main Anarchist organisation in Ireland, and the 
Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group (RAG), campaigned tirelessly for legalisation since 
they were founded, in 1984 and 2005 respectively. Detailed information about the 
legislation and the campaign from an anarchist perspective can be found 
here:[url][/url]. We applaud Irish anarchists for what they 
have achieved in the fight against patriarchy in Ireland, and the difference this makes 
for all of us.

The Eighth and campaigning against it raises important and interesting points for 
anarchists beyond a woman's right to choose being a ‘given' for us.

This is a class issue as well as a feminist one. Although she shouldn't have to, a woman 
with money can at least travel to England to procure an abortion. A woman without enough 
money faces the prospect of giving birth to a child she did not chose to conceive, or a 
dangerous illegal abortion. This is well known.

But the misogynist ideology that would deny her this is not just that of the Catholic 
Church. In the Six Counties of Northern Ireland, it is also the position of the Democratic 
Unionist Party (DUP), with abortion remaining illegal there through the combined efforts 
of Catholics and Protestants alike. As such, it poses problems also for the British State. 
Any attempt to overturn this out-dated and backward anomaly will be opposed by the DUP. 
They alone give the Conservative Party its majority in Westminster. An attempt by women in 
the North to make abortion freely and easily available, will probably not be supported by 
the British state because of this. Ironically, the government will probably say that it 
does not want to meddle in Ulster affairs, especially while the Stormont parliament is 

Another interesting point is that the WSM and many other anarchists voted in the 
referendum on the 25th. But anarchists don't vote, do they? Some purists never do; there 
is such a thing as dictatorship by the majority, and most anarchists would rather reach a 
consensus wherever possible in our own organisations. But it is important to make a 
distinction here between voting for political leaders, which means giving up our 
individual and class power to a virtually unrecallable and unaccountable representative, 
and voting for or against a specific piece of legislation. It is a no-brainer to support a 
‘Yes' position to repealing the Eighth Amendment. Here, our vote does have the power to 
change things for ourselves and for our class.

But it is not quite as straightforward as that. Anarchists are very aware of the 
implications of winning the vote. We are giving still up some of our power. The Right to 
Choose in Ireland will now be implemented by politicians and bureaucrats, who will not be 
working in the interests of working class women, but will be influenced by a condescending 
type of feminism which works fastest and most efficiently in the interests of feminists 
with a political voice.

In other words, anarcha- feminists everywhere are pleased that the Eighth Amendment has 
fallen, but we'll be keeping a close eye on how effectively abortion services are rolled 
out in practice in Ireland, and we must be ready to support Irish anarcha-feminists again 
in future struggles. Furthermore, it is not exactly straightforward to get an abortion 
even in England, Scotland and Wales, so the battle is far from won here either.


Message: 6

It is our duty today to dissolve as far as possible these "gray zones", the killer and the 
victim not to be embraced. ---- On the Prometheus rock, we know whose fate we identify. 
---- Prometheus and the gray belt ---- Speaking of the "gray belt" in The Swallowed ones 
and the survivors of Primo Levi say that the most extreme figure of the concentration 
camps is the Sonderkommando (special group), the Jewish prisoners whom the Nazis had 
assigned the management of gas chambers and crematoriums. Their job was to drive the 
prisoners into the gas chambers, then take the bodies out, wash them, take the golden 
teeth, cut the hair of the women, make the sort of clothes and footwear, transport the 
carcasses to the crematoria, and finally empty the ovens from the remains of ash.

The organization of these groups, claimed by Primo Levi, has been the most terrible crime 
of national socialism, because it has dissolved the binary, good-evil binary scheme that 
we all have in our mind, this deduction, with which we can interpret, even simplistically, 
the controversy of those because it created a "gray zone" with an inconspicuous outline 
that at the same time separates and connects the two worlds: the world of the demoniac and 
the world of the victims (Sonderkommando itself did not get away from the common fate of 
the enclave, as the Nazis were taking care of their own extermination).

And this binary scheme, at a psychological level, was achieved by creating coexistence ties.

Hungarian-born Miklós Nyiszli, one of the few Sonderkommando survivors, saved a unique 
testimony: he was once in a "break from work" in a soccer match between a team of SS and a 
group of Sonderkommando. In the role of the spectators, the other members of both teams, 
applauding each one of his team, are betting who will win, as if this fight was to be on a 
normal provincial stadium rather than at the entrance of hell.

In the depths of this "cease-fire," this "break from work," says Miklos Nyiszli, we hear a 
devilish laugh: "We did it, you are no longer the other race, the race, the enemy of the 
millennium Reich. We embraced you, we corrupted you, we drag you to the bottom with us. 
You are like us, stained by your own blood, like us. And you, like us, like Cain, have 
killed your brother. Come on, we can play together. "

Throughout the recorded human history, but today, in conditions so different each time but 
always tragic, can we distinguish this dangerous complicity? Do we understand who and how 
they can, unconsciously, perform the role of those "special groups"?

In Prometheus Bound there is not only Zeus and the punished Prometheus. There is the 
vulture, the Violence and the State chaining Prometheus, Hephaestus who has made the 
chains ...

Our duty today is to dissolve as far as possible these "gray zones", the killer and the 
victim not to be embraced.

On the Prometheus rock, we know whose fate we identify.

Kostas Despinaiadis
(introductory note to Panoptiki # 23)

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Message: 7

Dudettes live ---- On May 25 and 26, 2018, Patras was the 2nd day of "Anarchy and Liberal 
Communism. A series of events in the center of the city (at the Espero Terrace in Georgiou 
Square), which aimed at spreading anarchist concepts and practices, spreading social 
anarchism as a fundamental stream for building a modern revolutionary movement and 
highlighting the wealth of proposals, the positions and struggles of the anarchists on a 
series of issues that run through the political and social reality of our time. ---- On 
Friday, May 25 at 19.00, the presentation of Abel Paz's book "Inside the Fog. The Exit and 
Displacement Camps (1939-1942) "  with the presence of comrades from the liberal versions 
of Nautilus and the translator of the book, companion Angel Perez Gonzalez. It became a 
very interesting presentation while using photographic material of the time about the fate 
of the defeated Spanish civilian, and more particularly the anarchists. With their only 
allies, solidarity, mutual respect, cooperation and companionship, they managed to stand 
in the terrible exile. The book can be purchased at the bookstore that operates in the 
self-managed area on the Patio (Patras 87) and in the mobile bookstore of the minor horse, 
which occurs at irregular intervals in the center and the university.

Then the comrades from Patras Patriarchate Initiative took the introductory part of the 
second part of the events. The struggle against Patriarchy as part of the wider struggle 
against the state and the capital. As they stated in their statement: "The struggle of 
women to release them from the bonds of patriarchy is an integral part of the struggle for 
the abolition of state and capitalist imposition. That is why we choose to collectivize as 
women, to organize and to resist all together, with the workers, the unemployed, the 
students, the students, the lgbtqpeople, to unite our voices and our action with a vision 
of a society of equality, freedom and solidarity.[...]The world of freedom, a world that 
will fit all the worlds, will pass over them ... "

It was followed by a briefing on the 1st international political, artistic, athletic and 
cultural encounter of women struggling, called by the Zapatista women in the Carole of 
Morelia (8-10 March 2018). The briefing was given by the anti-patriarchal group of the 
Anarchist Political Organization, which was present in Mexico, as well as the presentation 
of the "Challenges for Women's Liberation. A Look Through Women's Games in Chiapas " which 
was issued for the financial boost of the trip. This suggestion was accompanied by a very 
interesting video that was created for the needs of the event, about Zapatista, the 
meeting of women and the presence of the group there. The trip to the first international 
meeting of women struggling was a political journey to get to know and connect with those 
who are fighting around the world. As wrote themselves in the presentation of the group 
against patriarchy in Mexico: "Today, we are here to convey to all comrades and our 
companions experience this meeting, bringing courage, inspiration, solidarity we met here 
and the confirmation of the message mentioned above: In this fight, as long as we are, no 
one is alone. "So, those who attended this event have made unique moments that will mark 
us every day. Moments struggle that inspire us to continue to organize our resistance and 
continue for everything we dream for the elimination of gender discrimination, social 
revolution and a world of equality, solidarity and freedom.

The evening ended with live dudettes with American labels and more ...

The following day, on Saturday 26 May, the events continued with the briefing made by 
Libertatia 's occupation of Thessaloniki , about their arson by the fascists during the 
January 21st Nationalist rally, the repressive struggle against it on the side the state, 
its political defense and its rebuilding plan by the colleagues of collegiality and by 
solidarity and solidarity. The evening was completed with an economic conquest concert 
with the participation of theirmethlab, three way plane, okwaho and chaotic barbula .

Libertatia was not fired because of some irresponsibility of some inertia or indifference. 
On the contrary, the comrades showed the greatest sense of responsibility towards the 
history of the struggles against fascism, took on a responsibility too great not to leave 
the city, they made a political act in the form of "fascism first comes to me, but in the 
end it comes for all ". Whoever makes such decisions is not lost, is not defeated by the 
striking of a building. We will rebuild it all together. Libertatia will stay!

Throughout the two-day workshop there was the kinematic bookstore of the dwarf horse, 
there were stalls with anarchist material, newspapers and newspapers, a political poster 
exhibition, a photo exhibition by a self-organized mafalda kinematics and subversive 
photography workshop , and a self-organized café and bar. Also a table with its political 
material had both days and Patras pride.

For our part, we would like to thank all the comrades and comrades who supported the 
events: publishing ventures, political groups, musical formats. Without their 
contribution, the conduct would be impossible.

Such events are an opportunity for us to meet and communicate, interact and ferment, 
self-educate and disinform. It is an excuse to continue with even greater stubbornness our 
struggle to overthrow the world of power, exploitation and oppression, and the creation of 
a new society of equality, solidarity and freedom.

For the social revolution, Anarchy and Liberal Communism

anarchist group "dwarf horse & comrades - companions