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dinsdag 5 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 5.06.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  Amsterdam,       vrije bond: Presentation Anarchist Black Cross
      Belarus (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  Czech, afed: Stories of Czech fanzine - Book review I
      scream: "It's me." [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

3.  Greece, Anarchist Political Organization APO: SOLIDARITY

     STATUS (gr)
      [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

4.  [Spain] Madrid: Take the street: Points of anarchist
      propaganda in June and Chronicle of May By ANA (pt) [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

5.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 - Nuclear: June 16,
      for Bure we walk to Bar (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

6.  Anarchist Federation Nottinghamshire: Two revolting
      anniversary events ending with 8 in Nottingham 3rd & 23rd June -
      come, & tell others! (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

7.  [France-Greece] Caravan anarchist solidarity: We will pass!
      By ANA (gr, pt) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)


Message: 1

On Sunday the 3rd of June there will be a presentation by Anarchist Black Cross Belarus at 
MKZ in Amsterdam. ---- Anarchists and State Repression in Belarus: ---- Anarchist Black 
Cross Belarus will hold a presentation covering Belarusian reality, the anarchist movement 
is facing, and the anarchist movement is facing. You will also learn about the last-year 
protests against the tax on unemployment that has been endorsed in harsh repression 
against anarchists and other active protesters. ---- The same presentation will later also 
be held in other spaces: on the 6th of June in the Assez (Ghent) and on the 7th of June in 
the anarchist bookshop Revolt (The Hague). ---- Address MKZ // Eerste Schinkelstraat 16 // 
Amsterdam  ---- Website ABC Belarus / / Website MKZ ---- Doors open & food at 14.00, 
presentation by ABC Belarus at 16.00  ---- The food will be donated, all money will be 
donated to ABC Belarus.

anarchist black cross , belarus , MKZ



Message: 2

It is gratifying to see that there are more works to do with the history of the present, 
that is, the last decades, when mapping outspoken speeches far away from power centers. 
History is traditionally conceived as the history of the elites, or of those social groups 
that have had an influence on its formation. However, many human activities remain in the 
background, they do not have a major impact on the functioning of society as a whole, and 
often they do not even stand. Here we could include various subcultures in the broadest 
sense, and interest communities and marginal social movements. All these communities have 
their ways of bringing together and communicating with each other. ---- The story of the 
subculture in the Czech Republic was devoted to the book series Tribes , which was 
followed by a relatively unsuccessful series of television documentaries. Punk subculture 
was extensively described by Filip Fuchs in Guitar and Roy . A commented review of 
anarchist journalistic activities in the years 1990-2013 was prepared by the Anarchist 
Federation Publishing House . And there would be more to it. The last act that could be 
included in this line is Milos Hroch's book I'm Screaming: "It's Me" with the subtitle 
Stories of Czech Fanzine from the 80s to the present .

Similar to the Tribes , the book is divided into chapters, each of which is devoted to the 
prints of individual subcultures or interest communities, and each is handled by anyone in 
these groups. Do not expect any survey study of hundreds of titles that have seen the 
light of the world, as was the case with Anarchist journalism , on the contrary, the human 
face of fanzine creation through the stories and insights of several zen creators. This 
approach has its pros and cons. It can well illustrate an individual's relationship to the 
medium, its creation, and the community it is intended for. On the other hand, it can 
easily flatten the huge variety and breadth of the titles. This is particularly evident in 
the chapter on hardcore / punk subculture.

As a red thread with almost all the chapters of line enthusiasm of creation. This is 
illustrated by the first words from the introduction by Karel Veselý when describing the 
ceremony of the moment when the work is done and the author is lazy with the final 
product. In connection with mass internet access, there is also a clear loyalty to paper 
media. "Real is what we can touch."

Certain tensions, however, are reflected in the very title that sounds very 
individualistic. If you ask yourself why the book was named just like this, you will find 
the answer only in the last chapter devoted to photographic zines. These seem to be a 
purely individual matter, which underlines in this sense the relatively dismal tone of the 
chapter. Perhaps this is because photozins are not tied to a community like the rest of 
the book's stories. Often it does not matter that there is a tramp, a fanatic who takes it 
as his mission, but the fact that he does not do it for himself, cooperates with various 
contributors, communicates with the reader. It has to be attracted to Veselý when he 
writes that "the team is always better than the individual".

I personally enjoyed the chapters on feminism and hardcore / punk, as I know zinc 
production in this area and I'm close to it. I was curious about science fiction and 
comics. On the contrary, I was a little afraid that stories from the metal or computer 
environment would not tell me much. Footbridge error. The whole book, despite her 230 
pages, gushed almost in a single day. It was not that difficult, however, to take into 
account the rich visual accompaniment and the fact that the publication is bilingual, and 
each side is composed of the Czech text and its English translation.

To make the stories unattainable in a vacuum, it puts them in the context of the 
introductory chapter by Milos Hroch, describing the emergence of the phenomenon of 
fanzines in the United States of the 1930s "in a ring of enthusiastic sci-fi fans." From 
Western theory and practice, he takes us to the Eastern Bloc where he sees the samizdat, 
and evaluates the normalization consensus "You Let Us be We and You", which makes it 
possible for publishers of unofficial prints to be simply referred to as "dissidents" or 
"cottages." However, the concept of dissent does not apply to underground publishers after 
1989: "It is important to define and defend in the most general sense. It does not play 
the role of a regime, social stereotypes, music business, or art market mechanisms. "

It is good to know that "fanzine cottages and dissidents are still here".

I'm screaming, "It's me.": Stories of the Czech fanzine from the 80s to the present / I 
shout "That's me!": Stories of the Czech fanzine from the '80s till now . Published by 
PageFive publisher in 2017. 230 pages. Price 490 CZK. For example, kosmas.cz .



Message: 3

"Our consciousness is fueled by the memory of the struggles, to say it once more, to 
understand it, we remember to remember to defend it at all costs." ---- "And because 
nothing has ever been given to us, and what are called rights are but the conquests of 
long and long-lasting struggles, the only answer we can give is to bring back, inside and 
out of prison, the red thread of these struggles." ---- D. Koufontina ---- On Wednesday, 
May 30, political prisoner Dimitris Koufodinas launched a hunger strike demanding regular 
regular leave and abolishing the prosecution veto. After an intervention by the Athenian 
Prosecutor, Koufodtina's right to leave (which was denied for seven years) was lifted, 
resulting in the suspension of the licenses he had begun to take over the last few months. 
As he himself says, "the faction of the supposedly independent justice collapses and 
reveals the real face of this deeply classical and politically revolutionary institution. 
Because this interference, shaking the laws of her own system, which she supposedly 
serves, sends out the clear message that no other law or code applies to the political 

In November 2017, D. Koufodina took the first permit in a climate of media hysteria and 
terror, while interventions aimed at creating a climate of withdrawal were made by a 
number of political figures and embassies, including the US. Political prisoner D. 
Koufodinas was entitled to leave for seven years and was deprived of it because "he has 
not diversified his conscious background" and because he has "distorted ideology". What 
the authorities were asking for was a statement of repentance and a disclaimer of his 

Power has always attempted to bend, nullify, and flatten its political opponents in order 
to consolidate its sovereignty-omnipotence. Besides, this is evident from the vengeance of 
each political prisoner and from the special exemption regime for them.

The Syriac-Anean Synergy has chosen to draw and implement the "left" version of the 
doctrine of law and order. The revivalist request for the revocation of the acquittal for 
T. Theophilos, the evacuation of the occupation of the Rectorate, which was carried out as 
a sign of solidarity in the hunger strike of the political prisoners, the vengeful refusal 
to grant the permits to political prisoners, the criminalization of friendly and close 
relations with them, the assault on any form of unionism (persecution of members of the 
Association of Witnesses of Salvation, targeting of employees in Mass Transfers, vengeance 
dismissal of workers for their action, etc.) j prosecutions and intrusions in homes 
fighters against auctions, entire villages trials and converting them to "terrorist" 
organizations, (the condemnation of the 77-year-old militant from Megali Panagia 
Halkidiki, the conviction of Marios Seisidis in 36 years of imprisonment, the conviction 
of Fivos Charisis without information, and the refusal to licensing etc.) are some of the 
results of the upgrading of the repressive arsenal, which the government is gradually 
implementing in cooperation with the judicial authorities and the anti-terrorist agency. 
In addition to this, the recent assumptions of B. Dimakis and N.

In order to ensure the total imposition of the regime and the unimpeded service of the 
interests of the predominant economic and political elites, all means can be used in even 
more aggravated form and even more intensive. Thus, this enforcement passes through the 
total extermination of those who struggle against it, through the exemplary punishment of 
those who lift up the head to resist or have every reason to do so, through the cruel and 
overt suppression of those who refuse to accept its dissolution of their lives, through 
state revivalism and the material-moral extermination of those who have been in the hands 
of the state for their action. The "war on terror" and the exemplary punishment of 
dissidents pass through the consolidation of the iron grid of repression in every social 
field, with the intensity of control and oversight in society, and the creation of a 
special statute of exclusion for politicians and social militants. A regime built under 
the special laws of terrorists that imposes special trials, special indictments, 
deprivation of basic rights, special cells and special treatment.

The world of power reserves more control, more repression, more exploitation and fear. 
Behind him to rebuild the struggle communities, to organize our social and class fronts 
and our political presence to overthrow the plans of the political and economic elites. 
Let us fight to break the regime of political prisoners, oppose state repression and 
attempt to enlarge it, highlight the fate of state struggles at the expense of militants, 
fight state revival, and let none of us alone hands of the state. To stand by the side of 
D. Koufodina, who for years struggles with dignity through the cells of "democracy"

In the irreversible despondency of the state and capitalist world, its deadlocks, its 
political and valueless bankruptcy, to counter the collective resistance, class 
solidarity, the emancipation of the oppressed, the unique living social perspective: the 
world of Anarchy and Liberal Communism.




Anarchist group "dwarf horse"

member of the Anarchist Political Organization

Patras, May 31, 2018


Message: 4

Back to the initiative "Take the street", several points of anarchist propaganda spread in 
several neighborhoods of Madrid: Vallekas, Tetuán, Carabanchel and Moratalaz. Every 
Saturday from June to 12h. ---- In the age of connectivity, where, increasingly, 
everything has to be related to each other, thanks to technological progress, we see day 
by day that the only one that is less "connected" is the contact and the social relations 
that take place in the street . ---- And it is that as part of the process of 
bureaucratization and depoliticization of our lives and the management of everything that 
surrounds us: institutions, work, money, family, conflicts ... The street would not be 
less and could not be outside the mediation that realizes the State in all areas that 
touch us.

Moving from the common to the public is the use, management and "good functioning" of the 
streets (among many other things) for the competent administrations to give or not 
permission to use the street for second or what subject.

We can not touch the street without permission, express ourselves without permission, 
pamphlet without permission, broadcast activities without permission, paste posters ... We 
can not if we do not use the appropriate means to do so. Not without following the rules 
of the game.

While all this is happening, we see how, increasingly, the faces of the new policy lead us 
to the era of transparency, efficiency, technique, citizenship, and democratic 
regeneration. And as part of this process, these kindly faces divert us and move us away 
from the conflict that is supposed to occupy the street bursting into the everydayness of 
our lives.

Conflict, because everything that does not conform to the municipal ordinances, will 
quickly be reduced, hidden or prohibited. Using all the means available for this: fines, 
seizure of material, identification of people, constant threat of arrest, coercion, beatings.

Thanks to the appearance of the internet and social networks, we are increasingly away 
from the street.

And activities or tasks that had always been carried out in a daily and natural way, are 
now presented as something to recover.

The diffusion of the anarchist ideas in the street, of material and of propaganda, a 
simple meeting point where to share ideas. It is something we are missing and we need to 
recover. Distributors of political parties, trade unions, residents 'associations, 
citizens' groups, authoritarian organizations ... etc, have no place.

Chronicle of the month of May:

Anarchist Propaganda Points began to function in Vallekas . Several stations were 
implanted in the boulevard, a point between the streets of Monte Igueldo and Peña Gorbea. 
Several advertisements were moved around the area and pamphlets in the areas around texts 
against gentrification and in defense of the squatting. Numerous people approached for a 
moment. There was no evidence of any problems with the police.

In Tetuán the initiative "Take the street" was held for the first time with tranquility. 
Four dispensers went to the Plaza of the Palomas and pamphlets against the gentrification, 
in defense of the squatting and against the especismo. Several residents approached to 
look at the distributors, talk to the comrades and get the advertisement. Broadcasts were 
extended announcing the initiative and in defense of the squatting. At 2:00 p.m., both 
distributors and bands were collected and the event was finalized. In June this initiative 
will be repeated on the fourth Saturday of the month and we hope that all those 
distributors and anarchist projects that they want, come to spread their material in the 

In Moratalaz the morning was quiet despite the presence of Vox in the same square with a 
post. Material was moved and a large amount of pamphlets were distributed on anarchism. 
The initiative was well received by many of the residents who expressed their joy at 
seeing initiatives like this in the neighborhood and their rejection of Vox fascists. At 
2:30 p.m., the tables were collected and finished. We'll be back on the second Saturday in 

In Carabanchel , on Saturday, May 19, we went to Oporto Square with several distributors 
and a band to make it visible. We distribute anarchist newspapers and pamphlets on the 
subway and the surrounding area from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. The morning passed without 
incident. We expect the advertising distribution points of the following months to 
continue to grow and consolidate on the streets. See you on the third Saturday in June!


Translation> Sol de Abril


Message: 5

Mobilization continues against the Cigeo bin, a catastrophic solution for the 
non-management of nuclear waste. The Bar-le-Duc event promises to be a big date. AL will 
be ! ---- The fight against the Cigeo project to bury nuclear waste in Bure (Meuse) did 
not say its last word. After falling asleep and manipulating the population for twenty 
years through seduction campaigns and attractive subsidies, the state and the government 
have turned into brutality and unapologetic authoritarianism, just like what they are 
practicing against the whole social movement. ---- The demonstration of August 15, 2017 
was violently repressed and no less than 500 gendarmes expelled February 22, the dozens of 
opponents who occupied the wood Lejuc [1]. ---- The crackdown then intensified: 
surveillance, searches, intimidation, repeated identity checks, roadside checks, 
twenty-four to forty-eight hour police custody, administrative bans and imprisonment. 
After the weekend of mobilization and the intercom meetings of March 3 and 4, several 
people were arrested. Finally, on May 23rd, 11 " owls ", as the opponents call themselves, 
went on trial at Bar-le-Duc. A big fair was organized the same day to support them.

An alternative to burial
It is with stainless contempt that the state and the nucleocrats pursue the atomic 
colonization of the Meuse. A new bogus national debate was announced, and Nicolas Hulot 
told the National Assembly that this project was " the least bad solution ". On the 
contrary, the physicist Bernard Laponche clearly demonstrated, in an interview with the 
newspaper Le Monde, that the geological storage of nuclear waste was " the worst solution 
" by complicating the monitoring and maintenance of thousands of highly toxic barrels 
whose degradation is inescapable over the centuries. It recommends to store them in the 
medium term in " subsurface  », Where they will remain more easily accessible, and to 
continue research to reduce the harmfulness and the lifespan of the most dangerous nuclear 
waste [2].

On March 5, a prefectural decree authorized RTE, a subsidiary of EDF, to " enter the 
parcels located on the territory of the commune of Bure " for the purpose of " electrical 
connection of the project " [3]. Let's hope that these intrusions will exasperate the 
inhabitants and even the least conscious inhabitants.

Opposite, the dynamic of protest remains good. From the evening of the February 22 
eviction, dozens of local support committees gathered in front of the country's 
prefectures. We are also moving towards new ways of fighting. On May 18th, a call was made 
for the construction of tree houses to gain visibility. The next day a wrestling assembly 
was held at Montiers-sur-Saulx, near Bure.

The day of June 16 in Bar-le-Duc will be a great meeting, bringing together the protesters 
in all the diversity of their tactics. A morning to think, and the afternoon to act ! 
We'll meet you there !

Solid owls (AL Nancy)

[1] " To Bure as elsewhere, say no to nuclear peril, " AL release, February 22, 2018.

[2] Le Monde, March 28, 2018.

[3] " RTE invites himself into the fields and gardens of Meuse ! On Vmc.camp, May 9, 2018.



Message: 6

Please come to, and tell lots of people about, these Nottingham based events on the 
subject of the hugely important 1968 and 1848 events put on by Nottingham's People's 
Histreh group, The Sparrows' Nest archive & library, and others. ---- Film showing of ‘If 
...' with exhibition and panel discussion ---- On Sunday 3rd June (tomorrow!) join 
Nottingham's radical history group Peoples' Histreh for a film screening, an exhibition of 
original sources and a panel session of people sharing their memories of struggles fought 
here in Nottingham during that iconic year, which saw deeply-rooted conflicts erupt into 
open revolts all around the globe. Events start midday at the Broadway Cinema, Hockley, 
Nottingham. ---- The film screening is ticketed. You will be able to purchase tickets from 
Broadway Cinema at their usual rates from early May. The exhibition and the panel session 
are free of charge but spaces for the panel session are limited (first come, first served).


Midday-2pm: film screening of "if...." (ticketed as a typical film showing)

2-3pm: browse our exhibition (free)

3-5pm: panel session (free)


 From Midday to 2pm there will be a screening of "if....", followed by an hour (2-3pm) to 
have some lunch and browse our exhibition of fantastic source materials (pamphlets, 
newssheets, posters, unpublished correspondence, etc.) documenting the 1968 Revolts in 
Paris, Berlin, Prague (etc.), and of course events here in Nottingham. At 3pm we will get 
together for a panel session with people sharing some of their memories of the struggles 
fought in Nottingham in 1968 (spoilers: the struggle for equal pay and anti-racist work 
were already high on the agenda five decades ago!).
Then, Saturday 23rd June The Sparrows' Nest presents

The 1848 Revolutions: An Anarchist Perspective
A talk by Iain McKay - visiting speaker, editor and co-author of the famous an Anarchist 
FAQ and Property is theft!: a Pierre-Joseph Proudhon reader.


The Revolutions of 1848 remain the most widespread revolutionary wave in European history. 
While remembered as essentially liberal in nature, aiming at ending the old monarchical 
regimes they were also note-worthy for the advent of the industrial working class as a 
factor in social struggle. So as well as political change, the social question was raised 
while the events of 1848 shaped the ideas of Marx and Proudhon. So on their 150th 
anniversary, we look at the 1848 revolutions and their lessons for today.

Saturday June 23rd 3pm at The Sparrows' Nest, Nottingham.

Contact the Sparrows' Nest if you need directions or have questions about accessibility.

Download a flyer for Iain's talk: 1848_and Anarchism Talk on 23rd June 2018 at The 
Sparrows' Nest Nottingham



Message: 7

With your donations destined for resistance and self-managed sites in Greece. ---- Neither 
cops nor fascists this time! Such a secret course that our arrival at nightfall was a 
surprise even to most of our Exarchia companions and companions who were waiting for us 
two days later. ---- The 16 solidarity vans were warmly received in the middle of a horn, 
as soon as the inhabitants of the Athenian quarter exclaimed: "they have arrived!" Among 
the companions and companions of struggle and utopia found, several members of the 
anarchist group Rouvikonas, but also children. Many of the refugees from the Okarao 
settlement had seen them singing and dancing. Others had prepared a secret meal ... ---- A 
great moment of this new junction between social movements across borders! ---- Yannis 
Youlountas | 05/24/2018 ---- Photos: Marios Lolos

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