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donderdag 28 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - Part 1 - 28.06.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 - Air France: Victory
      of " no ", a plus for direct action ? (fr, it, pt)[machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  Poland, Workers Initiative: Interview with an employee of
      the VW factory in Braunschweig, 25 Jun 2018 Department: Foreign
      [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

3.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 - June 1878: The
      Great Kanak Revolt (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]

4.  anarkismo.net: "We are forgotten people thrown away by
      Behrouz Boochani (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

5.  Britain, af london: Simon Springer at Larc, 29th June 7pm

6.  Greece, Dysenicus Horse APO: Solidarity gathering in Not in
      the version of Turgut Kaya by dwarf horse APO (gr) [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

7.  Bangladesh Anarcho Syndicalist Federation: Topics related to
      anarchism or anarchism, News by: akmshihab [machine translation]


Message: 1

The direction was already riding the victory. Janaillac, like de Gaulle, put his 
resignation in the balance. Patatras ! She is defeated in the referendum. A symbolic 
defeat, in reality. It will only help the workers and workers to win if it encourages a 
strike. ---- To circumvent the inter-union that leads the fight for a wage increase of 6 % 
[1], the CEO of Air France-KLM wanted to play the game of poker in 1994. That year, the 
leadership had organized a referendum to approve his " recovery plan " (5,000 job cuts, 
salary blockages, etc.). ---- By playing on the fear of the future, she had triumphed with 
80 % yes for about 84 % of participation. It had thus offered a nice revenge on the 
unions, while in the fall of 1993, the CEO, Bernard Attali, had to give in (and resign) 
before a tremendous social movement in the industrial maintenance centers of Roissy and 
Paris. Orly. The mechanics had faced the CRS on the tracks to prevent the filialization of 
different sectors ... and had won !

Will ground staff commit more ?
In 2018, the management discovered that the referendum is a double-edged sword: its plan 
was rejected by 55 % of the votes, with a participation of 80 % of the 47,000 employees ! 
After years of profit combined with job cuts, the intox did not work.

It should be noted that in 1994, the vast majority of media commentators had gloated over 
the " success " of the referendum ; in 2018 they hastened to downplay it by pointing out 
that it had no legal value ...

Fort marri, the board of directors announced the designation of a " transition governance 
". The unions demanded the immediate resumption of negotiations, but preferred to observe 
the strategic evolution of the government and management before calling for a new strike. 
The inter-union includes ten pilot unions (SNPL, Spaf, Alter), commercial cabin crew and 
ground staff (SNPNC, Unsa, CFTC, SNGAF, CGT, FO, SUD). All had called to vote no in the 
referendum, except the Spaf, more left than the SNPL, who had called for abstention. 
Outside the inter-union, the CFDT and the GSC had found the way, more or less badly, to 
call to vote yes !

The challenge for the management is to divide the inter-union by separating the drivers 
from other categories. But it is clear that (for the moment !) The majority of the pilots 
want their unions SNPL, Spaf and Alter [2]to remain faithful to the intercategorial unit 
... The best way to reinforce this unprecedented solidarity would be that the mobilization 
really takes body among the ground staff, many of whom, although favorable, remain in a 
posture of delegation of the fight to the flight crew (stewards, hostesses, pilots). Will 
the outcome of the referendum encourage them to take full advantage of the strike ? This 
will be closely scrutinized.

P. Semeniouta (AL Southeast Suburbs)

[1] Read " Air France: the strike overcomes the categorial divisions ", Alternative 
Libertaire, May 2018.

[2] A member of Solidaires, Alter pushes out of corporatism.



Message: 2

If employees from different countries do not keep contacts with each other, it is easier 
to manipulate them - an interview with an employee of the VW factory in Braunschweig, 
which appeared in the Volkswagen Workers' Volunteering Workshop. You can download the 
entire newspaper HERE. ---- In what factory do you work and what terms of employment do 
you look like? ---- I work 18 years in a plant in Braunschweig, it is the first factory 
founded by VW. Currently, it employs approx. 8.2 thousand employees. We do not assemble 
cars, but we produce components: steering systems, shock absorbers, brake discs, etc. In 
Braunschweig there is also the headquarters of VW Bank, which employs approx. employees. 
VW in Germany employs approx. 120,000 directly employees.
I am employed on a contract before 2006. Employed after this year are working on worse 
conditions. I have the highest grade that can be achieved in my plant, I earn about 28 
euros gross per hour, I have a contract for an indefinite period, my full time is 33 
hours. weekly, I earn about 3900 euros gross per month plus allowances for changes. 
Employees employed by the daughter company VW AutoVision (now the Volkswagen Service 
Group) do the same work but work 35 hours. weekly and earn about 1650 euros net. 
Currently, 1,000 people at the Brunswick plant have been employed by AutoVision.

What about the collective agreement, does he not include the agency employed?

The provisions of the collective agreement cover only those directly employed by VW. At 
present, we are not employed by temporary employment agencies. In 2017, German law was 
changed under the pressure of the European Union. Previously, an agency worker could have 
earned much less than a direct employee, now he must basically earn the same amount. VW, 
however, has a different way to maintain bad working conditions - it's outsourcing. 
Employees of subcontractors can legally earn much less and work longer. VW has created its 
own subcontractor, a daughter company of the Volkswagen Service Group, which carries out 
various jobs in the plant. This form of outsourcing started with us about 15 years ago. It 
serves to deteriorate the working conditions of all employees. VW employs more and more 
employees in worse conditions and thus divides employees into better and worse ones. 
Although often both groups do the same job, their wages vary. This puts pressure on those 
employed directly. They see that it can always be worse, so there is no point in demanding 
better conditions. In this way, the working conditions of the general crew worsen, not 
only the employees employed by the subcontractors.

Do you belong to a trade union?

In Germany, setting up an independent trade union is very difficult because very high 
legal requirements have to be met. I do not have much choice, so I'm in IG Metall. 
Monopoly IG Metall in the group is very convenient for trade union bureaucrats as well as 
for the management of the company. Both support each other because they share a common 
interest. It consists in gaining better and better stools by the small group of 
careerists. An independent union and employees who wanted to improve working conditions 
could disturb them. IG Metall from the beginning of the 90s is more concerned with the 
interest of the group and not on the interest of employees. The union assumed that its 
main task is to maintain high efficiency, and hence the competitiveness of individual 
locations. He put the struggle for better wages to the background.

The desire to reduce production costs is obviously reflected on employees. Since 1990, 
trade unionists and management have threatened us that Eastern Europe will take over 
production. In this way, crews from different countries are putting on themselves. They 
are scaring us Poles and they say that employees from other countries are cheaper and we 
have to compete with them. In this way, the company tries to use national differences. The 
truth is that Polish and German employees share a common interest. VW and IG Metall do not 
want to strengthen contacts between those who work on lines in Germany and Poland. If 
employees from different countries do not have contacts with each other, they are easier 
to manipulate.

Similarly with us. The management and its supporters do not want the regular employees 
from Poland and Germany to maintain direct contacts with each other. Therefore, there are 
many myths, for example regarding your working conditions.

Usually, changes related to deterioration of working conditions are first introduced in 
Germany. For example, weekend changes, subcontracting, adding various bets to each other, 
so that they compete with each other for the one that will produce more and cheaper. Trade 
unions can also be drawn into a race to increase production and fight each other in this 
respect. Instead of having higher wages for everyone, they are fighting for higher 

For example, the issue of change. My department starts on Monday morning and finishes work 
on Sunday morning. We work in a four-brigade system. In Germany, work on Sunday is 
forbidden, but VW convinces local authorities that the department that works on Sunday is 
on the brink of bankruptcy and gets permission to run Sunday production every three 
months. The board introduces complex change systems to produce as much as possible with 
the minimum number of people, tools and surfaces. It's hard to get to know each other when 
other people are working in neighboring departments. What's more, the introduction of 
weekend changes made it difficult to meet together after work. Such a system makes it 
difficult to conduct independent trade union activities. If you can not meet after work 
with your colleagues, all trade union activities can only be carried out by bureaucrats, 
who are full-time and have time. The introduction of weekend changes has strengthened IG 
Metall's monopoly, so I doubt that Solidarity would effectively oppose the introduction of 
18 changes or subsequent changes. They take an example from IG Metall and they know that 
it will further strengthen their domination over the crew.

How do you know that the Workers' Initiative committee was established in Poznan?

The last year's strike in Bratislava, a strike in Portugal, or the dismissal of employees 
from Antoninek for establishing the Workers' Initiative committee is not said at all. 
Mount IG Metall keeps all contacts and does not allow many employees from different 
countries to contact each other. When we learned from the newspaper about the dismissal of 
employees from Antoninek, we wanted IG Metall to make a move to defend them. Our 
relationship was useless in this respect, so without looking at them as regular employees, 
we made contact with the Initiative.



Message: 3

On June 25, 1878, nearly 3,000 Kanak people invested the village of La Foa, in the west of 
the French colony of New Caledonia. After killing four gendarmes and some settlers, the 
insurgents release a imprisoned Kanak leader. This is the beginning of a guerrilla war 
against colonization that swallows very quickly very vast territories that the Kanak can 
no longer cultivate. ---- "  The day our taros go to eat your cattle, we will fence around 
our crops.  " (Atai, before the insurrection of 1878.) ---- The taking possession of New 
Caledonia by Rear Admiral Febvrier-Despointes in the name of Emperor Napoleon III took 
place on September 24, 1853 near Balade, in the extreme north of the territory, in the 
presence of missionaries and soldiers. a hundred baptized Kanaks. "  From this day, this 
land is French and national property   ," proclaims the representative of France. From now 
on, the damage to the Kanak land heritage becomes " legitimate  In French law. They are 
progressive and hunt the first occupants of their ancestral and sacred lands. Since that 
date, a veritable turning point in the history of the Kanak people and marking the 
beginning of colonization, the Kanak have remained in a de facto apartheid situation in a 
colonial setting. They are still today carrying a true original community civilization 
organized around the "   custom   " made of donations and counter-donations, without 
classes and without state where the human relations and the forms of production according 
to the needs of each one are linked to a philosophy that excludes any form of domination, 
exploitation and oppression, with '   heads  That the functions of speech-holder and 
repository of oral memory do not lie above society and its rules.

This colonization did not take place without the reactions of the local populations who 
were struggling to live, the refusal to procreate, despair in the midst of deadly 
epidemics due to new viruses, famines leading to the decline of the Kanak population 
during the sixties. the first ten years (from 1853 to 1921) to violent revolts, some of 
which will lead to real insurrections.

"   The main cause of the uprising is the land which is not only a means of subsistence 
for the Kanak but also its raison d'être: the reference of the clan in its exchanges, 
symbol of its unity, resting place of the ancestor common,   " wrote Wassissi Iopué, 
representative of FLNKS in France in the late 1980s  [1].

An insurrection for the earth
Indeed, land grabbing is at the center of the Kanak resistance to colonization. Upon 
taking possession, it was argued that the French state would buy the land from the Kanak 
to avoid any wild colonization. But the arrival of the galleys changed the situation, and 
the native property was abolished in 1862, the French State allocating all the lands. In 
1865, a temporary occupation permit was created to facilitate the settlement of "   free 
deportees   " ; these, generally without any competence in agriculture, will develop an 
extensive breeding on good Kanak lands producing their yam and taro-based food, forcing 
the Kanak to retreat to poorer land in the mountains. Since 1853, Kanak aggression has 
been increasing. These burn farms, massacre isolated settlers. In retaliation, the French 
army ravages villages, kills rebel leaders. In 1868, the administration admitted the " 
inalienable and incommutable property   " of the aboriginals while reserving a right of 
expropriation, thus allowing itself to delimit at will the lands Kanak. But in 1876 the 
administration began issuing occupation permits for the entire colony. Nearly 3,000 
settlers settle   in the bush  ". With the drought of 1877, herds of cattle began to 
invade Kanak crops. Whole villages are reduced to scarcity. All these conjugated elements 
trigger the insurrection.

Twelve months of guerrilla war
 From June 1878 to June 1879, the great leader Ataï succeeded in uniting many tribes 
against the land pressure of the new settlers and their extensive breeding (the first 
inhabitants of the archipelago then occupied only 10% of the Grande Terre, the large 
island of the archipelago). The insurgents lead a real guerrilla movement by moving 
incessantly, holding the bush while hiding in secret refuges in the mountains. They cut 
the transmissions by destroying the telegraph wires. The soldiers burn the villages 
deserted by their inhabitants. Dozens of farms are attacked and nearly 200 settlers 
killed. France sends reinforcements in men and weapons. It is in a way the first Kanak " 
national   " event.

Engraving of Chief Atai in customary attire
The "   cleansing   " of the guerrillas lasts eight months and requires multiple 
expeditions both by land and sea. We see then the majority of deported Communards, arrived 
in 1872 and bearers of the prejudices of the time against populations called "   primitive 
   "seek weapons to their guards to quell the"   cannibals  ", With the exception of a few 
around Louise Michel and Charles Malato, anarchists in solidarity with the insurgents and 
true first white actors of anticolonialist support - Louise Michel, engaged voluntarily in 
a pedagogical work in the tribes, up to to hand over his red scarf of the Commune to 
emissaries of Atai on the eve of the insurrection. Thousands of Kanaks will come to greet 
the departure of Louise Michel "   the insubordinate   " on the quays of Nouméa in 1880  ; 
and even today, his memory is very present in the Melanesian population.

A century of revolts
The state of war lasts nearly eighteen months and the repression is terrible with nearly 
2,000 Kanak dead. Ataï was murdered by Kanaks from the Canala region "   rallied   " in 
September 1878. Some insurgent tribes were deported in March 1879 to islands at the ends 
of the Grande Terre, Belep in the north, to the Isle of Pines in the south.

The head of Ataï is sent to France in a jar of formaldehyde with that of his "   sorcerer 
" trophy, then studied by the famous professor Broca, founder of the Society of 
Anthropology of Paris, and exhibited in 1879. Found in 2011 in the reserves of the Museum 
of Man at the National Museum of Natural History, the two skulls were returned by the 
French government in August 2014 while the descendants of Ataï and Kanak nationalists had 
been asking for their return for decades in vain.

The second major Kanak revolt, consisting of multiple harassment operations, will take 
place from February to July 1917 around the chiefs Doui Bouarate and Noël Néa. Prepared 
for a long time, it is triggered by the forced recruitment of "   volunteers   " Kanak in 
the context of the war of 14-18  [2]. The French government will take advantage of the 
divisions sparked by the colonial system in the Kanak world to overcome the uprising by 
creating an expeditionary force of pro-French tribes against the backdrop of the capture 
of the insurgents. Chief Christmas is killed, and in 1918 the 73 Kanak trial resulted in 
five death sentences.

Then, it will be necessary to wait for the Kanak awakening of the years 1960 then the " 
events   " of the 1980s so that the claim of the Kanak people of its full sovereignty and 
the independence of the Kanaky is put on the agenda. She stays it.

Daniel Guerrier, former co-president of the association Information and support for the 
rights of the Kanak people

A century of colonization
3000 years: The arrival of South-East Asian peoples on the island, the Austronesians, 
ancestors of the Kanak. Civilization "   lapita   ", then from about the year 1000, Kanak 

1774: James Cook discovers the lands he will call "   New Caledonia   ", with reference to 

1844: landing of the first French soldiers.

1847: First massacres of Kanak.

January 20, 1855: the lands are proclaimed properties of the French State.

1859: creation of "   reserves for the natives   ".

1864: the territory becomes penal colony to accommodate convicts to forced labor, the " 
transportées   ". Beginning of settlement colonization penal (prison) and free on the 
Grande Terre (the Loyalty will know no settlement colonization).

1866: discovery of the "   garnierite   " (nickel ore, named after its discoverer Jules 
Garnier). Beginning of nickel mining, with Vietnamese, Javanese and Indian labor.

December 24, 1867: decree creating the tribe or "   chieftaincy   ", with groups of clans 
(on the model of Polynesian influence existing in the Loyalty), collectivity recognized 
administratively by the colonial power.

1870: Arrival of Reunionese to plant sugar cane.

1872: arrival of the 4,300 deportees of La Commune of 1871 (including Louise Michel and 
Charles Malato). Arrival of Alsatian and Lorraine free settlers who refused to annex their 
region in the German Empire after the French defeat.

1873 : Arrival of the more than 2,000 deportees of insurrections in Algeria (mainly that 
of the Mokrani of 1871).

June 1878: beginning of the insurrection. There are only about 21,000 Kanak (about 8,000 
potential warriors) in Grande Terre.

Referendum of self-determination, a chance or a trap ?
Following the Matignon Accords of 1988, signed by Jean-Marie Tjibaou for the FLNKS (in a 
position of extreme weakness following the Ouvéa assault), Jacques Lafleur for the RPCR (" 
   loyalist   ") and Michel Rocard for the French government, followed by those of Nouméa 
of 1998 signed by the FLNKS, the Rally for Caledonia in the Republic (RPCR) and 
representatives of the French government on the spot, the deadline of the referendum of 
self-determination arrives with 2018 The Committee of Signatories chose the date, November 
4, and the question asked during his last visit to Paris in March: "   Do you want New 
Caledonia to achieve full sovereignty and become independent  ?  "

Its result is almost known in advance, it will be negative for the claim of the Kanak 
people, given:

- the demographic distribution of the different populations present in the Territory, in 
which the Kanak do not represent today, with more than 100,000 people (which is in itself 
a "   victory   " compared to the population of some 20,000 individuals in the 1920s), 
that nearly 40% of the total population ;

- the special electorate, which allows individuals who have had a permanent residence in 
the Territory since 1994 to vote (and arrivals have continued many after the Matignon 
agreements) ;

- that this same electorate is tainted with numerous loopholes (thousands of Kanaks that 
are said to be "   untraceable   " and unregistered, many young Kanaks who are 
unregistered and abstainers, fraudulent registrations in municipalities that are 
predominantly "   loyalist   " ...)

- and that it is not organized by an international institution like the UN, but by the 
colonial power itself with only the control of UN experts.

Admittedly, the agreements provide for two other referendums of self-determination, in 
2020 and 2022, to be organized ; but if the latter was still negative, the blocked 
electoral body would disappear and the last newly-appointed "   metro   " on the spot 
could vote according to French common law, and that would be the end of any possibility of 
independence by electoral means. Fortunately, the French Constitution does not include an 
article similar to the 155 of the Spanish Constitution (which removed all autonomy from 
Catalonia). The current autonomy of New Caledonia would be maintained, and it is important 
(it corresponds to that which is claimed today by the Corsicans of the former FLNC !).

In this context, the Kanak people are divided on the attitude to have: the signatory 
organizations of the Accords are almost obliged to accept the rules of the game while 
predicting the result, and looking for ways to ensure that failure not happen again three 
times ; while other currents would prefer the boycotter of entry.

But as was well summed up, at the FLNKS convention on April 28 and 29, Daniel Goa, current 
spokesman of the Front: "   A people who loses united is a people who was made a minority 
at home by the colonization of stand. If the people lose because they are divided, what 
credibility does he keep for the rest of his fight  ?  "

So let us wish the Kanak people a common unitary position, whatever emerges from the 
consensus in the tradition of their culture, while recalling the last words of Jean-Marie 
Tjibaou shortly before dying: "   The blood of the dead remains alive.  " Whatever happens 
on November 4th, the claim remains  !

Daniel Guerrier

[1] Wassissi Iopué, in The Bicentennial and these so-called French islands, Syllepse, 1989).

[2] "   1917: Kanaks make war on war   " , Alternative Libertaire, April 2017.



Message: 4

The Kurdish journalist Behrouz Boochani has left Iran when the police began to capture his 
associates. He has been staying on the island of Manous for more than four years, 
according to Australia's border protection policy. In a letter to CNNi, he describes the 
situation in state prisons, expressing the desperation felt by those held there. ---- 
Boochani's letter reads: ---- "We are forgotten people, thrown into forgotten islands. 
---- I write to you from the island of Manous. I write you from where they hold me despite 
my will. I am writing to you while I am isolated here with 700 people on this remote 
island in the north of Papua New Guinea. ---- The Australian government has kept us here 
as hostages for five years. A great distance from us, on the other side of the sea, is 
Nauru Island, an island state in the middle of a silent ocean. Almost 1,000 women, 
children and men are held there as hostages. Like us, they were also exiled by the 
Australian government.

We are victims of a practice that I define as a hostage that enjoys government approval. 
This practice has been recognized by many who have studied our situation whether they are 
members of the general population, journalists or human rights defenders.

Those are the ones who point out that the Australian government refuses to accept us and 
that recently it has rejected New Zealand's generous offer to accept us. New Zealand has 
publicly announced that it is willing to offer some of us a free and safe life.

Recently, a refugee named Rohinga, named Salim, committed suicide. He was a 50-year-old 
man, who had one woman and three children, seven, nine, and twelve. A friend of mine, also 
Rohingya, told me that Salim had managed to escape the genocide that was going on in his 
country and hoped that by putting his life at risk he could at some point provide a safe 
future for the family of.

In 2013, Salim successfully managed to cross a dangerous ocean with a rotten boat. 
According to his friend, Salim arrived in Australia sometime after July 19, 2013. On that 
day, a government measure was launched to deal with the expulsion and exile of those 
arriving in Australia by boats on the Isle of Manos and Nauru.

The Australian government has imprisoned him for five years, initially in a prison deep 
inside the Manus jungle, and for the last six months in a prison near the only island 
town. From this prison I write about the death of Salim and the future of the other 
refugees who are here.

Salim suffered from epilepsy, my friend said. During all these years in prison, he never 
received medical treatment for his condition. Instead, he often suffered humiliation 
because of the tough methods of psychological, emotional and physical torture on which the 
prison system is based. Having suffered from his illness and the pain caused by this 
treatment for five years, he died a terrible death.

He told his friends that he could not stand the agony and hassle, he said he was tired of 
this life. Salim is the third one in a year that tragically dies of a possible suicide. He 
is the eleventh who loses his life in the prisons on these isolated islands, according to 
Amnesty International.

Now, the refugees exiled to these places are wondering: "Who will become the next victim 
of such a sacrifice?" The reality is that refugees are wondering the same thing over and 
over again for years. With the death of another refugee we feel even more terrible the 
shadow of death that surrounds us. Death calls us and the sound gets stronger every day.

Salih's imprisonment and death symbolize hundreds of people who suffer as a result of the 
Australian government's political games. For years we have been living without rights and 
without dignity in these abandoned and horrific prisons.

Many have ignored the fact that the same government that has been violent to us has 
recently secured a seat in the UN Human Rights Council. Internationally recognized human 
rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the UN High 
Commissioner for Refugees have accused Australia of violating human rights in many 
different circumstances. Yet, the country's government continues to defend its practices 
and insists on continuing the methods of exile and torture.

Australia seems to have a moral advantage and supports its heartless approach. She 
explains to her citizens: "We have them detained to save the lives of others who would try 
to cross the sea." What is remarkable in all this is that, to date, they have managed to 
brainwash Australian citizens with this tough ideology, the ideology that allows them to 
violate human rights.

It is clear that the refugees on the islands of Manos and Nauru have been forgotten, our 
misery has been erased by the chaos that surrounds the world. The only case where the 
media is dealing with us is when someone dies because of the psychological torture or 
physical negligence they are experiencing here, but even then they are only dealing with 
us for a moment.

It seems that we are disappearing from publicity until the next of us dies. It appears 
that the message from the island of Manos - as well as the message of women, children and 
families on Nauru Island - is handed over only when we pay the price of death.

The only thing that remains stable is this endless disaster. We are forgotten people 
thrown into forgotten islands. The question remains: "Who will be the next to be 
sacrificed? Whose death will allow innocent voices to be heard again in the media?" Which 
death will act as another message in the world that we are sheltered in these island islands?

I have the feeling that all the years that I have spent dealing with journalism and 
writing on this island have not changed anything. Even if the whole world hears our 
voices, I dare say that nothing will happen. It seems that the world is so busy that we 
can not perceive the complexity of our situation. It seems that the world is too tired to 
do something. "



Message: 5

London anarchist federation are please to welcome Simon Springer, anarchist geographer, to 
discuss ‘Beautiful Anarchism: Geography, Possibility, Hope'.
Simon is the author of the Anarchist Roots of
Geography, Fuck Neoliberalism, the handbook of neoliberalism, among others. More 
information is available on his website: http://people.geog.uvic.ca/springer
We will be taking donations on the night to maintain the LARC space and for London AF 
publications and events.
FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1564063257044342/



Message: 6

of 31/5) ---- A typical case of state conspiracy and repression is that of Heranas B. and 
Pericles M. In the summer of 2017 he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for their 
personal relationship with an accused for participation in the "Kernels of Fire" 
organization and even though he was acquitted! The Appeals Council has repeatedly rejected 
the request to release them on the grounds that they are likely to commit new offenses. 
Recently, the Court of First Instance has launched the second instance of the case. The 
final ruling of the Appellate Court will be on 28 June. ---- Within this suppressive 
framework is also the persecution of communist Turgut Kaya who has been persecuted and 
imprisoned (with arbitrary arrests, torture, and detention in the special F prison) 
repeatedly by the Turkish State for his participation in the struggle and his policies 
beliefs. Turgut Kaya was arrested in February by the Greek authorities according to 
Interpol's "Red Alarm" at the request of the Turkish regime.

Opposite the world of power to raise the struggle communities, to organize our social and 
class fronts and our political presence to overthrow the plans of the political and 
economic elites. Let us fight to break the regime of political prisoners, oppose state 
repression and attempt to enlarge it, highlight the fate of state struggles at the expense 
of militants, fight state revival, and let none of us alone hands of the state.


CONCENTRATION OF SOLIDARITY: Tuesday 26/6, 6:30 pm, Esperos (pg.Georgiou)

anarchist group "dignified horse" - member of APO and comrades, equal


Message: 7

Class struggle ---- Revolutionary hemispasm or anarchism can actually be created through 
the class struggle, and if the non-thought-provoking thinkers are not interested in 
explaining this topic in Marxism , they have seen this matter in another dimension . And 
this section is not like any mechanical method. Nirajabada or the exceptions in section 
views enarkijamah Marx engelasadera flow nirajabadidera opinion , marksistagana think , 
the industry could be established sramikagana kartrkai socialism , and science book comply 
with the working class can bring about the final victory. On the other hand , nirajabadira 
said , 1914 has already achieved success in different ways , poor farmers and artisan 
class, and may play a role in the revolution ,However, they have less publicity than those 
of the art workers. So we have seen , Marxists criticize the henchmen as the patent 
bourgeoisie. Marx's statement seems ridiculous when analyzing the modern meaning of the 
word. Marx separates the bourgeoisie in this way (those who are employers and businessmen) 
and those few in number. For example, self-employed workers.) Marx called the ' Nirjibhas 
' as ' patiburga ' and forced them into mixed capitalist society. And the poor farmers 
gave a break in the society and the industrial society , many people do not accept this 
type of statement and go on the path of violence - because such meditation ideas 
disappoint many people. In his speech , there were guarantees for industrial workers only 
,Referring to some events of the Barça and Peris commune, he presented such statements in 
the context of the breakdown of the economy. In this changing sense, the doctors and the 
management of the bank were just as frustrated as the bankers were forced to engage in the 
industry. Which was a genuinely humorous attempt. Marx thinks that the industrial workers 
can not think for themselves - they are not qualified as retired people , independent 
people and self-employed people. Therefore, to create the mentality of trade union, the ' 
educated people ' must be led. Which can come from outside. Those who may not be 
frustrated This kind of thinking was like the thinking of a very noble class ,Later the 
students were publicized. Marx certainly did not consider the situation today. At that 
time there was no disappointment among the students and many now suffer frustration. 
Because they are forced to do the same kind of work, they suffer from depression.

Seeing in the light of Marxian thought that people have to work in singing or being 
unemployed , for many reasons people are in the profession in the reproduction sector. In 
his time there was a revolutionary class; Only those who produce can be naturally liberal 
, because they need not be exploited later. In the Western countries, there is a need to 
replace the proletariat in the place of old ' bourgeois ' . Pujibadidera place of arrival 
of the working class , to the left of the transition approaches . Left politics was 
necessary for the right to emerge. But in the western world, we can see the reverse 
chariot going on. The factory, which is engaged in physical labor, is able to sell super 
market,People are employed as sales executives or assistants in shopping malls and shops. 
Now they are not productive, they are now only doing service work. When the industrial 
workers started to develop, the movement of activists and activists started , and some of 
them were invented by workers , they are the leaders of leadership, and they think that 
they do not have the ability to lead from the Mujru community. Enku syndicalism is the 
organization that runs the action place movement and is ready to take possession of 
environmental conditions. Is it more effective than conventional trade union and able to 
avoid the state-run economy at the same time?Anarchism and Marxism None of these workers 
have given a fairly advanced training (only some promising literature and poetry slogans 
taught) - It's like many Christian socialists. Pratikriyasilatake was not even the right 
direction and to avoid , on the other hand for their genuine lack of education and 
opportunity in the changed circumstances was a strong tide birudhitara. They did not have 
the patience to read the environment and , as a result, they are not Firishta the human , 
ethical, and were not very advanced ,As a result, it is the result of their own work that 
gets their own exposure. So there is no option to arrange qualifications. Only the angels 
are capable of doing all the work that is needed - not in this world. Workers will be able 
to become efficient and capable to operate the world affairs. Enarko-syndicalist 
federation , Bangladesh is continuing to continue the work.

Regarding the control of the workforce

Regarding establishing the control of workers in the workplace , we have different 
opinions and statements regarding those who say that workers need to be involved in the 
management of the capitalist system and in the field of work, or they need to change their 
priorities in the management. The concept of self-management in the capitalist system is a 
significant reform , but such tasks are easy to implement at some point of time , in the 
case of external interference , it again creates problems and creates problems. However, 
there is no way to syndicalism. But there is a similarity with syndicalism, and it will be 
the next day society will be self-governed nature.

We do not want any kind of priority of the workers, nor their representatives' dominance. 
We support the sharing of art into small fragments. We do not support the ' 
nationalization ' = state control policy. We must give more importance to the person's 
freedom , in any way, class issues can not be given priority. Even if necessary, a lazy 
person will be harmless and kept. But none of these things can change society. 
Self-employed workers and artisans do not play a significant role like a period of time 
(maybe this process will lead to new society). Someone may be happy to get his choice 
,Someone else is happy, getting salary or wages as per his needs. But in the society, it 
is important to ensure that everyone gets the job to meet their needs.

We are seeing in recent times people prefer self-regulated occupation. Now, in different 
countries, large art industries are being confined, the ruling class thinks there is no 
need for these industries anymore for capitalism. Those who are outside of the main trends 
of capitalism is being made to bring together a maoka , we can apply that , if we are able 
to achieve success in our work. It is now necessary to unravel the reasons behind the 
return of the capitalist system , so that it can be used in the form of Enarku - syndicalism.

Organization and Anarchism

Those who come from the ruling party or the party, it is hard to imagine how any kind of 
government will run without government! They are still thinking about, and sit together , 
' Nirajabad or anarchism is not believing in any organization ' . But the government means 
some people , and the organization is one thing. There is a kind of traditional faith , 
opponents , their bodies could not build the broken bodies of others ', this kind of 
thinking becomes dangerous prayasa , the group becomes stronger than the padasopanera 
importance , as a result of people's personal liberties were killed.

There is no way to not acknowledge that if a suitable person is not assembled in the right 
place , then a true auspicious organization can not be established , at some places in 
different places of the world some democratic organizations have been formed and the 
autocratic organization has been born , these can be either pedestrians or liberal 
organizations - However , it is not as neutral , it is proved that the organization must 
be from the bottom upwards organization. It will not be different. It will be ridiculous 
if you prepare and send the committee committee to the center.

There are many trade unions, especially those who perform disciplined actions in 
conjunction with the capitalist system , among them there are practices of pedestrians; 
But to see how many workers are able to keep them organized? If they are listed in the 
list, then it will be safe to protect their interests. Otherwise, it will come out by 
renouncing or canceling names from the list. They must be allowed to come freely , all 
threats will have to be blamed. When the influence of fascism increases, the dignity of 
the workers falls down ,In that situation, the independence and interest of the employer 
gets enriched and continued. Najib had only marginalized the independence and interest of 
a small number of capitalists, and in the limited form, the hopes of the workers were 
dissipated. Only the vulnerable unions have learned that how the real rooftops movement 
can be sustained by reducing the central control , whether in an aesthetic or informal 
process , almost all theories have been adopted at the field or grassroot level.

In an authoritarian society, the role of a neurobiologist is

The great thinker Thor said, " The best place for an independent person is a prison in a 
slave society ", ( he spent only there night). It is a promise that is kind of a 
day-to-day , the real thing is that it is not a real residence place. A revolutionary has 
to always be prepared for oppression and justice , a miserable person can have confidence 
in such matters. Such activities usually go on individual levels , it is difficult to 
predict how far the revolutionary role will play: This is a kind of work that is not 
predictable and possible beforehand. Enchanters or neurologists have been able to do such 
work , they have been playing a breakthrough in social or various revolutionary 
activities. For example -Liberal education , labor movement , joint or personal junking etc.

When we think of Anchor-syndicalism, we can say that the real social change or revolution 
can only come through economic change. That is right, because of personal initiative or 
role, some can work in the development of liberalism. A personal initiative means that 
some people who have the same mentality, set a commune in different places and live their 
lives according to their own interests and ignores the other activities of the world. None 
of the borrowed. Those who establish this commune, once at a time when they were living in 
the free-market economy, many problems were encountered -In this case maybe they can 
overcome it. But such projects do not seem to play a role in social revolution. Actually, 
there is no huge social change in the role of single person. The entire nation under a 
dictatorship, and one after another, each person has to sacrifice ourselves for you , when 
all men will not aikyabadba head of the hydra that will not kill unless or until 
sbairacarake impossible to develop a new society. Instead of making ordinary people 
unbiased, only a few people can show courage and skill, while tyrannical tyrants can 
execute mass killings. In that case, there must be a situation that people will be 
standing in line to enter the Gaschem (literally speaking). We do not think that " workers 
can not make mistakes "; Yes ,May be wrong. But the organization is power! We always talk 
of mass movement and mass struggle because the labor class has a huge power in hand. The 
proletariat can break the old economy and establish new system. By the hands of the 
working people, the new open society can be established in the world , they can take 
control of all the tasks and can overcome the authority management. Now they are able to 
confront all labor force.


Anarchism or a heresy society is a political ideology that declares " liberty without 
socialism is wrong and injustice is a libertarian socialism that is slavery and nostrilism".

Syndicalism is a labor movement. The word originated from France's syndicalism. It plays a 
role in the fight for their interests by uniting workers.

Enerk-syndicalism is the movement of the working-laborers. A large revolutionary team from 
and under the small inventory group , the liberal organizations are developing to control 
the grassroots.

Earnco-Syndicalist wants to work with other revolutionary organizations. Initially, at the 
local level, small groups and industrialists want to build a network, they want to move 
from grassroots to different levels of work through direct or diktat action to take on the 
level of strike and occupation.

Enarko-syndicalist policy is not to recruit someone but rather to exchange personal views 
, make statements through general meetings , and clear their position in front of everyone 
, so that interested persons can take part in themselves. In that meeting, the leader of 
the struggle for solidarity said , direct action and self to organize.

Judging from this point it is clear that Enarko - syndicalist and unionism are not of any 
nature in any way. Our aim is to give preference to economic interests and so-called 
workers parties work for political interests. Enkko-syndicalism is self-organized against 
both political and economic disparities.

It is a matter of fact that we learn from our own team , we work from within each other , 
we use our power themselves, we do not need any officer , political leader or vanguard. 
This process we can say is that model that model we want to make the next world. Where the 
corner boss , the king will not be: true free communism.

The basic principle of Encore-syndicalism is to create a deep relationship between 
themselves in the field of action, whether the workers themselves are in the team or the 
unity is developed inside and outside. That unity will help us to win our own interests to 
fight against the government , bureaucrats , bosses and the hijur. We are the government , 
the state , Level unauthorized community or society Neeraj want to build. Where people 
will ' work in support , and will be in demand ' - All the representation of the field of 
action will be based on the opinions of all and it must be recalled. And this is the true 
free communism.

We want to build such a society through class struggle. The goal of our work is to carry 
out promotional, cooperative , and developmental work in the local and international 
sectors to accelerate the struggle . This type of work will help build a dream society and 
help everyone to be united. We have been following the following policies:

Solidarity: 'Ekatai Bol ' is a comparison of a person who is powerless. Boss , bureaucracy 
, state , or any leader can not do much alone. But if everyone works united then Ganesh 
will be overturned. Go to the table easily.

Direct Action: We will not call any political party or leader to work for us on our 
behalf, I will do whatever we want.

Self organization: We will control the struggle of struggle through general meeting, we 
will learn from each other , we will try so that no one is sold or the work is stagnant.

Encore - What do the syndicalists do?

Encore-syndicalist people are involved in various types of work and social work, some of 
which are long-term and there are some short-term types.

Organizing in the field of work: Work wages and work environment.

Social organization: Home and environment related to the people.

Strike and solidarity in possession: Picketing, funding and other assistance.

Help for the workers: Picketing, strike , help in procession to help in trouble.

Net working: To do this, establish relationships with groups , groups and individuals 
working for this purpose .

An alternative method of organizing meetings of the economic situation, war , the 
atmosphere changes and the politics of the workers affected. To present those things to 
the public.

Run propaganda propaganda: Regularly publish leaflets, newsletters , magazines. Promoting 
solidarity , direct action , and ideas of self organization in front of everyone.

What does the society want?

It is a historical fact that implementing any new model is a hardship. The old ideas did 
not leave their place in a very easy way. History tells us that it is, and , the old 
system to the new system journeymen always brutally attacked , and even killed nisturatara 
shelter , forced disappearance and murder hetheche the way. Amyaadera and remember that 
word will have to move forward. To maintain a bright and durable distance for implementing 
the enlightened and advanced models, the dice can not be prepared and backed up. To build 
a boat, such as a hatchery bollet is needed; Drill machine is required to make the wall 
hole , we will have to provide the necessary items and catalogs to build a new social 
system. Our tool is the norm.

Anarchism does not want to run away from the usual way to create new society. Rather, it 
is the most revolutionary and uncompromising. As a newly developed system, people want to 
appear before the world. This system wants to uproot all the bishops from the world and 
the promise to build a new society.

So far as to what has been said about the hereditary society or enchantment or what has 
been done to answer this, we have to write a huge book. I want to present only two things 
to you here. And what does it really mean?

One strange thing is that Anarchism gives guidance to a path enlightened in front of the 
Viridhi. It is not so important that knowledge and knowledge of ignorance is very 
important. But we have not been able to present it to everyone today. There is still a lot 
of ignorance about this, the level of heavy, knowledge and tolerance is very low. But 
sometimes, many people like children. " What " " What's the reason?" Is asked. People 
still do not know much about the hedge society. The way people acquire knowledge, others 
can not do it.

There is a general talk about human beings in the society. The first thing is, anarchism 
or a heresy society is a matter of fact , if they say something beautiful. Secondly , 
anarchism or anarchism is a terrorism , a mantra of destruction , so it should be 
discarded considering it as a bad and dangerous thing. Wise and ignorant almost everyone 
makes simple judgments that memorize and listen to what is not realistic.

What does the society want?

Oscar Wild said, " Anarchism" is a realistic project. Imagination is not cheerful. Such 
projects are still present in some of the world's societies , or it is possible to 
implement under the current system; It is possible to establish this kind of society at 
the current circumstances, instead of accepting something other than it is wrong or 
absurd. If we want to reclaim our past mistake of all kinds , all I want to end the absurd 
, the new and thekasai want to introduce the system, but there is no alternative to 
building Neeraj society. No other system can give us such a good way as to make mistakes 
and fools; Certainly there is no such wonderful arrangement, like the hedge society. It 
shows a new world , a new generation dream.

The ignorant and ignorant people are passionately trying to portray the henchmen with a 
bloody story in a wrong way. However, there is no relation with any kind of action that 
has a hedged society. In the hereditary society, it is not possible to think of turning a 
child into bad people. Anarchism or austerity society, by making every effort to stop all 
black monsters from performing social evil activities.

Violence and destructive work! Often a common citizen does not know how violence is 
organized in a society; And what is the crime of suppressing social crime or socialism? He 
does not know what is the verse or weapon of innocence in the midst of a society and the 
destruction of destructive work existed with innate medicine. By annihilating all the 
parasites of the society, the hejid society will create an atmosphere of peace to defend 

Someone may think that there is no need for much energy to condemn evil deeds. But in 
reality, real power is needed to eliminate bad things. If we look at the issue of abusive 
behavior and look at it at the beginning, then if people condemn anything, it can not be 
right in any way. The people who do not want to quit are forced to leave. The true freedom 
of the people is needed.

Enarkijama say, as people think of us , something needs to be well analyzed and 
investigations of each case; It is not right to impose restrictions on the thinking of 
people on energy. I will try to discuss it with a brief definition of anarchism or anarchism.

What does the society want?

Anarchism is a political doctrine that speaks of human and universal independence as the 
invented doctrine of man; Which rejected all forms of government , all the violence , and 
imposed law and freed the people from the harmful situation. This is what the government 
considers to be an obscene person.

This new life system improves people from all forms of superstitious and thought- 
provoking, it removes every evil wound in the human system of life. The big bad wounds of 
society are , - mismanagement of the economy. Anarchism takes a different view of the 
level of human life - analyzes individual and social, and analyzes all external and internal.

Looking forward to the history of mankind, we see that two major issues or conflicts have 
always hurt people; So we have to understand these issues well. These things are not 
things external, but things inside us. And these are , social and personal instincts. 
Individuals and society are not isolated issues , but they have come in all over conflict 
and struggle. This mentality, which is bigger than anyone in the society, has all started 
in the world. Again, one has become chesty to grow bigger than another. People have been 
able to evaluate each other. As individual and social engagement , development , many 
progressives , ambition or self-realize as helpful to go ahead and have been the cause of 
conflict. Again ,May be helpful for social welfare.

There is no need to go far to find people's queries. In ancient times, people could not 
understand a lot. They thought of themselves as the dolls of an unknown and hidden energy. 
They were not aware of their own power and strength. They cheered for the satisfaction of 
the unknown energy. This leads to the formation of religious sentiment and conduct. In the 
beginning it started like a windstorm like a sandstorm, and later it became strong. They 
were looking for their own salvation in complete surrender to that power. In the 
continuation of God, church , state ,The emergence of society etc. They take possession of 
all the powers and power reserves, that is the unknown power. The welfare and glory of the 
people are within the giving of itself to that energy. The ideas of the people that they 
have no power of their own. All the powers are those hidden energy. But the true fact is 
that when people are aware of themselves or if they wake up themselves, they can 
accomplish unbelievable tasks in the world.

Anarchism is the only philosophy that makes people aware personally; The Lord tells it , 
the state , society is really existence. These people do not really do anything to make 
promises to many people. These people are only engaged in cheating for man's loyalty. 
Herbology is a great teacher of human life , which teaches the ambition of life. Basically 
there is no barrier between the person and the society. These are like the heart and lungs 
of the human body. One of these is the organ of keeping life and the other is the body of 
strong ox The person is the heart and the lungs of the society is the society which plays 
a role in protecting people.

What does the society want?

Anarchism is such a way and means that free and liberate all human beings from all 
obstacles; It is a harmonious way in the right way between the individual and the society. 
Junk announces the need for eliminating all the obstacles in the case of human unity and 
solidarity. Individuals play a key role in creating strong relationships between people 
and society.

Religion is a very influential topic in the human mind. Wealth is an essential element to 
meet the needs of the people; The government has been in the role of influencers in 
controlling the behavior of human beings , these three issues surround the human society 
as octopuses. Miraculous beliefs affect human psyche and kill the human soul. The hidden 
power is everything , there is a trend that people are nothing. The theory of hematology 
teaches all the problems in the surroundings by analyzing the trials and solving the 
problems of all the problems in their own way.

It has a strong influence on the needs of the people, it works more than the rights to 
prevent demand. The rights of the people on property were as effective as the religious 
rules in one period. "Give donations! Give it up! Sacrifice! " Enarke's spirit has also 
removed man from that surrendered position. People have turned to light now. People have 
learned , the property is becoming a danger , torture has become the means of oppression , 
it has now become a terrible monster. Some people and states have become desperate to use 
this demon.

France's great philosopher Prudhoe said, " property is a robbery of goods " . Yes it is so 
Through the acquisition of capital , through business merchandise , collectively the value 
of the labor of ordinary people is accumulated through the accumulation of resources. The 
resources are produced, but the needs of all are not met. A common man and it knows that 
for the last several decades, the world has come to such a place that now more resources 
are being created than the demand. But what are the evolution of the masses to meet the 
needs of ordinary people? Older companies use wealth as the source of their power. Do not 
want to meet the needs of the people through good management. Rather, using that power is 
trying to exploit , oppress, and make people slaves. America wants to increase its power, 
Trying to become more wealth by plunder more resources. Despite acquiring ownership of 
huge resources , they are living in despair , fear and nirand. The army is building itself 
as an enclosed nation. Which is not a completely normal human society.

It is generally said that if the person taking a business initiative costs more than 
profit, then inevitably he becomes a deoliya. But those who are involved in the production 
process have not yet learned this basic education. Is seen as one of the production 
activities in the United States each year, approximately 50 , 000 thousand people died and 
about 100 , 000 people were injured. Those who create wealth, they get less , while the 
resources of the hills are rising , there is no change in their condition. America is 
still a product of dowlia, the people are scared. Such activities have certainly been 
considered as fundamental work of crime. Those employed in steel and iron industries are 
more exploited by their employer. Which will be dangerous in the sequence. Man is not only 
the product of his labor ,Rather, he has a free will , originality and existence in him. 
He can do a lot of good work through his will.

What does the society want?

In this context, the US government's great anarchist , David Thu , said , "The government 
is acting as much more than ever as effective , many are trying to give different kinds of 
patchwork to run the government , but nothing can be saved; Immorality and mismanagement 
are manifested in many ways. The state is no longer alive , but it is giving less 
importance to living people. The law can not rightly judge people; It is used as a means 
of defending their honor , dainindana becoming betrays the course of wrongdoing " .

Now the government is becoming a symbol of nationalism in front of ordinary people. In a 
time, there was a wide circulation that there was no mistake of King Masha. Now the scope 
of governments and power is increasing so much that they can condemn, judge , and punish 
anything. They do not have any problem in giving wrongdoing to the culprit again and for 
the crime of the crime. The state has become the owner of widespread power. The rights of 
the state dalit the rights of the people, but nobody can do anything. The aim of the state 
is to do something that the people do not have the courage to break it in any way. The 
goal of the Rattra should be to impose physical labor and pain , to provide safety. 
Creating an environment of personal liberty and providing good and advanced therapies for 
the protection of good health. People are paying taxes properly ,There is no way to get 
rid of him. But the people of the country are forced to walk on a two-way road with a 
narrow road.

Regardless of the state's injustice, corruption , and autocratic, few people will rebel 
against the state. Those who are appointed to serve as Lord are no other way than to chase 
them. Therefore, on the grounds that the bakunina birudhita state , the state takes away 
the freedom of individuals and the number lagudera. It breaks down on social issues, 
confers human enlightenment , or denies it in many cases. As per the state became a symbol 
of freedom , it is the history of religion as a human sacrifice to the protection of the 
various crossroads.

Today and most thinkers are confident in the security of the state, unrestricted rights in 
the property , stepping stairs etc. They are expressing their thoughts and actions.

Even under the eyes of George Bernard Shaw and Feinism, he was liberated through a 
miraculous way through the state. His commentary is: "The state is still a huge instrument 
for the use of slave-slaves and harmful poets " . If the poverty goes away, the state will 
have to leave.

Unfortunately, that is true, yet many people believe that , the government is dependent on 
natural justice , it is working for social solidarity to the players , it is the crime of 
causing destruction and making working people idle. So I will discuss these issues further.

Revolutionary social movement

Anarchism is a powerful revolutionary social movement that flourished during the fight 
against capitalism - its goal is to liberate the world human society from all forms of 
exploitation and discipline. It is not a difficult matter, but a very simple and natural 
way, people know how to live their life without any particular subject matter. Other 
surrendered people say that people can not understand their own true interests. They need 
a government for protection. The presence of a political party can ensure all the 
interests of people of all levels of society. Anarchists firmly say that for a central 
government, it can not be right to accept the verdict for all the people, it must be 
decentralized: it is said that every person should be the center of society ,Everyone 
wants to maintain the environment to solve all their problems independently by building 
relationships with each other.

The education we receive at state-run school college Universities is taught that we can 
not manage us without the state. They teach that anarchy is unrealistic imagination. It is 
not a work of doctrine. On the contrary, it is our experience that it is able to operate 
Smaj much more beautifully in the state. Millions of years in the history of the world, 
people have lived beautifully , securely and peacefully without any state in many places 
of the world .

How can an anarchist society be compared to state and capitalism? A high-level society 
with some low level characteristics This type of society swallows their neighbors , their 
administrator cycles provide many benefits. On the other hand , in these societies climate 
change , food crisis , water crisis , unusual emergence of markets , socio-economic 
inequality and unrest are the constant companions. In this book, I will try to show how an 
anarchist society fulfills all the needs of all the people in their standing position.

We will collect data from the present and the past and present it to the reader and show 
how the morale has been suppressed at different times and how it can be achieved in the 
revolutionary way. Any type of conveniences easily, Lord , politicians , or bureaucrats 
live in a society can do without; It will be judges , police , and criminals , rich and 
poor . In this anarchy society , there will be no existence of linkage discrimination , 
slavery , mass murder or any kind of colonialism. We will not have any prison in this 
targeted society. There will be no type of bondage.

Of course, we will not see any experience in the situation of anarchist society in real 
life. If we have the opportunity to manage society on a one-time basis, it will involve 
many creative approaches. The society will be set up freely. So let's start the new era. 
We build beautiful societies for all the obstacles and for the next generation.

Some talk about anarchism

In response to this question, many publications and books have been made, millions of 
people have sacrificed their lives to create , promote , implement and define anarchism . 
In this way, many people have made an infinite sacrifice to initiate anarchism: In the 
nineteenth century, the working people of Uruguja fought against ideology of capitalism 
and fought their ideological struggle against political parties; Indigenous people and 
colonized people fought to keep their own culture , the student population gave life to 
protect their language culture; The people of China's Diost or Anabaptist Gautras have 
struggled against the government and the religion imposed on them about five hundred years 
ago;Fighting against the rights of the leftists and against sexism. There is no central 
committee of patriarchy , nor is there any permanent policy. Anarchism is the diversity of 
opinions of different people. However , some of the subjects below have been highlighted 
that almost all of the anarchists agree.

Independent and universal: All people have the right to independently give opinion and be 
organized. Rather than imposing, all will continue to be successful, no one can change the 
dominant position; They can exercise their power independently , but not on others. 
Anarchism is the patriarchal , the leader of the Sadad , the state lawmaker , the socially 
inferior high-level approach.

Combined Cooperation: People will volunteer to help one another; Human Relations Act , the 
prison of fear , being persecuted or fear to become one of the house will not be built , 
but parasprika will develop on the basis of solidarity and mercy. The collective 
co-operation will not be a gift for the South or something; All service providers or 
donors will be equal, it will be as interchange system. Nobody will go to power on anyone 
, they will grow their collective power to perform more collective tasks.

Voluntary sansthah people have the right to become independent and not involved with 
anyone, man's relationship to the environment will remain open; There will be no relation 
between freedom and freedom , every person will enjoy the freedom of returning 
independently or socially independently. No geographical , gender , or character will be 
the last border or seamant.

Direct work: Anarchism does not make any sense, but rather focuses on direct work. In 
order to achieve the goal, the anarchists are able to work directly and indirectly without 
any means. An independent man wants to see the world independent, they are firmly 
committed to change.

Revolution: The traditional oppression system will not only be reformed. True reform is 
not possible by those who are in the power of authority, they will not want to lose their 
power or sit down. White archetypes and capitalism are fighting to maintain their 
independence; Through anarchism revolution, he wants to build a free and independent 
society by eliminating all kinds of aristocracy.

Personal Freedom: There is an old slogan, "The labor force of the working people should be 
given to the working people " . It can be used elsewhere; People will recognize their 
independence itself. Nobody gives freedom; It is to achieve.

There is no place for pluralism and freedom in the hardlinest idealism. Historically, many 
examples of anarchism can be found. Many people live freely in many societies, governments 
, and organizations but do not claim to be " anarchist " . This term was invented in the 
nineteenth century by self-consciousness. The aim of this was to reflect the desire for 
universal independence of the people.

It is assumed that people did not accept the " anarchist " level because they did not like 
their anarchy; We will see deeply that Manosh is practicing anarchism in a different 
language in practical terms.

" Anarchism " is such a social condition that in spite of the government's inferior high 
level administrative system, self-centered and collective social relations will prevail; " 
Anarchist " is the people who are involved in social movements in accordance with 
anarchical philosophy. The people of authoritarianism do not want to be loyal to any kind 
of oppression. According to the historical background, we know this is the first inmate of 
movement Uruguay against this priesthood. At that time, different kinds of movement were 
developed and developed against social class divisions. But not everyone was ' anarchist ' 
. A society that is thought to have no state system called anarchist or " 
state-independent "Sage If an incident is true from the state, then it will be very 
consciously observed that in no way can social class emerge. That society will be 
protected and liberated as anarchist.

Here, in a long time, a number of selected examples will be presented in the society - it 
will be about ninety. Exactly thirty nairajyabadi of society , and the rest was in the 
unauthorized state , autonomous , or consciously birudhi social authoritarianism. Almost 
half of them are from the present western society , one third of the population is outside 
of the West and the rest are examples of the historical community of Drupadi. Some of 
these societies are displaced during Spain's home turf. Those who have preserved 
documents. Interested reader can study by studying.

The main statement of this book is how anarchism fought against capitalism and state 
system. Here are some examples that will try to show how the police are destroyed and how 
the army tries to win themselves by torturing them in various ways. Anarchists said that 
for the world's work, the revolution must be world-class. Capitalism is a universal 
system, it is continuously establishing colonization in different parts of the world , it 
is an enemy of the independent and autonomous society system. Thinking over the length of 
time, it is impossible to establish or maintain anarchism in only one country. 
Anti-capitalist revolution must surely destroy capitalism , or themselves will be 
destroyed. Anarchism is not the only universal doctrine in the world. Anarchism can create 
society in many ways ,But somewhere along with it will not be considered an anarchist 
society. It must be in conflict with authoritarianism or be victim of oppression. We'll 
focus on these topics below.

Here we will highlight certain aspects that will be helpful in reading this book:

Detachment: Some anarchist projects work very well, but it can only benefit a small number 
of people. What can this isolation produce? What can be contributed or what results?

Jot: There are some examples, that anarchist and authoritarian actress has betrayed , 
joined with the betrayers and tried to get themselves in power. Why the anarchists 
survived this kind of coalition? What can we learn from this or what kind of coalition can 
we build?

Suppression: An autonomous community and revolutionary activities were tried by the police 
and military operations. People are afraid, oppressed , arrested , and murdered and kept 
themselves hidden in time; If communities do not cooperate during times of danger , what 
activities and strategies will be taken , whether to fight against repression or armed 
weapon? How will it be done to help out and get support?

Sahayogitah team struggled some movement, radical project is , those who want to work in 
concert with the existing system , they want to embrace a larger scale with the masses , 
or want to avoid the persecution of oppression. What are the benefits of such action? 
Could it really protect you from isolation or oppression? Is there any alternative?

Temporary Achievement: There are many examples in this book which have no existence. 
Anarchists do not want to build an organized standing organization. When he builds for 
good work and ends his work, his extinction ends. After taking power, what will be the 
process of solving various problems? How will continuous fight struggle and community 

What does the society want?

No compulsion for the enforcement of the laws of the natural world is not needed later, it 
is self-contained in nature - it is implemented. For example , the demand for poultry , 
sexual appetite , light and air in the human body is directed at its own pace. The 
government , clubs , guns , handcuffs or jails do not need to implement these laws or 
rules . To comply with such rules, only the independent environment is necessary. The 
governments of this world do not obey this rule , they always try to achieve man's loyalty 
by following the methods of force , violence , retaliation. So the legalist Blackstone 
said so, " Human law is illegal , because these laws are nature-friendly " .

Warsaw has killed thousands of people before getting directions, in this case it is 
difficult to understand that the government really wants the social solidarity of the 
people. Delegation is not safe at the level of loyalty provided by cruelty , torture; We 
have seen this picture in the last days. In reality and self-conscious, we see real 
sympathy among the people. Think! The society in which people die and they do not get much 
, and those who do not do anything, they get everything .That is, the social solidarity or 
the call to speech is now just a pearl. Those who are still controlling this planet Earth 
are enjoying themselves and enjoying all the comforts of life, and are trying to make 
those who have not been brought under slavery to become slaves and slaves. Governments - 
the law , the police , the army , the court , the parliament, and the prison are used in 
the name of so-called " social solidarity " .

One strange thing to the law and authorities is that they are reducing crime. On the other 
hand, we see that the greatest criminals rastrai , it is written, and breaking the laws of 
nature , tax money is in many ways death , war and killing people in the name 
panisamyantera Capital , the state can not stop crime in any way. Rather, crime and crime 
amount is increasing. In many cases, the crime machine itself is making crime through the 

Crime is nothing else. This is the power of wrongly guided people. Unless the economic, 
political , social and moral aspects of every individual are operated properly, the crime 
will not stop. As long as people do not hate crime , or bring cleanliness to life , crime 
will continue to happen. Now in the society we live in society only the number of law 
increases but the number of crimes does not decrease. Poverty , frustration , and the 
difficult struggle to survive in the traditional society makes people desperate. This fact 
is beautifully illustrated by Peter Krupkin

" Those who judge the benefits of law and punishment to maintain the balance of law on 
humanity; Those who are proud of depending on the real situation of the society, depending 
on the news of the other country or take the side of the judges , or earn money on behalf 
of the government, they often work for crime crime. And those who go to prison with the 
head of the crime know how human freedom is waxed. Cruelty , nisturata is their constant 
companion. It is not possible to eradicate crime by insulting human beings . "

Astrology: Some Thoughts

Mankind is born free!

Our fair right is an all-round affair. Every person grows as inherited from the previous 
generations. The world of birth is ours. But at the same time, some responsibilities may 
be left over or over. Love for the country, duty to the country, duty to the country Pray 
to the Lord. Show respect for the loyalty and superiority of the higher level or authority 
- all this is fake. False!

If people really grow free, slavery is death for him!

No human is worthy of governing any human. No one can claim that people are totally flaw 
free. Nobody can or will not be able to fulfill themselves in the same way. Which can be 
considered as a ruler. In those cases, the name of the work is bad in the name of the 
work. There is no superhuman or a lot of people who do not have the highest quality, who 
can rule the human race " complete error " . Acceptance of slavery is really a defeat of life.

Slavery, such as death, wealth and stolen goods!

People can not reach the state in their natural heritage. Many obstacles prevent him from 
posting (when and with the help of the law or by using force) or by tricking (by taking 
the state and his officials a group of people, who owns property and enjoys all the 
facilities). The conventional arrangement is that one group will lose another team of 
labor. It is true that in a competition fundamental society, independently one group is 
getting ownership of property. ( But the great thinker Pruducher has shown that the true 
freedom is owned by the owners of property, " wealth and liberty " has been abducted by a 
group of people stolen from the beginning of civilization). However , the general 
principle of Malika is that ,It is involved in social structure , it creates inequalities 
to the lower level of society.

If the property is stolen goods, the government is a tyranny!

If we live in a socialist society, and social class were evicted , The state and make a 
dispensable. But if the state is right, then he will try for his own destiny. " Without 
liberty, socialism is meaningless , without liberty, freedom is worthless, " said Michael 

If the government is autocratic but neurism is the liberty!

Generally, the word " Enkey or Anarchy " is misinterpreted in our region . People think of 
it as injustice and terrorism. Common people think that way , the government , the police 
, the community directives , social life , and can not walk without the activities of 
political parties and - in the opinion of the best of their ideas - enarkijama means 
annihilation and eradication government. But who cares about the idea that they think 
exactly the opposite , the name of the authoritarian one. They believe that it is possible 
to achieve true independence without the government. Only when the government fails to 
stop the ineffectiveness and exploitation of the management -Enemies inevitably appear in 



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