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woensdag 27 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - Part 2 - 27.06.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  An Interview of Las Barricadas with the Anarchist Union of
      Afghanistan and Iran [+ comments] Posted by: Hate Taxi [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  Indonesia: solidarity call for anarchists imprisoned in
      Yogyakarta (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

3.  Greece, anarchist collectivity Vogliamo tutto e per tutti:
      Sunday 24 June 2018-Strike in the trade Striking Concentration:
      10.30am, Ermou & House (gr) [machine translation]


Message: 1

It has often been pointed out how problematic is the term "Islamicism" because it conceals 
the privileged historical link between fascism and white Christian supremacy and tends to 
shift it into a reductive relationship to the other in the Islamic religion. At the same 
time, it relates to the unique historical historical global threat to the massive 
extermination of populations for reasons of racial purity, the complete elimination of 
Jews as an offense, and the worldwide imposition of a modern, technologically advanced, 
closed hierarchical system instead of the capitalist sovereignty of the commodity . ---- 
Why is it often called in the public discourse Isis or Hamas Islamic Fascists and almost 
never the Golden Dawn, Christians? In these double constants that rinse Christianity, 
anti-Muslim racism is revealed behind this term. The truth is, moreover, that the ideology 
of modern Islamic extreme right does not refer to the Islamic tradition of Islam but to 
the dynamics of modernity and the dialectic of enlightenment as it was shaped as an 
internal dynamism in the Muslim countries and above all as the export of ideology through 
the colonial violence. The fundamentalist extremist in Islam has incorporated Victorian 
homophobia and transphobia, by abdicating Islamic traditions that deny such normalizing 
classifications of sexuality. He has adopted modern racial anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic 
anti-capitalism that targets cosmopolitanism, parasitic financial capital, consumer 
freedom as absurd and degenerative phenomena, and prophesies a disciplined industrial 
state organized on the basis of a dogmatic dogmatic interpretation of religion as a class 
security and rational discipline force . Not a denial of modernity, but a cleansing within 
it from infectious heterogeneity. So we are talking about a form of extremist 
radicalization that is produced in various forms in many modern societies, this time with 
the insinuation of a dogmatic reinterpretation of Islamic religion and not a single 
Islamic phenomenon. Relativism attempted through the term "Islamic-fascism" is 
particularly politically dangerous and racist in its content in mostly white, Christian 
countries as a motto that organizes the collective targeting and mass massacre of Muslims 
while preparing for intervention against Muslim countries. That is why there should be no 
tolerance and legitimacy in such rhetoric in this context.

Here, in this interview, we see the use of the term by an Iranian anarchist acting by the 
means against the Islamic democracy of Iran, which, in order to show how demeaning it is, 
compares it to Nazi Germany. It is precisely because of the position and action of the 
subject that the use of the term speaks is in principle part of the revolutionary, 
liberating conflict with the dominant state ideology of the country in which it lives. 
Although criticism of Fascism's relativism is a claim of universalism, criticism of one 
who speaks of this position would be the same as that of a movement in greece when using 
the comparison with the Nazis to show how much horrible is the Greek state's policy 
towards immigrants.

However, the criticism it makes on the part of the western left and in the orientalist way 
facing the Iran remains totally apt. The opposition to Islamophobia is indispensable in 
response to the state violence and discrimination received by Muslim populations, to the 
racist and grievous devaluation and patronage suffered by Muslim women and Muslim queer 
subjects, in order to prevent neo-colonial intervention in Muslim states and Muslim 
massacres, minority populations, do not target Muslim migrants with humiliation, murders 
and deportations. All the more so when anti-Muslim racism is one, very strong and deeply 
historically rooted in colonialism, a hatred of white Christian societies and has been 
reshaping in the last few decades. Nevertheless, the very subjective devaluation of the 
Muslim subject remains the same when criticizing Islamophobia to conceal the state 
violence exercised by states with a dominant Islamic ideology, especially in its far-right 
version as described above. Violence exercised by the Islamic democracy of Iran against 
the working class, women, queers and trans, ethnic and religious minorities, 
anti-fascists, communists, anarchists through all forms of the inner enemy.

As long as we support Iran against the Islampsian attack it receives from the Christian 
colonial countries that are essentially targeting its population and its aggressive war 
attempts against it, otherwise we both support its oppressed population and minorities in 
any revolutionary criticism against it, in every attack that is made by the inner alien in 
Islam as a sovereign state ideology and political regime.

We have seen very recently the double standards of the anti-American and anti-Semitic left 
that broadly expressed its Islamophobia to justify the Assad's massacres against their 
substitute accusations collectively as Islamic-fascists, and using the term systematically 
for aloud and isis simply because they were acting against an anti-American dictator and 
the interests of Russian imperialism. Yet they will never say Islamic Fascism to Hamas or 
the Iranian regime because they automatically become enemies of Israel and Israel as the 
"axis of resistance". Clearly, the most consistent anti-authoritarian revolutionary 
cleansing remains the rejection of any term referring to relativism, as relativism leaves 
space and prepares the tooling to serve purposefulness. Of course, Iran is a dangerous 
imperialist state with expansionist activity in Syria and Iraq, allied primarily with 
Russia-China but with a more autonomous strategy. His imperialism will not be deterred by 
the most dangerous imperialist societies and their allies, but only the struggles of the 
oppressed against all sovereignty there, in Iran, Iraq and Syria.

I introduced this introduction to the reshaping of the interview in the Greek context in 
order not to sway the important position of criticism expressed by the Iranian anarchist 
movement and legalize rhetoric anti-Muslim racists here, and not to underestimate the name 
of the importance of the opposition to Islamophobia here, the appalling criticism that 
makes the anti-imperialist left apologists for the state violence of the Islamic Iranian 
democracy and the brutality of the particular regime. The purpose is the dialectic 
ecumenical defense of anti-authoritarian policies, values and pretensions.

Christina Zapheiris.

An interview with Las Barricadas, with the Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran.
source: indymedia

The comrades of A Las Barricadas spoke with the comrades of the Anarchist Union of 
Afghanistan and Iran. Originally published in the Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran 
by enoughisenough

Where do you live? They are all you living abroad or some of you live in Afghanistan and Iran

Our members are about two-thirds in Iran and Afghanistan and a third outside of them. More 
than half of all members are in Iran. Our members abroad are mainly residents of Europe, 
Canada and the United States and some of these members are born or raised in these 
countries. Regarding the entry of new members, it should be noted that the vast majority 
of them come from Afghanistan and Iran, and the intensity of new entrants is rapidly 

What are the worst aspects of the political situation in your countries?

  The worst political problem in Afghanistan is that the government is a means for world 
powers. Our struggle is not only with the Afghan government and the criticism of their 
approach, a major problem is the great powers like the United States. Because the Afghan 
government is actually a tool of the United States. In international institutions there 
are administrative departments whose duties are to deal with colonial issues. The 
consequences of these activities are nothing but an even more extreme abuse of 
Afghanistan. For example,

In Iran, the worst aspect of the political situation is the violent suppression of any 
opposition, even political, economic or trade union protests, etc., to the extent that any 
path to reform is impeded. The regime does not accept that it is wrong, even in the 
environment where the administration has caused drought and the death or extreme threat of 
Iran's wildlife. The Iranian state's response to the smallest street protest is injuries, 
execution or long-term imprisonment, to such an extent that Iran holds the world's leading 
position on the number of political prisoners and the repression of journalists, artists, 
scientists, students, teachers , academics, women and children activists, workers, 
environmentalists, human rights activists, religious and ethnic minorities, atheists and 
LGBTQ + others. The numbers are extremely high and they are rising.

In Europe, we have an idea of life in your countries through news and at best through 
films or comics like Persepolis. What misunderstandings have the West about life and 
politics in your countries

  A preliminary understanding that exists in the West about our lives in Afghanistan is 
the colonial gaze. For example, they see us as Third World and they imagine we deserve 
only sympathy. This impression made it possible to clear their guilt with the financial 
support they give and they do not think anymore. In fact, these acts are a way of 
masturbation that increases their own self-esteem

For Iran, I think the biggest problem we face with Western activists is their fanaticism 
in defending Islam (the Islamophobic thesis that the Islamic Republic has paid and paid 
for itself). Because in my country Islamic fascism, like Nazi fascism in Germany, shrouded 
everything and caused racial, national and academic discrimination, and the answer to any 
protest or disagreement is that people's lives must be taken because of their opposition 
to Islam. In fact, the defense of Islam by Western activists is not based on the 
recognition of Islam but is based on freedom of expression. At present,

How have you become anarchists? What is access to anarchist ideas?

  In Iran, traditional left-wing communists and socialists have been active and well-known 
for many years, but on the one hand the theocrats are in power and are known and, on the 
other hand, before the Islamic Revolution, nationalists and monarchists were in power . 
So, in practice, we have become familiar with the methods and behaviors of these policies, 
and we have easily found that all of them are fighting for power and against the people. 
By studying the history and philosophy of the West, we knew anarchism and came to the 
conclusion that in Iran an anarchist society is the human alternative. Because there is no 
concentration of power, the possibility of corruption and opposition to the people is 
eliminated. And of course, because of our hope for the future of mankind

How do you communicate and work with other groups in your countries?

We can not talk about communication with our fighters in Iran for security reasons, but I 
can say that our members, both men and women, are in almost every part of Iran and these 
fighters are active in all popular struggles against the Islamic regime. Meanwhile, I can 
only mention Soheil Arabi, an anarchist prisoner, who is already known

How do you analyze the events of the Arab spring.

The Arab Spring, in my opinion, was a popular revolution against Islamic regimes that 
could not meet the needs of the people. And these revolutions would spark the whole region 
if there were no interventions by Western and regional imperialist countries. The 
revolution in Syria became a war where Islamic fascists such as the Islamic Republic, 
Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as well as imperialists such as the United States and Russia, 
made such hell in that country so that people in the rest of the region are satisfied with 
marionettes and authoritarian states. The only country where the popular revolution was 
achieved without almost any direct foreign intervention was Tunisia,

What do you think about the democratic federal character of the Kurds

In our view, the system that came into being on the first day is a practical way to get to 
an anarchist society. Whether or not it eventually reaches the destination depends on a 
variety of things, such as neighboring fascist and Islamic regimes, but as a transition to 
an anarchist society, it is a realistic and acceptable system

You are calling to overthrow the Iranian regime. You are not afraid that the 
destabilization of the region will be an excuse for the US to attempt their army, such as 
in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria

American intervention in other countries does not need to be explained, and this 
imperialist state has been acting forcefully in other countries for many years. With 
regard to fear, I must say that people who are prisoners in the hell of the Islamic 
Republic, hell of poverty, prostitution, marginalization, environmental destruction have 
nothing to lose, and America's fear does not mean much

What we can do from the West to support the peoples of your countries

We need Western activists to support real fighters and tell people in your countries that 
they will not constantly defend Islam. Because now we have to fight on two fronts: on the 
one hand, we are struggling with the Islamic Republic and, on the other, with the 
perception in the West that Islam is good and defends Islamic militants. Sadly, even 
people like Noam Chomsky, because Iran is not a proxy of America, defend the policies of 
the Islamic Republic, in fact the interpretation of this behavior is that these Western 
activists are willing to ignore and sacrifice real fighters in Iran opposed to US 
imperialist policies

Is there anything else you want to add?

Finally, it should be added that anarchism in Iran has a large population and is 
considered a powerful, new and powerful force. At this time, the living conditions of the 
people are very difficult in Iran, and strong support from the anarchists of other 
countries for the struggles of the people and the anarchists of Iran will of course be 
very good encouragement and morale for the fighters against the Islamic Republic of Iran . 
The feeling that we are not alone in Iran and our brothers and sisters in other parts of 
the world support us will be part of our ethics and will have a positive impact on the 
quality of our struggles. International anarchism, as it affected Rosava, could do the 
same in Iran. Anarchists do not recognize borders and wherever there is oppression, they 
will fight it. As a small part of the anarchist community in Iran,

Continue living the union, live the freedom, live anarchically

Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran, 1 June 2018

Find the interview site at   http://alasbarricadas.org


Message: 2

Some worrying news reached us from Indonesia. On Mayday this year, workers, students and 
youths took to the streets of Yogyakarta to protest against the ‘feudal monarchy society 
and the repression of the state apparatus in building the New Yogyakarta International 
Airport (NYIA) infrastructure mega project that rid the peasants of Kulon Progo'. During 
the protest, some vandalism occurred, and in result the total of 69 people got arrested: 
some on the day, others during the following huge police crack down. A legal observer was 
also arrested and beaten. ---- Some of the arrested protesters are still in custody. In 
some cases, they are subjected to beatings and torture and have been refused the right to 
a solicitor and legal defense. People are also kept in isolation and denied contact with 
friends and families. At least one prisoner was subjected to 15 days of interrogation 
without a lawyer present. The prisoners are due to be transferred to another prison on 
29th June.

Indonesian activists are calling for international solidarity with their imprisoned 
comrades. Palang Hitam Indonesia (Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross) is collecting money 
donations to provide legal assistance to the prisoners .

Indonesian Anarchist Black Cross


Message: 3

On Sunday, June 24, 2018, as Coordinating Action Against the Abolition of Sunday Holidays 
and "Liberated" Hours, continuing the fight against the abolition of the Sunday holiday, 
we are proceeding to new strike strikes in Inditex group stores in "tourist zones" , which 
are open under the law that provides opening of stores every Sunday in the period 
May-October. ---- More specifically, on Sunday 24/6 we organize a strike gathering at 
10.30am in the center of Athens, at the entrance of the pedestrianized street of Ermou and 
Voulis Street. Continue reading ---- Banner for the anti-war-march on Saturday 23 June, 
7pm, Propylaea. http://vogliamotutto.espivblogs.net/ ---- Following the propaganda actions 
for the anti-war marching on Saturday, June 23, we placed banners in Petralona, New Smyrna 
and the New World. ---- ANTIPOLEMIC AND DEPARTMENT MOTORCYCLE ---- Saturday 23 June, 7pm, 

  anarchist collectivity Vogliamo tutto e per tutti



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