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zaterdag 9 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 8.06.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  [Spain] Three CNT feminists reprehended for participating in
      the March 8 feminist strike in Gijón By ANA (pt) [machine
      translation] (

2.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 - A referendum for
      what ? (fr, it, pt) [machine translation] (

3.  Poland, rozbrat: "Freedom. Freedom for everyone. " A memory
      of Robert Brylewski Marek Piekarski [machine translation]

4.  [Argentina] Passeata marks 10 months of the death of
      Santiago Maldonado By ANA (pt) [machine translation]

5.  alas barricadas: CNT stands in solidarity with the young
      people of Altsasua (ca, it) [machine translation]

6.  Belarus, Pramen anarchist group: Hamilton orders
      /pramen.iremoval of anarchy symbol, calling it ‘hate material'

7.  Britain, Manchester Solfed: On Monday (June 4), Manchester
      Solidarity Federation demonstrated outside the head office of
      Fortis Student Lettings in Altrincham, near Manchester.


Message: 1

#It was also Piquetera ---- During the journey of  #HuelgaFeminista8M , many of us went 
out. ---- As on any strike day, many informative pickets were held in a large number of 
towns in the Spanish state, including Gijón. ---- There, a women's pack ran through dozens 
of outlets in the city delivering informational pamphlets to women workers about their 
right to strike and chanting feminist class slogans. ---- The journey went smoothly until 
the picket arrived at the Mango store[Spanish textile multinational with more than 2,400 
stores in 107 countries], where the manager tried to prevent us from entering, threatening 
and attacking some of the companions who wanted to distribute leaflets to the workers . 
---- This guy later warned the police and chased us for more than an hour through the city 
streets taking photos. He pushed at one of the comrades, but he at her. If he is the 
whistleblower, we do not know what assaults he claims because there was nothing on our 
part. We did not give it importance and we followed the track through other stores.

Days later the police detained a companion in his domicile and summoned two more to give 
testimony, that were the police station accompanied by people who expressed their 
rejection to the harassment towards the companions.

Such macho assaults that we denounce will not stop our struggle. Neither police 
intimidation, nor the repression to which are being submitted the comrades held in Burgos 
or Barcelona during an information picket also in 8M.

Mango's reaction does not surprise us: it perfectly represents what thousands of women 
fought on March 8. Through fashion, it has contributed to imposing a model of anti-natural 
beauty, under abusive labor conditions in the trade, for not already enter into the 
conditions of those who produce their clothes.


Translation> Sol de Abril


Message: 2

The Interfederal Trade Unions of the SNCF organized a consultation of the employees about 
the railway reform. It is a result without appeal: 94.97% against with a significant 
participation of 61.15%. But after ? ---- This result proves the unpopularity of the 
reform among railway employees. It also shows that, despite the relative level of 
strikers, the struggle is perfectly legitimate with the employees. But this result also 
highlights the difficulties of the strategies implemented. ---- On the one hand, the 
government of Marcronist technocrats has nothing to do with the popularity of their 
reform. The terrible repression carried out against struggling universities or 
Notre-Dame-des-Landes underlines the logic implemented: unpopular reforms imposed by 
violence. The legitimacy of this or that reform is no longer the question since today 
alone dominates the force. On the other hand, this strategy, driven by the direction of 
the CGT, masks the main difficulty of the movement: the decline of self-organization.

This decline is partly caused by the strategy of bumpy strike which does not allow 
employees to drive their own pace of mobilization. Legitimacy is not enough in the face of 
such power ! She is not an end. But it must be an instrument at the service of the real 
movement: that of the mobilization of the undecided, the prudent in the social confrontation.

Libertarian Alternative, May 31, 2018


Message: 3

We present the memory of the late Robert Brylewski (who visited and on Rozbratowych 
boards: ), by a participant of the Poznan 
Anarchist Federation - Marek "Sancza" Piekarski: ---- If culture has any meaning in 
changing the world for the better, then in this country it certainly was in it - Robert 
Brylewski. ---- On Sunday, another important person left me. A man whose creativity shaped 
my entire generation. I think it's not just mine. It made music taste, but it also 
inspired the socio-political attitude. Robert gave us a unique culture because he was an 
exceptional man, living and creating in exceptional circumstances. ---- The first time we 
met many years ago, although I regret that so late. When we got to know each other, I 
became convinced that it belongs to the people with whom I want to be. Not so much in the 
revolution of action as in the revolution of the spirit. It's something that complements 
and inspired resistance. Something without which sometimes it is really hard to survive in 
the hustle and bustle of everyday struggle. Robert, with his attitude of life, extended 
what he expressed in his music. An uncompromising spiritual missionary? Because how to put 
this multidimensional figure, which in nothingness could create such original and 
important for time and place projects as Kryzys, Brygada Kryzys, Izrael, Army, Falarek or 
52um? How much he had in himself and how much he wanted to share it! The legacy he left is 
incalculable, but it is nothing compared to what he was a man.

In fact, everyone knows who he was for alternative culture. He started when it was 
necessary to have great determination and courage to be different. He belonged to the 
protoplasts and Polish punkrock, and reggae / dub. In every culture there are generations 
that result from themselves, but also contest themselves. Probably, however, the 
counter-culture in this country would have a completely different character if it was not 
for Robert. Before the generation came, having a little more contact with it. what abroad, 
to be able to take whole handfuls, not to say - copy, that's what.

Some time ago I spoke to Arkek Marczynski from Antena Krzyku who told me that he radically 
separates the environment which symbol was Robert from what we commonly called the 
"independent scene". I was surprised, I asked - why? Arek told me that he was always 
irritated by the hippie manner that hovered over Robert. That it did not have much in 
common with what "our environment" carried, although it would be more appropriate to refer 
to - the generation.

I think that there is a lot of truth in it. However, this is no truth when we confront 
what happened in this country and where we are today. Because almost nothing was left of 
this "independent scene". So to be honest, the only thing that stays is to trace who did 
what, what was left of him, but also where he is now.

The "independent scene" drew not only from Robert's artistic output, but also from its 
potential in other fields. If it were not for Gold Rock Studio and Bryl's production, 
there would be no recordings of the most important bands of this scene. From the Witch 
World, Apathy by Ewa Braun to the Post Regiment.

Robert never betrayed his ideals. Until the end he remained an independent artist. He did 
as many as many of the "independent" that he could only dream of. He had his independent 
from the "independent" approach to the world. I liked and appreciated him in it. After my 
colleagues proclaimed him a traitor and declared public "distancing", he wrote to me in a 

"... I certainly will not accept the role of the icon, it's like a prison, I want to 
provoke, because this is often my role, those on the right, to show whether they are 
underlaid eagle or swastika, --- and those close to me ideologically - or left side, ... - 
do they want to play in HWDP, kibolstwo - robbery, pseudosocjalizm (in which I spent all 
my youth) ... do they want to look for freedom, free themselves from power - in a mature 
and lasting way, "... this is a war for those persistent, not for those quick ones. "

It's only in the sphere of culture, because Brylu never strained on activism. He always 
said that what he can, what he can do is make music. Many times, however, we could count 
on him. I remember, as in the top of the Army and Israel career, Robek offered benefit 
concerts for the colleges that we got for blocking the dam in Czorsztyn. When I suggested 
that he perform at Rozbracie or for Vengeance, he never refused to play for minimal money 
- because it's traffic! When I asked if he would not sign any protest letter with his name 
- he never refused.

Always ready to work and creatively work. Sometimes when he talked about some projects in 
which he participates, I looked with surprise. Because of it, it happened that it 
attracted him into strange places. However, thanks to this he reached deeper into himself 
and did not waste time on discontent. Timon made a special characteristic of his person in 
the movie "Polish Shit", which Robert was mega-caught. Exposing the Polish business and 
with a distance to show its role in it.

Once I had a dream with which we laughed together. Namely, Robert and Zbyszek Libera, 
there were vampires who killed bad artists, and gave good and the gift of eternal life to 
the good ones. I do not know where it came from, but the dream was long, symbolic and 
multithreaded. Those who know the physicality of Robert and Zbyszko themselves know that 
they would ideally fit into the role of some Nosferatu. Observing contemporary native 
culture, it would be interesting to see my waking dream.

With Robert and Zbyszek and Mariola Przyjemska, I have one more memory which also shows 
the kind of emotions that were created around Robert. Once, the team slept with me when we 
woke up in a hangover and this characteristic form of dislike for the next day. Zbyszek 
says - Robert, you do not have any herb by accident? Robert looked and said, "You know 
who, by anyone, I have by accident. And pulls out a full plastic bag. - For your own use, 
from own cultivation, not some. He picks up the barrel and the day begins to cheer.

Whenever I had time, I called Robek to sit and talk.

Last time we saw it, it was a winter holiday. How is it holy, everything is closed. We 
walked around Warsaw and found some place. We ordered a beer, when it ended, I got up to 
buy another one. Robert appeared next to him and says, "No, Sancho, I bet! I rarely have 
hajs, but we have the end of the year so I got royalties from Zaiksu! "He charmed me 
completely. The more that I knew his situation. With the rest, he was not afraid to talk 
about it in public, to the reflection of those who considered him a commercial traitor and 
those who dreamed of being an imaginary "rock star" - like him. Sam said it was another 
provocation, but I think it's very good to expose the rules of the game of capitalism.

When I think about him today in sadness, I am proud that despite the turmoil, we managed 
to do something together. I will miss you.


freedom for everyone

for big and for low

for beggars and for the rich

land for everyone

land for everyone

wipe the boundaries from the map

that divide us

solve armies

that destroy the world

earth for all the earth

what I see is the time of aggression

what I see is the time of aggression

when we need it

freedom for everyone

land for everyone


Do not give up!

No demagogy, no pressure

No propaganda, no deceit

Do not give up

Do not give up!

Do not give them your hand


Message: 4

Human rights organizations, social groups, relatives and friends of Santiago Maldonado 
held a march on Saturday afternoon (02/06) through the streets of the city of 25 de Mayo, 
the hometown of the young artisan and anarchist Santiago Maldonado, with the purpose of to 
remember the 10 months of his death, which occurred after an operation of the 
Gendarmeria[Argentine national police]in the eviction of a protest of a Mapuche community 
in the northwest of Chubut. ---- The mobilization began around 4:00 pm at Sarmiento square 
and ended at Miter Square, located in central Buenos Aires, while there were similar 
demonstrations on the same day in El Bolsón, Río Negro, where the young tattoo artist 
lived before his disappearance and other cities.
"Today we meet in the city of 25 de Mayo and to continue asking for Truth and Justice for 
Santiago. We share the song " Argensina ", written and sung by Santiago, where he shaped 
some of his struggles and his ideals. As Santiago says in the song: " Here and now, the 
fight continues! ". " We miss you a lot ," said a statement that the Maldonado family has 
posted on their social networking site Facebook.

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Message: 5

  Imposing prison sentences is out of all logic, the union stressed. ---- "This rotten 
Justice System is always in favor of power, and the sentence is another example of this," 
denounced the anarcho-syndicalist organization. ---- The Altsasua have been sentenced to 
79 years in prison in total for having had a fight with two Civil Guards: Oihan and Iñaki, 
13 years, 12 years to Jokin and Adur, Jon Ander, Julen and Aratz 9 years and Ainara 2 
years of jail. "We want to show all these young people and their families all our 
solidarity", said the CNT, "since it is a sentence that is beyond logic". ---- The 
anarcho-syndicalist organization has denounced "the use that the State makes of Justice". 
The court has set aside the crime of terrorism, since before public opinion "was 
exaggerated" and, instead, have been convicted of "the maximum penalty allowed by the 
Criminal Code" for crimes of injury, public disorder and threats . The objective has been 
"to reduce the sentence a little, to silence criticism". After all, Justice "is always on 
the side of Power: prison sentences for torture are usually minor, for example."

CNT calls for participation in the mobilizations of solidarity, "because police 
installations of this type create pain and disgust, more when justice is complicit and 
applies revenge. They have destroyed the lives of some kids for a bar fight "


Message: 6

City officials say they're taking direction from Hamilton police on the issue, but police 
say that's not the case. Whatever its origins, the move is a "very controversial 
interpretation of hate speech," said Margaret Kohn, a professor of political science and 
expert in urban social justice issues at the University of Toronto's Scarborough campus. 
---- "This seems like a constitutional lawsuit waiting to happen," she said. ---- 
Generally, Kohn said, for a symbol to be considered hate speech, it has to somehow target 
an identifiable group. ---- "That seems to not be the case with the anarchist symbol," she 
said. ---- The issue arose back in early March, after a masked mob that dubbed itself "The 
Ungovernables" caused $100,000 in damage during a vandalism spree on Locke Street. Days 
later, The Tower - the city's local anarchist social centre at Cannon Street East near 
Victoria Avenue North - was also vandalized.

The building's front window was smashed, and afterward, The Tower covered it up with 
plywood that was painted with the circle A anarchy symbol.

City spokesperson Marie Fitzpatrick told CBC News that on March 16, the city started a 
bylaw investigation into the symbol being displayed on the wood covering the windows.

"The anarchist symbol is considered hate material by the City of Hamilton and Hamilton 
Police Services and as such, must be removed," Fitzpatrick said in an email.

Not a hate crime, police say

The city then issued a property standards order to remove it. Fitzpatrick said the 
building's tenant confirmed they got the order, which was "complied with" on March 26.

The Tower did not respond to a request for comment for this story.

Fitzpatrick told CBC News that the Hamilton police hate crime unit provides the city with 
a list of hate symbols - but Const. Jerome Stewart said police do not classify the anarchy 
symbol as problematic.

"It does not meet the threshold of a hate crime," he said. "To the best of our knowledge, 
it is classified as an extreme left sign.

"So I don't know where the direction came that Hamilton police have identified it as a 
hate crime sign, because as per our hate crime co-ordinator, that is not the case."

Fitzpatrick could not immediately explain the discrepancy.

Princewill Ogban, the head of Hamilton's new anti-racism centre, told CBC News he's never 
really heard of the anarchy symbol being classified as hate material. He did point to one 
instance in California where a specific anarchist group was linked to white nationalism, 
but said that group was essentially an outlier.

"Most anarchy groups in the past have been seen as anti-racist or anti-hate," he said. 
"They are pro-people and anti-government."

Symbol's origins are complicated

Kohn said it's difficult to link the symbol to any specific message, as anarchy can refer 
to "diverse, multiple groups with different aspirations."

"The anarchist symbol has a complicated and diffuse set of attachments," she said.

According to - an online project run by a collective of anarchists, 
anti-authoritarians and socialists - the origins of the circle A aren't completely clear.

The symbol is linked to the punk rock movement of the 1970s, but the group says its usage 
goes back much further, pointing to research that shows it was used by a group called 
Jeunesse Libertaire in 1964, and was spotted on the helmet of an anarchist militia member 
in the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.

The earliest known origins of the symbol link back to the works of philosopher 
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in the 1800s, with the letter A, which represents anarchy, written 
with the letter O, which represents order.

"Today the circled-A is one of the most successful images in the whole field of political 
symbolizing," the group says.

Pramen, a social-revolutionary anarchist group in Belarus


Message: 7

It was an action in solidarity with a group of tenants renting in Chester through this 
letting agency. Fortis had allowed unacceptable delays in carrying out basic maintenance 
resulting in tenants living, for example, with damp and mould, or without hot water for 
months: fortishorrorstories/posts/. The tenants are now 
asking Fortis for compensation and the agency keeps ignoring them or to engage in any 
attempt at mediation. ---- After trying unsusscefuly to talk to someone from the Fortis 
management, we went ahead with our picket outside their office. With a banner, a megaphone 
and leaflets, we spread information about the dispute and received lots of supporting 
messages form the public, including plenty of toots by vehicle drivers.

In response, Fortis closed themselves off in their office, stopped receiving people and 
called the police (just to waste police time). However, we stayed outside for a couple of 
hours showing them that they cannot get away with their appalling treatment.

This is just one more case of a letting agency abusing their tenants, but in this case 
some of the tenants have decided to organise and fight back.

Boycott Fortis!
Organise against abuses in housing!

Manchester Solidarity Federation