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donderdag 7 juni 2018

DABF 2018 - help our social media push today

Hi , 

with the referendum now safely won today we are asking your help to start promoting the 12th Dublin anarchist bookfair this September.  DABF works because it attracts hundreds of anarchists every year, old and new, and we need your help in making sure as many people as possible.  We are having a big social media push today as a lot of people joining an event at once means the event becomes visible to a very much bigger pool of people than would otherwise be the case so hopefully you’ve 3 minutes to give us a hand.

On Facebook: Take a moment to click through to the event and share it to your profile (link at top right) and then invite 10 of your friends who you think should be interested in attending (hover over that share link and you will see an 'invite friends' option).

On Twitter: Retweet and Fav our promotional tweet - if you want to do a bit more Tweet a recommendation  using #DABF and a link to the FB event

Thanks for your help with this, more details of #DABF 2018 at theFacebook event