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woensdag 13 juni 2018

Help turn hate into love in Mauritius

Dear friends,
Imagine putting months of work into a Pride celebration – just to be violently intimidated by an armed mob of homophobes the moment you hit the streets. This is what happened to us last week in Mauritius, an island nation off the coast of Africa.
My name is Muriel and I'm one of the organisers of Pride. Since the attack, we have been receiving literally hundreds of hate messages, including death threats.
Same-sex relationships are illegal in Mauritius, which makes Pride all the more important. But many of us are now scared for our safety and even considering giving up. If authorities don't take a stand, this could be a fatal blow to Pride in Mauritius.
I am going to meet with our Prime Minister in the coming days, and I'll ask him to publicly denounce this attack and commit to keeping Mauritius Pride safe – and it would make a world of difference if I could show him that thousands around the world are with us.
Help turn hate into love in Mauritius
Thank you for going All Out!
Muriel Yvon, 
Vice President of Arc-en-Ciel Mauritius

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