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dinsdag 26 juni 2018

Hunter lured beloved lion out of refuge and killed him

A big game hunter paid $75,000 to take Skye the lion's life. Demand justice now!
Sign Now
Dear friends,
Do you remember Cecil, the famous lion that American dentist Walter Palmer shot in cold blood? The same thing has just happened to another beloved African lion named Skye. And people throughout the world are outraged.
We can't keep sitting here while rich sycophants keep killing off endangered animals just to entertain themselves. Enough is enough! Sign the petition to demand that authorities find and prosecute Skye's killer.
There are many reasons why Skye's murder is a tragedy. He was one of the most admired lions in South Africa's famed Kruger National Park, a pride leader, and a father to very young lion cubs. But none of that mattered to the big game hunter who paid around $75,000 to shoot and kill Skye.
Kruger National Park is a refuge, meaning that the animals inside its boundaries are fully protected. A fence used to keep the animals safe from hunters, but due to environmental conditions, that fence is currently gone. So Skye's killer lured him outside of the park, and once they had Skye right where they wanted him, they killed him.
Authorities apparently know who this lion killer is. It's time for them to take action. Do you want justice for Skye the murdered lion? Sign the petition now!
Thank you for all that you do,
Miranda B.
The Care2 Petitions Team
P.S. Skye was used to being around humans because of his time in the park, so he had no idea what was coming. We can't let this lion killer get away with such a sadistic act!

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