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dinsdag 26 juni 2018

Ivanka Trump donated $50K to a vicious anti-LGBTQ hate church in Texas

Daily Brief · Jun 26, 2018
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Ivanka Trump donated $50K to a vicious anti-LGBTQ hate church in Texas
The pastor, who has ties to the Trump administration, claims LGBTQ activists are using the "same lies" from when "Satan seduced the first family."
Evangelical Christians are now backing an actual pimp in a Nevada election
Dennis Hof owns five brothels, but all conservative Christians care about is that he's a Republican.
Chuck Schumer introduced his daughter & her fiancee to America at NYC Pride
The most powerful Democrat in the Senate is happy to announce that his daughter is marrying a woman.
Man caught on video beating gay couple says he’s innocent because his dad is gay
He and 3 friends were caught on video beating a gay couple while shouting anti-gay slurs.
Cynthia Nixon just announced that her son is transgender
The politically active TV star and New York gubernatorial candidate said that she's "so proud" of her son.
This small town mayor & his husband got drunk at Pride. Then they got arrested.
The mayor of Elmwood Place, Ohio and his husband, the town's maintenance supervisor, got into a fight over who was the "drunkest."
Starbucks announces huge expansion of their health care coverage for trans employees
From gender confirmation surgery to facial feminization, Starbucks' insurance plan will now cover everything related to transition.
This lesbian couple got engaged at NYC Pride & the crowd loved it
The women work for the fire department and were marching with other emergency personnel when one of them popped the question.
Sharon Stone’s son wants pink nail polish. That doesn’t mean homophobia is over.
Straight people need to stop looking for reasons to ignore anti-LGBTQ bias.
Here are 10 of our favorite LGBTQ candidates this year
From Gabriel Acevero to Lupe Valdez, we've got a list.

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