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woensdag 27 juni 2018

Thank you for fighting the Muslim Ban.

Instead of a ban, let’s build a longer table.
Dear friends,
Yesterday the Supreme Court made a decision to uphold the Muslim Ban. This means that Trump’s hateful policy to ban individuals from several Muslim-majority nations is being upheld by the Supreme Court.

This anti-Muslim ban has no place in a country that claims to value human rights. This hateful policy is a catastrophe all around — not only for those who simply want to travel, work, or study here in the States, but for those seeking safety from violence as well. In some cases, this ban cruelly traps people in danger and prevents them from seeking safety in the US or being reunited with their families.

Refugees leave their homes because they have no other choice. They want the same safety that any of us would want if we were in their shoes.

History has shown that progress and change comes from people like you. You showed up at airport protests in the wake of the Muslim ban and we need you to show up again. Some want to build a taller wall. With your help, we will build a longer table.

Since this ban was put in place, Amnesty activists like you have fought back and we won't stop now.

Even the smallest action makes a difference in people’s lives. You might be just one person, but change starts with you. Pledge to build a longer table to welcome refugees in your community now.


Margaret Huang
Executive Director 
Amnesty International USA
© 2018 Amnesty International USA
5 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001 | 1-800-AMNESTY

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