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zondag 15 juli 2018

18% of the world's population

Dear friends –
This is big news. India's Supreme Court is re-examining Section 377, which criminalises gay sex with up to life in prison.
18% of the world's population lives in India. That's A LOT of LGBT+ people whose lives are at stake.
India's anti-gay law has been around for 158 years. It's going to take a BIG effort to reverse the decades of lies and misinformation this vast population has faced.
But our partners at have an idea: giant billboards with messages of love and equality for millions to see across the Indian capital, New Delhi.
With all eyes on Section 377, these billboards can help get the RIGHT messages out about LGBT+ people.
A message of love for millions in India. DONATE NOW
This remnant of British colonialism has led to some deep-rooted violence and discrimination.
LGBT+ victims of hate crimes are often afraid to go to the police, out of the very real likelihood that they'll be convicted under Section 377.
"People think coming out as gay is some kind of happy ending, but it's not," one LGBT+ rights activist in India said. "...there's still people at work, people you meet socially, or landlords...and as a result of 377, you never know how they will react to the news."
With your help, we can jumpstart some much-needed conversations by promoting giant messages of love and equality that will reach millions!
Thanks for going All Out,
Yuri Guaiana
Senior Campaigner

Help fuel global campaigns for LGBT+ equality. Become an Equality Champion with a small, monthly gift!