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woensdag 11 juli 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 11.07.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #285 - Joint Statement: A
      discussion process between AL and CGA (fr, it, pt)[machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  Poland, rozbrat: Solidarnie with the repressed after the
      Black Protest - a chronicle of events. Call for support! [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

3.  Anarchist Union of Afghanistan and Iran - Anarchist prisoner
      Soheil Arabi was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment & his wife
      Nastaran Naimi was sentenced to 1 & a half years

4.  Bangladesh: Anarcho-syndicalist activity (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

5.  US, macc.nyc: Call to #Occupy ICENYC / Llamada a Ocupar ICE

      TRUMP AWAKE ALL NIGHT (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)


Message: 1

Faced with the generalized hardening of the social and political situation, Alternative 
Libertaire (AL) and the Coordination of Anarchist Groups (CGA) began a few months ago a 
process of discussion of which one of the possible outcomes is a unification, with the 
foundation of a new libertarian communist organization. For more than fifteen years our 
two organizations have participated, separately or jointly, in many fronts of common 
struggles, while keeping their specificities. ---- The capitalist attacks and the social 
retreats they cause considerably weaken the camp of the workers. It is all the more 
difficult, in this context, to mobilize against the reinforcement of the repressive and 
security apparatus - permanent state of emergency, anti-terrorist laws, criminalization of 
the social movement, police squaring of the popular districts -, against the hunting of 
the migrants, or against the fascist and reactionary danger.

With the defeat of the movement against the labor laws in 2016-2017, and the difficulties 
of this spring to counter attacks at the SNCF and the university, the social movement 
seems to be out of strategy. Yet the class struggle continues, as evidenced by many local 
and sometimes victorious strikes and struggles. But for the past ten years, these 
scattered resistances have struggled to coalesce into a vast resistance movement capable 
of reversing the balance of power with the state and capitalism.

The implication of social anarchists and libertarian communists in social struggles is 
therefore more than ever necessary. Our task is immense, we can not be satisfied with 
defeatist lamentations or, conversely, with triumphalist proclamations that would obscure 
the importance of long-term political work.

Unity is strength
Even though it is currently in difficulty, the social and trade union movement remains a 
key player in the construction of a possible counter-attack. Because it brings together 
the most proletariat in all its diversity, whether in companies or neighborhoods. Because 
it is the embryo of a possible collective appropriation of the means of production without 
which there is no conceivable anticapitalist revolution.

This is why the libertarian communists and social anarchists make it the essential vehicle 
of their revolutionary strategy. Without forming a maneuvering faction, they strive to 
bring about federalist, self-managing and anti-patriarchal and anti-racist practices. They 
and they defend a policy of building struggles by the base, away from the bureaucratic 
routine of the dirigiste, the electoral illusions as the agitation of ultra-left 
incantatory and no tomorrow.

However, the libertarian current can not be limited to act anonymously within the social 
and trade union movement. He is also responsible for developing an organization that gives 
visibility to the anti-capitalist and self-managing project we carry.

A delimited process
It is on these shared observations that AL and the CGA began, since February 2018, a 
process of discussion with a view to a possible rapprochement of our organizations.

An endless discussion would turn empty. AL and the CGA have therefore developed a precise 
roadmap with successive discussion points and verification points, each to ensure 
collective control of the process. It should last about a year and, if it ends, lead to a 
joint congress that will decide whether or not unification. A congress is the choice of a 
transparent process, with the participation of everyone, far from "staff  negotiations  " 
and underhand deals. AL and the CGA have behind them a history, a functioning, practices, 
guidelines developed collectively ; only a congress has the legitimacy to modify them.

The process of discussion between AL and the CGA may be open to other libertarian or 
revolutionary anarchist communist groups.

Libertarian Alternative (AL) and Coordination of Anarchist Groups (CGA)



Message: 2

All persons who saw the detention of Gosia C., Maciej H. and Jacek S. and / or those who 
have evidence that can provide for the accused in the case for the Black Protest in 
Poznan, please contact urgent - ackpoznan@gmail.com! ---- Below is the exact "chronicle" 
of events: ---- BLACK PROTEST ---- 03/10/2016 ---- Between 14:00 and 18:00 on pl. A. 
Mickiewicz in Poznan there was a protest against the tightening of the abortion law. After 
the end of the meeting (around 6:00 pm), there was a spontaneous march of a group of 
protesters (1500 people) on St. Marcin 43 to head office of the PIS deputy office. The 
demonstrators were waiting for the police officers who were ordered to protect the office 
of the ruling party. Several smoke candles were thrown out of the crowd and the protesters 
stopped, laid out their banners and calmly shouted political slogans. After a while, 
panicked policemen joined by support in the form of a larger number of officers, began to 
blindly attack the gathered people, beat them with batons and helmets.
The police also sprayed pepper spray, which affected a very large number of random people. 
As a result of these events, 3 people were arrested: Maciej H., Jacek S. and Gosia C. The 
gathered demonstrators for a while peacefully demanded information about the detainees and 
their release, and then they went to the Old Town police station on Aleja 18, 
Marcinkowski. Although a lawyer appeared at the police station, who demanded the 
possibility of talking to detainees, the police did not let her into the building. The 
detainees themselves did not obtain information on the legal basis for detention. As a 
result of police action, many people were more or less injured, beaten and burned with 
pepper gas.

After a night spent at the Police Detention Center, without access to a lawyer, 
information on the reason for detention or even water, around 4:00 pm (after 23 hours), 
detainees were
released with alleged violations of bodily immunity of officers.

07/10/2016 A
group of people injured during incidents at the PIS headquarters is trying to submit a 
notice of police abuse. These people, with the exception of Joanna M., were prevented from 
talking to the prosecutor on duty. During the submission of the notification (PR 1 Ds. 
2795.2016), Joanna M. was treated in a scandalous manner by the prosecutor's office - the 
prosecutor shouted at her, accusing her of wasting her time, humiliating her and 
downplaying her comments and unkindly.
(Iwona J. and Julia H. also submit notifications on exceeding the powers - both cases are 
immediately discontinued).

We are notified that the Poznan Old Town District Prosecutor in Poznan has initiated an 
investigation into the violation of physical integrity of police officers in Poznan.

Appointment of the forensic laboratory of the Province Police Headquarters in Poznan - the 
fingerprint lab in order to: reveal and secure on fingerprints fingerprints from evidence, 
ie firecrackers in the amount of 2 pieces and smoke grenades in the amount of 4 pieces. On 
clothes and no traces of pyrotechnic materials were detected in the detained bodies.

Decision on appointment of an expert from the Forensic Laboratory of the Provincial 
Headquarters in Poznan - physics and chemistry laboratory in order to answer the questions 
- whether the remitted material contains residues of substances included in pyrotechnics. 
There were swabs taken from the hands, hair and clothes collected during the arrest. Also, 
material evidence was sent, including hats and jackets.

Maciej H. complains about police activities to the Provincial Police Headquarters.

15.11.2016 The
prosecutor's office sends Joanna M. a decision refusing to initiate an investigation into 
the matter of police abuse.

Joanna M. complains to the court about the dismissal of the investigation against the 
police. This case goes to the Ombudsman's report on abuse of power in the police.

23/03/2017 A
hearing related to Joanna M.'s complaint, on which the Court orders the prosecutor's 
office to initiate an investigation against the police (reference number PR 1 Ds 1286.2017).

The official initiation of the investigation (reference number PR 1 Ds 1286.2017) in the 
case of abuse of power by the police.

Hearing of Joanna M. at the Police Home Office for Kochanowski as an injured party in the 
matter of exceeding the powers.

Joanna M. is summoned to the prosecutor's office, where she is interrogated as a suspect 
in an investigation against people detained during the demonstration. The prosecutor who 
interrogated her attended while Joanna was reporting her evidence against the police (she 
shared the office with the prosecutor who received the police's notice of abuse). During 
the interrogation Joanna. M. testifies that she participated in a protest with her 
partner, Pawel B. The prosecutor presents her allegations: participation in an illegal 
gathering with the knowledge that its participants intend to perform a violent attack on 
police officers and obstruct police duties by digging a police car, opening the door, 
throwing a police car on the hood, standing in and sitting in front of a police car, 
pouring on the glass of white powder of unknown origin and gripping the bars on the 
windshield of the patrol car. The prosecutor indicated that on the basis of the evidence 
gathered, she knew that Joanna M. did not commit all of her alleged offenses, but, in her 
opinion, she bears "collective responsibility" for each offense committed during the assembly.

Joanna M. receives letter of the previously made objections. Pawel B., whom Joanna M. 
mentioned earlier as her partner and witness of events, also receives the accusation of 
participation in the illegal gathering. Both of them are joined to the case against Maciej 
H., Gosia C. and Jacek S. The case is also accompanied by Iwona J. who also previously 
reported that the police had exceeded his rights.

06/06/2017 A
refusal to answer the prosecutor's office on the application of 05/06/2017 for access to 
the files of the ongoing investigation. In the meantime, the prosecutor conducting the 
case against the detainee at the demonstration and people who have reported the abuse of 
rights by the police (Monika Rutkowska) gets a promotion.

Hearing of Malgorzata C. and Maciej H. as suspects in the Old Town District Prosecutor's 
Office in Poznan.

Decision on presenting charges by the Prosecutor's Office Gosia C., Maciej H. and Jacek S. 
on the offense under art. 222 couples 1 article and art. 157 couples 2 in connection with 
art. 11 pairs 2 PC
and the offense under art. 254 couples 1 kk.

31/10/2017 The
prosecutor's office closes the investigation against the detainees.

06/11/2017 The
Poznan - Stare Miasto District Prosecutor's Office presents the indictment against:
1.Malgorzata C .:
- she violated the bodily immunity of the police officer David B in such a way that during 
his duties he kicked his legs, tugged at the above . injuries in the form of twisting the 
metacarpophalangeal joint of the finger and the right hand, superficial abrasions of the 
finger and right hand, which injuries have affected the functions of the organs of the 
body for less than 7 days (article 222 paragraph 1 of the Penal Code and Article 157 
paragraph 2 in in connection with Article 11, paragraph 2 of the Penal Code);
- took part in a cloakroom in the area of building No. 43 at St. Marcin, knowing that his 
participants, by common forces, commit a violent attack on police officers performing 
their duties in this place (Article 254 (1) of the Penal Code).
2. Joannie M .:
- took part in a cloakroom in the area of building No. 43 at St. Marcin, knowing that his 
participants, by common forces, commit a violent attack on police officers performing 
their duties in this place (Article 254 (1) of the Penal Code).
- acting jointly and in agreement with persons of unidentified identity in order to force 
police officers[...]to abandon legal activities and withdraw from detaining and 
transporting people suspected of committing crimes in the area of St. Marcin in Poznan, 
hindered the departure of the police car from the above in this way, she stood and sat in 
front of the vehicle, tried to open the door, hit her hands and kick in his car body, 
poured white powder of unidentified origin on the windshield making it difficult for the 
driver to see, and put on the hood of the police car and grabbed the grates protecting his 
front glass (article 224, paragraph 2 of the Penal Code, art.254, par.1 kk).
3. Iwona J .:
- took part in a cloakroom in the area of building No. 43 at St. Marcin, knowing that his 
participants, by common forces, commit a violent attack on police officers performing 
their duties in this place (Article 254 (1) of the Penal Code).
4. Jacek S .:
- that he violated the physical integrity of police officers[...]in such a way that during 
official activities carried out by officers he kicked and legally repelled them (art.222 
paragraph 1 of the Penal Code);
- took part in the gathering in the area of building No. 43 at St. Marcin, knowing that 
his participants, by common forces, commit a violent attack on police officers performing 
their duties in this place (Article 254 (1) of the Penal Code).
5. Maciej H. for an offense under art.222 par. 1 kk; from art. 254 couples 1 of the Penal Code
- that he violated the physical integrity of police officers[...]in such a way that during 
official activities carried out by officers[...]he kicked their legs and hit his chest and 
police officer with his fists[...]in this way, that during police activities he was 
tearing his uniform, he was pushing and hitting him with his hands (art.222 par.1 kk);
- took part in the gathering in the area of building No. 43 at St. Marcin, knowing that 
his participants, by common forces, commit a violent attack on police officers performing 
their duties in this place (Article 254 (1) of the Penal Code).
6. Pawel B .:
- took part in the gathering in the area of building No. 43 at St. Marcin, knowing that 
his participants, by common forces, commit a violent attack on police officers performing 
their duties in this place (Article 254 (1) of the Penal Code).

Accusation file sent to the District Court Poznan - Stare Miasto.

Appointment of the Forensic Medicine Department of the Medical University of Poznan in 
order to verify the injuries suffered by the police.

13/12/2017 The
prosecutor's office interviews Malgorzata C. as a witness in a case of abuse of power by 
the police.

Prosecutor's Office discontinues investigation into the police's abuse of rights[reference 
number PR 1 Ds 1286.2017]. Fragments of justification (original spelling):
"It should be pointed out, and what can not be omitted bearing in mind the facts of the 
present case, that the circle of persons injured in the present proceedings include 
persons who operate in the Poznan anarchist movement (Anarchist Federation Poznan, 
Rozbrat) or are with the indicated movement in a different way connected. Members of this 
movement take part in various protests, trying through their provocative behaviors, 
offensive in the ongoing protest depreciate the actions of state organs - in particular 
the Police.
The website of the Anarchist Federation includes a number of demonstration tips including 
those referring to the need to put on face masks, bounce off arrested and others. In the 
present case, it is possible to observe typical actions of this kind, in particular 
provocative - as the use of masks, throwing stones and flares at officers, directing 
vulgar and offensive words to police officers. Most of these behaviors are dangerous to 
life and health.
[...]However, the testimony of the victims, in the context of the remaining evidence 
gathered in the case - was considered subjective because they are inconsistent with other 
evidence in the case, including collected documents and testimonies of other witnesses (we 
remind you that other witnesses are police officers! note by the authors of the report). 
In particular, it is also difficult to assume that the officers deliberately humiliated 
and used unnecessary violence against unknown and strangers, having no personal interest 
in it, and also risking their own life and health and loss of employment.
[...]In the opinion of the supervising prosecutor, police officers took urgent decisions, 
important for the protection of life and health, in a dynamic and dangerous situation 
which is undoubtedly a confrontation with over a thousand people. As well, they acted with 
the risk of their own life and health in extremely stressful and imminent 
life-threatening, healthy and disturbing situations. It should be emphasized that 
uncontrolled crowd reactions are extremely dangerous.
You can not forget about this when assessing the behavior of police officers, because it 
is easy to assess such situations in the privacy of your private office or private home. 
Therefore, the issue of a call to comply with the law in the context of fulfilling the 
conditions of art. 34 sec. 2 of the Act on coercive measures and firearms does not matter. "

FIRST ROZPRAWA District Court Poznan - Stare Miasto.

Notification from the prosecutor's office about accepting a complaint against the decision 
to discontinue the investigation (reference number PR 1 Ds 1286.2017).

SECOND ROZPRAWA District Court Poznan - Stare Miasto.

Court meeting in the case of complaint against the decision to discontinue the 
investigation (reference number PR 1 Ds 1286.2017). The court upholds the discontinuation 
of the investigation.




Message: 3

Just three weeks ago, the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, under the direction of Judge 
Moghiseh, sentenced anarchist prisoner Soheil Arabi to 5 years imprisonment for blasphemy 
& 1 year for propaganda against the state ---- His wife, Nastaran Naimi, was also 
sentenced to 1 and a half years in prison ---- Anarchist political prisoner Soheil Arabi 
has been tortured in Evin Prison, suffering severe beatings that left him bruised & his 
nose broken ---- On June 1, when he was taken to surgery, soldiers beat him in the 
Khomeini Hospital. Soheil is now under quarantine ---- Soheil Arabi born August 21, 1985, 
is an Iranian blogger who has been sentenced to death in Iran on charges of insulting the 
Prophet Mohammad in his postings on Facebook
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) agents arrested Arabi at his home in Tehran in 
November 2013. He then spent two months in the IRGC's Ward 2-A in Evin Prison. During 
interrogation, he was pressured into confessing his alleged crimes. He was then 
transferred to Section 350 of Evin, which is under control of the Iranian judiciary. On 30 
August 2014, a five-judge panel of Branch 76 of the Criminal Court of Tehran sentenced 
Arabi to death for "insulting the Prophet of Islam" in eight Facebook accounts allegedly 
belonging to Arabi

On 4 September 2014, Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court also sentenced Arabi to 
three years in prison on charges of "insulting the Supreme Leader" and "propaganda against 
the state" in his postings on Facebook

In late September 2015, his sentence was commuted to "reading 13 religious books and 
studying theology for two years



Message: 4

Comrades from the Bangladesh Anarcho-syndicalist Federation held a conference. Workers 
from various tea gardens attended to learn more about the ideas behind anarchosyndicalism, 
self-organization and international solidarity, with a focus on how this can be put in 
practice. More information to follow shortly. The General Secretary of the IWA was honored 
to speak at this conference and expressed full support for the workers' struggle to put an 
end to their dreadful exploitation.

Solidarity with workers in struggle and live!


Message: 5

MACC is calling for an emergency occupation starting today, June 22nd, at 5 pm at the ICE 
processing center (201 Varick Street) in downtown Manhattan. Join us as the resistance 
from below mobilizes to #OccupyICE and sound the call that "No one is illegal!" ---- 
Friday, 6/22, 5 P.M. ---- 201 Varick Street, Manhattan ---- Follow @OccupyICENYC for 
updates ---- MACC hace un llamamiento para una ocupación de emergencia comenzando hoy, 22 
de Junio, a las 5 pm en el centro de procesamiento de ICE (Cumplimiento de Inmigración y 
Fronteras, la Migra) en 201 Varick Street, en el centro de Manhattan. Únete a nosotros y 
forma la resistencia desde abajo mientras nos mobilizamos para #OcuparICE y hacer sonar el 
grito de "Ningún ser humano es ilegal!" ---- #OccupyICENYC ---- Viernes, 22 de Junio, 5 
P.M. ---- 201 Varick Street, Manhattan. ---- Sigue a @OccupyICENYC para mantenerte informado.

Seeing parents ripped from their children, children from their parents, friends from their 
friends - human beings from their freedom - tears through our hearts and fuels our rage.

The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council stands against every ICE agent who takes 
children from their families, every politician who empowers them, every police officer who 
participates in this same racist and xenophobic project, every Republican who cheers for 
this brutality in public, and every Democrat who condemns it in public and does nothing 
whatsoever to stop it.

We stand not only against the cruel policy of family separation - which hasn't been 
resolved by the recent Executive Order - and the abuse of youth and adult immigrants in 
detention centers, but also against militarized border regimes that allow money and elites 
to travel freely while rejecting and dehumanizing the poor and working class. The 
criminalization of poverty and migrants is nothing new and crosses party lines. More than 
2.5 million undocumented people were deported under Barack Obama. Every day, more than 
30,000 people sit in cages, imprisoned because the nation they are in does not match where 
they were born. Our politicians are invested in this system of exploitation and all that 
it entails: the erosion of democracy by technocrats, mass incarceration, colonial 
mentalities that target our own citizens and indigenous peoples as "foreigners," the 
systematic abuse of undocumented workers, and the racist ideas that provide them 
justification to profit off of this cruelty.

We recognize that, if change is going to come, it must come from ourselves - from below. 
We are inspired by ICE occupations in Portland and elsewhere, and call on all New Yorkers 
to stand in solidarity with immigrants and against ICE.

Until every cage is empty. Abolish ICE prisons and all prisons; no borders, no states! 

Press inquiries: press@macc.nyc

Ver a padres y madres apartados de sus hijxs, hijxs de sus familias, amigxs de sus amigxs 
- seres humanos de su libertad - desgarra nuestros corazones y alimenta nuestra rabia.

El Consejo Coordinador Anarquista Metropolitano (MACC) está en contra de cada empleado de 
ICE que separa a niñxs de sus familias, cada político que los empodera, cada policía que 
participa en el mismo proyecto racista y xenófobo, cada Republicano que aplaude esta 
brutalidad en público, y cada Demócrata que lo condena en público y no hace absolutamente 
nada para detenerlo.

No solo estamos en contra de la cruel política de separación de familias - que no ha sido 
solucionada por la reciente Orden Ejecutiva - y el abuso a inmigrantes jóvenes y adultos 
en los centros de detención, sino también de los regimenes con fronteras militarizadas que 
permiten al dinero y las élites moverse libremente mientras rechazan y deshumanizan a los 
pobres y la clase trabajadora. La criminalización de la pobreza y los migrantes no es nada 
nuevo y atraviesa las líneas de los partidos. Más de 2.5 millones de personas 
indocumentadas fueron deportadas bajo el mandato de Barack Obama. Cada día, más de 30,000 
personas esperan en jaulas, encarcelados porque la nación en la que están no es la misma 
que en la que nacieron. A nuestros políticos les interesa este sistema de explotación y 
todo lo que implica: la erosión de la democracia a manos de tecnócratas, encarcelamientos 
masivos, mentalidades coloniales que atacan a nuestros propios ciudadanos y gentes 
indígenas como "extranjeros", el abuso sistemático de trabajadores indocumentados, y las 
ideas racistas que les proporcionan la justificación para aprovecharse de esta crueldad.

Renonocemos que, si va a haber un cambio, tiene que surgir de nosotros - desde abajo. Nos 
inspiramos en las ocupaciones a ICE en Portland y otros lugares, y llamamos a todos los 
Neoyorquinos para que vengan a solidarizarse con los inmigrantes y oponerse a ICE.

Hasta que todas las jaulas estén vacias. Acabemos con las prisiones de ICE y todas las 
prisiones; sin fronteras, sin estados! #OccupyICENYC

Consultas de prensa: press@macc.nyc



Message: 6

The cowardly cur runs from the LONDON MOB - but will stay one night in LONDON to prove he 
aint no cowardy custard.
He will stay at WINFIELD HOUSE in REGENTS Park home of US ambassador, So lets do what the 
CIA did to drive general Noriega the Panamanian stooge out of his sanctuary - they blasted 
noise 24 hours a day for months till he cracked and came out So lets do the same with 
Trump - all night noise.
Besides PANAMA by VAN HALEN the CIA played 'I fought the law' by THE CLASH.


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