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zondag 8 juli 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - Part 2 - 7.07.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #285 - Special file:
      Security without the security (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]

2.  [Spain] The CGT joins the tribute to the medical anarchist
      Amparo Poch By ANA (ca, pt) [machine translation]

3.  [Scotland] Edinburgh Anarchist and Feminist Book Fair 2018
      By        ANA (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)


Message: 1

How could be treated collectively the violence or the crimes in a libertarian communist 
society ? How to avoid reproducing the monsters of capitalist society like prison ? How to 
think about the safety of all and all without the security ? There is no ready-made 
answer, no pre-established schema. With this file, we wanted to begin a reflection. ---- 
For forty years, the security has become a leitmotiv politician. In the name of the fight 
against crime, public freedoms are trampled, individuals are locked up, watched, and some 
murdered. All this serves as a pretext to strengthen, more generally, social control, and 
guarantee capitalist domination. It breeds violence. The majority of delinquent acts 
follow the rules of informal capitalism. Illegal in their means but conformist in their ends.

Others, such as sexual violence, are the product of male domination. A world free of 
capitalism and domination would largely solve the problem of crime by removing the context 
that engenders it. The contours of crime depend on definitions that vary according to 
society and time. France, like other countries, has experienced a very significant phase 
of criminalization since the 1970s, which translates into a criminalization of everything: 
many acts have become " crimes " and, in all layers of society, the use of criminal 
justice has increased to settle any deviation from social norms or the slightest conflict.

The punitive net has spread: social work and psychiatric care are more and more solicited 
to supplement bourgeois justice. And many delinquency routes are artificially created by 
absurd prohibitions, especially in the area of drugs. Repression only reinforces the 
marginalization of some individuals and, ultimately, their inclusion in " delinquency ". 
Criminalization is largely responsible for the problem it claims to solve.

And after ? It is obvious that in a libertarian communist society that has abolished this 
capitalist context, there will still exist forms of residual violence. Not to mention that 
capitalism will not collapse overnight and that even today, in our militant spaces, we are 
confronted with forms of violence that can not be missed.

How could be treated collectively the violence or the crimes in a libertarian communist 
society ? How to avoid reproducing the monsters of capitalist society like prison ? How to 
think about the safety of all and all without the security ? There is no ready-made 
answer, no pre-established schema. With this file, we wanted to begin a reflection.

A file coordinated by Marco (AL 92), Florence (AL Lorient) and Tristan (AL Toulouse)

In summary:
Judicial Reform: Towards court robotization ?
Europe: The fortress is also a prison
United States: Chained to Slave History
Big Brother: A real public-private partnership
History: Police sometimes, justice nowhere
Rojava: security and local justice
Chiapas / Zapatistas: Repairing rather than Closing
Practices: Dealing with gender-based violence in a militant environment
Treat the sexual abuser through feminist education
And the " dangerous fools " ? And the " psychopaths " ?



Message: 2

The CGT union will go on Wednesday, July 4, to honor the anarchist medical Amparo Poch 
with the intention of claiming and recovering from oblivion the importance of her role in 
the libertarian sphere. ---- The place chosen for the homage could not be more accurate, 
the street Madre Rafols No. 9 where the doctor and anarchist Amparo Poch made her first 
consultation. Amparo can not at first study Medicine by the refusal of her father, who 
defended that it was a career only for men, reason why studied Magisterium. Shortly 
afterwards he would break with parental obligations and enroll in Medicines, graduating 
with an extraordinary prize in the Sciences section, in 1929 with honors in all subjects 
(28 honors). In its promotion were licensed 97 men and 2 women. She was the second woman 
to be licensed in the Faculty of Medicine of Zaragoza.

Amparo has implemented health education programs for working women and has developed a 
major work on child health to reduce the high mortality rates of the time.

But outside the scientific scope, Amparo was a prominent figure within the anarchist world 
of the time. She was one of the founders, before the beginning of the War, of Mujeres 
Libres magazine  . During the War she worked at the Ministry of Health with Federica 
Montseny as director of Social Assistance between 1936 and 1937. She organized expeditions 
of refugee children to Mexico, France and Russia. He directed the project of Children's 
Homes that replaced the old asylums and orphanages and endowed with a home the orphans of 
the Republic. She was also a doctor in the militias until she was forced into exile in 
France in 1939, where she was not able to work as a doctor until 1946. The illness 
consumed her in physical decay, mental alienation and bitterness of character. She died on 
April 15, 1968 in Toulouse.

Since the CGT we want to remember the memory of a woman so important and outstanding in 
her two spheres; the scientific and the anarchist. That's why we call to pay homage to 
Amparo Poch.



Translation> Sol de Abril


Message: 3

The first edition of the Edinburgh Anarchist and Feminist Book Fair takes place on 21 July 
at the Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL., From 10:30 a.m. 
to 6:00 p.m. In programming, in addition to the books and zines, workshops and lectures. 
---- What is the Edinburgh Anarchist and Feminist Book Fair? ---- A Feira do Livro 
Anarquista e Feminista de Edimburgo é um evento aberto todo o dia e para todas e todos, 
não apenas para anarquistas e feministas. Queremos proporcionar um ambiente livre e 
acolhedor a pessoas de todos os gêneros que querem aprender mais sobre anarquismo e 
feminismo, assim como àquelas que estão trabalhando no dia a dia e que querem explorar 
ideias mais aprofundadamente, analisar conceitos e atingir planos concretos.

The book fair will start at 10:30 p.m. and runs until 6:00 p.m., on Saturday, July 21, 
2018. In addition to publishing booths, bookstores, zine creators and community-based 
organizing campaigns, we will promote throughout the day workshops and lectures on various 
topics: from the right to abortion to mutual aid, from the theory of social reproduction 
to housing, from sex work to community responsibility. We'll also have a hands-on vehicle 
maintenance session for women and non-binaries if we find a parking spot!

Once the books are removed and the workshops are finished, it will be time to celebrate 
and celebrate. We will have a super cool party and other news soon!

So that everyone can participate, we will have a free professional daycare. See our 
Childcare page   for more details, if you are interested, interested.

How can I participate?

If you want to help organize the book fair, fundraising, set up a bank, or promote a 
discussion or workshop, send an e-mail to  eafb@riseup.net . We are especially looking for 
people to help with the announcement of the event and to help with logistics on fair day.

Who we are?

We are a group of feminist anarchists who have come together to organize an anarchist and 
feminist book fair in Edinburgh in the summer of 2018. Some of us are already members of 
other groups that you may know or support, such as the  Sisters Uncut ,  Edinburgh Action 
for Trans Health  or  AK Press; others do not belong to any group.

>> More infos:  edinburghafb.org

Translation> Patrícia Marmelada


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