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maandag 9 juli 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 9.07.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  Britain, freedom news: Can anarchists give Trump the welcome
      he deserves? (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  Britain, Class War: TRUMP DEMO - BOOZE NOT QUEUES!

3.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #285 - AL July-August is
      on sale ! (fr, it, pt)[machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

4.  Greece, On the meeting of the IFA-IAF Relations Committee in
      Athens By APO (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

5.  The 12th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair will take place in Novi
      Sad, Serbia from 28th to 30th of September, 2018.

6.  wsm.ie: Tens of thousands take part in Pride in Dublin on
      25th anniversary of decriminalisation (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

7.  Czech, AFED: Anarchist Federation - Black Boy Scouts


Message: 1

Ever since Trump became President of the USA there's been the prospect of him visiting the 
UK and the chance for direct action. Anarchist organising is not what it was in London 
just a few short years ago. I seriously doubt the capacity for bursting the official 
bubble and suspect that the main leftist counter demo will be the only alternative 
narrative on offer. ---- The mainstream left initially called on the government not to 
invite Trump to the UK when he first became President. This typical call to ban anything 
they don't agree with was as predictable as it was lacking in imagination. You can't ban 
fake news, let alone bad news and he is bad news in every conceivable way. Let's have him 
here and challenge him in some way, even if we can't get anywhere close.

There are many ways this can be done. His will be a spectacle dominating our national news 
for days on end. What we could do with is a variety of alternative spectacles for the news 
to highlight. The left's aim for a massive peaceful jamboree is lacklustre but at least 
it's something. We're all at different levels of political activity and action and I don't 
blame anyone for going along to something where they will have a nice time. We have to 
hope it might be a bit more exciting than this though.

I'm not sure that there is a black bloc in London anymore but emulating what happened in 
Washington DC on the day Trump was inaugurated would be a fine thing indeed. Damage to 
property was the order of the day highlighting the very real damage that trump and people 
like him do to people and the planet. Of course the black bloc faced some criticism for 
causing trouble but they also got space to explain why they did what they did and why it 
matters. Property damage is entirely justifiable and nothing compared to the damage he is 
causing to lives and livelihoods.

It doesn't have to simply be black bloc activity either. There are a myriad ways in which 
the point can be made. I notice a crowdfunded activity to install a massive inflatable 
baby Trump above the capital for example. This might not achieve a great deal but it makes 
a point and maybe there will be people who are more willing to help that than to get their 
paint bombs out. It's all good and while I think we should push protest down radical 
routes when and where possible we're having trouble simply getting our own house in order 
so I'm not going to criticise anyone for actually getting something done.

I can't underplay how much damage the rise of Corbyn has done to anarchism in Britain. 
It's now clear that many people involved in anarchism over the last 10 years or so have 
moved towards constitutional methods for their politics. The argument that Labour is just 
as bad as the Tories doesn't work for them anymore. In Labour, many see a chance for a 
transformational progressive government. I can't help but assume that this is the reason 
for the lack of dynamism within the anarchist movement since 2015. These things perhaps 
run in cycles. The anarchist movement has been dominated by the green and peace movements 
before and maybe we're moving to a period when they take the forefront again.

I'd love to be proved wrong though. There is a chance that through antifascist organising 
the weekend of Trump's visit could present an opportunity to mobilise in large numbers. 
Whilst the Trump protests will take place on Friday July 13th, the following day sees a 
planned far-right demo take place in support of Tommy Robinson. Two fascists in two days? 
Well Trump certainly has fascist tendencies and he actually has power so I place him as 
more important than that wretched imbecile currently squealing ‘free speech' while hoping 
he can one day paralyse all our vocal chords.

There is no doubt though that this could present a weekend like no other in terms of the 
possibilities for direct action, subversion and counter spectacle. Having opportunities 
and being able to take them are of course two different things. We've waited a long time 
for Trump to finally get his ass to the UK. Those that are able will mark the occasion I'm 
sure. Whether anarchists can puncture through all the official pomp and even the official 
counter pomp of Labour and their supporters remains to be seen but if they do there is the 
chance of inspiring a new generation of people on the margins of politics. Trump's visit 
will give us a clear indication of the health of the anarchist movement and the direction 
it is taking in the UK.

Jon Bigger



Message: 2

While the Left queue for hours to march - many of us will spend the afternoon drinking 
around Bond Street/New Bond Street. You can join us for a couple of hours and still make 
the rally at 5pm.
'The street is our catwalk' as Jay-jay Thomas puts it and to add value treat the whole 
area as your toy shop - trying clothes on, voguing over Alfa Romeos, spraying 'les parfums 
de Paris' under yer armpits - common as FUCK!


Message: 3

SNCF ; strike fund ; Educators of young children ; Dockers ; Parcoursup ; Asylum Law and 
Immigration ; Henriette Dahan Kalev ; AL and CGA ; Rethinking Justice ; safe ; Judicial 
reform ; fortress Europe ; Big Brother ; Chiapas / Zapatistas ; gender-based violence in a 
militant environment ; ZAD ; Bure ; vineyards of Bolloré ; feminist collective 
Emancipation ; Feminism in Angers ; LGBT struggles ; genocide in Rwanda ---- Editorial: 
The Aquarius or the "  soft  " fascism ---- Fireside: SNCF ---- Strike railway: a machine 
to lose ---- Syndicalism  ---- Debate: The strike fund, a good tool if it is well ---- 
calibrated  ---- Early childhood educators: Anger philanthropic ---- Dockers: A blow to 
one is a blow to all ---- Social ---- Parcoursup: how to get rid of it ?  ----  Asylum and 
Immigration Law: A murderous policy to make refugees flee

Chronicle: Neither God nor Schoolmaster, "Francisco Ferrer and Libertarian School" part 2

   Interview with Henriette Dahan Kalev (founder of the curriculum of gender studies at 
Ben Gurion University in Israel): "  Israel is only part of the capitalist body that 
crushes hopes for peace  "

   Joint Statement: A discussion process between AL and CGA

Chronicle: Echo of Africa, "Tackling Symbols of Colonialism"

Summer Dossier: Rethinking Justice
   Security Without Security
  Judicial Reform: Towards Court Robotization ?
  Europe: The Fortress is also a jail
  United States: Chained to the
  Big Brother Slavery Story: A Real Public-Private Partnership
  History: Police Sometimes, Justice Nowhere
  Chiapas / Zapatistas: Repairing rather than Closing
  Practices: Dealing with Gender-Based Violence in a militant environment
  Dealing with the sexual aggressor through feminist education
  And the "  dangerous fools  " ? And the "  psychopaths  " ?

   Interview with Camille (zadiste) "  Our goal is the collective management of this 
territory  "
  Bure: The diversity of tactics against the nuclear diktat
  Agriculture: The vineyards of Bolloré occupied in the Var

   Interview with "Émancipation" a feminist collective from Angers: "  There are as many 
ways to emancipate as people  "
  Angers: Stop the scent of rancor reaction
  LGBT struggles: Have a space for political claim

   Essay: "A popular history of football", by Mickael Correia to Editions La Découverte
  Revue: The Utopics n ° 7 dedicated to May 68, Syllepse Editions
  Film: "In war" by Stéphane Brizé
  Roman: "The Fire with powders" by Philippe Huet published by Rivages

   Twenty-four years ago: The French State accomplices genocide in Rwanda



Message: 4

In the weekend June 30 - July 1, the scheduled meeting of the International Relations of 
Anarchist Federations (IFA-IAF) was held in Athens, at 37 Lelas Karagiannis. ---- On the 
way to the 11th IFA conference to be held in Slovenia in the summer of 2019, we are 
working towards the reconstruction and reunification of the anarchist movement 
internationally by taking initiatives to link anarchist and anti-global organizations at a 
global level at a time  when the internationalist , social and class solidarity, the 
vision for the world of Anarchy and Liberty Communism is more timely than ever, against 
the emergence of nationalism and the fascist threat. ---- We continue on Thursday, July 
5th, with the 3-day Eleftheria Festival, which will take place on the campus of Zografou 
(Military School) with the participation of a number of fighters from social, class and 
anarchist ventures from Greece and abroad. In an attempt to showcase the wealth of 
anarchist perceptions and practices, races that break down from different angles of the 
planet and internationalist solidarity with the insurgents of all the earth ...!



Message: 5

The bookfair will take place in SKCNS Fabrika, Bul.Despota Stefana 5. ---- Every year 
Balkan anarchist bookfair[BAB]takes place in a different city across the Balkans and is 
organized by a local collective with an aim to connect local, regional, as well as 
international anarchist community. This year, we hope that even more participants, groups 
and publishers will gather in Novi Sad, as well as anyone else who is interested in 
anarchist and libertarian books and publications. ---- First BAB was organised in 2003 and 
since then it happened in Ljubljana (2003&2013), Zagreb (2005&2017), Sofia (2008), 
Thessaloniki (2009), Zrenjanin (2010), Skopje (2011), Mostar (2014), Zadar (2015) and in 
Ioannina (2016). ---- As Balkan anarchist bookfairs before, we are planning to open a 
discussion about subjects that matter to the community and problems we are facing as a 
movement. We are open for all suggestions and ideas that you're interested in, and would 
like to present. Participation at the bookfair is open for all 
anti-authoritarian/anarchist/autonomous groups, publishers, initiatives, places etc. (not 
just from the Balkans) so we call on everybody to support the event with participation and 


In order to help us organize the bookfair and complete the program on time we need you to 
confirm your participation as soon as possible.

Contact us and inform us about the way you would like to participate. Here are some 
questions, though we encourage any further suggestions from you.

Some of the details we need from you:
1. How would you like to participate? (would you like to have a stall, organize a 
presentation, discussion or a workshop?)
2. If you need a stall, what should its approximate dimensions be?
+ We need some basic information about you, such as: contact, what books/publishers you 
distribute[not list, just short info]etc
3. Let us know if you need help with the accommodation (free sleeping places are limited).

* If you can't come to the bookfair, you can consider sending some free publications, 
posters and other materials and we will distribute it for you. Also, you can consider 
sending books and other publications for sale, we will organize a stall for all of you 
that can't come but would like to present your work at the bookfair.

* The entire event will be held free of charge, organized under the principles of 
solidarity, mutual aid and the building of common power. So, if you are willing to 
organise a benefit event for the 12th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair, we would appreciate the 
efforts very much! The money goes to covering bookfair expenses.

More info about the Bookfair, the program and other material:



Message: 6

60,000 people marched as part of Pride this year in Dublin according to the organisers. 
This would make it  the largest to date, this year was also significant as it was marking 
25 years since the 1993 decriminalisation of sex between men. ---- 25 years after the 
government finally removed the 10 year jail sentence for sex between men the Irish army 
marched near the front of parade, with many in the army band wearing rainbow angel wings. 
There was one lone counter protester marching along the route 100m ahead of Pride with a 
cornflakes box on the end of a umbrella.   He had stuck a religious icon and the slogan 
‘Sodomy is Sexual Abuse' on the side of the box! While that was pretty laughable we do not 
forget that on the eve of the pride there were homophobic attacks in Dublin and Laois so 
we have a lot to fight for even if Pride today can  feel more like a corporate sponsored 
carnival than a protest.

This year WSM members marched with the Abortion Rights Campaign bloc and the groups it 
facilitated including Queer Action Ireland's (formerly Working Class Queeroes), the 
Migrants and Ethnic-minorities for Reproductive Justice - MERJ group, the anti-racism 
network - ARN, the Queers for Sex Workers Rights, Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign 
and other pro-Palestine activists.

Nearly at the end of the march some of these groups moved onto the pavement all together 
chanting against the corporate involvement and sponsorship in the pride, against 
deportation and the pinkwashing as the rest of the march passed.  Chants included "Queer 
Liberation, Not corporations. We will not be quiet, Stonewall was a riot. Sex Work is 
Work. End Direct Provision. No Banks, No Cops, Just bottoms and tops" ( see video  )

Some of our members present added their impressions below of the day;

Konstantina - The atmosphere was amazing and our bloc mood felt more like a march than a 
capitalist party. The queer soldiers with the banner were definitely the ‘highlight' of 
this year's pride as apparently they defend with pride!

Nic - We were all made to wait next to the corporate busses breathing diesel for an hour 
waiting to march.  On the way one of our friends was used as a gay pride prop for a 
selfie. They even asked him to turn around so they wouldn't have his face only his flag 
cape. Not so radical on the route with few chants. I'm happy we left the procession to 
chant with Queer Action Ireland

Andrew - seeing the army head up Pride felt strange as I've taken part since the late 
1980's. That was  before decriminalisation when Pride was very small, a couple of hundred 
people from the radical Lesbian and Gay movement supported by the far left.  The radical 
bloc did a good job of reproducing the spirit of the Pride's I remember from the last 80s 
and early 90s but this time in a context where much but not all that was demanded then has 
been won in the years since.  I found the army involvement jarring and the huge corporate 
t-shirt blocs reminiscent of St Patrick's day but both demonstrated how far Ireland has 
been changed by struggle over decades. But also how the anti-capitalist challenge that was 
part of those struggles has now largely been defused by the retreat of state and capital 
from the theocratic ‘family values' agenda under which so many were previously criminalised.

See the WSM photo album from Dublin Pride 2018 on our Facebook page




Message: 7

Black Boy Scouts are an independent movement associating boys and girls, men and women of 
all ages with an interest in leftist non-authoritarian scouting - an educational movement 
inspired by the ideas of Ernest Thompson Seton and Francesco Ferrer. We also find 
inspiration in free and unbounded tremors. ---- The activity of the black-eyed skate is 
not only summer camping in tents, cottages or under a hut. The same, even greater, we go 
on a trip to the mountains and forests, both in winter and in summer. Most often on foot 
with a backpack on his back. The goal is to meet face-to-face, circle of friends and 
peers, young and old, parents and children in the middle of nature. ---- In the wanderings 
of nature and when camping with a flaming fire, we want not only to get to know and 
entertain, but also to learn new things and to learn, to share our experiences with 
others, to share them. To recognize the functioning of ecosystems, to recognize plants and 
animals, to learn to survive in nature and also to self-sufficiency. Accept new skills, 
prepare food together and work collectively.

The aim of Black Boy Scouts is a person of high moral level, a person who takes care of 
his health and physical fitness, who lives in harmony with nature, a man aspiring to 
knowledge and his all-round development, a person of solid moral principles that is 
beneficial to his surroundings.

Black Boy Scouts build on the principles of anti-authoritarianism and equality. It teaches 
and cultivates self-confidence, responsibility for own actions, develops its own 
initiative, camaraderie and mutual assistance and solidarity. He wants to cultivate in a 
young man an individual who treats others as equal to equal, without subordination to 
unnatural authorities able to cooperate in a collective without prejudices.

Black Boy Scouts stand in opposition to the Baden-Powell model of scouting based on 
military hierarchy, as was the case with English scouting. On the contrary, the 
inspiration is taken in Woodcraft's Indians E.T. Setnona because "Seton's contribution 
lies in the idea of returning to nature, freedom and freedom" and the trembling of the 
so-called wild scouts, the young generation, originating from the poorer strata of the 
first Czechoslovak Republic.

The activity of Black-headed Skates takes place in children's tribes under the guidance of 
an adult Chief, or tribes of young people or adults or individuals and families with young 
children according to local conditions and needs. Each group is autonomous, each group 
joining together and common principles in the form of a free federation.
Initially, however, it will be primarily a communication node, which aims to connect 
disseminated people and interested parties, help them find their way to themselves and 
help plan first camp meetings, trips and perhaps even build their own shed or settlement.
Please send suggestions for discussion to fb or e-mail: skaut@riseup.net


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