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donderdag 12 juli 2018

Republicans vote to make it legal nationwide to ban gays & lesbians from adopting

Daily Brief · Jul 12, 2018
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Republicans vote to make it legal nationwide to ban gays & lesbians from adopting
House Republicans want to protect adoption agencies' "sincerely held religious beliefs."
Trump is stealing money from HIV programs to pay for migrant kids snatched from parents
The Office of Refugee Resettlement is already diverting funds from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program to cover the costs of Trump's "zero tolerance" policy.
Tennis star Alison van Uytvanck kissed her girlfriend on TV after winning a match at Wimbledon
She says there's no reason to hide her sexuality because "I'm not sick. I don't have a disease."
This may be the biggest court case for LGBTQ rights in world history
With one decision, the court could impact the lives of 1.3 billion LGBT people.
Judge denies trans teen’s name change because Caitlyn Jenner may have brainwashed him
Instead of approving the teen's name change, the judge told him to "Age. Develop. Mature."
This gay high school cheerleader is trying to unseat an anti-gay Republican
A Republican who got famous for his anti-LGBTQ law will be facing a gay teen in this fall's election.
Hawaii’s Supreme Court rejects religious excuse for discrimination against lesbians
A B&B owner refused to rent the couple a room, saying homosexuals "defile the land."
Aging is harder on LGBTQ people than heterosexuals
A federally funded research project is releasing details about the effects health inequalities can have on members of the LGBTQ community as they age.
Watch this drag queen interrupt a wedding when the priest asks if anyone objects
"It should have been me!"
Is the University of Wyoming’s new slogan homophobic & sexist?
Who do you identify as a cowboy? Martin Luther King, Jr. or the Marlboro Man?

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