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dinsdag 10 juli 2018

Woman flees Tinder date after he brags about killing a gay man

Daily Brief · Jul 9, 2018
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Woman flees Tinder date after he brags about killing a gay man
He trashed her apartment and threatened to blow up her building before police could arrest him.
Lesbian extremists hijack Pride in London to insult transgender people
A Pride in London spokesperson said the priority was to keep the parade moving because it was hot, so they let the anti-trans activists take the lead.
The Stonewall Inn’s iconic window was smashed by a straight teenager
The teen from Coney Island was mad that he got kicked out of the bar.
This Indiana church got evicted for its hateful sign
The church created controversy in a small town, and it was eventually kicked out of its building.
Study shows gay men may make the best fathers
According to a new Italian study, children raised by gay and lesbian parents develop as well psychologically as those raised by straight parents.
LEGO is considering a crazy accurate Will & Grace set
There's even a miniature bottle of vodka for Karen.
Trump has outsourced judicial nominees to an anti-LGBTQ legal group
The Federalist Society is the Trump administraition's judicial pipeline. Limiting LGBTQ rights is one of its key issues.
Maine’s governor is the first to veto a conversion therapy ban
His bizarre veto statement said that conversion therapy is a "right" and that it's not happening.
Over half of gay men aren’t comfortable kissing an HIV+ person
A third of gay men said they wouldn't 'swipe right' on a dating app if they know the other person is positive. Another third said they "weren't sure."
This veteran invited strangers to a 4th of July BBQ on Grindr. Then they all showed up.
This heartwarming story of strangers coming together isn't your typical hookup app story.

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