We want to financially support activists with different opinions who fight against injustice in the world. We also need your support for this! Feel free to donate 1 euro, 2 euros or another amount of your choice. The activists really need the support to continue their activities.

Wij willen activisten met verschillende opinies die vechten tegen onrecht in de wereld financieel steunen. Hiervoor hebben wij ook uw steun nodig! Doneer vrijblijvend 1 euro, 2 euro of een ander bedrag naar keuze. Deze activisten hebben de steun hard nodig om hun activiteiten te blijven uitoefenen.

Nous voulons soutenir financièrement des militants aux opinions différentes qui luttent contre l'injustice dans le monde. Nous avons également besoin de votre soutien pour cela! N'hésitez pas à faire un don de 1 euro, 2 euros ou un autre montant de votre choix. Les militants ont vraiment besoin de soutien pour poursuivre leurs activités.

Wir wollen Aktivisten mit unterschiedlichen Meinungen, die gegen die Ungerechtigkeit in der Welt kämpfen, finanziell unterstützen. Dafür brauchen wir auch Ihre Unterstützung! Sie können gerne 1 Euro, 2 Euro oder einen anderen Betrag Ihrer Wahl spenden. Die Aktivisten brauchen wirklich die Unterstützung, um ihre Aktivitäten fortzusetzen.

Queremos apoyar económicamente a activistas con opiniones diferentes que luchan contra la injusticia en el mundo. ¡También necesitamos su apoyo para esto! No dude en donar 1 euro, 2 euros u otra cantidad de su elección. Los activistas realmente necesitan el apoyo para continuar con sus actividades.

Queremos apoiar financeiramente ativistas com diferentes opiniões que lutam contra as injustiças no mundo. Também precisamos do seu apoio para isso! Fique à vontade para doar 1 euro, 2 euros ou outra quantia à sua escolha. Os ativistas realmente precisam de apoio para continuar suas atividades.


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zaterdag 3 april 2021

#WORLDWIDE #WORLD #Agency #News #Journal #Update - Mutual Aid, Antifascism, & Labor Revolt - Anarchists are Still Making Headlines!


In the long run, the people are our only appeal. The only ones who can free us are ourselves.
- Assata Shakur

Mutual Aid, Antifascism, and Labor Revolt - Anarchists are Still Making Headlines!

Since you last heard from us we have been making plans for the year ahead and observing how the national political landscape is shifting post-Trump. We’re inspired by the continued vigilance in opposition to the presence of nationalist and fascist groups in communities across the country, the resistance to the incarceration of migrants crossing the border, the ongoing mutual aid efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change-fueled disasters, and the inspirational organizing of Amazon workers in Alabama and elsewhere, just to name a few.

Powerful grassroots organizing has not stopped with Trump’s removal from office, and we want to ensure that the media continue--or even increase--their coverage of anarchist ideas and action. A different party in the White House does little to change capitalism’s reign of terror on people and the planet. In the face of growing complicity with the status quo under the Biden regime, we must redouble our efforts to challenge the harmful policies of neoliberalism.

Agency needs your support! If you have ever considered donating to Agency with a monthly contribution, now is a great time! We recently had to change the way we receive monthly donations, and unfortunately we lost some regular supporters in the process. If you are able to throw down even $5 a month, it provides a great deal of security for this project in the long term, and we’ll send you some stickers! You can make monthly or one-off contributions here.

“Anarchists to Disney: Cruella de Vil Can’t Sit With Us”

Last month, Agency’s Ryan Only provided comments for a Daily Beast article looking at Disney’s use of anarchist symbolism in the upcoming Cruella movie, and how anarchists might feel about the associations with animal cruelty inherent in The One Hundred and One Dalmatians spin-off. From the article…

“Ryan Only, a longtime vegan and member of the anarchist public relations group Agency, told The Daily Beast veganism is common in the political movement.

“For many anarchists, practicing veganism—abstaining from supporting the exploitation or use of animals for food or other purposes—is seen as a baseline for living an ethical life,” they said, suggesting it was “in a similar spirit that one practices a commitment to anti-racism, or anti-sexism.”

Read Article

Latest from the Agency Newswire

Eleanor Finley: Summer of Fire: Municipalism and the George Floyd Uprising

“The summer and fall of 2020 brought a reckoning on racialized violence in the US at a scale unseen in generations. On November 5, in the midst of immense political tension regarding the high-stakes presidential election, the Sheriff’s Office of Multnomah County, Oregon (which contains the city of Portland) tweeted this: [image]” Read more

Politico: ‘Be Aware’: the Pentagon’s target list for extremist infiltrators - right and left

“Flags from the left-wing Antifa movement. Depictions of Pepe the Frog, the cartoon character that’s been misappropriated by racist groups. Iconography from the far-right Proud Boys, including the phrase “stand back and stand by” from former President Donald Trump. They are all signs that extremists could be infiltrating the military, according to internal training materials that offer a more detailed view into the array of radical groups and ideologies the Pentagon is trying to keep out of the ranks.” Read more

The Herald: Anarchists intent on violence could descend on Glasgow during COP26

“Police Scotland Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins told MPs that the force was planning for several groups of protesters to attend the 11-day event in November, including extremists and anarchists intent on violence. He said the force had to be flexible enough to deal with peaceful protests or riots of the scale scene at Capitol Hill in Washington, when protestors stormed the US congress and destroyed parts of the building.” Read more

Motherboard: Meet the Activists Arming Trans People With Stun Guns and Pepper Spray

“Luka Gidwani has always been a night owl. As a Latinx trans youth growing up in Los Angeles, he spent a lot of time navigating shadowy neighborhoods during his late teens. During these late night trips, Gidwani, who also goes by Isa, was assaulted, and frequently experienced cat-calls and misgendering from strangers. Scissors became his defensive weapon of choice.” Read more

Paul Messersmith-Glavin & Hillary Lazar: Love and Rage - the Eros Effect and Spontaneous Combustion

“There are moments in history when revolutionary fire seems to ignite the world’s imagination and protests erupt from one country to the next. The democratic revolutions of 1848 that inspired Bakunin and Marx. The countercultural youth rebellions, antiwar demonstrations, and Black Power movements of 1968. The alter-globalization movement that began with the Zapatistas in 1994, wound through mass mobilizations in places such as Seattle, Washington in 1999 and Genoa, Italy in 2001, all culminating in 2003 with one of the largest global protests in history against the imminent US invasion of Iraq.” Read more

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