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dinsdag 3 augustus 2021

#WORLDWIDE #AFRICA #ASIA #PANGOLINS #News #Journal #Update - #URGENT! Their mothers were #KILLED by poachers! Five BABY pangolin lives hang in the balance!


With specialized milk formula and critical around-the-clock care, they have a chance to live normal lives! BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please help by making a donation now!

Dear friends,

We’ve told you before about the crisis facing Africa’s pangolins. This shy, scaly creature is the most poached and trafficked mammal in the world. Asia’s insatiable demand for pangolin scales and meat is fast-tracking the species to extinction, which means every single pangolin life is important.

Right now, five baby pangolins, who were rescued from the illegal bushmeat market in Nigeria, are in desperate need of our help.

Their mothers have already been killed, but with medical attentionspecialized milk formula and around-the-clock care, we can give them a chance at survival.

Please, will you help us help them?

If we don’t act immediately to help these unique and rare animals, pangolins could become extinct in our lifetime.

Please help by making a donation now!
Sadly, this baby didn't make it and died shortly after being brought into Saint Mark's. Fortunately, its mother was saved and released back into the wild.
Animal Survival International (ASI) received news that our partner, the Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST), had been called upon to provide urgent critical care for the five baby pangolins. Despite travel difficulties amidst COVID-19 restrictions, pangolin rescue expert, Maria Diekmann, immediately journeyed from her home in Namibia to Saint Mark’s Animal Hospital and Shelter in Lagos, Nigeria, to care for the fragile babies.

Nigeria has become Africa’s epicenter for illegal wildlife and bushmeat trade. A criminal cocktail of lax governance, corruption and powerful trafficking syndicates has caused rapid growth in poaching and illegal wildlife exports over recent years. Yet, Saint Mark’s is the ONLY animal rescue center in Nigeria’s capital city of Lagos, where nearly 15 million people live. Founder, Mark Ofua, has made it his mission to save as many wild animals as he can from the many illegal markets.

Our pangolin emergency fund has run dry. We must urgently raise $7,000 (£5,000) to provide the emergency care these baby pangolins need.

Please help by making a donation now!
With each passing year, the number of rescued animals being brought to Saint Mark’s is growing. Right now, the small, basic center is struggling with the influx of rescued baby pangolins saved from the bushmeat market where their mothers were killed for food. Every pangolin we can save from this horror is a victory for their species.

Earlier this year, we asked you to help us set up an emergency fund for rescued pangolins in need of critical care. Your generous response allowed us to rush Saint Mark’s funding to help the five baby tree pangolins in Maria’s care. But these funds have run out, and the baby pangolins are still months away from recovery.
A baby pangolin being weighed at Saint Mark’s
The road ahead is long, and these five babies need 24-hour, hands-on care to ensure they are stable and can grow strong enough to be released back into a safe wild area. They must be fed a specialized milk formula every four to six hours, be taken on regular walks to help them build their strength and encourage their instinctive ability to forage for food. It’s also critical that their environment is stable, calm and the temperature regulated in these early weeks to ensure they can thrive without unnecessary stress.

It will be at least three months before the strongest of the five is ready to be released into the wild. During this time, we must help provide enough milk and medical care for them to survive.
Please help by making a donation now!
If these babies are to survive, and especially if more are rescued - which there are sure to be – we need to raise an additional $7,000 (£5,000) to pay for their care.

Before the baby pangolins were rescued and brought to Saint Mark’s, their only contact with humans was being snatched from the wild and then separated from their mothers who were killed and eaten. The noise of the markets and the barbaric way they are handled by poachers is mentally and physically traumatizing for the tiny pangolins. This means that not only do they need physical care, but it’s imperative they receive emotional support too.

We cannot ignore how precious each baby pangolin life is to the entire species.
We must do whatever we can to help every single one survive!

Please help us take care of these precious creatures to make sure every baby pangolin survives long enough to be released back into the wild with a tracker to monitor its wellbeing. We have promised to provide more help, but we need your support.

Saving animals and the planet,

Chief Campaigner

P.S. Already, experts say that two of the eight pangolin species will be extinct within 10 years. We can’t sit back and let this happen! Please help us save this elusive and lovable creature by making as generous a donation as you can today

Please help by making a donation now!
Please share this appeal with your colleagues, friends and family.
Animal Survival International
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LondonLondon EC2A 4DJ
United Kingdom

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