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dinsdag 28 september 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #GREECE #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) #Greece, libertarian #students of #Patras: MINIMUM BASE OF INTRODUCTION AND REDUCTION OF ENTRANCES [machine translation]

 In recent years, and especially during the pandemic period, the state has been

trying to carry out a complete restructuring in the field of education. With a
stack of bills passed recently, the state and capital are launching an
unprecedented attack on students and pupils, trying to make education a privilege
for the few and the elite, degrade the public character of universities and turn
them into spaces. where nothing other than the sterile academic process will take
place. The law that abolishes asylum, the law that provides for the establishment
of university police, the expulsion of students, the upgrading of disciplinary
penalties, the installation of cameras and controlled entry to universities,

The establishment of the Minimum Admission Base is a key pillar of this
educational restructuring. The results of this year's national exams, where more
than 40,000 students were left out of universities (almost 20,000 more than last
year) leave no room for questioning the role that EBE came to serve. The
exclusion of thousands of students from higher education actually serves a dual
purpose. On the one hand, it intensifies class barriers, as it throws out many
students, especially those in the lower classes, who are unable to afford either
the cost of expensive tuition or the cost of attending a private educational
facility. On the other hand, it leads to the degradation of public education,

The institutionalization of EBE is not a move that came suddenly. On the
contrary, it is the last link in a chain of anti-social provisions that were
passed and implemented in the previous period, which all serve the same purpose.
A few months earlier, the state had passed a law equating private college degrees
with those of public universities. This can only be directly linked to the latest
developments, in an effort by the rulers to safeguard the interests of the people
of their class. Thus, even if a child from the highest financial strata is left
out of university, will still have the opportunity (in addition to enrolling in
expensive foreign universities) to attend a private college and obtain the same
professional rights as someone who has gone on to a public university. Golden
works, then, for capital, while protecting the privileges of the ruling classes.
Moreover, even before the establishment of the EBE, the state, in good
cooperation with the rectorial authorities, which function by nature as belts for
the transfer of state mandates and interests to universities, had taken care to
reduce the number of students admitted for the new academic year (with the
University Patras to hold the first place as the reduction of admissions was of
the order of 7.37%). If we combine the ever-increasing decrease in imports with
the minimum import base, we conclude that a number of schools and departments,
which will either admit few students or not at all, will inevitably lead in the
next few years to merging or even closing. This has already been stated by
various state officials and is a key goal of the state in its effort to dismantle
public education.

However, the main goal of the state and capital through the establishment of EBE
is, in addition to the above, the further intensity of labor exploitation and the
aggression of the bosses. The thousands of students of the social base, of the
lower economic strata, who are thrown out of the universities, it is a given that
they will be forced to either enter the labor market directly or to study in a
vocational school. In the first case, these people, going in search of work in
reality will not have any employment rights since they will be forced to work as
unskilled. In the latter case, they enter the labor market with minimal
professional rights, clearly less than they would have as university graduates.
Creating an army of workers who will be forced to sell their labor power with
little labor rights is a coveted goal of every boss, dreaming of capital, which
will be able to exercise maximum exploitation at the expense of workers and make
the most of it. profit. If this is combined with the new anti-labor law that was
passed a few months ago, then we all understand that the state has paved the way
for us to work like modern slaves in conditions of a working jungle.

Educational restructuring, the introduction of the Minimum Admission Base and all
the other reactionary provisions are not just for students and pupils. They
concern the whole society, all those who belong to the lower social strata and
wish to study and work in decent and humane terms. For our part, against the
dystopian reality evangelized by the rulers, against the creation of a university
of ever-increasing class barriers, against the transformation of education into a
commodity that serves the interests of the elites and against the attempt to
criminalize anti-class, the main weapon we have to oppose is that of
collectivization and struggle. Inspired by the dynamic and militant struggles
given by the student movement in previous periods, we must remember that nothing
was given to us and that everything was won through struggles. We must fight
against the appetites of the rulers who dream of universities sterile from all
political ferment and debate in order to turn the schools back into living
centers of struggle, into places of collective debate, fermentation, challenge
and resistance. With decision-making bodies, general assemblies, coordinated
weapons - at the base - lasting occupations and mass demonstrations and the
vehicle of autonomous and militant student-class unionism, we must defend our
needs and interests at all costs.








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