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zaterdag 2 oktober 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #CZECH #BRATISLAVA #SLOVAK #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) Czech, AFED: A report from the #climate camp, which took place in Bratislava this year.[machine translation]

 From 2. into 5. September in Bratislava held the first year of the Slovak

equivalent of our well-known Klimakempu - M of urban action s camp: together for
climate justice . Due to the fact that no similar (direct) event took place in
the Czech Republic this year, a large group of Czech activists visited Bratislava
, including us, anarchists . ---- On Thursday, September 2, the action training
began with a non-violent direct event, with which a commented urban-geographical
walk took place at the same time. The tent continued with a short debate about
why the Municipal Action Camp was actually established and the state of the
climate movement in Slovakia. The main point of the day was a panel discussion on
the topic "Autonomous city: The right to (re) create the city", which dealt with
alternatives to life in the city, which does not revolve only utopian visions of
endless growth. In the evening, in addition to the climatic quiz, the
entertainment production of Samorast and Hrrhrrrrhrrr provided entertainment. On
Friday, September 3the program included action training, discussion on psychology
and climate crisis with members of the Worried Mothers team, presentation on the
blockade of the Lobau motorway in Austria, presentation of the documentary New
Age, which deals with social and ecological transformation in connection with the
climate crisis, botanical guided walk through the Bratislava area Lida, the
debate on mineral growth and finally a panel discussion on "Fossil gas in times
of climate crisis".

The action part of the action camp started on Saturday morning, when a protest
march against the construction of a gas LNG terminal set off from Tyr?ák over the
Old Bridge towards the center, which is to grow on the banks of the Danube
according to the plans of Verejné prístavy as Many slogans were chanted,
especially "Clean gas? Dirty lie! "And" Neither the Danube nor the Rhine, no
river wants gas! "- the main goal of the whole event was to draw attention to the
fact that natural gas, presented by fossil corporations as a" clean "alternative,
is in fact what the impact on the environment environment, just as dirty as coal
or oil.

Unfortunately, the myth of "clean natural gas" is relatively widespread, thanks
to a massive disinformation campaign by fossil corporations that want to grease
their pockets at the last minute, which is why we are glad that this topic is
coming to the fore, even if we communicate it. is more complex than criticizing
"traditional" fossil fuels.

The march, through strict adherence to hygienic rules, passed through the
historic center and, around the new skyscrapers on the outskirts, headed for the
port of Bratislava, a large industrial complex of which the new LNG terminal is
to become a part.

At the crossroads at the entrance to the complex, a large part of the activists
suddenly separated from the official route of the demonstration and set out to
meet perhaps the first mass action of civil disobedience in the history of the
Slovak climate movement.

The following description was provided by the anarchists who attended the event:

Our affinity group Graeber was roughly in the middle of the march, when we
noticed that the front of the action "finger" had separated and was running
towards the gates of the port of Bratislava. From the experience of the Czech
Klimakemp, we expected the traditional chase with the police or security guards
to begin, which would try to catch dozens of activists in the open or prevent
them from entering the complex.

But nothing like that happened this year, the whole demonstration was overseen by
only one police car, and the guards at the gatehouse were not too worried by the
activists going through the barrier. So we walked around the entrance without any
problems and headed towards the river where the LNG terminal is to be built.

According to our information, the port's premises are considered a "public
benefit facility", and the possible disruption of its operation is theoretically
subject to heavy penalties, which is why we did not want to stay inside
unnecessarily long. Maintaining the "compactness" of the action finger was a bit
difficult, because different groups moved at different speeds, but fortunately
there were no problems and we all got to the green patch by the river - the place
where the criticized LNG terminal, which we they decided to occupy symbolically.
In the shade of the trees on the banks of the Danube, we unpacked mats, memory
sticks, radios, cards, greased breads and banners and began to form our small
"temporary autonomous zone".

The idyll, apart from the idea that a useless liquefied natural gas terminal
should soon be built on the spot where we are currently enjoying a sunny day, was
marred only by the presence of a police patrol and security vehicles, who broke
their camp a few meters away, near an old unused shed.

Almost the entire event went without confrontation with the police, security or
employees of any of the companies based in the area, probably due to the
interplay of various circumstances. The blockade itself was rather symbolic,
because no traffic took place on the spot most of the day, at the same time it
can be assumed that the Slovak police was taken aback by the action, given that
it was the first year. In the same way, we cannot imagine what the chasing of
dozens of activists inside the huge area would look like in practice, it would be
a nut for the Czech anti-climate cowboy Kní?ta.

One of the most surprising interactions took place when we went for a short walk
along the driveway. On the way back, we stumbled upon the employees of one of the
companies based in the area, with whom we - to our great surprise - had a great chat.

In addition to various games and making new friendships, there was also a
meditation or computer security workshop. Unfortunately, the beginning of the
site-specific theater, which was supposed to take place inside an empty
dilapidated shed, was disrupted by pro-active police officers who came to tell us
with horror in their eyes that if we didn't all want to die, we had to leave it
and never think of smoking. we could then all fly into the air. Unfortunately,
the information about the oil-contaminated environment was not heard by a friend
of the intervening members, a security guard who indulged in one cigarette after
another on the spot.

However, the Roma of this rather smiling incident did not escalate until the
evening. The situation changed only later , when five "Intervention Units"
vehicles arrived on the driveway - but don't be fooled, it wasn't a SWAT police
team, but more of a bunch of bald securitarian boys attaching an important-
looking patch to their backs . Only one confused police officer and one confused
policewoman were accompanied by a group of shouting, would-be heavy-clothed
people , who announced in advance that if we did not leave the place, they would
"close their eyes" to possible excesses of colleagues from the private sector.

It was quite difficult to find out why we needed to leave the place right now (or
what legal sanction we would face if we did not do so), when our presence was not
a problem all day. considerably confusing.

Eventually, we learned that another company's ship had probably docked nearby,
and by standards, no strangers were allowed in the area. We were unable to find
out what the mentioned ship was carrying, or why our presence on the unused beach
on the waterfront is a problem, and after a somewhat lengthy decision-making
process, all activists decided to leave the place together. It didn't make any
political or any other sense to stay there for the aggressive security guards of
our group, and it wasn't clear what we were going to do and what kind of
punishment we might face.

P by more than ten-hour " blockade" So everyone on their way out of the complex,
which fortunately ended without perlustrací or other bullshit. A warm dinner was
already waiting for everyone at the gates. We headed straight back to the camp,
where we enjoyed the rest of the evening and enjoyed it.

Despite some logistical problems, we consider the event a success and we can't
wait for the second year. The Graeber affinity group, the fear of all coal barons
and environmental polluters from the Vltava to the Danube, knows no boundaries.
Come with us next year!


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