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vrijdag 8 oktober 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #SPAIN #CATALUNIA #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) #Catalunia, #EMBAT - October 1st. Disobedience marks the way (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

Among the traditional anarchist slogans there is one that says that if you voted
you would serve something, it would be forbidden. Indeed, on October 1, 2017
voting was prohibited. Despite this, more than 2 million people openly disobeyed
the orders of the Rajoy Government and put a ballot in a ballot box. This simple
action posed a challenge to the foundations of the Spanish state. And he acted
accordingly. ---- However, if the people thought they were exercising a
legitimate act, and organized themselves to defend the result of the referendum,
the leaders of the Generalitat immediately changed their minds and sought a new
fit for Catalonia within the state. Because of this, an opportunity was built to
build a new country which in our opinion implied a whole democratic rupture.

The decline of the pro-independence parties was a blow to the wishes of the
Catalan popular classes - of which they supported self-determination - and a
state of discouragement and disillusionment spread. Politicians talked about
filling the base and disobedience, but no one believed them anymore. The opinions
expressed at the trial in 2018-2019, before Judge Marchena, implied that
Catalonia had experienced a kind of state of cognitive dissonance, thinking that
one day it could become independent. The self-proclaimed pro-independence
politicians made it very clear - despite some exceptions - that they had never
taken seriously the creation of a new independent country.

Thus, there was a feeling of betrayal in the atmosphere, of fraud, while all the
focus shifted to the Big Brother of Lledoners or followed the European adventures
of Puigdemont. Without laughing at the heavy personal cost to many people
suffering state repression, we understood that a solid stance is never built from
victimhood. On the contrary, the bitter aftertaste of defeat faded at certain
moments: the occupation of the airport, the eternal cuts of the Meridiana or La
Jonquera, the bridges of Osona or the incendiary youth of Urquinaona, which they
indicated the path to follow. If it had all started with disobedience, the path
was clear. The correlation of forces overwhelmingly in favor of the Spanish state
could be changed with brave and determined gestures. After all, all our lives we
have struggled to be a tiny minority. For that, there are defeats that are
victories in the long run, as Asturias demonstrated in 1934. Hence our respect
and support for the 4,500 people retaliated against throughout the Process (with
the Generalitat as the particular accusation of many of these cases). Let them
know that you are not alone in spite of institutional and media oblivion.

Joan Peiró said in 1937 that Spain had lived through three revolutionary periods
in its recent history: the first in 1808, the second in 1873 and the third in
1936. At all three times Spain disintegrated politically into a myriad of juntas,
cantons. or committees (the nomenclature changed according to the time). At all
three times the Spanish implosion involved the construction of a new
revolutionary base country. Unfortunately in 2017 Catalonia was alone. No other
territory in the state was in a position to join the challenge of the corrupt
Monarchy, systematic corruption or permanent crises. The vast majority of people
in favor of breaking with Spain were not clear about the country they wanted to
build but wanted to "leave" - in the abstract. He challenged everything that
represented the Spanish state. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the
courage of the independence and libertarian movements in other territories that
called for demonstrations in support of Catalonia in towns and cities that were
clearly hostile to Catalonia's self-determination. It was this warmth, on a much
larger scale, just what was needed. They were the light in the darkness.

The underlying problem is that the Spanish state is irreformable from the Spanish
institutions, as demonstrated by the passage of Podemos through the Government.
The core of the state is based on the sociological Franco regime that still
shares much of the population. In 2017, from Embat, we understood the Catalan
Republic as a kind of political revolution that opened a scenario of popular
construction, to one day try the social revolution. Maybe we were going too far
in our desires, but we were very clear that following the same would not achieve
anything. We had to break into the comfort zone and delve into unfamiliar
terrain. We had a massive magical independence movement in front of us convinced
that the state powers would let us go without a fight, that Catalonia would
become an accepted state in the EU and that we would be the Denmark of the

The situation of 2017 was formed in a decade of contempt for Catalan institutions
and global economic crisis seasoned with serious corruption scandals involving
the highest spheres of state power. Any law approved by the Parliament of
Catalonia that benefited the popular classes was immediately overturned by the
Constitutional Court. The popular classes no longer saw benefits in remaining
tied to the state.

But after 2017 we have seen a justice linked to the interests of the far right, a
media raised to implement a single reactionary thinking, a "left" government of
Pedro Sanchez that does not dare to touch or labor reform de Rajoy - in case the
deep state woke up, some IBEX 35 companies with boards of directors from families
benefiting from the triumph of the "National" side, the growth of anti-Catalanism
everywhere... in definitively a state hijacked by post-Francoism, where we
already know that everything is "tied up and well tied up". The causes that
provoked independence have not been resolved and curiously the independence
movement is walking aimlessly.

The story is not linear. If we have a reactionary state like the one we have and
mediocre Catalanist politicians like the ones we suffer, we must know how to
build a popular movement strong enough to overcome them. We will now experience
economic and ecological crises that will once again shake the foundations of the
state. Evictions, rising electricity bills, future gas supply problems, mass
layoffs, structural temporary public administrations, endangered pensions,
shattered health care... are some of the most important problems we have at the
moment. It will certainly generate a majority sense of failure at all levels in
Spain and will not happen due to the efforts of independence. It will be
necessary to make clear again the contradictions of a state capable of responding
with batons to ballot boxes that it does not control.

We have a duty to build a strong and dignified people to withstand all adverse
blows and return to them the great popular onslaught in times of collapse.

Popular power is the path to libertarian socialism. Organization is the guarantee
of our strength.

We call for the October 3 demonstration.
12pm Jardinets de Gràcia
Summons Platform 3 October

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