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woensdag 21 maart 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 21.03.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #280 - Echoes of Africa:
      Secret defense, impunity guaranteed ! (fr, it, pt) [machine
      translation] (

2.  Britain, Anrchist Cmmunist Group: If we stop, the world
      stops (

3.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL - CNSK press release,
      Kurds need support, no repression (fr, it, pt) [machine
      translation] (

4.  fau deliverunion - Deliveroo: Treat your workers fairly!

5.  Britain, Anrchist Cmmunist Group ACG: Property is Theft!

6.  Czech, afed: Germany: Antifa stops AfD march

7.  US, First of May Anarchist Alliance - Detroit: Against
      Spencer and the Fascists at Lansing, March 14, 2018 by BD

8.  Britain, glasgow anarchists: Glasgow Events Autonomy Update
      4 March 2018 by fleabite (


Message: 1

During his visit to Burkina Faso, Macron announced the declassification of the French 
archives concerning the assassination of Thomas Sankara in 1987. But why are there so many 
documents classified " Secret defense " inaccessible to the public and justice ? This is 
the object of the new collective " Secret defense - a democratic challenge ". ---- The 
enumeration of the cases represented in the collective is indicative of the scale of the 
problem and its historical as well as current dimension: ---- * The slaughter of 
sharpshooters " Senegal " in Thiaroye camp on 1 st December 1944. ---- * The assassination 
of magistrate Bernard Borrel in Djibouti, on October 18, 1995. ---- * The assassination of 
Robert Boulin, Minister in office, on October 29, 1979. ---- * The sinking of the Breton 
trawler Bugaled Breizh, January 15, 2004. ---- * The role of France in the genocide of 
Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994.

* The " disappearance " of the academic Maurice Audin in Algeria in 1957.

* The kidnapping and disappearance of Mehdi Ben Barka in Paris, October 29, 1965.

* The massacres of Algerians in Setif, May 8, 1945, and Paris, October 17, 1961.

* The assassination of Thomas Sankara, President of Burkina Faso, and his companions, on 
October 15, 1987.

* The destruction in flight over Ustica, Italy, of an airliner on 27 June 1980.

* Kidnapping and assassination in Mali of Radio France Internationale (RFI) special 
envoys, Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon, on November 2, 2013

While some cases seem to concern errors that the state does not want to recognize, most of 
them concern political crimes such as that of Mehdi ben Barka (Moroccan activist) or 
Thomas Sankara (Burkinabe president) ; or else shameful massacres.

The " Secret Defense " classification is theoretically justified by the state's need to 
protect information to ensure internal and external security, but the cases represented in 
the collective reveal that this classification is too often used to protect the rulers and 
decision makers so that we can not hold them to account.

The demands of citizens, associations or even the judiciary for access to classified 
documents are confronted with red tape on the one hand, but especially on political 
decisions making it almost impossible to work for truth and justice.

Thus, those responsible for crimes committed in the name of France (all the same going as 
far as the complicity of genocide in Rwanda in 1994) go unpunished and that their 
successors feel protected, whatever they do.

Unsurprisingly, most of these cases are related to Africa, where the French state has 
always acted with great violence and contempt.

Revealing crimes and seeking justice for and with victims are important areas in the fight 
against Françafrique. Let's hope that the action of this new collective will make it 
possible to blow up some locks and back impunity !

Christmas Surge (AL Carcasonne)


Message: 2

Millions of women around the world participated in events for International Women's Day 
(IWD) on March the 8th. The most militant action was in the growth of the ‘Women's 
Strike', with 5.3 million people on strike in Spain. In Britain, the interest in the 
tactics of the strike on IWD is relatively new, yet still 7,000 women pledged to strike. 
In addition, links were made to grass roots unions such as the Cleaners and Allied 
Independent Workers Union (CAIUW) with support for their pickets for a Living Wage. Sex 
workers also co-ordinated their own actions for decriminalisation and trans women held an 
action over the problems of access to NHS services. ---- The organisers in Britain made it 
clear that the strike should focus on demands for working class women, including those who 
often face the most exploitation and discrimination, like migrants, sex workers, trans 
women. It is not just a strike about traditional work but also about ‘invisible labour', 
such as care, domestic and emotional labour, and against male violence. The historical 
origins of the day make it clear that the purpose is not to have more women politicians or 
company directors (see box). Instead it is focused on the majority of women who are at the 
bottom of the pile, both in the workplace and in the home. According to one organiser of 
the Women's Strike in Britain: "We are instead taking action - action against our 
exploitation under capitalism, where the domestic and emotional work we do for little or 
no pay is made invisible, while austerity measures force us into a more and more 
vulnerable position. This is feminism for the 99%".

It was in Spain, however, that the strike was the most successful. This was partially 
because of the support it got from the mainstream unions. However, it is clear that they 
were forced into support as a result of the massive upsurge from the grass roots 
organisations. According to one source ( "An important 
feature of this strike is that it has been promoted and organised from the bottom up, and 
not the other way around. That is to say, the initiative of the strike has been born first 
in the streets, in the neighbourhoods and districts and has developed in open assemblies. 
It has not been a proposal of the unions, but of the feminist movement." The mainstream 
unions only called for a 2 hour strike whereas unions such as the CGT and the anarchist 
CNT called for 24 hour stoppages.

Despite calls for the strike to be based on working class women, it is uncertain to what 
extent many women could actually participate, given that they are the ones in the most 
precarious position. In Spain, headlines were given to women in media and other 
professional jobs. In Britain, the strike was most successful in the universities, with 61 
universities taking part. However, the link to CAIWU and sex workers showed that there 
certainly was support outside the universities.

If women are to truly win all the demands put forward on the day then we must go beyond 
demands for equality in the system and call for both the end of capitalism and patriarchy. 
So how is this going to happen? The strike in Spain may have been very successful in terms 
of numbers on the streets but what will it achieve in terms of winning demands? 
Politicians and even bosses may pay lip service to the aims of IWD but they are unlikely 
to do anything about it. In the end, using the success of March the 8th, women and men 
must continue to organise at the grass roots level and build up a movement that lasts much 
longer than a day. The linking up of a number of groups on the 8th provides a good basis 
on which to move forward.

Origins of International Women's Day

March 8 is International Women's Day. This date commemorates March 8, 1909, when 129 
employees of a cotton textile factory in New York were killed when their own owner set 
fire to the factory while all of them were inside making a protest demanding labour 
rights. In addition, the colour of feminism is violet because, it is said, the smoke that 
came from that fire was violet, like the fabrics that were there that day. At an 
International Congress of Socialist Women in 1910, Clara Zetkin proposed this date as the 
International Women's Day in honour of the cotton workers.


Message: 3

On the evening of March 13, 2018, when Kurds were demonstrating in Paris to protest the 
Turkish invasion of the Afrin region of Syria, they were violently repressed by the 
police, wounded. ---- The CNSK is indignant at such acts against women and men, many of 
whose relatives or relatives are now surrounded in the city of Afrin and at the mercy of 
the Turkish army and recruited jihadist mercenaries by Erdogan. In addition to a serious 
humanitarian crisis, the risk of massacres of civilians is to be feared. ---- The Kurds, 
the spearhead of the fight against Daesh, must not be abandoned today by the international 
community. France has a role to play in stopping the Turkish aggression, it has the means. 
---- The voice of the Kurds must be heard and not repressed. ---- Paris on March 14, 2018 
---- National Solidarity Coordination Kurdistan

Libertarian Alternative - Friends of the Kurdish People in Alsace - Friendship Corse 
Kurdistan - Friendship Kurdish of Britain (AKB) - Kurdish Friendships of Lyon Rhône Alpes 
- Association Iséroise of Friends of the Kurds (AIAK) Association Solidarity France 
Kurdistan - Information Center of Kurdistan ( CIK) - Collective Azadi Kurdistan Vendée 
(CAKV) - Kurdish Democratic Council of France (CDKF) - Together - Movement of the 
Communist Youth of France - Peace Movement - Movement of Kurdish Women in France (TJK-F) - 
MRAP ( Movement against Racism and for Friendship among Peoples) - New Anti-Capitalist 
Party (NPA) - French Communist Party (PCF) - Network Out of Colonialism - Union 
Démocratique Bretonne (UDB)) - Solidary Trade Union - Solidarity and Freedom (Marseille )


Message: 4

Deliveroo has found a way to maximise their profits with barely any economic risk. They 
managed to do so by shifting all the risk onto us, the riders. ---- Working for Deliveroo 
means no sick pay, no guaranteed income, no compensation for the necessary work materials 
and no job security! ---- This exploitation needs to stop! ---- We demand that Deliveroo: 
---- pays us for the waiting time (4€ for every half an hour without an order); --- covers 
our compulsory statutory accident insurance (BG Verkehr); ---- reimburses bike part 
expenses (0,35€/km); ---- progressively raises the pay (an additional 0,50€ after 3, 6 and 
12 months of working for Deliveroo) ---- Only if we act together can we force them to 
listen to our call! ---- Deliveroo: Seid fair zu den Fahrern! ---- Deliveroo maximiert 
seine Gewinne ohne eigenes wirtschaftliches Risiko, indem die gesamte Last auf uns, die 
Fahrer*innen, geladen wird.

Für Deliveroo zu arbeiten bedeutet, kein garantiertes Einkommen, kein Krankengeld, keine 
Unterstützung bei der Instandhaltung unseres Equipments und keine Sicherheit auf 
Beschäftigung zu haben.

Diese Ausbeutung muss aufhören!

Wir verlangen, dass Deliveroo:

uns für Wartezeit bezahlt (4 € / gebuchte 30 Minuten ohne Bestellung)

unsere Beiträge für die BG-Verkehr bezahlt

uns bei Kosten für Fahrradreparaturen untestützt (0,35 €/km)

stufenweise die Bezahlung erhöht (0,50 € zusätzlich nach jeweils 3, 6 und 12 Monaten als 

Wenn wir als Team agieren, können wir Deliveroo zwingen, unsere Forderungen anzuhören!


Message: 5

The UK has one of the most unequal distributions of land in the world! ---- Around 0.6% of 
the population owns over 70% of the land. Over a third of this is in the hands of the 
aristocracy - a legacy of the Norman Conquest. ---- When people refer to ‘land' most think 
of the countryside. Land rights movements have focused on gaining access to land for 
recreation purposes, eg the mass trespass of Kinder Scout, and calling for community 
buy-outs of the large estates in places such as the Highlands of Scotland. Rural areas are 
also faced with companies taking control of land for fracking. However, in the city, 
underneath the buildings and tarmac, there is also land and the struggles for access and 
community ownership are just as relevant in the city as they are in rural areas. The high 
cost of housing and other property is mainly due to the value of the land beneath it- up 
to 80% in central London.

The reason we do not have access to and control of housing, social centres, community 
gardens, parks and open spaces is because we do not own and control the land. Even land 
that is in public hands is not controlled by us, but by the State, which is more concerned 
in supporting commercial interests than public ones.

Anarchist communists have always believed that we can only have a free and equal society 
when private property is abolished. This does not mean that a person cannot have their own 
personal property, as some critics of anarchist communism have said. However, we do need 
to hold the main productive assets of society in common so that they can benefit us all. 
Land is a main example of this and struggles to get access and control of land are an 
important part of the working class struggle for a better society.

The LJN was launched in June 2017 with the aims of both educating people about land 
inequality and campaigning for land to be held in common, for the benefit of all. They 
have called for a Week of Action on Land Rights from April 14th to 22nd.

Lords Vs Commoners call out leaflet

More than a third of our land is still owned by the aristocracy, whose ancestors seized it 
during the Norman Conquest. By fencing off land and using violence to exclude people, 
landowners (the lords) have deprived the rest of us of what should be a shared resource.

The vast majority of us, the commoners, own little or nothing. Even most of the land that 
was once declared common land (for local use) has been taken away from us. Land in 
community use, such as hospitals, fire stations, school playing fields, is increasingly 
being sold off for the short term profit of private developers.

Land issues are central to much inequality and environmental degradation in society today. 
Landowners control and exploit our natural resources and force the rest of us to be 
beholden to them for food, shelter and other needs. Despite their huge wealth, our taxes 
are used to pay them £billions in ‘farming' subsidies and housing benefit, increasing 
inequality still further.

In the countryside, large landowners dominate agriculture, squeezing out small farmers and 
collective farming. Agriculture workers are poorly paid and struggle to find housing that 
they can afford. Huge tracts of land are turned over to grouse moors to provide the rich 
with space for their destructive past times. Our freedom to walk and enjoy nature is 
largely restricted to a limited network of ‘rights of way'.

In the cities, land is also unequally distributed, owned by a combination of traditional 
aristocrats and their modern-day equivalent: offshore companies and institutional 
investors. Increasingly homes are now owned by buy-to-let landlords rather than by 
individual home owners or social landlords. All of this forces up the cost of living for 
those who have to rent. Tenants have little security with standard tenancies running for 
just 6 months.

There are no controls on rent, so now on average people pay a quarter of their wages to 
their landlord, while in London it's roughly half their salary. Even those who manage to 
buy their own home rarely own it outright until late in life. Most people are stuck paying 
a big chunk of their salary on their mortgage every month, with the worry that if they 
lose their job they could lose their home too.

In the last 6 years homelessness has dramatically increased. It is obscene that in this 
day and age so many people do not have a secure home. This could be achieved if the £9.3 
billion a year paid in Housing Benefit to wealthy landlords was instead used to build 
social housing in all communities.

Urban areas also need well managed parks, community gardens and allotments, so that 
everyone has access to nature and the opportunity to grow food. But increasingly these 
spaces are being sold off or rented out to private companies for events, damaging the 
parks and shutting out residents for lengthy periods of time.

More and more people are realising how important the issue of land is and are questioning 
the rights of the rich to do what they want with what is our land.

For more information about the week of action and land inequality in general see:


Message: 6

AfD march in Rostock had to be cancelled mid way due to blockades on its route and 
security concerns. ---- Notwithstanding the recent polls indicating that AfD is the second 
most popular political party in Germany, only about 300 of its supporters gathered in 
Rostock on Monday evening to protest against the alleged "Islamization" of the city. They 
were joined by Ralph Weber: the AfD MP, and Rostock Identitarian Daniel Sebbin. ---- The 
fascists faced approx three times stronger counter protest, who, despite of heavy rain, 
gathered to oppose the them, under the slogan "Nazi-free Rostock". The action was well 
executed, with various initiatives, associations, religious groups and anti-fascist groups 
mobilizing for a day. On Sunday before the march, flyers were distributed across the city, 
explaining the connection between racism and capitalism and the anti-working class AfD.

After initial skirmishes with the police and some of the fascist demonstrators, a 
significant portion of the anti-fascists seized the opportunity and blocked one of the 
streets where the fascists planned to march, leaving the AfD unable to move on. The 
fascists, after reaching mutual agreement with the police, dissolved the march.

Despite of succesful Antifa action on Monday, it appears that AfD plans to march in 
Rostock regularly. It already registered another demonstration, also on Monday, for early 
April. That is also likely to meet with local protests.



Message: 7

On March 5th in Lansing, Michigan, the anti-fascist movement took an important step 
forward. Anti-fascist fighters from Lansing, across Michigan and with support from across 
the region, came together and shutdown Spencer and the fascists in metro Detroit and in 
Lansing. The fascists planned a Sunday, March 4th conference in the Detroit area and the 
Spencer event at MSU in Lansing on March 5th. ---- Stop Spencer at MSU, Solidarity and 
Defense and other groups and many other people organized to build the fight against the 
fascists in Michigan. Solidarity and Defense (S&D) held a statewide conference in Lansing 
in January, which helped to coordinate forces and organizing for March 4th and 5th. People 
had meetings on campuses and in communities to build for the fight against the fascists. 
People developed articles and newsletters and flyers and social media to discuss the 
fascist threat and the attacks on our communities and our people. We worked hard to 
connect the fight against the fascists and racist attacks with the fight against 
government attacks and police attacks on the Black community and immigrant communities. We 
worked to make the connection that the MSU administration providing space and security for 
the fascists, is the same MSU administration which allowed Larry Nassar to attack and 
abuse women at MSU for more than 20 years. It's the same administration, which refused to 
act even though women had reported these attacks for more than 20 years. Women organized 
to oppose Nassar and the MSU administration. Anti-fascists organized to oppose Spencer and 
the MSU administration. We have to rely on ourselves.

Anti-fascists took the initiative for March 4th and 5th. We worked in broad coalitions and 
worked to share information on the fascists' plans and locations. Many people worked 
together to find the fascists as they arrived in Michigan for the weekend. One important 
strength of this organizing and of S&D is that we are statewide; we have people in many 
cities and areas. We had some local media help as well, some reporters who also developed 
information on the fascists' plans. When we found out these nazis planned to have their 
March 4th meeting at a hall in Macomb County and an evening March 5th get together at a 
bar in Warren, word got out, people contacted these venues and the venues, to their 
credit, cancelled the events and would not allow the fascists to meet up at these locations.

When the fascists were trying to meet up at parking lots in Ann Arbor on Sunday evening, 
people watched them and followed them and knew where the fascists were and the fascists 
knew anti-fascists were there and the broader community was there. Anti-fascists kept the 
fascists on the run and on the defensive throughout the weekend.

People arrived early at MSU on Monday, March 5th. We were there at noon, with Spencer 
scheduled for 4:30. We had the parking lot near the MSU livestock pavilion where the 
fascist would speak. People talked, people sang, there was a band, people played music and 
we prepared. About 2pm, we moved out towards the pavilion. Arriving early was a good idea, 
and we took and held some ground around the entrances to the venue. Cops were all around 
but were spread all around; the venue was an open area outside the main campus of MSU and 
more like farm country.

We had a few hundred people who were out and determined to shut the fascists down and run 
them out. When the first few fascists arrived and attempted to enter the hall, 
anti-fascists chased them off. Those particular fascists worked their way around to the 
road and enlisted police support to get them into the arena. The cops moved to walk them 
in, but anti-fascists responded and pushed back and isolated them, surrounded by cops but 
still unable to enter. These three eventually did get into the event, but they took some 
hits and were worse for the wear. In fact only a very few fascists and fascist supporters 
were able to get into the event, maybe about 20.

Another wannabe fuhrer, Heimbach, attempted to enter the event with his Traditionalist 
Workers Party (TWP) group of about 40 nazis, mainly dressed in black, trying to march, 
chanting "white power" and with the nazi salute. Anti-fascists met them, opposed them and 
broke up their formation. The fascists could not enter. The fascists regrouped, and they 
tried again to enter the event. But again, the anti-fascist fighters pushed them back, 
drove them back and broke them up. These fascists retreated and could not enter the event. 
They never did get into the event. The anti-fascist fighters in Lansing stopped them, 
forced them back and prevented them from attending the event. The fascists suffered a 
defeat. This was an important victory for the anti-fascist movement.

After the battle in Charlottesville and the murder of Heather Heyer, the anti-fascist 
movement is becoming stronger, more united and more militant and more radical. Gainesville 
was an important victory for our movement. This was Spencer's event at the University of 
Florida last fall. People there organized to oppose the fascists outside of the event and 
did good work of it. Anti-fascists also went into the event and prevented Spencer from 
speaking. Gainesville was an important turning point for the anti-fascist movement.

The anti-fascist fighters who turned out in Charlottesville and in Gainesville to oppose 
the fascists let the whole country know and the university administrations and the 
government know that the anti-fascist movement would not retreat and was growing and would 
turn out and would fight to oppose the fascists. Spencer and Bristow and Padgett were 
planning events at Kent State and Ohio State and University of Cincinnati and Penn State 
and University of Michigan and Michigan State University (MSU). After Charlottesville and 
Gainesville, the universities knew they would have to spend big money on providing 
security for Spencer and his nazis. At Gainesville, the University of Florida spent more 
than $500,000 to keep the nazis safe.

Some universities said they couldn't provide space and couldn't afford security. Some said 
Spencer would have to pay significant money up front as security deposit for the event. 
Spencer and Kyle Bristow, attorney for fascists, sued the universities, and MSU was the 
first to cave, agreeing to provide security for the fascists and a space for the event and 
paying Spencer's attorney fees. Anti-fascists at MSU and around Michigan organized against 
Spencer, the fascists and the MSU administration. Even on Tuesday morning, after the 
shutdown on Monday, Spencer was attempting to have coffee and do an interview in Lansing, 
but anti-fascists found him and chased him and his security guy and a couple of his 
minions out of Lansing.

What does it mean? Spencer says he just wanted to have fun and safe events, where he could 
have intellectual discussions on college campuses. Anti-fascists say nothing fun or safe 
about nazis or genocide or racist attacks or attacks on women or attacks on immigrants. 
Nothing fun or safe about the murder of Heather Heyer. Spencer also says, after MSU, that 
his college campus tour or strategy is not working, and anti-fascists are preventing him 
from public organizing. He says he has to "rethink" his strategy, and his supporters 
should be patient and he will get back to them.

After the election of Trump and after a surge in support for white nationalists and 
fascists, the anti-fascist movement has gained strength and is moving forward. We have won 
important battles at Charlottesville and Gainesville and Lansing. In a certain sense, we 
have turned the tide. But let's not overstate this. This fight continues. And we need to 
figure how we can move forward.

Our fight is not just against the fascists. One of the strengths of the organizing in 
Lansing was that we made clear that we were against the fascists and the state. We were 
and are against the fascists and the MSU administration and the attacks on women at MSU 
and the police attacks on our communities and the ICE attacks on our communities. The same 
organizing efforts and determination we bring to the fight against the fascists, we have 
to bring to the fights opposing attacks on women, opposing police murders and brutality, 
opposing the ICE attacks on our communities, opposing the state.

The fight at MSU was organizing and mobilizing for defense of our communities. It was 
community self defense. We need community self defense against the fascists and the police 
and ICE and the university administrations which are complicit in attacks on women. The 
fight against the fascists is not a separate fight; it is part of the fight against the 
system which produces fascism and which attacks poor people and which attempts to 
scapegoat one section of the working class and divide us against each other so that the 
system and the billionaires who run it can continue to profit at our expense.

We have not defeated the fascists. We have won a victory. We have not defeated white 
supremacy; the battle continues. While Spencer and Heimbach and other fascists continue to 
claim white people are victims and Black people and Latinx people and immigrants and women 
are the enemy, the truth is clear: the ruling class, the billionaire class and their 
agents are the source of the attacks on working people and poor people. Immigrants are not 
refusing to pay teachers a living wage. The Black community is not destroying the 
healthcare system and making health care unaffordable for millions. Women are not 
destroying public education. This system and the privileged few who profit from this 
system are the source of these attacks and are our enemies.

The fascists says white people should unite in a race war to defend the "white race" and 
white supremacy and to oppose and attack Latinx communities and Black people and 
immigrants and refugees and Muslims and Jews and "race-mixers" and women who speak their 
minds and LGBTQ people and anti-fascists and so on. We say working people and poor people 
should unite our forces, all of us together, to defeat the fascists and to overthrow this 
system and expropriate the wealth of the privileged few and their banks and corporations 
and put our resources and wealth to work for the good of all and for the health of our 
people and this planet. To defeat the fascists once and for all, this whole system has to 
go. To defeat the fascists once and for all, we have to defeat and end white supremacy and 
patriarchy and capitalism once and for all.

The fascists say race war. We say class war. And as Charlottesville and Gainesville and 
Lansing show, it's not enough just to say it. We have to do it. And we have to organize 
and reach out broadly in our communities and our cities and our states and regions and 
across borders. This is all out to fight and defeat the fascists. This is all out to 
organize and fight to defend our communities from fascist attacks and racist attacks and 
attacks on women. This is all out against ICE and the police and the courts and the 
prisons. This is all out to support teachers, and cafeteria workers and bus drivers and 
all workers. This is all out for health care and good housing and good schools for every 
person. This is the fight of our lives. This is the time to reach out, break out of 
isolation and organize on all these fronts. This is all out to organize and fight for 
revolution, here and around the world.


Message: 8

Hello everyone! Hope you've all survived the snowpocalypse and are desperate to get out of 
the house and do some stuff. International Women's Day on Thursday is also International 
Women's Strike, and there are events happening throughout the day. ---- Please send us 
your events so that we can publicise them for you!Here's what we've found for you this 
coming week and one save-the-date for later this month: ---- 1. ‘Against the National 
Project' film screenings - Tuesday 6th March ---- 2. Red and Black Song Club: 
International Women's Day songs - Wednesday 7th March ---- 3. Solidarity with IWW member 
standing trial- Free the Pride 5 - Thursday 8th March ---- 4. Singing at International 
Women's Day - Thursday 8th March ---- 5. #Solidarity4Repeal - International Women's Day 
2018 (Glasgow) - Thursday 8th March ---- 6. Universities on strike - Monday 5th March to 
Thursday 8th March AND Monday 12th March to Friday 16th March

7. Book Launch: No Problem Here: Understanding Racism in Scotland - Saturday 31 March