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dinsdag 26 juni 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 26.06.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  Britain, Sparrows' Nest anarchists in Nottingham FA: The
      1848 Revolutions: An Anarchist Perspective - Nottingham - 23rd
      June 2018 (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  Eastern European Anarchists: Left are the enemies of the
      freedom (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

3.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 - SUD-PTT: Congress
      in the eye of the cyclone (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]

4.  Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland): Solidarity with
      Jailed Anarchists/Antifascists in Russia (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

5.  LIBERTARIAN FESTIVAL of social, class and internationalist
      solidarity: Full Program By Anarchist Political Organization APO

6.  Turkey, DAF, Presidential Elections; Who is the winner?
      Who's Lost? (tr) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)


Message: 1

As part of its 10th anniversary series of events The Sparrows' Nest presents, Saturday 
23rd June at 3pm, ---- The 1848 Revolutions: An Anarchist Perspective ---- A talk by Iain 
McKay - visiting speaker, editor and co-author of the famous an Anarchist FAQ and Property 
is theft!: a Pierre-Joseph Proudhon reader. ---- Summary ---- The Revolutions of 1848 
remain the most widespread revolutionary wave in European history. While remembered as 
essentially liberal in nature, aiming at ending the old monarchical regimes they were also 
note-worthy for the advent of the industrial working class as a factor in social struggle. 
So as well as political change, the social question was raised while the events of 1848 
shaped the ideas of Marx and Proudhon. So on their 170th anniversary, we look at the 1848 
revolutions and their lessons for today.

Saturday June 23rd 3pm at The Sparrows' Nest, Nottingham.

Contact the Sparrows' Nest if you need directions or have questions about accessibility.

Download a flyer for Iain's talk: 1848_and Anarchism Talk on 23rd June 2018 at The 
Sparrows' Nest Nottingham



Message: 2

At June, 14 the EP adopted a resolution in support of Oleg Sentsov, Alexandr Kolchenko 
(btw, our anarchist comrade), and other Ukrainians, illegaly detained in Russia as 
political prisoners. 76 members of EP voted against this resolution. Who are they? What a 
surprise! We see French National Front, Bulgarian Socialist Party, German Die Linke, Greek 
Syriza and Golden Dawn in a same boat! ---- Well, how spectacular is the fact that 
leftists and neofaschists have united in European parliament in their ardent love to 
Putin. ---- And how hypocratic they are! European left carry SO MUCH about gay righs in 
other countries, about children in Syria, about police violence in USA, but... Putin 
annexing other countries, torturing and killing Ukrainians in prisons - no problem with 
it. Let's support him, why not.

Who of the European left rised their voice when TENS OF RUSSIAN ANARCHISTS were recenly 
tortured with electric teasers in order to trump up a fake terorist case ("The Network")? 
Who said a single world? Noone! And now they are even try to prevent EP to say a words in 
a support of Sentsov, Kolchenko and other victims of Putin regime.

For those who still hesitates, it is a lesson, showing that the left are the enemies of 
freedom. Expecially I am sure that most of the Euproean left, since the time of Comintern, 
are directed by a KGB-FSB and act as a 5th column of USSR\Russia on the West. Hence, they 
can not be our allies. Long live anarchy and fuck all bosses, no matter how red they are. 
This is it.


Message: 3

The recent congress will have nothing like the previous ones. Charges of sexism, a 
reformist temptation ... SUD-PTT enters an area of turmoil, with a weakened federal team. 
---- At La Poste, however, the social climate is encouraging. Specific strikes have lasted 
for several months in at least four departments (Ille-et-Vilaine, Gironde, Hauts-de-Seine, 
Bouches-du-Rhone), and SUD-PTT has launched a strike fund to support them  [1]. One would 
have hoped that its congress, reunited from May 12 to 18 at Allevard (Isère), be carried 
by this dynamic. It was not the case. ---- The main debate focused on trade union 
orientation, while a gap has widened in recent years between the telecom sector (which is 
undergoing sociological change, with a growing weight of executives) and the rest of the 
federation (research centers). appeal and postal activities). The temptation of a shift to 
the accompanying trade unionism is strong in telecoms, but is beginning to break through 
in the postal sector as well. Faced with this, a majority reaffirmed the need for a class 
struggle unionism, by passing amendments that muscled initially timid orientation texts - 
the word "   strike   " was even absent from the text on the social situation  !

Malaise at the Federal Office
Nevertheless, the convention went ahead. Innovative in form, he made more room for debates 
and less for tribunian jousts. As usual, the questions of structuring and operation 
crystallized disagreements, but there was still talk of a general strike, state racism, 
the future of the public postal service and development in the private sector. The current 
motion calls for participation in strikes, demonstrations and all mobilizations based on 
clear claims, to overcome the slogand logic of the type "   party Macron   ".

The new federal office (BF) is understaffed. Parity is mandatory, and of the 26 women's 
posts, only 9 have been filled, due to lack of female candidates. The unions do not seem 
to have measured, in fact, the discomfort that exists in the BF. A week before the 
congress, four activists resigned by launching accusations of sexism and moral harassment. 
Another resignation took place a year ago, for similar reasons. We know that SUD-PTT is 
not spared by the sexism surrounding society, it hurts to see a federation that was at the 
forefront of this fight 25 years ago today records this decline. The delegates took note 
and decided, to remedy this, to reactivate the non-mixed women's commission and to include 
it in the statutes.

If the congress has clarified SUD-PTT's class struggle orientation, it is therefore a 
weakened team that will have to set it to music, with the risk of a shaked-up animation, 
or even a new crisis.

Due to its historical role, SUD-PTT is not any federation in Solidaires. His crises are a 
cause for concern but, as a large majority of unions continues to assert loudly and 
clearly his commitment to a struggle unionism that retains a real space in this 
professional sector, we bet that the situation can be cleaned up.

Libertarian communist postmen

[1] Libertarian Alternative has participated, and invites all his supporters to do the same !



Message: 4

The Workers Solidarity Movement held a small demonstration on June 20th in solidarity with 
political prisoners in the Russian state, outside the embassy of Russia in Dublin. ---- On 
June the 14th the FIFA World Cup commenced in Russia while it interrogated and tortured 
framed political dissidents in its dungeons. We in Ireland cannot halt this injustice but 
we can show that the wider world is watching, that the brutality of the Russian state and 
the hypocrisy of FIFA has been noted. ---- We can ask 'if I was falsely imprisoned and 
tortured, what would I want?'. That a group of people over 3000 kilometres away would take 
time to demonstrate their concern is what makes the human species great what makes our 
freedom possible. The movement for freedom is global and our bonds of solidarity cannot be 
severed by national borders.

Soon after assembling, we were visited by an unmarked Garda car, presumably the Garda 
Special Branch, the political or secret police in the 26 counties, obviously at the behest 
of the embassy. The officer was 'just curious', including curious about where we ourselves 
were from, which we declined to answer as there was no legal requirement. You would only 
be legally required to answer such a question if reasonably suspected of commiting an 
offense, and it is best to say as little as possible to police wherever you are.

We were also graced by a snazzy black BMW driven by a Russian embassy official, who 
stopped beside us and took photographs in a rather piteous attempt at intimidation. As one 
attendee noted, this seemed to be a person used to throwing their weight around as an 
agent of the Russian state, but we were in Ireland, not in Russia where such an act of 
surveillance might likely be the preamble to further harrassment and indefinite detention, 
and the fact that we had this relatively greater political space in Ireland is all the 
more reason to use it to help those who don't.

The point of listing those encounters is not to make a mountain of a molehill but to 
record the quite ludicrous response to a small group of people gathering outside the 
Russian embassy to hold signs and take some pictures.

As shown in the video, the following statement was read aloud:

'My voice is with those who came today to say NO to political persecution, torture and the 
falsification of crimes! Right now there are young people jailed in St. Petersburg and 
Penza, despite committing no crimes! For being a perfect "terrorists" for the most 
terroristic regime, for being antifascists and anarchists.

There is Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov who was sentenced without clear proof for 20 
years in prison for committing no crime. There is Yuri Dmitriev from Karelian Memorial 
accused of producing pornography and Oiub Titiev from Chechen Memorial accused of being a 
drug dealer. The most dangerous organization and the real terrorist is the FSB itself, the 
extinct KGB, the organization which is torturing, killing, and jailing people. The state 
can do whatever it likes unless we stop it ourselves. The only possibility of saying NO to 
the state crimes is solidarity of those who don't believe in the good intention of the 
state bureaucracy.

The Russian administration now is celebrating the FIFA World Cup. There was no boycott of 
Russia because the capitalist system doesn't care about people. But we do care about this 
alarming union of capital and the state, the state having the exclusive right to violence 
which was supposedly given by the people for the sake of our own protection, not for us to 
be punished and tortured without any proof.

No to political prisoners of Russian regime! Free antifascists from St. Petersburg and 
Penza: Yuliy Boyarshynov, Andrei Chernov, Vasily Kuksov, Arman Sagynbayev, Ilya Shakursky, 
Dmitry Pchelintsev, Viktor Filinkov, Igor Shishkin, Egor Zorin. Free Oleg Sentsov and 
Alexander Kolchenko. Free Yuri Dmitriev and Oiub Titiev!'


Starting in the autumn of last year FSB (formerly KGB, Russian secret police) have been 
arresting antifascists and anarchists organising boycotts of the presidential elections 
and upcoming World Cup to be held in Russia. They invented an anarchist terrorist group 
call 'the Network' and used the all the creativity of the state to make this fiction 
appear true. The FSB have planted evidence, kidnapped people and systematically used 
beatings and torture with electric shocks to produce confessions.

This is part of a wider and intensifying campaign of repression against anybody the 
Russian state considers to be subversive, including independent NGOs and LGBT activists.

Our comrades are being held in unbearable conditions in over-crowded detention centres to 
break them mentally as well as physically. This cannot continue in silence. The world's 
attention will be on Russia with the FIFA World Cup beginning 14 June. Let's raise our 
banners and not let our comrades be forgotten.


Egor Zorin - Arrested October 17-18. He was the first arrestee, and the first to make a 
confession. Currently under house arrest.

Ilya Shakursky - Arrested October 19. Law enforcement planted two grenades and a pistol 
under the back seat of Shakursky's car. Tortured with electricity in the basement of the 
pre-trial detention center until he confessed. Currently in pre-trial detention.

Vasily Kuksov - Arrested October 19. Beaten by police and tortured in custody. Guns were 
planted in his car (the lock of which is broken). He still has not agreed to offer or 
validate any testimony to the police. Currently in pre-trial detention.

Andrey Chernov - Arrested at the beginning of November. Was tortured until admitting 
guilt. Currently in pre-trial detention.

Arman Sagynbayev - Arrested at the beginning of November in St. Petersburg. Sagynbayev is 
reportedly experiencing serious health problems and needs medical attention. Brutally 
tortured. Currently in pre-trial detention.

In the city of St. Petersburg:

Viktor Filinkov - Kidnapped in an airport by the FSB on January 23 and tortured until he 
signed a confession. Currently in pre-trial detention.

Igor Shishkin - Kidnapped and tortured until he signed a confession. In pre-trial detention.

Ilya Kapustin - A witness. Tortured and questioned. He is free.

More information can be found (in English) here: 



Message: 5

ATHENS 5-6-7 OF JULY 2018 ---- Zografou University campus. Department of History and 
Philosophy of Sciences (entrance Oulof Palme) ---- * There will be stands with anarchist 
books and brochures as also poster and photography expositions ---- * playground for 
children Saturday 17.00-19.00 ---- FULL PROGRAM ---- ORGANIZATION AND STRUGGLE FOR THE 
THURSDAY JULY 5 ---- 18.00 Discussion: The social and class resistances from the oppressed 
---- 18.00 Discussion: The signification of being an anarchist student, from the group of 
anarchist/anti-authoritarian student. ---- 19.00 Storytelling for kids of all ages “A 
swarm of butterflies” ---- 20.00 Discussion: From Greece to Turkey, woman’s struggle for 
liberation ---- 22.00 Music night with american workers songs, by the group Dudettes


18.00 Discussion: Modern totalitarianism, war, nationalism, fascism. The anarchist 
movement and the internationalist solidarity

18.00 Discussion: The educational system’s restructuring, from the anarchist group of 
students “Arodamos”

20.00 Discussion: The squats, the occupations and the free social centers of struggle

20.00 Book presentation: “Mujeres libres, the free women in Spain. Anarchism and struggle 
for woman’s emancipation” from the libertarian editions Nautilus

22.00 Rebetiko live with the group Zefkin


16.00 Discussion: Struggles against the destruction and the pillage of the nature by the 
State and the capital.

18.00 Discussion: State repression, Anti-terrorist laws, State of emergency

18.00 Briefing from the 1st international meeting of women in struggle, which was realized 
in Chiapas after the Zapatistas women call

20.00 Presentation: Anarchist Revolutionary Action (DAF) from Turkey

22.00 Concert: of financial support for the Libertarian Festival

Anarchist Political Organization – Federation of Collectives site: 
http://www.apo.squathost.com/, e-mail: anpolorg@gmail.com

The flyer of the Festival



Message: 6

We still experience a choice and a pre-election days as those living in this geography. 
What we create in the geography or other geographies where we live, the political process 
called elections, is that the new "reality" that occurs will last until the next 
elections. During the elections in which political power is shaped, elections are shaped 
in social and economic reality, and this electoral reality, which is passed on to promises 
made by individual parties to the power of society, will end with the acquisition of 
power. ---- We must internalize the election process by questioning and answering the 
question whether the political process of organizing the social and economic needs of the 
society is real or not. Because we choose to participate or not to participate in election 
process reality is the shudder of the truth; we can not speak about the social and 
economic functioning of the society.
Can we say a word about this process if we join? Is there no other way to go beyond 
election opposition as a condition for being a political agent in society? Is it the only 
way to be an individual who provides justice and freedom, which is part of their social 
and economic decisions that concern the integrity of society, be voters in the elections?
With questions and answers, I would like to evaluate the political process, what is 
happening in this process and the possibilities to make a choice whether to vote or not to 
vote in the June 2018 elections, to make a real choice.


24 expected to be made on June presidential and parliamentary electoral process, MHP 
Chairman Devlet Bahceli, April 17th, at group meetings, "the rest of Turkey until November 
3, 2019 is not easy." The words began. Early election debates did not last very long. At 
the press conference held by Tayyip Erdogan, "We have reached a consensus with our friends 
that we should approach this early election proposal positively with the action of the 
photo that our country is facing". In short, the early election debates ended early. The 
alliance bill, which was issued before the announcement of the elections, and the ongoing 
AKP-MHP rapprochement,
It was too long before the opposition stressed the "dominance" of the election and then 
some of the opposition's calls for a "boycott of choice" for such a dominant process 
boycott. The opposition took its place in the electoral process without delay and started 
The opposition began to make propaganda on the restricted area, which was allowed by state 
power, but the media was completely under control by Dogan Medya-Demirören Holding, which 
took place in late March and the "road cleaning" in this sense was completed. The fact 
that Demirören, who is close to state power, is open to being a showcase in this period 
and the fact that the community behind the operation is closer to power is strengthening 
the possibility that the election decision is taken earlier when the media is considered 
together with the propaganda power.
It is clear that there is a government opposition in the election process that opposes the 
AKP-MHP, which is united under the Presidential Alliance. Within the Nation Alliance, the 
Nationalist Good Party, a conservative party like the Saadet Party, is separated from the 
MHP; the main body of the alliance, the main opposition party like the Democratic Party of 
the CHP has a very broad base of the right-wing political party. However, it is necessary 
to explain the exclusion of HDP, which has been introduced as a "zero-dam alliance" in 
spite of this broad-based collection, before the election coalition of the election 
coalition passes the threshold, rather than a political irony, with the state reflexes 
existing in the nature of these parties. And if this alliance-the other rounds of the 
elections-goes to the second round-presidential candidate Muharrem Ince, It is expected to 
be supported by other opposition parties like AKP-MHP (like HDP and Homeland Party). For 
the Millet Alliance and the HDP, which set up its strategy to leave the presidential 
election to the second round and seize the majority of parliaments, the June 24 date also 
means the last exit before the bridge for the restoration of the parliamentary system.
Despite all this, the Nation Alliance is not expected to draw a 50% vote from the first 
round. A similar situation for the AKP, which does not conceal that the alliance strategy 
with the MHP is to guarantee the election in the first round, that is to say that the 
elections remain in the second round, is one of the possible scenarios in front of the 
Presidential Alliance. So it is the agenda of the Presidential Alliance to enter the last 
week by creating a different political agenda. It is possible to remove this agenda from 
Kandil Operations, which has been frequently spoken and started recently, and from 
manipulative and provocative events, which are called "terrorist attacks" in Suruç.
The following reminder is important before you start writing scripts that are likely to 
live in the election process. The election agenda was already on the agenda of political 
power. However, the political and economic events that lead to the forefront, the ending 
of the elections, the oppressed will continue to be the agenda.

Emergency Selection Early Selection

Erdogan's "The old system can get confused at every step of the disease. To overcome the 
uncertainty is necessary for a moment before Turkey's saying, "What constitutes the 
visible result of the decision for early elections?
"Growing" power, which was announced by TURKSTAT to the third quarter of 2017, but 
actually formed by debt and domestic demand, has been used for political discourse for 
months. But the rise in exchange rates, growing unemployment and growing inflation figures 
have shown that growing is a balloon.
In the last weeks it has risen above 4 dollars, 5 euros, and the currencies are a sight 
that this hattan will not fall. In addition, every opportunity to say that they want to 
reduce the interest rate in the name of continually increasing interest rates in order not 
to increase further, everything is slowly increasing and the power of the economic crisis 
to keep all the information on the early election decision has affected the decision. 
However, as the election calendar progressed, the economic indicators that rapidly went 
against the ruling power brought about tension stemming from the "interest cause, 
inflation outcome" shouting with the global economy circles. This polemic in London, which 
is regarded as the heart of the global financial markets, is the result of the "second 
London Expedition" of Mehmet Simsek and the President of the Central Bank,
There are political reasons why the Presidential Alliance, in fact, Erdogan, has economic 
reasons for the early election decision.
As a result of taking the MHP, raising nationalist discourses, and attacking the Žfrin, 
political power has won "sympathy" for nationalist conservative voters. However, the 
political power must not break the wind that it has taken with Rahrin. Since the 
government knows that Menbic, Kobane or Sengal (and now Kandil), which he targets after 
the government's offensive, can not realize one of the attacks until 2019, this 
nationalist conservative knows the danger of dissolution of the interest of the 
electorate. The government is still afraid. For this reason, the selection should not be 
delayed, it must be done early. At this point Bahçeli's words should be remembered: "Every 
minute is hard to reach 3 November 2019."
We can also point out that the system that the current government has brought from it has 
suffered from the grave. When the AKP-MHP took the decision to make an early election, the 
Good Party also wanted to prevent election by setting the election date without fulfilling 
the legal procedure. The Good Party fulfilled legal procedures but was able to find a 
cover through the election board it had held, and it was seen in explaining that the CHP 
made a detour of the current ruling after a good move at a time not to be expected. We 
will see on the evening of June 24th that the AKP, which is trying to keep the majority of 
the parliament by holding the HDP under the dam, will reach this goal. It is also clear 
that if the majority of the Assembly is not captured by the Presidential Alliance, but the 
Presidential Alliance candidate seats in the seat of the presidency, the system will have 
its own crisis.
While emphasizing that HDP is under the dam, it is important to emphasize that the 
candidates of the presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtas are held in jail with very 
distant charges. We can say that HDP can bring forward Selahattin Demirtas's detention 
situation as much as it never has before. Erdogan, the Presidential candidate, said that 
during the election rally he would approve Selahattin Demirtas, who was in front of the 
mass in front of him, and that he had approached him in front of him on the issue of death 
slogans. The fact that a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections promises to 
execute the other presidential candidate, even though it is clear that he can not do it 
legally in any way, makes the date place of this election quite interesting.


In the first round, we mentioned that the opposition wing's candidacy for the presidential 
candidates (Meral Aksener, Temel Karamollaoglu, Selahattin Demirtas, Muharrem Ince) is not 
on the agenda of the opposition. Likewise, it is clear that all the strategies are in 
Muharrem Ince in the second round.
It is certain that the Presidential Alliance will endeavor to win especially in the first 
round. We emphasized that what these "efforts" included in our previous electoral writing 
included "winning without winning". In other words, it is known that in the whole process 
of political propaganda, there is a very broad practice of using violence to prevent the 
propagation of other parties by using state facilities. One of the most obvious examples 
of this was the "marking" method for HDP at Tayyip Erdogan's "neighborhood presidents" 
meeting. There is no need to foresee whether this marking management is interested in 
those living in Suruc.
Benefiting from the opportunities of the YSK, unsealed ballots; it is known that the 
Presidential Alliance will benefit from all these state facilities to vote in a polled 
ballot box under the supervision of a law enforcement agency. It should not be forgotten 
that, despite the opposition's calls for all "voluntary observers," a political structure 
that holds political power in its final stages is the power to change the results. This is 
a scenario in which Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, as the election propaganda, will take 
on the role of the OHAL, which is announced in July, to a political structure.

If the selection in the first round is not finished;

The combined political sum for Muharrem Ince to become president will increase as we have 
already mentioned. In an environment where the electorate is engaged in the agenda of the 
presidency; party agenda, coalition negotiations and the number of seats in the assembly, 
negotiations on ministries. In the first round, the damage to the Presidential Alliance is 
likely to create a strong motivation. In these preconditions, in the first period of the 
election debate, there are talked-about scenarios in which the calls of the "civil war" 
raised from the AKP and MHP wings could come to life.

It is known that the AKP-MHP alliance used the "war agenda" as an outlet when similar 
situations were encountered before. We know that the Kurdish policy of the state has 
entered into the search for a number of alliances and coalitions while trying to win the 
"self" legitimacy of the war that the AKP, which is the continuing AKP, has launched. At 
the point of the presidential system, he chose the "coalition coalition" instead of the 
government coalition, which he had not established because he did not have a cause. It is 
known that this coalition of nationalist-conservative motivations, which is wanted to be 
created by the OHAL process declared in the important regions of Kurdistan before, is also 
known in the attack process against Žfrin. It is hard to imagine what this "War Alliance" 
could do in the election process. Possibility,

The announcement of Tayyip Erdogan's election rallies to launch operations for Kandil is 
important in terms of seeing the usefulness of war policy for political power. It is 
important to note that this can lead to unexpected political processes before 24 June or 
before 2 nd.

Second Round;

In fact, after the second round, such a war (perhaps the possibility of civil war) is on 
the agenda. We can read from recent developments that the strategy of the Presidential 
Alliance will be and will increase the tension on this. One thing that should not be 
bypassed at this point is the tension within the "War Alliance" itself. This alliance is 
not an alliance between the peoples, it is at the hegemony of the AKP and it is being 
discussed by the State Bahceli and MHP politicians at different times. This tension may 
create a crack in the Presidential Alliance before the second round if results are not 
received in the first round. The MHP can turn into your Alliance Trojan Horse.

The only strategy for the negative scenario for the opposition is the voting scenario at 
the election. If negative scenarios are encountered, there is not much that the opposition 
can do. That is why every strategy the President Alliance will implement is blocking the 
opposition. Trying to overcome this jam means to do politics outside the parliament. This 
jam, therefore, allows the opposition to take an easy position at the same time.

Winning the Opposition is Misleading!

In an environment where war politics, civil war potentially political tensions, crate 
tricks do not work, Muharrem Ince's presidency will be associated with concepts such as 
freedom, democracy, justice .... But in reality it will not do anything other than to 
empty the bottom of these concepts, to create an illusion.

There are some questions that need to be answered in such a scenario. Could there be a 
goal of securing the majority of the people who are part of the social opposition and 
changing the regime? Is the way in which the economic crisis and global warfare strategies 
get out of hand is this change of power in power? Is not targeting the good of the bad, 
not being involved in the deception of the state system without notice? The social 
opposition must be aware that it has to continue its existence outside of this electoral 
deceit. Because there is no win in this election.
The state's electoral deception is based on a virtual reality. There is no gain in this 
virtual reality. Anyone involved in this deception will see a curtain in their eyes, and 
those who think that they are achieving gains in this blindness are mistaken. Because it 
is not winning or losing in deceit. The deceiver always wins. The oppressed who are 
constantly exposed to economic, political and social pressure are drawn into this deceit 
by casting a vote. It is aimed at partial relief in the misguided oppressed that they can 
change the economic and social position they are in with this vote. This is exactly what a 
scam is. It is not who has voted in the deception that will save the oppressed from being 
oppressed, but out of this deception.
However, the sub-text of being included in the elections must also be read well. The logic 
that thinks that all the bad things in it can be removed by going into the elections, has 
already begun to succumb to this deception. This mentality, which acknowledges that the 
positions of political, economic and social powers are unchanged, tries to position itself 
in a suitable position in order to be able to continue its existence because it sees 
itself in a loss.
Those who seize political power will not act in accordance with the interests of the 
oppressed under any circumstances, as they do not seek to remove the distinction between 
ruling and ruling, whether through military means or parliamentary elections. Periodic 
movements to be carried out in this direction may cause temporary situations such as 
favoring the oppressed, but the political power - which is bad at the end -

The Complication of Winning Concept Elections: Will Freedom Can not Be Achieved

Anarchism lays down the essence of freedom of social injustice. It tries to embody this 
imagination through freedom as the greatest value in the life that it creates.
Life in the capitalist and state system is based entirely on the delivery of the will of 
the individual. This is seen as normal for individuals who have always been better off, 
who are better, who are better off by the rulers, and who are taken from the hands of 
certain freedoms. They are the ones who are trying to normalize this situation and have 
the power to decide instead of the individual and to apply it by taking this power.
The ability to do what you think is directly related to the freedom of the individual. In 
the delivery of will, these two situations, which are necessarily obligatory for freedom, 
are separated from each other by thinking and realizing what you think. Thinking is left 
to someone else or someone else.
The relationship of this thinking process to the political process is about who will make 
the rationale for how the social organization will be shaped. In the representative 
system, this reasoning work is carried out by a group of experts, ie, politicians, instead 
of the people living in a geographical area. This seems to be a convenience-creating 
situation in the social organization, but it is the creation of a minority that is created 
for everyone, rather than for everyone.

Each election is meant to win the power to govern the majority of the minority. Choice 
This Minority Group is To Choose the Power

As we emphasize in every electoral process, the electoral system is based on the fact that 
the people who live on the hegemony of the state are choosing the managers for a certain 
period of time. That is, a system in which a minority group will determine the majority of 
the future for the next five years. And while the identification of the future of this 
minority group is guaranteed by law ...
It is the decision of the minority group to determine who needs what, what needs to be, 
and how to meet this need. The time and information necessary for the careful examination 
of government programs and proposals put forward by legislators are never given to the 
public. Similarly, social arrangements and plans in all states are made in this way. All 
political and administrative functions continue with absolute decisions from these 
centers. Or it can not be sustained.
In fact, it is often unsustainable. Because site specific solutions can not be extracted 
from central decision making mechanisms. Because decisions can not be made independent of 
the political, economic or social interests of the center, the functioning will be planned 
accordingly. This technical dilemma leads the nation state to find solutions by giving 
more responsibility to local governments today. Since the state is existentially 
centralized, this technique can not come from the superiority of the stalemate.

You Must Have Participated in Selected Ruling.

Every vote taken means the affirmation of the system, including the empty votes. There is 
no rationale for choosing the ones who will surrender our will by forcing a political 
practice that we do not agree with. Using this logic to think about voting is always to 
believe that there can be better shepherds.
If the current government is acting in the direction of its own interests, if it legally 
secures the dimensions of this behavior, and if the authority is using it unflinchingly, 
this potential is delivered to the hands of another interest group. So participating in 
the elections and voting will enable this process to continue regardless of who votes. 
Because the nature of parliamentary politics, this situation does not show any particular 
change to the person or group. Whoever has more authority or whom he wants more authority 
will serve him.

Not being the Passive Individual of Parliamentary Democracy, Being the Factor of Direct 

Direct democracy should not be perceived as a purely organized way of working, but also as 
an individual's way of life. It is possible to create a way of life and relationship in 
which there is no directed and directed separation, to establish such a life already and 
to realize such a relationship. It is a democracy deceit that the rulers of the society 
show that the government more than the state implements the decisions that we have made 
over the ruled and that we are in the process of representing democracy in the context of 
Direct democracy in these conditions obliges us to oblige itself. The individual who is 
passive in social decisions throughout his or her life becomes influential in social 
decisions by direct democracy. Direct democracy is a way of continuing to work by adopting 
the principle of non-decentralization, the conviction that everyone can be involved in 
decision-making and that they have the eternal right to speak. Direct democracy is a 
method in which the individual takes over his or her own will, in response to a deception 
that is based on the subjugation of the central democracy, the parliament, the 
politicians, the elections and the ballot papers of the rulers. Thus the ambiguity between 
the ruler and the ruler clarifies itself.

Insistence in Revolution for Justice and Freedom. Becoming a Revolutionary Individual 

We, the revolutionary anarchists, do not see the electoral system of parliamentary 
democracy as a solution to social injustice. We think that the solution of these 
injustices can be created by the social revolution. It is a stateless society consisting 
of totally voluntary organizations targeted by the social revolution. That is, it is a 
self-organization that is not force-based and not authoritarian. We say that the direct 
democratic functioning of the freedom of the individual, not the representative democracy 
based on the surrender of individual will through the representatives, is the social 
necessity. The right to vote can never be used to achieve political and economic equality. 
Because it is a tool that feeds a secret dictatorship. Elections are limited to the small 
concessions of power. If the existing political legal order is internalized, will be 
looking for ways to resolve their problems in a compromise way. This will remove it from 
both socialism and revolutionism.
We revolutionary anarchists can criticize us politically ineffectively when we vote and 
say "do not vote" when we say that we are insignificant and passive. Furthermore, when we 
talk about fake campaigns, stolen-burning people, all intrigues, they can accuse us of 
excessive skepticism of politics. We continue to say the facts that are seen by everyone, 
but pretend that every election period has not been seen.

The political reality that the revolutionary anarchists sought to create is opposed to the 
political reality of the state and capitalism. Reducing voting / non-voting to political 
opposition is a method that affects the state's own injustices by affirming parliamentary 
democracy. It is not injustices that change in every new election period; they will only 
be selected, and this will always repeat itself.

The separation of the political and the vital is a separation that the state and 
capitalism desire. The oppressed are deprived of political injustice of the injustices 
faced in their daily life because of this separation. Because in elective democracy it is 
political to vote any party in the electoral process.
For revolutionary anarchists, the political and political life that is vital is vital. The 
individual is the community he is in. Directly influence, not passive, decisions to be 
taken and implemented. It is not a passive political subject, but an active political subject.
This is the case in many mutually valuable experiences when we look at the history of 
anarchism. Anarchists have experienced the decision-making processes in which direct 
democracy is run in the political arena, sometimes in neighborhoods or popular assemblies, 
sometimes in cooperatives and trade unions. At the same time, it is true that they put the 
vital thing in these experiences.

We will not be voters in the elections, we will not vote!

The elections imprison us for a certain period of time away from concrete. This process 
itself is a complete illusion. Parliamentary democracy, which fulfills this illusion in a 
proper manner, implements and exposes its implementers to the demands of the people and 
the resolutions of capitalism. Economic and social exploitation justifies different 
rhetoric within the framework of these demands. All these promises made during the 
election period are presented as a solution in this illusion created for a period of time. 
However, the injustice of the state and capitalism outside the election periods is 
rendered invisible in this short-lived illusion. We revolutionary anarchists, who think 
that capitalism and the counterattack against the state should be given unity, in this 
respect, in principle, do not participate in the elections and vote.

We do not think the revolution will come with general elections. We do not regard 
elections as a "progressive" or "democratic" phase on the way to the cycle. What we 
understand from the revolution is the social revolution, which will be created by a total 

All this does not mean that we prefer a dictatorship, which the revolutionary anarchists 
have created by the parliamentary democracy of the revolutionary anarchists, and the 
government of the present government and its power. We try to emphasize; parliamentary 
democracy and elections in a process that rises above economic and political injustices is 
nothing more than a deception and trap for the oppressed. This system under the cover of 
democracy and justice is nothing but the permanentization of those who are in the position 
of political and economic power, that is, the hegemony established by the oppressors, the 
oppressed, the freedom of the oppressed. We deny that parliamentary democracy and 
elections can be used by the oppressed to remove economic and political injustice 
altogether. Parliamentary democracy and elections,

In the understanding of being or being we are the days when everything will be reduced to 
a vote. We will be trapped in the ballot boxes in the struggle of all injustices we are 
living in. The choice of relief on 24 June is to delay Erdogan as an opportunity to shrink 
from power, delaying the fight for justice and freedom, even if the Alliance will lose the 
election. The struggle with the unchanging power structure comes from the revolution that 
takes its power from the oppressed, not from downward laws.

Revolutionary Anarchist Activity



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