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dinsdag 5 juni 2018

Shut down the zoo that poached wild animals

The Delhi Zoo replaced dead animals with ones poached from the wild! For the sake of India's wild animals, it's time they were shut down.
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Dear friends,
Did you hear about the zoo that replaced its dead animals with ones illegally poached from the wild? It's not a work of fiction — it's the real case of the Delhi Zoo in India.
Many people associate zoos and their staff with dedication to conservation and public education. But the Delhi Zoo's staff were more worried about saving face than saving endangered species. It's time to end this horrific cycle of poach, kill, replace and repeat.
The Delhi Zoo's officials tried to hide alarmingly high mortality rates of animals in their care by replacing dead animals with ones caught from the wild. Last year, a zoo ranger noticed the number of animals in certain enclosures was varying day to day. Then, an in-depth investigative report revealed that zoo staff illegally captured monitor lizards, sand boa, rat snakes, tortoises and small Indian civets from the wild to replace dead ones.
Thank you,
 Sharanya P.
The Care2 Petitions Team
P.S. It only takes a few seconds to take action. Help us urge the Indian government to shut down the horrific Delhi Zoo.