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woensdag 4 juli 2018

Anarchic update news all over the world - 4.07.2018

Today's Topics:


1.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL - Unitary press release,
      Against the closing of the Ford Blanquefort factory, against
      layoffs (fr, it, pt)[machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

2.  Poland, Workers initiative, II Anarchist Film Festival
      [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

3.  France, Alternative Libertaire AL #284 - Chronicle "Echo
      d'Afrique": The arrogance of Vincent Bolloré (fr, it,
      pt)[machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

4.  [Spain] Alcázar de San Juan: Libertarian and autonomous
      feminism meeting, June 30 By ANA (pt) [machine translation]

 5.  Anarchist Group Cencellada: Antipunitive Feminism:
      Eliminating the rotten apple does not save the whole basket (ca,
      it) (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

6.  Greece, Vogliamo tutto e per tutti: Information and photos
      from the Anti-Racism-Anti-war moped on 23 June (gr) [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

 7.  Greece, vogliamo tutto: Labor concentration against the
      "white night" on Saturday 30/6, 6pm, Ilion - Pl. Gennimata
      (central square) (gr) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)


Message: 1

What is happening at the Ford factory in Blanquefort is a scandal, an ordinary scandal 
certainly, but a scandal that we must not get used to. It is the scandal of these 
multinationals that destroy the employment and the social without any economic 
justification in the name of the race for profits and dividends and that after receiving 
from the State, since 2013, 50 million euros of subsidies public. ---- Ford is making 
billions of dollars in profits, cashing millions of state subsidies and shutting down, 
leaving 1000 workers behind, not to mention the thousands of jobs created. ---- Ford's 
case is not isolated. The announcements of closures of factories, layoffs are multiplying 
in recent weeks in general indifference as profits explode. ---- Our political 
organizations support the struggle of Ford workers and all those who stand up against 
dismissals and closures.

We will be present at the event of June 30 from 14h at Pey Berland in Bordeaux.

Signatory Organizations: Libertarian Alternative, Together, Democratic and Social Left, 
Génération.s, Labor Struggle, New Anti-Capitalist Party, French Communist Party, Left Party.



Message: 2

Poster of the second edition of the Anarchist Film Festival ---- On June 29 - July 1 in 
Warsaw and July 6-7 in Lódz, the second edition of the Anarchist Film Festival will take 
place. The event, organized by Warsaw and Lodz committees of the OZZ IP, aims to present 
films relating to current social, economic and political problems from a radical 
perspective. ---- [Website of AFF][Event on Facebook - Warsaw][Event on Facebook - Lódz] 
---- The films that will be screened during this year's edition of the Festival have been 
divided into 7 thematic blocks: "anarchism", "anti-colonialism", "anti-fascism", "class 
struggle", "women's resistance", "ecology" and "cinema classics". The festival opens with 
a screening of the documentary film "Anarchist from the case"[web page of the film], which 
shows the story of Carne Ross - a diplomat who abandoned his work for the British 
government and became fascinated by the contemporary practice of the anarchist movement: 
Occupy Wall Street movement, Kurdish autonomy in Rožava and Noam Chomsky's thought. In 
addition to Ross' story, films about Poznan's struggle for decent wages and women's rights 
("Strike of women lasts"), the history of the Spanish organization "Mujeres Libres" ("The 
Unrestrained, History of Mujeres Libres") and cooperation between the Volkswagen and 
fascist group will also be screened at AFF. dictatorship in Brazil ("Associate? Volkswagen 
and the Brazilian dictatorship"), the mass movement for the independence of Catalonia 
("First day of October"), the struggle of South African women for decent housing ("Strong 
as a rock"), anarchist projects and initiatives in Greece, Spain, Catalonia and Germany 
("Project A"), the development of the Greek fascist movement ("Golden Dawn: personal 
matter") and actions against cutting the Bialowieza Forest ("Leave it!") and the Keystone 
pipeline construction project XL in the USA ("Over everything"). In addition to the 
documents, the British cinema classics ("Loneliness of the long-distance runner", 
"Everyday except holidays" and "O, dreamland") will also be shown on the AFF. The closing 
screening of the event will be a screening of the feature film "Love and Anarchy" telling 
the story of a prostitute's romance and anarchist who are planning to assassinate Benito 
Mussolini together. development of the Greek fascist movement ("The Golden Dawn: a 
personal matter") and actions against the clearing of the Bialowieza Forest ("Leave it!") 
and the Keystone XL pipeline construction project in the USA ("Over all"). In addition to 
the documents, the British cinema classics ("Loneliness of the long-distance runner", 
"Everyday except holidays" and "O, dreamland") will also be shown on the AFF. The closing 
screening of the event will be a screening of the feature film "Love and Anarchy" telling 
the story of a prostitute's romance and anarchist who are planning to assassinate Benito 
Mussolini together. development of the Greek fascist movement ("The Golden Dawn: a 
personal matter") and actions against the clearing of the Bialowieza Forest ("Leave it!") 
and the Keystone XL pipeline construction project in the USA ("Over all"). In addition to 
the documents, the British cinema classics ("Loneliness of the long-distance runner", 
"Everyday except holidays" and "O, dreamland") will also be shown on the AFF. The closing 
screening of the event will be a screening of the feature film "Love and Anarchy" telling 
the story of a prostitute's romance and anarchist who are planning to assassinate Benito 
Mussolini together.

The matronate of the event was: Le Mode Diplomatique - Polish edition, Theoretical 
Practice, Feminoteka, A-tak, Another world (anarchist magazine) and Balcerowicz.com

Repertoire of the 2nd edition of the Anarchist Film Festival

29.06 (Friday)
17:00 - Associates? Volkswagen and the Brazilian dictatorship (ADA Pulawska)
18:00 - Nieposkromione. History of "Mujeres Libres" (ADA Pulawska)
20:30 - Anarchist from the case - Opening show (Kino Muranów)

30.06 (Saturday)
11:00 - Golden Dawn: personal matter (ADA Pulawska)
12:45 - Women's strike lasts (ADA Pulawska) - after the screening discussion with the 
film's main characters
15:10 - First day of October (ADA Pulawska)
17:00 - Strong as a rock (ADA Pulawska) - after the projection video conference with the 
20:00 - Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner (Cinema Iluzjon)

01.07 (Sunday)
11:00 - Project A (ADA Pulawska)
12:45 - About, Dreamland + Daily except for Christmas (ADA Pulawska)
14:30 - Over all (ADA Pulawska)
16:25 - Leave her! (ADA Pulawska)
20:00 - Love and Anarchy - closing screening (Cinema Iluzjon)

LÓDZ (all screenings will take place in the Protestacja club):

6.07 (Friday)
17:30 - First day of October
18:15 - Associates? Volkswagen and the Brazilian dictatorship
19:30 - Golden Dawn: personal matter
21:00 - Project A

7.07 (Saturday)
16:00 - Strong as a rock
17:45 - Women's strike lasts
19:30 - Leave her!
20:30 - Unrestrained. History of "Mujeres Libres"
21:30 - Anarchist in case of
23:00 - After AFF: Sambor - electro disco dancers



Message: 3

Vincent Bolloré found himself in custody on April 24, then indicted for bribery of foreign 
public officials, complicity of abuse of trust and complicity of false. While he was used 
to pursuing too critical journalists, or shaping opinion through his media empire, he is 
pushed to communicate through a tribune in the Journal du dimanche (JDD) of April 29 on 
his line in order to reassure public opinion (and especially the financial markets). ---- 
The businessman wonders in these terms " Should Africa be abandoned ? " And believes that 
suspicions feed on the perception, false according to him, of Africa " land of 
non-governance ", a vision " miserabilist " of the continent where his group would have 
invested 4 billion euros and would live some 30,000 families. ---- Unfortunately, readers 
of the JDD will certainly not be pleased to read or hear the reactions of Africans who 
know the reality of the predation of the Bolloré group and its consequences. It noted in 
particular the " response " of Olivier Dossou commentator from the Malian Diaspora in 
Europe, for whom " the tribune of Vincent Bolloré especially remain a sequence of 
hypocrisy, condescension and colonial cliches against Africans . "

Dossou points out what the figures put forward by Bolloré do not say: behind the billions 
of investment, there are above all miraculous profits, releasing more than 80% of the 
profits of the group. Behind the 30,000 families who " live through him ", there are 
dangerous wage conditions and poverty wages.

The answer methodically returns all the arguments of Vincent Bolloré in his tribune, while 
he plays the States to which he asserts himself as a superpower benefiting from the assets 
of Françafrique (franc CFA, diplomatic relations, francophonie, etc.).

According to Dossou, " Bolloré laughs at Africans " ... which is not surprising since his 
platform is intended to reassure the financial markets and preserve its image with the 
French ... neither one nor the other hear the dissonant voices Africans and Africans ! But 
this contempt is well and truly felt by many of them. " Africans aspire to be actors of 
their own destiny and not spectators. However, the fierce hold in Africa of transnationals 
like Bolloré, proceeds from an emasculation of local creative genius totally despised 
![...]The arrogance of a Bolloré translates above all the abyssal strategic void of the 
African leadership with felonious leaders, without major philosophical project, therefore 
without "utopia", able to raise the economic and social standards of the populations. "

Let's hope that one day, by so much being despised, Africans and Africans unite and stand 
up to free their leaders, dictators, Bolloré, Total and consort, and take control of their 

Christmas Surge (AL Carcassonne)



Message: 4

On March 8, 2018, thousands of demonstrations took place. For decades, power has 
incorporated that date into the public agenda, stealing the worker's label and depleting 
it of content, making it the "Women's Day," a day when all public, institutional, and 
political powers wash their hands and they fill their mouths with the word equality. ---- 
But this March 8th was different, both in content and in form and strategy. It was the 
first feminist strike of women, ie for the first time at historical level was called a 
24-hour general strike, segregated by sex to see what would happen if we missed women in 
our jobs, leaving our traditional tasks care, as well as being a student and consumer 
strike. ---- This strike put anarcho-syndicalism as a liberating force of the first order, 
many expressions of autonomous feminism have also been developed, which, far from the 
fetish of the flag, promoted a journey of struggle against the events and celebrations of 
unions, sellers, institutions, prefectures and other expressions institutionalized feminism.

It is in this context that the desire to meet, to value our work and defend our place in 
the feminist struggle arises. And it could not be in a better place than in CSOA La Idea, 
a liberated space, where we find libertarian feminists. To create spaces and networks of 
mutual support where we can strengthen ourselves, create bonds of friendship and solidarity.

These are the activities to stimulate the meeting:

17h - Coffee-coexistence: Contacts and two proposals: Feminist Library (companions of 
Feminisms Albacete) and a proposal for debate: "Little Critical Pride, political 
lesbianism". (At CGT's facilities in Plaza Vieja, location 3).

 From there, we will move to CSOA La Idea:

7 pm - Presentation of the book: "They fought for a new world: Lucía Sánchez Saornil and 
Sara Berenguer Laosa, militant anarchist during the Spanish Civil War ." By Yanira Hermida

8.30 pm - Conversation: "Child abuse and institutional violence". By Susana Guerrero

10 pm - Vegetarian Dinner

00h00 - Live Music: The Rodents Acoustic


Related Content:



Message: 5

or why the jail of some is not the freedom of all of us ---- The violence that we live 
every day can be direct, but it is also symbolic and structural. The institutional 
violence and its commitment is evident with recent cases such as the media case of La 
Manada. Despite denouncing the androcentric, and even misogynistic, bias of many of the 
judicial rulings, feminism does not ask for more years of imprisonment as a solution to 
our problems, as can be seen in most of the media, but rather tries to put It shows how 
scandalous it is not to consider these facts a violation. ---- We do not want to reproduce 
the dynamics of the hierarchical structures of domination with which they submit us, 
generating so many inequalities, and therefore we do not believe that the judicial and 
penal path is the only alternative for women. Moreover, in the case of migrated women, or 
with other types of difficulties or situations, access to justice may pose a problem in 
their administrative situation.

The construction of social problems in a criminal code prevents the State from being held 
responsible for the consequences of its policies and facilitates its electoral use for the 
fight against insecurity. Punitive populism is a conservative political and penal formula 
born of neoliberalism and its applause comes largely from the distorted social perception 
of the functioning of the prison system and its imaginary relationship with street safety, 
exploiting the insecurities of the community. An example of this is the recent use of 
murders of minors through a populist discourse for the defense of the permanent remainable 
prison. Today, the rape of women enters the marketing strategy.

"Adopting incarceration as a strategy is to refrain from thinking about other forms of 
accountability," says Angela Davis. Sexist violence, social problems, are collective 
problems and as such they must be covered. Eliminating the visible tip of the iceberg 
instead of intervening encompassing the entire structure that is the Patriarchate, we 
ignore that there is a whole social system that maintains and generates, and even 
nourishes, those violences and gives rise to the elimination of the problem. The 
heteropatriarchy works because it seems the natural state of things and pointing to 
certain individuals as "strange beings" or "non-people" we exculpate ourselves as a 
society before any collective responsibility and clouds the need for revision of each 
person socialized as a man.

They are easy and quick solutions to complex phenomena, which depoliticize the facts and 
eliminate from the discourse the concept of "structural oppression", contributing rather 
nothing to the social transformation in favor of social control. Mª Luisa Maqueda 
criticizes this paternalistic discourse by stating that "" Legal colonization "deprives us 
of control over our needs and the autonomy of our decisions."

We believe in a feminism to stop socializing as victims and implement mutual peer support 
and self-defense. We miss a self-organizing structure that responds to the violence 
received, but at the same time and without wanting it we ourselves generate another 
outrage: we invest a large part of our time in not dying. What we want is to live.

Valladolid, June 2018



Message: 6

On Saturday, 23/6, an anti-war-anti-war motorcycle of about 40 vehicles took place. The 
purpose of the motto, launched by the Propylaea, was to target the Foreign Ministry as 
well as the embassies of Britain, France, Turkey, America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, 
Iran and Russia for their involvement in the Syrian war, stops in most of them. 50,000 
troops were flown on the route. ---- Upon a reversal, after the stop at the Russian 
Consulate, aggression from the cops (DIAS machines, insurances and 2 cages) followed the 
course throughout. The platoon descended from the cage and DIAS cut the mop in the middle 
with a bunch of tampons. The traffic was treated calmly and the mopping continued despite 
the catastrophic rain, ending in Exarchia.
"We are with the insurgents and insurgents of the region who tried to repudiate the 
dictatorial regime, which self-organized their lives under war and while trying to do the 
same with their defense, were enslaved and ruled by war machines that serve foreign to the 
revolution interests. With these and those who paid and paid the price to go against their 
oppressors, against the obscurantism of ISIS and other fundamentalist groups, against the 
murderous state machines and the capitalist giants that wreak havoc on the area.

Our solidarity with the millions of displaced people who are experiencing the devastating 
effects of this war is the creation of common struggles, overcoming the divisions of 
nation, state, sex, religion and race, as well as the targeting of the treaty fed and fed 
by these massacres and perpetuating our oppression and exploitation: the state-capitalist 
construction of society. "



  Initiative of anarchist collectives and individuals against the war in Syria and the 
peace of the sovereigns



Message: 7

We put our workers' interests ahead. ---- Sundays and nights for ministers, mayors and all 
bosses to work for. ---- Hands down from Sundays, nights, our lives. ---- Organization and 
resistance to workplaces. ---- We continue the fight against the barbarous "white night" 
regime in Ilion and in every neighborhood. ---- Labor gathering: Saturday 30 June 2018, 
6pm, pl. Grenades (central square) - Ilion. ---- Coordinating action against the abolition 
of Sunday's holiday and "liberated" hours | syntonistikokyriakes.espivblogs.net ---- * We 
note that on Tuesday afternoon (26/6) as co- ordinating action, we conducted a mass 
excursion in the area's shops to discuss with colleagues and colleagues the abolition of 
the Sunday holiday, the "white nights", overall about the painful working reality we live, 
but also for our labor struggles. During this excursion, we shared the latest strike 
announcement of the Coordination Action and the relevant text of the Workers 'Trade 
Workers' Meeting ( orthostasia.wordpress.com ), and we proceeded to a poster .



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