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donderdag 5 juli 2018

Latest Update on Rojava

Dear Friends,

Please find in the attachment the latest developments in Rojava and Efrîn.

Should you require further information on the development of our democratic and feminist model, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Best wishes,
Muhammad Hassan

A Weekly News Bulletin From Rojava 28 June— 5 July The TEV-DEM Diplomatic Relations Centre Email: tevdeminfo@gmail.com Facebook: PDR Tev-Dem Twitter: TEV-DEM Info WhatsApp: 00963-996 275573

Invading forces smuggle historical artifacts in Afrin The invading Turkish army and allied mercenaries are entering historical sites and looting all the historical artifacts in Afrin. According to reports, the invading forces have looted dozens of historical sites in Afrin since their invasion of the city on March 18 following an all-out aggression launched on January 20. Several historical sites of Yazidis have been plundered in the village of Durmisah in Afrin’s Shiye district. The invaders have also entered the citadel in Bilulka village of Rajo and looted all the historical artifacts, in addition to those in Elbiska village, according to local sources. Turkish forces and their mercenaries have also destroyed the tombs of Zareta Henê ve Zareta Mihemmed Eli in Sherawa district. The grave of Nuri Dersimi at Zereta Henê was also destroyed.1 Jin TV ready to go on air Jin (Women) TV has completed its test broadcast and it is ready to go on air. The new channel will begin broadcast on Saturday, 30 June… In a statement Jin TV said: "We are building a wonderful TV for women" and continued: "The channel is all made up of women, from journalists to producers, from editors to camerawomen." In the statement, Jin TV added: "We are taking the first steps of a women’s solidarity television, a woman-friendly television." 1 https://anfenglishmobile.com/rojava/invading-forces-smuggle-historical-artifactsin-afrin-27849

Jin TV made the following call to women: "Make your video at home, in your workplace, on the street, at a meeting, send the video to us, and be part of this television movement, we need you. .." 2 6 mercenaries have been killed in Afrin Our forces continue to target Turkish invasion army elements and the mercenaries with various operations in Afrin within the scope of the second phase of the Resistance of the Age. On June 24, a mercenary of Failaq al-Sham group was assasinated by our fighters on the road between Dewa and Tal Salour villages of Jandaris district. On June 25, our units carried out another operation targeting mercenaries of Failaq alSham in village of Amara of Afrin’s Mabata district. 5 mercenaries were killed while a military vehicle was destroyed as result of the operation. .. 3 Komun Academy: a Virtual Academy Launched by the Kurdish Freedom Movement Saturday marks the inauguration of the Komun academy, a website launched by a collective of activists launched particularly with the aim of finding solutions to both, local, specific problems for the various peoples' of the world. The Komun academy also seeks to fight universal contradictions, which encompasses women's oppression, ecological crises, capitalist exploitation, racial supremacy, colonialism, knowledge of imperialism, poverty, and war. .. To visit the website, go to https://komun-academy.com/ 4 US delegation visits Manbij A delegation composed of members of the US Senate has visited Manbij on Monday. The group of US politicians included Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Olin Graham and US Senator Jeanne Shaheen. The delegation was welcomed by Manbij Civil Administration and Manbij Military Council officials who waited for them in front of the Manbij Civil Administration building. The Manbij delegation was composed by Manbij Legislative Parliament co-chair, Faruk Al Mashi, Executive Council co-chair Mihemed Shexo, Ibrahim El Qeftan, president of Syrian Future Party, and from the Manbij Military Council, commander Mihemed Ebu Adil. 2 https://anfenglishmobile.com/news/jin-tv-ready-to-go-on-air-27838 3 https://www.ypgrojava.org/6-mercenaries-have-been-killed-in-Afrin 4 http://theregion.org/article/13758-new-virtual-academy-launched-by-kurdishfreedom-movement 

The US delegation confirmed to the Manbij authorities that it will continue to provide assistance to secure security and stability.5 Ransom asked for civilians kidnapped in Afrin The invading Turkish army and its mercenary allies are asking for ransom to release the civilians they are kidnapping in Afrin. Local sources confirmed that 4 days ago mercenaries belonging to the Jaysh AlNuxbe group kidnapped 45-years old Amir Fayiqand and his wife Shaziye Mustafa aged 35 in the village of Emara, Mabata district in the Canton of Afrin. There is no news as to where the couple has been taken. The same sources also confirmed that the mercenaries are asking money for the release of the civilians. Another source from the region of Bilbile said that mercenaries of al-Hamzad Brigade group linked to the occupying Turkish army, have kidnapped Henan Mehmud, a 36- year-old citizen. The mercenaries went to his home and asked a ransom of $ 10,000 for Henan's release.6 In northern Syria, the Neolithic Period comes to light In northern Syria, Til Xelef, Girê Moza and Til Beyder are home to more than 2,000 Neolithic sites. The self-government in northern Syria restored the destroyed artifacts and put them under protection… Ristem Ebdo, an executive at the Ministry of Tourism and Archeology, is one of the leaders responsible for protecting the historic cities in the region. He points to the region's historic wealth and makes it clear that it is an area of importance to both the Middle East and the world. Before the war, archaeological excavations took place in 5 https://anfenglishmobile.com/rojava/us-delegation-visits-manbij-27911 6 https://anfenglishmobile.com/rojava/ransom-asked-for-civilians-kidnapped-inafrin-27912 5 70 

70 different places. In the context of this work, many finds have come to light, but with the beginning of the war, the researchers had to leave the country. Ebdo tells the story of the region, which dates back to the Neolithic period: "After the northern Syrian forces took control of the region, they began to protect the historic sites. After their safety was established, we started work on the looted sites. Some have been restored and put under protection. We have set up teams for the protection of historical sites. In this context, we are also in contact with international teams of archaeologists. Some are preparing to come here."7 1st project to rehabilitate al-Raqqa's infrastructure Under the auspices of al-Raqqa Civil Council, the Reconstruction Committee and the People's Municipality Council, the 1st project of its kind was launched to develop the service level in al-Raqqa city. .. Al-Raqqa Civil Council held on Tuesday a meeting, which … included administrators in the service committees, intellectuals and workers in addition to the members of the local councils in al- Raqqa city. During the meeting, … it was agreed to start two projects, the first of which is a comprehensive cleaning campaign of the city, and the other is the largest project in al- 7 https://anfenglishmobile.com/rojava/in-northern-syria-the-neolithic-age-comes-tolight-27875 6 

Raqqa, which is the maintenance of al-Raqqa sewage system. The project is estimated to cost about $1,245,000. ...8 Senator who said backing YPG was 'dumbest idea in the world' says US shouldn't leave Manbij U.S Republican Senator Lindsey Graham paid a surprise visit to Manbij, northern Syria, on Monday and told the Manbij Military Council that he will personally tell Donald Trump to not evacuate Manbij for Ankara's demands. He said he'll tell Trump that "it's important that we stay here, that we help you, that you are friends of the United States." In 2016, however, that very same Senator told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the United States ought not to have supported the YPG, its most important ally in the fight against IS. "Is it surprising to you that the Turks might be upset with us by arming the YPG in Syria since they are so closely aligned with the PKK?" he told the committee, "I just got back from Turkey, they are not okay with this, they think this is the dumbest idea in the world and I agree with them," he said. But his tune changed on his visit to Manbij, after a meeting with Turkey on the fate of imprisoned pastor Andrew Brunson, which Turkey arrested on unfounded allegations of supporting the Gulenists. Senator Graham -- an open critic of Trump's decision to pull out of Syria -- visited Manbij with a message of good tidings. "If we leave it will be terrible, and I will go and tell the story to my colleagues about Manbij, it's a place of hope in a region that needs more hope." "You take this message", a commander in the Manbij Military Council told Senator Graham, and "you go and tell them the real situation." "If something happens to us, this is on your hands", the commander wisely ended his response. 9 8 http://www.hawarnews.com/en/haber/1st-project-to-rehabilitate-al-raqqasinfrastructure-h2323.html 9 http://theregion.org/article/13778-senator-who-said-backing-ypg-was-039- dumbest-idea-world-039-says-us-shouldn-039-t-leave-manbij

Aldar Khalil: "We are ready to negotiate, but must be ready for defense more" In a speech at the first conference of the Internal Security Forces in northern Syria held on Wednesday in al-Raqqa, the co-chair of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Aldar Khalil said: "Holding a conference on security in al-Raqqa has meanings and indications that reflect the reality of the revolution that Syrian north has experienced. The conference is a major step that will lead to positive results on the situation in general in the area." Khalil said that the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian regime have not negotiated so far and there are no agreements as promoted by some parties and the most important matter now is that everyone is ready for all possibilities, defending the area militarily and maintaining its security…10 Occupation kidnaped 3 citizens, turned civilians’ homes into headquarters The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue to kidnap the citizens of Afrin. Observers believe that the mercenaries are abducting people to demand ransom and earn money. A reliable source in Mobata district told ANHA agency’s correspondent that 10 days ago, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army kidnapped three citizens for the third time, and they are being subjected to the most severe torture. Their families paid a ransom each time for their release. The citizens who have been kidnapped for the third time were Mahmoud Rasheed Hassoun who is at 32 from Ali Jara village, Abdullah Aref who is at 45, and Hamid Khalil Ebu who is 40 years old from Raja village. According to the source, the mercenaries kidnapped the citizens on the pretext of killing the commander of al-Jabha al-Shamiya Aslan Abu Musto in Mirkan village. Another source from Hebbo village in Mobata district said that the mercenaries of the occupation (Jaish al-Ahfad Battalion) who are stationed in the village turned the house of Hekmet Rashid and Mohammed Mustafa to headquarters for themselves.11 10 http://hawarnews.com/en/haber/aldar-khalil-we-are-ready-to-negotiate-butmust-be-ready-for-defense-more-h2351.html 11 http://www.hawarnews.com/en/haber/occupation-kidnaped-3-citizens-turnedcivilians-homes-into-headquarters-h2343.html

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