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maandag 27 september 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #FRANCE #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) [#France] Freedoms under threat, today and forever By ANA (pt) [machine translation]

 Anarchist Federation motion passed at the 79th congress in Merlieux, August 22,

2021 ---- The social climate is one of unrest: social crisis, health crisis,
economic crisis... ---- Riding on the wave of social unrest, the State takes the
opportunity to reinforce its security and repression apparatus in order to
satisfy an increasingly conservative electorate. ---- With the movement of
theGilets Jaunes[Yellow Jackets], the forces of the Macronian order have a free
course to repress the manifestations with virulence, resulting in a large number
of mutilated people. Since the beginning of the protests, the interior ministers
have, one after the other, defended the actions of the repressive forces.

Some statements are an insult to victims. Meanwhile, the rest of the government
turns a blind eye, as do the lawmakers.

Manipulation isIn March[1]: coordinated actions between power and the media
culminate in a feeling of insecurity in the population and allow laws and
liberticidal decrees to pass without fanfare.

Thus, it becomes possible to reinforce the monitoring of individuals "under
suspicion". Nobody is indignant about this, and the organizations that opposed
the decree before the Council of State failed.

We are witnessing the mechanization of population control: algorithms,
geolocation, control over electronic communications, drones, surveillance
cameras, and now the QR code... A whole technological and legal arsenal
insensibly transforms our "lawful" states in police states, and our "free"
societies in societies held hostage to fear, where distrust bars solidarity and
makes hospitality a criminal offence.

The legislative apparatus developed enormously during this crisis. Police
arbitrariness increased. The freedoms of ordinary individuals are fragile wings
before judges.

The Anarchist Federation had denounced the proposed "global security" law, in
particular the famous article 24 on the prohibition of recording images of police
forces in action, and more generally the provision that gave excessive powers to
municipal police officers. The Constitutional Council took a curious position: it
declared the content of the reformulated article 24 unconstitutional, but
approved other liberticidal provisions. It is in fact the text as a whole that
violates public liberties and must be rejected.

It is a tactic that consists in inscribing a legal catatau in a text, the bulk of
which will evidently be canceled to make the minutiae, which are just as
dangerous, pass.

Recently, the State Council reviewed the "National Order Maintenance Scheme" and
challenged some provisions of the text. In the same way as in the Constitutional
Council, the bulk is canceled to make the rest go through. Thus, for example, the
"kettling" tactic is suppressed, as it is too aggressive against the right to
come and go.

Four provisions targeting freedom of information were also repealed. But let's be
careful. Many canceled provisions reappear in other texts. Copywriters take
advantage of the lack of surveillance. In the following months, presidential and
legislative elections force, in the face of the rise of the extreme right, the
professional political class, right and left, to attack with restrictive measures
that threaten public freedoms. The Anarchist Federation will spare no effort in
the struggle against the establishment of an increasingly police-based and
reactionary state.

Anarchist Federation



[1]Wordplay on the name of Emmanuel Macron's party,La République en Marche.

Translation > William Tell

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