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maandag 4 oktober 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #CHILE #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) For the end of the #Carabineros in #Chile and to all police forces in the world By ANA (pt) [machine translation]

 There is a "public" body that watches over us and physically submits us in the

name of a system based on the rule of law: the police, which has characteristics
common to all countries, and that is why we will call it the world police. ----
The world police is an organism that not only does not protect us, but also
watches over us and is at the service of the judicial system, that is, the
institution in charge of ensuring that the laws are applied in society, with the
result that anything outside the structure of the law is exposed to police abuse.
The carabineros from Chile are a clear example of this, their ideology is to be a
wild dog of the law, and I say dog, because instead of using reason, they use
their animal instinct submitted to physical and moral training.

First of all, the world police exist with a clear purpose: the moralization that
the law exerts in society, that is, it is thought that what is outside the law is
wrong and, therefore, must be punished. But what's cool, it only suits some.
Those who have no choice but to be content with the mediocre quality of life that
the law and society ascribe to them must bear the condemnation of being kept in
the shade, which is totally unfair. The police try to ensure that this is the
case, repressing any attempt to demonstrate against the law and the state,
because the police are at the service of the law, which for the state is the only
just reason. In this way, the police action is nothing more than ideology and
indoctrination, making the individual, when he is a member of the police, to
think that his action is fair and that it comes from a single cause: "to do
justice". Thus,

The Carabineros de Chile are the guardians of law and the rule of law in the
country called Chile. They were created to replace what used to be the municipal
police in each territory, in each region. Dictator Carlos Ibáñez del Campo was
the military man who unified these regional police forces and created the
Carabineros of Chile, not only to centralize police power, but also to militarize
the institution (a militarization that becomes more violent and bloody every
year) . In short, this dictator, in creating this "public" organism, did nothing
more than hand over the monopolization of violence to the State in order to
subjugate the lackeys, from the lowest part of the bureaucracy and the
bourgeoisie, to the people. All in the name of the divine cause of law, policing
and punishing, the carabineros keep the people under the rule of law through a
false promise of protection.

As anarchists, we call for the end of the Carabineros in Chile and all police
forces in the world, because their actions do not protect people, but watch over
and abuse them. Their false protection doesn't go beyond what the law of the
powerful allows them, so they don't reason, but follow their instinct, keeping
the police in a degrading and corrupt indoctrination. The abolition of the
Carabineros de Chile, in this case, would not only be a cause of justice for
political prisoners, but would also mean the end of an institution that seeks to
indoctrinate its officers by pressing them with violence for a cause that is far
from having any kind of fraternal ethics. On the other hand, we want to put an
end to the absurd argument that the police guarantee the control and reduction of
crime, as this is not the case. It could even be argued that the crime is a
consequence of the law that creates the illegal at the same time. As anarchists
we are very clear that justice is something that takes time to arrive, at best,
and that neither the State nor the police can guarantee its arrival, as the
courts have a benevolent view of those who commit abuses in the exercise of their
functions. . These are mere excesses and not crimes.

As the exercise of power corrupts and submission to power degrades, we call for
the end of the Carabineros in Chile and all police forces in the world.

May anarchy live: Love, Solidarity and Fraternity. Freedom for political
prisoners and prisoners.

Santiago's Union of Various Trades

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