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woensdag 22 september 2021

#WORLD #WORLDWIDE #BRAZIL #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - (en) cab anarquista: Down with the coup, misery and neoliberal devastation! (ca, de, it, fr, pt)[machine translation]

 No dictatorship and terror of the police-military forces! No more misery and

privatization policies that break the lives of the popular masses and devour
through the market everything that is common, collective, public, solidary. ----
That's not a choice! It is a crisis pointed out as a weapon to govern the country
with maximum adjustment to popular conquests and with all the violence that the
liberal model supposes in front of a people severely attacked by the deadly
pandemic that is born from the bowels of the dominant system, from social damage
and irreparable environmental effects that it leaves in everything it touches.
The coup noise of the 7th of September of that year only made more evident what
is in progress. We are no longer living the same power game of bourgeois
democracy that the system used to a part of society in the last period of
political life. The reformist parties or less, the PT and center
collaborationism, should have already learned from this. If not for the
historical formation of Brazilian peripheral capitalism, made using the
techniques of colonial power, at least with the coup artifacts applied in recent
years in the country or experienced in our region of the continent. Anyone who
looks too far in the 2022 presidential election makes a lethal mistake in the
resistance lines. The far right wages open class struggle and does not throw its
life into the results of the ballot boxes, which at least means that the
ferocious beast is loose, it has lost its shame,

Pocketnarism is a "battle-stick" that was stimulated by the imperialist power,
which was useful as a violent element for the class struggle and the government
practices for austerity that neoliberal capitalism supposes. It cannot be said
too much that the Economy Minister's agendas of misery and hunger, which were
supported by the liberal right and ended by the "market", required the dirty work
of the militia, the noisy machine of large-scale disinformation and the coup
intimidation of the militia to move forward. Until recently, they relied on the
selective game and were very friendly to the judiciary. That's right, from that
elite of the toga that is now the reason for all the noise. A configuration of
elements that supported each other and formed a strategic situation,

It's after the quarrels upstairs. This does not erase the precious and decisive
time that the ruling classes formed a single block to take advantage and stretch
the rope of the police state that emerged to govern the adjustment. They pushed
us with all these bitter policies of privatization of gains and socialization of
losses to sink us into the wage squeeze, unemployment, informal work, to make the
price of food, gas, electricity, gasoline escalate on our poverty.

The Brazilian state moved towards the strategic formation of a political power
based on a wave of reactionary forces, within the framework of a world system of
crises and revolts after the financial capitalist delinquency of 2008. And it
could only evolve in the context of the 2018 elections as brute coup, in case of
electoral defeat, or by the ferocious escalation of the extreme right in the
Planalto through a military government, with the biggest savagery of the militia
in politics since the pact of the New Republic. In this direction coincided the
tricks of judicial corruption made to change the rules to the taste of the system
and, of course, the political phenomenon of pocketbookism and the figure of the

Congress and Supreme helped the far right advance
We are anarchists, from the militant project organized in the CAB and we raise
the flag against the capitalist system and all oppression. Congress and the
Supreme are conservative mechanisms, reproducing the system in a power game that
cancels out any change that intends to go deeper into the structures that
dominate and oppress. Bolsonaro had deliberate help from these institutions to
scale political power, and they had to twist and distort bourgeois legality to
carve out space and make time for the far right to rule.

We will never forget that Bolsonaro was a historical creature of the neoliberal
reaction campaign, incited by Globo and Lava Jato, which opened an ideological
space for the extreme right to occupy the streets, social networks and win the
political decision it has today. The type of radicalization of pocketnarism
occupies the space that leaves the bankruptcy of bourgeois democracy and moves to
beat and persecute the popular movement, to liquidate together any mechanism of
popular participation, individual rights, public and collective freedoms.

It attacks the unprecedented political space it gained with the support of the
system and wages shameless class struggle against popular and working class
organizations. It certainly incites a desire for a conservative rupture, which
escalates authoritarian and violent forms of government through the crisis, which
politically exploits the tutelage or active collaboration of uniforms. It
"radicalizes" with harsh and extreme speech a more visible region of the power
structure. Before embracing with the Centrão were the politicians, the parties
and the rule of exchanges and collusions. Now they aim at the most elitist cover
of the robes of bourgeois democracy. And it goes on making reactionary agitation,
stirring up this imaginary of frustration with the stage of the social pact that
was the norm of another period.

Freedom only for business exploitation
Pocketnarism is an offensive and authoritarian way of escalating the
representation by the figure of the infallible leader and the desire for tutelage
of the repressive forces. The people in this scheme come at most as a crowd, as a
cheering fan, who shouts, who curses, who is always in a latent state and can
invade the playing field. The market is supreme, property and corporate game
play, and the only freedom that this dominant model presupposes is that property
despoil peoples as a colonial, racist, extractive and ecocide project. From
exploiting the working class without any limit, to nullifying each conquest made
to the basis of the struggle that took a chunk out of the boss's greed and
control. Bolsonaro and Guedes do not touch on the wealth and income of the rich
classes. It is a project that is the deadly enemy of a model of collectivization
of power based on direct democracy,

Those who classify Bolsonaro's actions as insanity are mistaken. He doesn't talk
to himself! He convenes a movement with powerful businesspeople and groups, for
whom the lives of the poor are either worth nothing or only serve as a workhorse
for the owners of the "economy". This is the capitalism that governs the world's
peripheries through the techniques of colonial and slave power. Companies in the
agribusiness chain or billionaires like the Havan worm, for example, that
financed and actively supported the coup agitation that went to Brasília and on
Avenida Paulista to maneuver on September 7th. Who locks and gave the orders to
block lanes on several highways and highways across the country.

The bourgeois and oligarchic sectors that are in open dispute for political power
with Bolsonaro, who have split, are certainly in a hurry to regain control of the
game, but they are very careful with some collateral elements. They are afraid of
opening too much space for a popular movement to come out from below, grow in the
public arena and fight for decisions that affect their rules, privileges and
fortunes. They want at all costs to separate the Bolsonaro ruler from the
neoliberal model of governing through privatization, competition and the
precariousness of the market on work and life. Removing the embarrassment cannot
mean, under any circumstances, losing power over the guidelines that decide how
we organize our lives in common and where we go.

Many things may be at stake in the negotiation that brought the 2016 neoliberal
politician and coup-maker Michel Temer back onto the stage. On the table is the
demand of the economic and financial power of large capitals not to let the plan
of liberal adjustment and privatization get stuck in the midst of institutional
collapse. The "letter to the nation" that Temer blew to Bolsonaro is an "out of
the way" that the market has urgently needed in the Administrative Reform, the
Marco Temporal, a package of privatization of public companies, and has no time
to waste.

Defeat bourgeois power and militarism
We fight and we want a break with the bourgeois power, a radical and deep end
that breaks the system of poverty and violence that hits us so much. Increased
police power or any kind of military intervention is no way out for the lower
classes. Whoever calls the generals to the scene does this to maintain the
miserable order of things through military tutelage. Brazilian bourgeois
democracy, as a game space for oligarchies and collaborators, has a very embodied
colonial-racist formation and is articulated with the exception that has never
been disarmed and has always been a machine for controlling the penalty of native
peoples, dissidents and classes considered dangerous.

Let no one be mistaken! Anyone who speaks of military intervention, dictatorship
or soldiers in the street speaks of repeating dictatorship practices to silence
the people and make them go hungry. That's why we say out loud: Out of the
military! From politics and the streets! Don't forget! Never forgive!

No dictatorship of any kind, nor these political forms of representation
controlled by the oligarchies we call bourgeois democracy, give decision to the
oppressed classes to change their lives. A strong and independent line of
grassroots movement is on the agenda to fight for equality and share the wealth,
making important decisions vital to life with direct democracy. No homeland
savior or infallible police state leadership. No more governing by the garrote of
the police and the market economy.

To put an end to the genocidal government of Bolsonaro/Militares/Guedes we will
have the challenge of making the struggle not take the brakes of the union and
party bureaucracies, not be captured by electoral calculation and advance
powerfully, with the rebellious mark of class independence, against the whole
system that creates the genocides and butchers of the people.

We will have to dismantle the very oppression machine that took Marielle's life,
which daily attacks black, peripheral and indigenous people. Machine to destroy
and produce of an extractive capitalism that devours the Amazon, indigenous
territories, quilombolas and peasants with mining and agribusiness, poison
plants, expropriating bodies, territories, biodiversity, community goods and
values that are non-negotiable for our peoples. Which will never be resources for
commerce and the financial quotation of the capitalist market.

Deadly machine that liquidates our pensions and the social security of the poor
in the name of fiscal management that yields spectacular profits for the banks
and the financial system. That liquidates the workers' victories that came out of
historic struggles and imposed limits on so much employer abuse. Liberal reforms
that empower companies and the market to increase exploitation, not taking care
of illnesses, accidents, rest days and sucking up, to the maximum degree,
precarious, underemployed work, with miserable wages and often late.

The system fucks the Brazilian people with an expensive and precarious life that
cannot withstand the pressure of tariffs and prices of the basics of popular
demands. That punishes women with more misery and oppression, that leaves health
and education in a state of collapse and dismantles the entire solidarity network
of social assistance.

The anarchist struggle in this period
We are historically the libertarian current of socialism. We fight for direct
democracy, another way of living and doing politics, more rights and freedoms,
organization from the bottom up, decision on projects, services, more public
investment to tackle social inequalities at the root.

By direct democracy we mean: 1) the construction, on the ground of equality, of a
strong popular movement that fights and organizes itself independently of
governments and bosses; 2) the popular right to take decisions through councils,
plebiscites and referendums to cancel the adjustment that increases social
inequality, massacres the lives of the poorest and liquidates the rights of
workers; 3) the fundamental principle of popular participation, the defense of
broad freedoms of expression, association, expression, diversity, social and
individual rights.

In the social and economic crisis that always breaks out in the popular mass, in
the working class that is in tatters, while the millionaire or billionaire
continues in luxury, only the people save the people! With mutual support, direct
democracy, with an independent and strong popular movement fighting and building
another life into their own hands. The allies of those who fight against the
system of hunger and death are not on the other side, in the classes that exploit
and oppress.

The strategic alliance that can change everything is in the peoples, sectors and
groups that make up these oppressed classes, who are the only ones who can break
the structures of domination and barbarism into which the elites have thrown us.
To gain strength in this class struggle that faces pocketnarism and neoliberalism
that has been razing everything behind the institutional breakdown, only with the
revolt of these working and oppressed masses, where black people and poor women
from the periphery are the most expressive face. A Front of the oppressed and
oppressed that imposes itself by force of the streets and territories, of mutual
support networks, that cuts the authoritarian pace of pocketnarism and, together
with its defeat, advances with popular power beyond bourgeois democracy and this
entire capitalist model of each for himself, precarious life, suffering and empty

Popular direct action! Fight plan to ignite the revolt in the periphery!
Front of the oppressed and the oppressed to unite the rebellion that comes from
Only the people save the people!
Down with the coup, misery and neoliberal devastation!

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