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zondag 28 juli 2013

The Music Village Agenda Week 29 JULY 2013‏


45 nights of Summer jazz in your Club ! No kiddin'...
Why jazz music stop making hearts beat faster in the summer in Brussels?
Like last 8 years, the Music Village has decided to let the blue note rule during 45 summer nights.
As usual , quality music (some of the top proffesional Belgian jazz cats) ,
easily accessible to all kinds of public, for a soft entrance price:  7,50€ and  10€.

Dance floor included...
A cool end of a hot day, a refreshing moment after a national shower;
in the company of visiting friends, as a couple or as a family, children admitted.  

And…take it easy : some day it has to be....summertime!
+ our SUMMER welcome drink :
the refreshing new taste of our new house specialty 

Rosé Wine & Grapefruit Juice...
offered with each entrance ticket from 7 to 9.30 pm

Daily from TUESDAY 29 JULY  to  SATURDAY 3 AUGUST                  
Michel Mainil (saxes), Alain Rochette (piano),
José Bedeur (bass), Antoine Cirri (drums)

Groovin’ Jazz of the  50ies and  60ies…
by some of the best experienced jazz cats
in Belgium !
    TICKET : Member 7,50 €  Non Member 10 €

   rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat 1000 Brussels
02  513 13 45
MAIL ADDRESS : themusicvillage@skynet.be
This e-mail newsletter was not intended as a SPAM and is sent ONLY to the MEMBERS
and the FRIENDS of the CLUB, having given their mail address.I
f you have received it in error or it does not apply to you, please excuseany inconvenience caused.

Refugee Protest Camp Vienna - Deportation Alert tomorrow 29.7.2013!‏

Refugee Protest Camp Vienna - Deportation Alert tomorrow 29.7.2013!
Let´s try to prevent the deportation!!!! No one is illegal!!!!
 Contact the Air Berlin Airline now!!!
Please spread!

Dear all,
it is now confirmed: at least 20 people shall be deported tomorrow from Austria to Lahore in Pakistan. They will be brought to Berlin (this is not totally confirmed yet and how is not  clear) and will fly with a charter flight with Air Berlin that should arrive in Lahore at 6 AM local time. It is not yet clear if there will be other refugees from Germany who will be deported in the same flight or not.
Among them are 8 activists from the Refugee Protestcamp in Servitenkloster in Vienna. There are rumours that the deportation should start around 4 am from Polizeianhaltezentrum Rossauer Lände.
It is probable that the Refugees will be deported with Air Berlin. Please contact the Airline to ask for Informations, pressure and to protest against this inhuman deportations.

Please contact and call the Airline and try to prevent the deportation!
During the night there will be also protest in fron of the deportation center at Rossauer Länder.
(see contact below)

Liebe Leute,
es gibt jetzt die gesicherte Information, dass mindestens 20 Menschen morgen aus Österreich nach Lahore/ Pakistan abgeschoben werden sollen. Und zwar wahrscheinlich ab Berlin per Charter mit Air Berlin. Der Flug soll am Dienstag um 6 Uhr Ortszeit in Lahore/ Pakistan landen. Wie und ob sie nach Berlin gebracht werden sollen ist bislang unklar, auch unklar ob weitere Leute aus Deutschland ebenfalls mit in den Charter gesteckt werden.
Darunter sind 8 activists aus dem Protestcamp im Servitenkloster in Wien, die heute morgen festgenommen wurden. Wir haben Informationen, dass um 4am mit der Abschiebung vom Polizeianhaltezentrum Rossauer Ländebegonnen werden soll.
Da es realtiv sicher ist dass die Refugees mit Air Berlin abgeschoben werden sollen, bitte kontaktiert die Fluglinie, fragt nach und beschwert Euch gegen die unmenschliche Vorgangsweise und versucht die Abschiebung zu verhindern.
IN der Nacht wird es auch Proteste gegen die Abschiebung vor dem Abschiebegefängnis Rossauer Lände geben. 

Airberlin Service Telefonnummern in den jeweiligen Ländern:
Deutschland: 030 3434 3434
Österreich: 0820 737 800

Kontakte der Zentrale von Airberlin:
Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG
Saatwinkler Damm 42-43
D-13627 Berlin
Telefon: 0049 (0)30 3434 1500
Telefax: 0049 (0)30 3434 1509
Für „Journalistenanfragen“ stehen auch folgende Nummern zur Verfügung:
Telefon: 0049 (0)30 3434 1525
Telefax: 0049 (0)30 3434 1529
hier ist noch die gesammelte presseabteilung :

Charter-Abschiebung mit Air Berlin von Berlin nach Pakistan morgen abend

Liebe Leute,

es gibt jetzt die gesicherte Information, dass mindestens 20 Menschen
morgen aus Österreich nach Lahore/ Pakistan abgeschoben werden sollen.
Und zwar ab Berlin per Charter mit Air Berlin. Der Flug soll am Dienstag
um 6 Uhr Ortszeit in Lahore/ Pakistan landen.
Wie sie nach Berlin gebracht werden sollen ist bislang unklar, auch
unklar ob weitere Leute aus Deutschland ebenfalls mit in den Charter
gesteckt werden.

Darunter sind 8 activists aus dem Protestcamp im Servitenkloster in
Wien, die heute morgen festgenommen wurden.

Die AktivistInnen in Wien hoffen, dass Leute in Berlin zur Unterstützung
aktiv werden. SMS aus Wien:

"The Air Berlin deportation charter flight goes tomorrow evening from
Berlin to Lahore in Pakistan. More than 20 people from Austria are
concerned, 8 of them from the Vienna refugee protest. For info you can
call 004369910168028 (Ebs) or 00436645132241 (Numan)"

Dear all,

it is now confirmed: at least 20 people shall be deported tomorrow from
Austria to Lahore in Pakistan. They will be brought to Berlin (how is
not yet clear) and fly with a charter flight with Air Berlin that should
arrive in Lahore at 6 AM local time. It is not yet clear if there will
be other refugees from Germany who will be deported in the same flight
or not.

Among them are 8 activists from the protestcamp in Servitenkloster in
Vienna. The activists in Vienna hope for support from Berlin against
this deportation. SMS from Vienna:

"The Air Berlin deportation charter flight goes tomorrow evening from
Berlin to Lahore in Pakistan. More than 20 people from Austria are
concerned, 8 of them from the Vienna refugee protest. For info you can
call 004369910168028 (Ebs) or 00436645132241 (Numan)"

Eviction of the biggest squat in Barcelona for undocumented people‏

The biggest squat in Barcelona that accommodated undocumented people faced
eviction yesterday.

Around 800 undocumented people used this squat every day as a place to
stay for a some hours, etc and around 300 people were living there.

The Town Hall has promised to provide accommodation to the people who were
settled there. However, there are doubts that this might happen. Social
services are also involved.

The address was: Carrer Puigcerda 127, Poble Nou, Barcelona.

From mandatory detention to mandatory exclusion – Australia abolishes the right to seek asylum.,The Manus ‘Solution’‏


From mandatory detention to mandatory exclusion – Australia abolishes
the right to seek asylum.
The Manus ‘Solution’

On July 19, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the ‘Regional
Settlement Arrangement’ between Australia and Papua New Guinea. This
means that any asylum seeker attempting to enter Australia by boat will
be transported to Papua New Guinea and banned from ever settling in
Australia, effectively abolishing the right to seek asylum. In Papua New
Guinea, the asylum seekers will be processed under local law and then,
if granted refugee status, be allowed to remain there. Those not found
to be genuine refugees will be detained in Papua New Guinea until
another country takes them, or they ‘volunteer’ to return to their home
country – if they have one.

In 1992, the Labor government introduced mandatory detention – now in
2013 they have introduced mandatory exclusion.

The pact came only days after a legal challenge by the PNG leader of the
opposition, Belden Namah, was overturned by the PNG Supreme Court.
Namah's challenge was against the legality of detaining people seeking
asylum. His argument was that “the PNG Constitution protects individuals
against detention without charge, and that asylum seekers being held [on
Manus] have not been charged with any crime.” The case was dismissed
because of an alleged legal technicality. Namah said he will place the
challenge again.

Meanwhile, the first people to be sent to PNG have arrived on Christmas
Island. The boat was taken into custody hours after the pact between
Rudd and PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill was signed. The 81 people on
board – all Iranian, including families – are currently being held on
Christmas Island. Immigration Minister Tony Burke said it would take a
couple of weeks before they would be sent to Manus.

Located off the north coast, Manus is the fifth largest island in Papua
New Guinea with an area of 2,100 km², it measures around 100 km × 30 km
(roughly the dimensions of the Coromandel Peninsula). The Manus
detention centre was first established in 2001, and the last refugee was
released in 2004 (after spending ten months as the sole detainee) before
it was officially closed in 2007. An agreement was signed in 2011 to
re-open it, however it was not until after the re-introduction of the
Pacific Solution in August 2012 that it was used again. The first
refugees were taken there in November last year and some were soon
evacuated because of lack of medical facilities. In June 2013, the
Australian government stated that children under the age of seven and
pregnant women cannot stay there due to the malarial risks and issues
with medication for these particularly vulnerable groups. On June 20 –
as if to mark World Refugee Day – 22 children and their families were
moved out of the Manus Island detention facility. By the first week of
July supposedly all children had been evacuated.

The children and families may have been evacuated to divert attention
from a damning United Nations report released also in July. In the
report, the UN High Commissioner For Refugees says that conditions on
Manus are harsh and aspects of the centre are inconsistent with
international human rights. The report also states that “current
arrangements still do not meet international protection standards for
the reception and treatment of asylum-seekers.”

When the centre was re-opened last year, a joint Papua New Guinea –
Australian committee was set up to oversee the centre and ensure that
the people detained there were fairly treated. The committee has yet to
meet. Processing of asylum requests has not begun since the first people
were detained on Manus last year.

The centre is currently set to hold 300 people. By January 2014, it will
have been expanded to hold 600 people. Within the next two years, it is
planned to increase its capacity to 3,000. One classroom will be built.
Even with that increase, it is unclear how the large number of refugees
currently fleeing towards Australia could possibly be held there.

Gillard’s problem

Rudd’s announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise. Elections are coming
up in Australia in September and Rudd has just last month ousted Julia
Gillard, allegedly because she was seen knitting in public. While that
seems like a plausible explanation in a country dominated by a white
male culture, it is not the real reason Gillard had to go.

The reason is more likely the fact that, despite Gillard’s efforts, the
number of refugees heading for Australia has not declined. Gillard
re-introduced the so called Pacific Solution where asylum seekers are
held in indefinite detention on Nauru and Manus Island before eventually
being settled in Australia, but numbers still went up. In 2012, a total
of 17,000 refugees arrived in or were intercepted on their way to
Australia, while this figure for the first six months of this year is
15,000 already.

Asylum seekers and their treatment has been a highly politicised issue
in Australia for a long time. When in 2001 – another election year – the
container ship MV Tampa picked up a group of 438 shipwrecked refugees
and headed for Christmas Island with them, all hell broke loose. The
Australian government refused permission for the Tampa to dock and
threatened to prosecute the captain who was only doing what
international maritime regulations prescribe in such an event – rescue
the drowning people and take them to the nearest port.

A stand-off lasting several days ensued during which the Australian
defence minister Peter Reid publicly lied that the refugee boat had not
been sinking but rather the refugees had deliberately thrown their
children overboard. The result was that the Howard government changed
the law to retrospectively legalise the navy’s actions and to excise
Christmas Island (meaning that it is not considered part of Australia
for the purpose of migration). Eventually, most of the refugees ended up
in Nauru and some 130 were taken to New Zealand.

Since then it has been all downhill. The Tampa affair resulted in the
introduction of the Pacific Solution, which was in place until 2007,
when it was cancelled by the newly elected Labor government under Kevin
Rudd. Asylum seekers were from then on mostly processed on Christmas
Island. In 2010, Julia Gillard (after having removed Rudd) briefly
touted the ‘regional protection framework’, which included building
offshore detention centres in places such as East Timor with the
involvement of New Zealand. A year later, Gillard signed the
‘people-swap agreement’ with Malaysia, under which Malaysia agreed to
process some asylum seekers caught on their way to Australia, and
Australia would take a number of UN refugees from Malaysia in return.
However, the Australian courts overturned this agreement and in 2012,
the Gillard government re-introduced the Pacific Solution, but boat
arrivals did not decline.

And that was Juila Gillard’s problem which enabled a hard-nosed Kevin
Rudd to take over. It was entirely predictable that Rudd would come up
with drastic new measures to reduce boat arrivals and his chances of
winning the upcoming election hinges on the ‘success’ of the new ‘no
chance by boat’ policy.

The really scary bit is that Rudd’s opponent Tony Abott will have to top
this in order to win. His party has already announced that “of course
you need to go the extra distance and turn boats back where it is safe
to do so.”

Rudd’s contradictions

Rudd’s new plan is full of contradictions. It goes something like this:
asylum seekers want to come to Australia. Currently, the conditions of
indefinite detention on Manus and Nauru are not a sufficient deterrent
because 90% of them are eventually found to be genuine refugees and are
settled in Australia. Once they know that they will never make it to
Australia, they will stop coming in their shonky little boats and will
no longer remind the Australian public of wars and famines around the world.

This cynical logic is based on the assumption that those caught on the
way to Australia have made a deliberate choice to go to Australia and
not anywhere else. In Rudd’s Christian mind this is probably because
Australia is ‘god’s own’, whereas PNG is a desperately poor country that
can’t possibly cope with the influx of thousands of refugees each month.
But this is where Rudd’s logic falls apart, because if his plan works,
there won’t be thousands of refugees arriving there. Rudd knows that and
that is why – when announcing the deal in a press conference – he said
that “refugees can live safely and in prosperity in Papua New Guinea”.
If that is correct, how can being taken there be a deterrent?

The claim that one can “live safely and in prosperity in Papua New
Guinea” also contradicts Rudd’s own government officials who have
recently issued a travel warning for PNG. It lists risks as including:
high levels of crime, dangers of violent clashes, ethnic disputes,
carjacking, sexual assault, endemic levels of cholera, and high levels
of HIV. UNICEF states that “Children in Papua New Guinea remain some of
the most vulnerable children in the world.”

Of course, Rudd is well aware of the conditions in PNG, and that is why
he contradicts his own statements when he says that “people smugglers”
will be raising “nothing but false hopes” when they promise refugees to
take them to safety.

He also gets tangled up with the equally bizarre logic of the ‘no
advantage’ policy that was in place until last week. Under this regime,
introduced by Gillard in August 2012, people who allegedly “jump the
queue” (by applying for asylum in Australia, instead of waiting for
their ‘orderly’ resettlement in a UN refugee camp somewhere else), were
held in detention for as long as their ‘orderly’ resettlement would have
taken. This “myth of the queue jumper” has been widely condemned by
people familiar with the reality of UN camps. Now Rudd admits that
“these refugees are people who have languished in UN camps around the
world for years and in some case for more than a decade,” but still
insists that this is the “normal UNHCR process” that people should go

The reality is that refugees who flee their country do so because they
fear for their lives, not because they know much about life in
Australia. Survivors of ship wrecks off the Australian coast often state
that they had no idea where the journey would go until they boarded the
ship. Not allowing these people to settle in Australia and instead
settling them in PNG is not going to change anything. People are not
going to stop risking their lives making the journey into the unknown
just because the destination is a different unknown.

The so-called PNG solution is certainly no solution – not for PNG, not
for the asylum seekers and maybe not even for Kevin Rudd. The boats are
not going to stop coming until the wars, the genocides and the famines
that drive people to desperation have stopped.

23rd of July: 500 people tried to cross the fences of Melilla at two different places. 30 people were admitted to a hospital, about 100 arrested.

500 migrants tentent, la même nuit, de passer en Europe via Melilla  

Une centaine de migrants a réussi à passer la frontière séparant le 
Maroc de l’enclave espagnole Melilla dans la nuit du 22 au 23 juillet. Ils
ont ensuite été interpellés. 
Les migrants étaient environ 500 à tenter leur chance.  

Une centaine d'immigrants africains ont franchi mardi 23 juillet la 
frontière grillagée qui sépare le Maroc de l'enclave espagnole de 
Melilla, à la pointe nord de l'Afrique, lors d'un assaut massif qui a fait
onze blessés, ont annoncé les autorités locales espagnoles.
Dans un communiqué, le ministère marocain de l'Intérieur a pour sa part 
fait état de « l'échec », « dans la nuit de lundi à mardi », 
d'une tentative de franchissement de « deux groupes composés de 300 
migrants en situation irrégulière », et évoqué un bilan d'une 
trentaine de blessés dont trois membres des forces de l'ordre.
Blessés et interpellations
Selon le communiqué de la préfecture espagnole de Melilla, environ 500 
personnes ont participé à cet assaut, lancé avant le lever du jour en 
deux points différents de la frontière, espérant ainsi arriver sur le sol 
Trente personnes ont été hospitalisées et une centaine de migrants ont 
été interpellés. La majorité des immigrants ayant réussi à franchir le 
grillage, « 84 adultes et 11 qui semblent être mineurs, ont été 
interpellés et mis à disposition de la police », a précisé le 
communiqué. Onze d'entre eux ont été blessés.
Pression migratoire à Ceuta et Melilla
Des groupes de migrants venus d'Afrique subsaharienne lancent 
régulièrement des assauts à Melilla, peuplée d'environ 80.000 habitants 
et qui constitue avec l'autre ville autonome espagnole de Ceuta la seule 
frontière terrestre entre l'Afrique et l'Europe. Le Maroc serait la terre 
de transit de 20 000 à 25 000 migrants d’Afrique sub-saharienne. 
Le préfet de Melilla, Abdelmalik El Barkani, avait souligné en mai la 
difficulté pour les autorités espagnoles de répondre à la forte pression 
migratoire aux portes des enclaves, le flux de l'immigration clandestine en 
provenance d'Afrique s'étant déplacé depuis la fin des années 2000, 
après avoir utilisé la voie maritime vers l'archipel des Canaries, à 
l'ouest du Maroc.
«Différentes circonstances ces derniers mois et ces dernières années, 
comme la situation au Sahel et dans les pays arabes, de même que la lutte 
contre l'immigration à travers l'Atlantique vers l'Espagne, ont modifié 
les flux », avait-il expliqué.
La-Croix.com (avec AFP) 

(en) Palestine-Israel, Just another week of joint struggle in an unpredictable times*

The frantic efforts of the Israeli authorities to advance the transfer of Palestinians 
both within the 1948 borders and the 1967 ones is interwoven withe realization that the 
tide is changing. The rhetorics of the rightists and their harsh activities seems to be a 
kind of religious ritual intending to counter the contradicting reality. The joint 
struggle continue both with farmers of the south of the west bank to resist the settler 
colonialists harassments and the popular comities contesting the separation fence and 
occupation. Bedouins in Israel south, farmers in the west bank, Bil'in, Nabi Saleh, 
Ni'ilin, Qaddum, Sheikh Jarah. Another activist with the anarchists against the wall had a 
metal bullet coated with rubber extracted from her foot after shot from illegally short 
range while video documenting. The social struggle within Israel continued in a decrease 

Weekly Non-Violent Protests in #Palestine, July 19, 2013
Rami Zan https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.564992206880935.1073741864.251098394936986


This Friday, About dozen Israelis and few international activists joined Ramadan's 
Bil'iners in the never ending struggle against the separation fence and occupation. This 
week the heroic state forces threw some tear grenade while we walked against the wall to 
test a new brand of tear gas that mainly bother the eyes and not breathing.
We completed the march and defied for a while the barrage of tear gas grenades till we 
decided to return to the village.

Nabi Saleh

Activists are reporting that today's demonstration is coming to an end. During the 
demonstration village children confronted the IOF and sang freedom songs. The IOF invade 
the village at least twice and were firing directly and randomly at protestors. At least 
three injuries, including one woman shot in leg and evacuated to Tel Aviv and a 
Palestinian child was hit in his back by teargas canister fired directly at him by the IOF.
An Israeli activist was shot with a rubber coated steel bullet at close range and was 
transferred to a hospital while a Palestinian child was injured from a tear gas canister 
hitting his back. The IOF invasion and suppression of the Friday demonstration is still 




Friday demo of Qaddum in solidarity with the Bedouin in the Negev against deportation and 
Praver plan.
As soon as we got to the village (earlier than usual as the last few weeks) we were 
informed that the army thugs were already in the center of the village and scattered 
clouds of gas clouds like a dog marking territory. Burning eyes and a heavy smell of gas 
immediately welcomed us when we got out of the cars and also the occupation thugs.
This has been an old tradition and tradition as is known in these parts is jealously 
guarded. After demonstrating Who's the bully in the neighborhood, the thugs hid and 
ambushed waiting for the demonstration to begin.
The not new strategy is to confuse the enemy - the Shabab, so they would not know where 
they will crop up this time. Strategy that refines itself. Indeed it was hard to guess 
where they will emerge.
A few meters from the grocery the shabab installed a barricade of tires and big stones 
were scattered in the roads to the village center...
Two hundred fifty Palestinians, seven Israelis and fifteen international activists began 
the procession. What has happened next, can not be described but as a battle! The armed 
forces franticly like in amok rushed into the village from every direction and began 
shooting wildly without restraint. Tear gas and shock grenades and rubber coated steel 
bullets shooting everywhere, indiscriminately, as if their lives or at least their 
prestige hung on it. The shabab fought Beck with salvos of stones. After a retreat and 
respite of a few minutes the state forces came back and went wild again more forcefully.
The Qaddum women do not come to the front of the demonstration, but when the thugs arrive 
at their doorstep they shed the troopers screams and curses - their properly dew and so 
well done. (You can see in the video) ... Please, watch the video as Udi's eye is worth 
more than a thousand words of mine and properly illustrate the Battle of Qaddum."

Odao Qaddomi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-0YA5sPneg
Soldiers hitting journalists in the Friday demo: 

Sheikh Jarrah

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah are continuing their protest vigils in the 
neighborhood every Friday, protesting their violent evictions from their homes,
the taking over of the neighborhood by the settlers, and the Judaization of East 
They call upon each and every person who supports their struggle to join them.
* From my blog at: http://ilanisagainstwalls.blogspot.com
See at the blog previous reports about the joint struggles the Anarchists Against the Wall 
take part in
See also: http://awalls.orghttp://ilan.shalif.com/anarchy/glimpses/glimpses.html

France, Alternative Libertaire AL #229 - Social Brain: Virgin is not dead, we still fight! (fr)

Events have accelerated in recent weeks to the thousand-employee are the Virgin brand, 
went into receivership in January. Faced with takeover bids implausible and social 
management, the struggle continues. ---- On April 8, the verdict on takeover bids of the 
Virgin banner fell: almost nothing apart from that of Rougier & Ple, specialist craft 
materials on eleven stores and 285 employees es. Management and the administrator have 
meanwhile announced the establishment of a mega social. ---- Self-organization up ---- 
Also, it is a feeling of anger that dominates and begins to crystallize in some stores: 
well, April 13, the staff of Avignon store manifested in the city center with the support 
of trade unions and political; April 16, the employee es de Marseille held a press 
conference in preparation for the resumption of their own store with the support of the 
CGT Fralib, and on 27 April, those of Rouen organized a distribution of leaflets with up a 
strike fund.

The Inter then calls for a new day of action: April 30, more than 200 employee-es, 
including several province, demonstrated outside the headquarters of Lagard?re, historical 
shareholder of Virgin, to require a matching of the hand, refused to date for future 
social plan that proves unavoidable. Lagard?re has the audacity to declare creditor while 
the sale of its shares in EADS just bring him a whopping 1.8 billion euros!

The battle, paramount, employment proves difficult: indeed, since the withdrawal of the 
offer Rougier lack of agreement with donors, only Cultura other cultural sign, remains in 
contention for only two stores and a fifty positions and Vivarte, specializing in footwear 
and clothing ...

Convergence in the cultural sector
The giant stocking, denounced by South held from May 13-'re outraged the employee who saw 
hordes of customers, including many dealers, ransacking shops, especially electronics. 
They and they claim, while some were tempted to do for themselves in this sale, the result 
of this sale go wild full funding of the social plan.

Actions succeed with success on May 22 with the invasion of the Works Council on 23 May, 
with the registered office of Butler, the principal shareholder, which has doubled its 
contribution to the social, then the same day with a rally in front of the Commercial 
Court has postponed its decision on June 10

It leaves nothing behind for the fall of Virgin looming battles for other employment, 
background processing trade sector bookstores Chapter, Fnac, whose IPO is expected this 
summer, with Darty the sale was announced, etc.., and why different militant teams must 
expand ties and knotted.

LD (South trade unionist)

Protecteur Europ?en des Donn?es : vives critiques conc la proposition de la Commission eur pr la mise en place des "fronti?res intelligentes"

English below

Cher.e.s tou.te.s,

Le Protecteur Europ?en des Donn?es ?met de vives critiques concernant la proposition de la Commission europ?enne pour la mise en place des "fronti?res intelligentes" , notamment le principe du "Entry-Exit system" qui permet de relever les 10 empreintes des personnes qui entrent avec un visa en UE pour permettre d'alerter lorsque leur visa est expir?. Possibilit? est envisag?e de donner acc?s ? cette ?ni?me base de donn?e aux forces de polices et de contr?les aux fronti?res. 

Le Protecteur des Donn?es est particuli?rement critique, et notamment le fait que la mise en place du syst?me requi?re l'?change de donn?es personnelles avec les pays non-membres de l'UE dans le cadre de proc?dures de renvoi des individus hors de l'UE. Cela inqui?te d'autant plus le Protecteur des Donn?es que "beaucoup de pays tiers n'offrent pas le m?me niveau de protection des donn?es qu'en UE".



Dear all, 

the European Data Protection Supervisor is strongly criticising the Commission's Smart Borders proposal. This proposal includes the "entry-exit system" that allows the collection and storage for the 10 fingerprints of migrants who enter the EU with a visa, so that the authorities can be alerted about potential overstayers. The proposal foresees the possibility for law enforcement authorities to access this additional database. 

Another criticism applies to relation with non-EU countries:

"the routine functioning of the system will imply a need to exchange personal information with third countries in relation to the return of individuals. The EDPS recommends that the specific conditions and purposes under which those countries may be granted proof of the identity of their nationals needs to be substantiated, all the more important as many third countries do not offer the same level of data protection as is offered in the EU."


Contacts Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus‏

Hi everyone,
a friend of mine an me will move through eastern europe, greece, turkey and maybe cyprus this fall, winter and spring.
We're especially interested in communal living, self-organization, gardening and antirascist/ solidarity/ no border activism.
If you can help us with contacts we'd be very happy!
Hanna & Lukas

urgent! police arrested refugee activists in Vienna, deportation tomorrow‏

I forwarded this message to different antiracist lists in Germany. If
the rumours about Berlin and a plane by Air Berlin (not verified yet!)
should be true, it could be an organized charter by Frontex. Air Berlin
has been the main airline involved in charter deportations from Germany
to Serbia and Macedonia and there have been several protests against
this airline recently:
Is there any possiblity to figure out if it is true?
All the best,

Am 28.07.2013 14:26, schrieb me_big_run@riseup.net:
> dear all
> bad news....
> today morning when the refugee activists from the refugee protest camp
> in Vienna went to the police station for daily registration the police
> arrested 8 people ( and probably more 2 person, they were also involved in
> the protest camp before ) and took them to the
> deportation center. one deportation flight to Pakistan is tomorrow.
> there is an information that the flight is going via Berlin.
> the police were everywhere around the monastery in the morning
> and they checked all the people also the supporters
> and they are still there. a lot of other refugees in the protest camp
> are in the danger of imprisonment and deportation.
> Right now a demonstration is going on front of the deportation prison!!!
> more support is needed for a bigger action for tomorrow and coming days!
> there is not so much time!
> if you can somehow support the action of stopping the deportation
> and the liberation of people by your presence or just with mobilizing more
> people you know please do it.
> contacts and more info>
> http://refugeecampvienna.noblogs.org/contact/
> but i think unfortunately the facebook is the most updated!
> https://www.facebook.com/RefugeeCampVienna?ref=hl
> thanks a lot!

(en) Britain, Stuff the Banks ? Take Action This Saturday - by Bristol Anarchist Federation

Crowd outside a Starbucks that was shutdown during our last UK Uncut action 
http://bristolaf.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/uk-uncut.jpg?w=300&h=224 ---- Despite 
everything people have achieved throughout our history, society is more unequal now than 
it has ever been before. ---- Whilst hundreds of thousands of people in the UK rely on 
foodbanks, and millions around the world starve, the wealthiest millionaires 
(&billionaires) continue to accumalate yet more wealth ? and mostly avoid giving any of it 
back as tax. The capitalist system is rigged, and if we don?t smash it soon it?s going to 
smash us. ---- We?re here to say we DO mind the gap between the richest and the rest of 
us, they are certainly not ?in it together? with us.

We will turn a branch of HSBC (notorious for their tax avoidance schemes) into a bank that 
serves the rest of us ? a food bank.

Bring flags, placards, noise, friends and food to share (or if you can?t spare any just a 
hungry stomach ? we?ll be bringing lots).

Meet up at Queen Square 1pm on Saturday, look for the flags & placards

See you in the banks!

(en) Organisation Communiste Libertarie - Courant alternatif #232 - leftmost / fascism Thus forehead forehead forehead (fr)

Rarely the boundaries between the different parties of the extreme left or chapels (or to 
the left of the left) have been porous in recent years. ---- There are those who leave 
(the NPA or the Greens, for example) or move (the Alternative, anti-capitalist left ...) 
their organization to the Left Front because they see it as the only credible opposition 
to power pole and the bourgeoisie. Or leaving the Left Party while remaining FDG, which 
spin the Greens or return to PS judging M?lenchon too sectarian. Others who resist the 
pull of the cartel M?lanchonien and try to be another pole on the left, theoretically less 
attracted by the union of the left. ---- Left Front ---- Obviously the pivotal role played 
by the FDG indicates a sacred retreat for revolutionary tendencies brought to determine 
vis-?-vis a media tribune and scroll to the Sixth Republic in the middle of a forest with 
tricolor flags and caps Phrygian!

The NPA itself, "clean", spent 7/8 000 members within 2000 was found in this case, even if 
it also attempts comparisons with other smaller organizations and less " Republican 
"including libertarians.

These back and forth does not generally based on big ideological debates, as the 
differences between all these formations are ultimately pretty thin this point of view. We 
did it little stuffed on analyzes of contemporary capitalism, the meaning of the rise of 
struggles in the world or their characteristics, both frames of reference used are quite 
similar and very conventional. Then one might think that these shifts reflect a reduction 
of sectarianism (each reclassification is always on behalf of the union) and, in any case, 
the decline of the parochialism that has always characterized the field of party political 
movement workers and are the result of local conditions or personal journey. This is 
partly true, but it is not the point.

While actually running and ultimately to a single question: when will he join the PS and 
under what conditions? Indeed, as always, every call (including some libertarians) at a 
given time is to rally whatever the formula adopted "in his nose", "lip" or "satisfied 
with Agreement "," the first or second round, "" doing it without calling "or fills 
hypocrisy, calling to block one of the two candidates without call for a vote for the 
other. For example, in late May 2013 the alternative, in a resolution on the 2014 
municipal, state that they call in the second round "to Stop the right and the extreme 
right." They add: "The Alternative will not participate in executive led by PS except for 
guarantees of their independence," without specifying what course would include these 
guarantees ... all doors remain open and that is where the sense of rallying to FDG.

In fact for new entrants to Fdg it is to go faster towards the establishment therein of a 
new party, a "left alternative" that would include the Alternative, anti-capitalist Left, 
part of the United Left , FASE and convergence and alternative ... hopefully in the coming 
months. It is to rebalance the Left Front with a third thief out of the hegemony of the 
two heavyweights, such as the PC and PG.

Obviously, the choice of possible tactics to lead to this result relies primarily on 
maintaining or conquer elected positions: MPs, councilors, mayors, councilors, etc.. But 
not only. Is also taken into account the interest of the organization or to continue 
current and best located next to its competitors / friends. Not the interest of the 
working class, the proletariat, workers, the oppressed, but the interest of the group as 
small as it is. Which, in their minds, is probably not contradictory because the interest 
of the political organization merges with that of the exploited. And finally it separates 
us most from this policy area.

Front anticapitalist

Further left is the concept of anti-capitalist front that again. The critique of 
capitalism, conspicuously absent from politics for several decades scene reappears 
gradually. The word is not obscene and that's good. The NPA, reduced several thousand 
activists, can not, by itself, aspire to create a competitive pole FdG and he must find 
allies to try to be. However, it does not completely rule a possible alliance with FDG, 
shown by the phraseology after his last Congress on the question of unity put forward the 
idea of ??a "left opposition" which leaves open all interpretations.

The idea of ??an anti-capitalist forehead forward by Libertarian Alternative (AL), among 
others, met some echoes within the NPA, and indeed this may be a good idea, but if not be 
reduced to a cartel as has been the case hitherto. Several public meetings were held in 
Nantes in Agen, Toulouse, Marseille and is sometimes with the CNT and proletarian Way. But 
each time the number of these do not actually exceeded the total membership of each 
organization. It is again a figure of overvaluing the role of political organizations. If 
the idea of ??anti-capitalist front is rather welcome in the current context (although the 
word itself front is debatable), rather than consisting of a cartel of organizations it is 
preferable that it is IN the living structures social movements and not next. The 
challenge is not to proclaim the anti-capitalism as a separate ideology, but look how it 
can be linked with real struggles much larger than the sum of organizations manner. 
Otherwise known as anti-capitalism comes in strategic and tactical guidance in the 
structures (committees, AG, coordination ...) born of the struggles themselves which 
intimately involved anticapitalist and implemented at the base by the players who lead the 
fight . Structures in which different policy options must be proposed and discussed. It 
means to be clear about our opposition to the pro-capitalist trends without breaking the 
unit, if it exists. It was called the workers' democracy and it is not easy we can be 
certain. It is basically to give a tangible and usable which must not remain a mere 
ideological posture content.

Antifascist Front

We reported a reluctance vis-?-vis the term "front" to the extent that he remembers very 
signified the covenant of carp and rabbit reflects a final class alliance ... in favor of 
the bourgeoisie. But recent events have not clarified the thing! quite the contrary. We 
now talk of anti-fascist front. Will he create next fronts anticapitalist and why not 
sexist or fronts against the cost of living?

In an article about the work of fascist groups, proletarian Way poses quite the problem 
clearly and contradictions that can cause these fronts rightly called "Republican", "we do 
not consider that the activity of these groups testifies a "fascist threat" in France 
today. Unlike the 30s, it was under the banner of "democracy" (PS as UMP) that the 
bourgeoisie implements emergency measures: emergency anti-terrorism laws, criminalization 
of trade union action ( PS refused amnesty) policy of "selective immigration" expulsion of 
Roma camps ... In the fight against the far right, there are two ways: We reject that 
which binds us to the exploiters, France imperialist bourgeoisie to oppress us. The PS is 
not our ally in the fight against fascism. Today we do not ask the State to dissolve the 
far-right groups. The prohibition of these organizations will do nothing to disappear, but 
would suggest that the state would protect society while these measures prohibitions turn 
against us when we are too noisy. We also reject the "republican front", which only serves 
to force us to ally ourselves with the political representatives of exploiters "This brief 
summary of the positions at which the libertarian communists and more broadly any 
revolutionary could / should subscribe!

And yet he did not have to wait long after the murder of Clement Meric for the traditional 
fascist frontism resume top and some groups and organizations that theoretically reject 
any Republican reprecipitate forehead there happily, as evidenced by the call National 
events for June 23 to which are associated governmental organizations working towards 
racist foreign policy is known, along with revolutionary groups, a few days before, were 
attacking just as the recovery. If the call to protest was signed by an impressive list of 
parties and associations mixing "recovery" and "recovered" from the previous day, social 
liberals and staunch anti-capitalist proclaimed, the result does not compromise the 
compensation! The number of protesters was not reduced if each component had called and 
expressed his side explicitly on its foundations. The "front" can be done in the street, 
but not a minimum and on paper. In fact, these long lists of signatories simply indicates 
that a political impact is often measured by the number of empty shells which indicate 
that day for the sole purpose of existing media-making part of the consensus. Illusion and 

A Villeneuve sur Lot is the same type of front, also called "Republican" by the left, 
which has been put forward to "block the road to the National Front." A sleight of hand 
that will be used increasingly saw the bright future that is promised to us in duels with 
the FN, but work less.

Because if we criticize anti-fascism and anti-FN as being first a political identity is 
not a revolutionary purism which we do not have much to do, but because it is doubly 
ineffective! First, because it totally obscured the causes and roots of this battle and we 
are precisely in the front (government policy, for example). Secondly, because the union 
in a front is always on the lowest common denominator is that of the least hostile to the 
enemy forces and hate equally the "left-wing extremism" and seize the first opportunity to 
show it.

Ras fronts!


(en) Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro - Special publication (pt)

Here are the links to the analysis of anarchist organizations Coordination Brazilian 
Anarchist or nearby, on the recent demonstrations that shook the country. ---- Notes ---- 
Brazilian Coordination Anarchist Struggle against rising passages and Anarchism - 
Anarchist Brazilian Coordination - CAB [Italiano] ----http://anarkismo.net/article/25741 
protest is not a crime ! Just criminalization of social movements! - Coordination 
Brazilian Anarchist - CAB [Italiano] http://anarkismo.net/article/25742 ---- Notes ---- 
Alagoas state ---- Note CAZP public about the latest events - Anarchist Collective Zumbi 
dos Palmares http :/ / 
cazp.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/nota-publica-do-cazp-sobre-as-ultimas-manifestacoes / ---- 
Rio Grande do Sul ---- The plot of a farce. The attempt to criminalize FAG - Gaucha 
Anarchist Federation [English] http://anarkismo.net/article/25775

Take to the streets for an agenda against the right and governismo. Next a program of 
popular solutions! - Gaucha Anarchist Federation [Castellano] 

It's time to move - Gaucha Anarchist Federation 

Fight fare - Gaucha Anarchist Federation


Brief analysis on current libertarian socialist movements - Class Struggle Anarchist 
Collective http://www.anarkismo.net/article/25862

Winning the increase in tariffs in the streets, to overcome the reformism in social 
movements! - Class Struggle Anarchist Collective [Italiano]http://anarkismo.net/article/25747

Santa Catarina

To resist fade rate! - Anarchist Collective Black Flag [English] [Fran?ais] [Italiano] 

We are writing history! - Khaled, Collective Anarchist Black Flag [English]

Minas Gerais

A Libertarian Socialist reading about the struggles that hatch in Brazil - Minas Popular 
Anarchist Collective [Italiano] http://anarkismo.net/article/25751

Rio de Janeiro

The periphery to the center and back to the periphery: Slaughter in the Tide - Anarchist 
Federation of Rio de Janeiro

Brief analysis on the latest events and social movements in Brazil and libertarian 
socialist proposals to the fight - Anarchist Federation of Rio de Janeiro

Fighting Against Increasing Rate For Strength and Will Streets! - Anarchist Federation of 
Rio de Janeiro http://www.anarkismo.net/article/25717

Sao Paulo

Interview with OASL on mobilizations in Brazil - Anarchist Organisation Libertarian 
Socialism http://anarkismo.net/article/25774

Other texts

Let all the red flags raised ... but the flags Rossoneri demand respect 

Israel, Anarchists Against the Wall Ebook - Direct Action and Solidarity with the Palestinian Popular Struggle

Uri Gordon (Editor); Ohal Grietzer (Editor); Alfredo Bonanno (Preface) --- Publisher: AK 
Press $9.00 ---- Released: Jul 3, 2013 ---- Part of a small but growing phenomenon in 
Israel since 2003, Anarchists Against the Wall have been boldly challenging the 
Segregation Barrier and generalized violence against occupied Palestine. The reflections 
herein offer a window into some of the most dynamic direct action activism today. --- Uri 
Gordon is an Israeli activist and writer and the author of Anarchy Alive! 
Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory (Pluto Press, 2008). ---- Ohal 
Grietzer is a visual artist and composer, currently residing in New York. She is a 
graduate of Goldsmiths at the University of London, where she researched the use of irony 
in politics and obtained a master?s degree in anthropology. She has been an activist with 
Anarchists Against the Wall and Boycott! supporting the Palestinian boycott, divestment, 
and sanctions ?call from within.

M23 Rebels Killing, Raping in DR Congo

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Human Rights WatchTHE WEEK IN RIGHTS
July 25, 2013
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M23 Rebels Killing, Raping in DR Congo 

© 2013 Reuters 

M23 rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have executed at least 44 people and raped at least 61 women and girls since March. The rebels have abducted men and boys in both Rwanda and Congo, forcing them to fight. 

Despite the M23’s war crimes, the rebels continue to get significant support from Rwanda, including ammunition, food, and recruits. Deserters and residents near the Congo-Rwanda border said armed men in Rwandan army uniforms regularly travel from Rwanda into Congo to support M23.

“I saw an [M23] soldier,” a 12-year-old girl told Human Rights Watch. “I started running, but I tripped on a piece of sugar cane and fell. The soldier caught up with me and said he would kill me because I tried to flee. Then he raped me. I cried out, but he closed my mouth.”
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USAWorld Bank is Ducking Human Rights Issues

The World Bank pays tens of billions of dollars every year to support development efforts around the world. But a new Human Rights Watch report suggests that it needs to stop undermining its efforts by making sure it isn’t contributing to human rights abuses. 
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EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIAIn Kuwait, Teacher Faces Jail over Twitter Comments

A Kuwaiti appeal court’s decision to uphold a 20-month prison sentence on a teacher for political comments she made on Twitter further erodes the right to free speech in Kuwait. 
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ASIAIn India, Unarmed Protesters Killed in Kashmir

When group of peaceful protesters gathered at a border security post in Kashmir, soldiers called in police reinforcements and then opened fire into the crowd. 
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EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIAEgypt Should Investigate Police, Military Killings of 51

Witnesses from a protest at the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo describe the Egyptian military shooting into the crowd, including at unarmed people. Fifty-one protesters were killed. 
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A new report on the World Bank suggests that the billions of dollars that it spends on development may be undermined by a lack of protection for human rights. Watch Now >>
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