We want to financially support activists with different opinions who fight against injustice in the world. We also need your support for this! Feel free to donate 1 euro, 2 euros or another amount of your choice. The activists really need the support to continue their activities.

Wij willen activisten met verschillende opinies die vechten tegen onrecht in de wereld financieel steunen. Hiervoor hebben wij ook uw steun nodig! Doneer vrijblijvend 1 euro, 2 euro of een ander bedrag naar keuze. Deze activisten hebben de steun hard nodig om hun activiteiten te blijven uitoefenen.

Nous voulons soutenir financièrement des militants aux opinions différentes qui luttent contre l'injustice dans le monde. Nous avons également besoin de votre soutien pour cela! N'hésitez pas à faire un don de 1 euro, 2 euros ou un autre montant de votre choix. Les militants ont vraiment besoin de soutien pour poursuivre leurs activités.

Wir wollen Aktivisten mit unterschiedlichen Meinungen, die gegen die Ungerechtigkeit in der Welt kämpfen, finanziell unterstützen. Dafür brauchen wir auch Ihre Unterstützung! Sie können gerne 1 Euro, 2 Euro oder einen anderen Betrag Ihrer Wahl spenden. Die Aktivisten brauchen wirklich die Unterstützung, um ihre Aktivitäten fortzusetzen.

Queremos apoyar económicamente a activistas con opiniones diferentes que luchan contra la injusticia en el mundo. ¡También necesitamos su apoyo para esto! No dude en donar 1 euro, 2 euros u otra cantidad de su elección. Los activistas realmente necesitan el apoyo para continuar con sus actividades.

Queremos apoiar financeiramente ativistas com diferentes opiniões que lutam contra as injustiças no mundo. Também precisamos do seu apoio para isso! Fique à vontade para doar 1 euro, 2 euros ou outra quantia à sua escolha. Os ativistas realmente precisam de apoio para continuar suas atividades.


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zondag 31 mei 2015

World News Information The humanrights Daily is out! Edition of 31 May 2015‏

The humanrights Daily

Published by
Jon Hutson
31 May 2015
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Today's headline
Garment Sweatshops in Argentina an Open Secret
thumbnailwww­.ipsnews­.net - BUENOS AIRES, May 30 2015 (IPS) - The death of two Bolivian boys in a fire and the mistreatment and sexual abuse of a young Bolivian woman put the problem of slave-like labour conditions in clandes...

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World News Information MOONDIAL is out ! Edition 2 of 31 May 2015‏


Published by
Ambassador A.MacMillan Dik vinkje
Edition 2 of 31 May 2015
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Today's headline
Reducing maternal death in Eritrea
www­.er­.undp­.org - In the market town of Senafe, in southern Eritrea, Fethawi Berhane has just undergone three days of painful labor and complications during childbirth that resulted in the death of her baby, despite...

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Belgium Brussels Benefietavond 05/06/2015 Niemand is illegaal !

Àpd – vanaf 20:00 au Barlok, Av. du Port 53, 1000 Bruxelles
On the program:
T-shirt printing by Niemand is illegaal (Bring your Tshirt / Bag / Sweater / …)
Live HipHop, Punk & Ska acts by:
Sticker distro by Niemand is illegaal
Entrance: Free contribution!
Adresse: Avenue du port 53, 1000 Bruxelles


Europe Nederland Noborder Important update on arrests refugees We Are Here


Er zijn 5 vluchtelingen gearresteerd bij de Stopera en vele mensen hebben klappen gehad. Hieronder de meest actieve vluchtelingen en supporters die altijd zorgen voor communicatie en regelen van zaken. De mensen zijn onthutst. Nog nooit in drie jaar actie van Wij Zijn Hier is er zoveel geweld op ons gebruikt. De groep loopt nu naar hun broeders en zusters van de Smaragdgroep om even bij te komen, wat te drinken, naar het toilet te gaan en met elkaar deze ervaring te bespreken en te delen. Ook zal er gesproken worden over een mogelijke solidariteitsactie voor onze lieve lieve vrienden die momenteel vast zitten. Indien mogelijk: houd voor vanavond je agenda vrij en stuur dit door!
- - -

5 refugees have been arrested at the Stopera and many people were beaten. Amongst them the most active refugees and supporters that always take care of communication and arranging stuff. The people are devastated. Never in the three years of action by We Are Here we were hit with so much violence. The group now walks to their brothers and sisters of the Smaragdgroup to relax a bit, drink something, use the toilet and to discuss and share with each other this experience. Also a possible solidarity issue for our dear dear friends that are now captured will be discussed. If possible: please keep your evening free and spread this message! 


trans (ca) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

Workshop Libertarian Alfredo Lopez, Location Christ the Savior, and the Rangers celebrate 
2nd Day of Spring Libertarian Havana from May 29 to June 7, 2015. ---- An open and dynamic 
processes anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist space taxing forms of sociability and 
conscience based on horizontality, mutual learning and accountability. ---- We expect that 
the day is, as its name implies, the evocation of a spring shoot of libertarian ideals, 
whose roots, despite all historical adversity, always looking for the keys just for a new 
breath, new exploration routes and possibilities of struggle and transformation. ---- The 
meetings will take place at 1104 19th Street, 2nd Floor, e / 14 and 16, Vedado. Thank you 
confirm your participation through 7833-9606 or ele-mail: primaveralibre@riseup.net


FRIDAY 29 MAY / antiauthoritarian Creation

2:00 pm

Presentation of the Day

The practice of an artist in Amsterdam Cleaners Union. [Matthijs De Bruijne, Netherlands]

An anarchist in Cuban theater: Marcelo Salinas. [Mario Castillo, Cuba]

Film and digital book presentation Anarchy [Osvaldo Hernandez, Cuba]

Anti-authoritarianism and collective creation on the horizon Film Liberation. [Otari 
Oliva, Cuba]

The Stable: An antiauthoritarian space 80 [Carlos Alberto Aguiar, Cuba]

6:00 pm


SATURDAY 30 MAY / Practices: resistance, autonomy, self-organization, solidarity, 
horizontality, mutuality and networks

10:00 am

Darwin and Kropotkin ¿Competition or solidarity? (Short) [Anarchist Federation, France]

Self-organization and autonomy in Cuba. Panel presentation transcript Mutual Help People 
in Cuba today. [Tato Quiñones and Mario Castillo, Cuba

3:00 pm

The Dutch student movement in 2015. [Matthijs De Bruijne, Netherlands]

Squats and self-managed social centers in Europe. An experience in Marseille. [Jerome 
Antonio Kinzel, France]

Presentation text: "Writings of a labor activist" [Oscar Daniel Campilongo, Argentina] and 
"Freedom? Where? "[Diego Jimenez de la Cuesta, Mexico].

Cibao Libertarian experiment, coexistence and decision making. [Rosa Milagros Rojas, 
Dominican R.].

TUESDAY 2 JUNE / Environmentalism, technology and activism

3:00 pm

The Pro-Life magazine and the naturist movement in Cuba. [Mario Castillo, Cuba]

Presentation CD "Technological advances and social barbarism" [Dmitri Prieto, Cuba]

Forecasts of environmental impact after Cuba-US rapprochement. [Isbel Diaz, Cuba]

The collection presentation online newsletters Ranger. [Isbel Diaz, Cuba]

Granma recycling.

Bar and poetry and anarchy. Meeting at Bar-Cafeteria Line and 18

FRIDAY JUNE 5 / The new scene of interstate relations Cuba and the United States

2:00 pm

Conflict between authoritarian positions and postures of autonomous social movements. The 
danger of statism [Dmitri Prieto, Cuba]

Libertarian position Alfredo Lopez Workshop on the restoration of diplomatic relations by 
the governments of Cuba and the US

Libertarian movement today in the United States [Video-exhibition]

Presentation Guangara Libertarian: a Cuban experience in Miami journalism anarchist 
(1980-1992). [Yenisel Rodriguez, Cuba]

Presentation fanzine Black Meat: digital publishing independent Cuban art [Jasmine Valdes 
and Otari Oliva, Cuba]

Presentation of New Earth-space periodic Cuba inter-action of libertarian ideas and people 
[Isbel Diaz, Cuba]

SUNDAY 7 JUNE / Diversities and antiautoritarismos

Metropolitan Park of Havana Forest, entrance 26 and Bikeway (behind the Clinical 26). 
Bringing a ovolácteo-vegetarian dish.

10:00 am

Presentation Project Rainbow, independent and anti-capitalist group LGBTIQ. [Isbel Diaz, Cuba]

"Comelata to Queer": Mainstreaming race, gender, and sexuality through food. 
[LogbonaOlukonee, Cuba]

Farewell to Arms, brave, run!

France, Alternative Libertaire AL #249 - Documentary: Axel Salvatori-Sinz, "The Chebabs Yarmouk" (fr, it, pt)

en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #249 - Documentary:
Axel Salvatori-Sinz, "The Chebabs Yarmouk" (fr, it, pt) [machine

This documentary is a dive into the daily life of a group of young adults in a Palestinian 
refugee camp in Syria, Yarmouk camp. Filmed between 2009 and 2011, before the Syrian 
revolution and the beginning of the civil war that still bruised the country every day, he 
has the face and often forgotten the fate of the Palestinian people since 1948: that of 
the exile-es, plow es of their homes and off their land by Israeli settlers with the 
blessing of Western powers. An injustice whose memory remains prégnant these young 
Palestinians. ---- The film follows a group of friends faced with some choices of life, 
the need to build a future in a space that offers them no. Yet we see in their daily 
moments of simple joy: songs evenings, teas made with friends on a terrace ... But this 
terrace offers a view of a shanty made of dilapidated buildings topped by a multitude of 
satellite dishes. In this environment, the start is the most natural solution, almost the 
only one they can look and realize that during filming one of the protagonists, went to 
study cinema in Chile, and another dream of get through an acquaintance, a visa to 
emigrate to Poland.

Shot clandestinely, the film provides little to see the camp space to focus on private 
spheres where successive pieces of life sensitively captured by the camera.

The film is especially significant by its epilogue, showing the fate of the protagonists 
of the film after the outbreak of civil war. A destiny of exile or death: the camp is now 
largely destroyed and its population grew from 250 000 to 18 000.

Vincent (G Paris-Sud)

Axel Salvatori-Sinz, Chebabs The Yarmouk, France, 2013, 1 h 18 in theaters.


UK fda-ifa - A Letter! A Letter! - Answer by Feminist who Fight Back London! - High feminist solidarity!

Dear comrades, ---- After the success of Londoner action at their Pro Choice we 
supported*, we received this: ---- Dear comrades, ---- We were very happy to receive your 
letter in solidarity with our action. The pro-choice action in Stratford, London against 
"Helpers of God's Precious Infants" on Sat 9th of May 2015 was vibrant and loud. Feminist 
protestors -both from Feminist Fightback and other allies that came for the action- 
blocked the anti-choice religious group as they tried to march from a church to the 
abortion clinic. The action took place outside the church -with the intention of not 
interfering nearby the abortion clinic- and attracted passer-bys who stopped and engaged 
with us. The group ranged from women to children to male allies around colourful 
handcrafted banners. We made noise with pots and pans, whistles and the stereo that was 
playing punk songs as well as feminist classics. There was a brilliant moment where we 
sang along to Aretha Franklin's Respect, summed up why we were there: RESPECT women's 
choices! The feminist presence managed to delay the anti-choice group for over two hours 
until we were pushed back by the police (who escorted the procession), though the 
anti-choice demonstration only had ten minutes in front of the clinic. A great achievement!

We would also wish to express our solidarity with your action on the 1st of June in 
Annaberg-Buchholz in Germany. It is great to make connections with and be inspired by 
comrades working on similar issues elsewhere. Attempts by religious groups to make 
regressive demands in terms of reproductive rights and harassing women against making 
choices regarding their own bodies, are merely the last desperate acts of a dilapidated 
dogma. We will continue to engage in action to stand against fundamentalist religious 
attempts to control and dictate women's lives. We very much appreciate engaging in 
on-going conversations with comrades around the world on this issue!

We look forward to hearing about your experience and in combining efforts to overcome the 
challenges to our reproductive rights!

In solidarity,
Feminist Fightback

Infos zur Aktion in London gibt es hier und hier.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ef_H9KoXhc

* Adress of Solidarity to Feminist Fightback in London
9. May 2015Allgemeinabortion, feminist fightback, fundamentalism, pro choice, pro life
Today, Feminist Fightback is protesting in London against a fundamentalist right-wing 
procession from their church to a nearby abortion clinic (we wrote about it in this post). 
Since we face a very similar problem with the “march of silence” in Annaberg-Buchholz, we 
sent them this adress of solidarity:
Dear comrades!

We want to express our solidarity to your struggle in London against the religious 
right-wing movement and their anti women* views.
Even if the situation differs in the various regions of the world, we are united by many 
common interests and similar challenges in our fight for the right of pregnant people to 

In Saxony, we have to face a silent march which advocates for abolishing – the already 
very restricted – legal options for abortion. At the 1st of June, evangelicalists will 
try to spread their regressive demands demonstrating in Annaberg-Buchholz, a small saxon 
town – but we will be there, too. We want to protest for the right to choose and we are 
ready to intervene when they try to influence public opinion and political discussions!

In Latin America as in the US, in Germany like in UK, all over the world emancipatory 
movements have to face fundamentalist religious attempts to control and dictate the life 
of women*! All over the world, reactionary forces try to ensure their influence on 
society. One of their tools is the control over reproductive rights. They do this at the 
expense of oppressed and underprivileged people.

Our strength when fighting those repressive actions lies in connecting emancipatory 
struggles throughout the world. When we share our experiences, our analyses and our 
critique, when we combine our efforts for a liberated and solidary society, when we stand 
united in hard times as well as when celebrating our victories – we will overcome the 
patriarchal and capitalist structures which constantly deteriorate our lifes and impair 
our freedom.

So we wish you good luck with your Pro-Choice Action. Our thoughts are with you, we’ll 
keep our fingers crossed for a successful day in London!

When they try to take our rights – we don’t step back, we start to fight!


Belgium Brussels Jazz etc Music Village Program Week of 1st JUNE 2015‏



For the 9th time, the Music Village lets the 
live music rule during 65 summer nights…
Quality music, easily accessible to all 
kinds of audiences,
for a soft admission charge between 
7,50€ and 10€.

Five times a week, from TUESDAY to 
SATURDAY, starting next TUESDAY.
On the programme, some of our best 
jazzmen and some soul and world music.
A cool end of a hot day, a refreshing 
moment after a national shower;
in the company of visiting friends, as a 
couple or as a family, children admitted.
Summertime... is NOW !


Week of TUESDAY 2 to SATURDAY 6 June 2015
Daddy Waku

Daddy Waku (vocals, lead),Fabio 
Volante (guitar), Matthieu Vandenabeele 
(keys)Ulf Gjerdingen (bass), Michel 
Moliterno (drums)
Daddy is the  voice of Soul Music in 
Belgium.  He has worked with top 
international artists
such as Passi, Ophélie Winter, Squad, 
Voktor Lazlo, Amel Bent...
Daddy is going to sing Stevie Wonder,
 Donny Hattaway, Georges Benson,
Frank Mc Comb and, of course, his 
own compositions.
TICKET : 7,50-10€

Sunday 7 June from 5 to 9 pm
ROCK n’ ROLL from the 50-60ies
The Rowdies

Phil Gosez (lead singer, guitar), 
Eric Puyveld (guitar, sax), Giovanni Valastro (guitar),
Paul Huysmans (bass), Yves Vandeuren 
(piano), Michel Zylbersztajn (drums)
A group of old friends pay tribute 
(since 1960…) to the good old Rock ‘n 
Roll music
of Elivs, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, …  
Friendly, joyful…and free! Join, from 

         rue des Pierres 50 Steenstraat  Brussels
                                         >> http://www.themusicvillage.com

Greece Port of Lesvos cleaned for tourism! 1000 refugees brought from the the port to a new tent space outside town. More than 2000 arivals in 3 days.‏


Port of Lesvos cleaned for tourism!

The promise of the Major of Lesvos got yeasterday reality: nearly 1.000
refugees habe been transported from the port area of the coast guard to
the fields where the army and community habe build in one day tents
water elektricity and other facilities so that the people can wait there
for their registration.

The problem still is that the registration procedure in Moria detention
can only give papers to 200 peope in one day. if the registration teams
dont get immediatly augmented the problem will continue.

The last two days over 2.000 refugees arived in lesvos. Only on the
30.5. 555 people arived.
yeasterday 200 peope got released from Moria detention but could not
leave the island for Athens since there was no ship, so they had to stay
overnight in town, outside.

The major asks again the minister for more people for the registration
,more people for the coat guard and for renting a ship to transfer the
refugees in athens.

Σχεδόν 1000 μετανάστες μεταφέρθηκαν στον "Πάρκο Κυκλοφοριακής Αγωγής"

Κυριακή, 31/05/2015 | Κοινωνία

Η χθεσινή δέσμευση του Δημάρχου Λέσβου κ. Σπύρου Γαληνού έγινε πράξη. Ο
χώρος στο λιμάνι Μυτιλήνης και γύρω από το λιμάνι Μυτιλήνης άδειασε.

Μέσα σε 24 ώρες ετοιμάστηκε το "Πάρκο Κυκλοφοριακής Αγωγής" ώστε να
μεταφερθούν οι μετανάστες - πρόσφυγες. Το προσωπικό του Δήμου σε
συνεργασία με τους εθελοντές και το στρατό έστησαν σκηνές , ετοίμασαν
τα δίκτυα ύδρευσης , τοποθέτησαν τουαλέτες, καθάρισαν το χώρο. Επίσης
έγιναν στο χώροοι απαραίτητες ενέργειες για προστασία από φίδια,
τρωκτικά κτλ. Εργάστηκαν με ζήλο και ταχύτητα και πραγματικά κατάφεραν
να στήσουν ένα οργανωμένο χώρο που δίνει ανάσα στο τεράστιο πρόβλημα που
αντιμετωπίζει το νησί μας.

Και από το απόγευμα του Σαββάτου ο χώρος φιλοξενεί σχεδόν 1000 άτομα. 
Πρέπει όμως να τονιστεί ότι αυτή είναι προσωρινή λύση και ίσως σε λίγο
καιρό να μην επαρκεί ούτε αυτή η λύση καθώς οι ροές μεταναστών -
προσφύγων έχουν αυξητικές τάσεις. Το Σάββατο 30/05 έφθασαν 555
μετανάστες στη Λέσβο. Τις τελευταίες 3 μέρες ο αριθμός ξεπερνάει τα
2.000 άτομα. Αν δεν υπάρξει άμεση αντίδραση από το Υπουργείο η κατάσταση
δεν θα μπορεί να διαχειριστεί όσους χώρους κι αν επιστρατεύσει ο Δήμος
Λέσβου. Το Υπουργείο ας πάψει να είναι θεατής ! ! !

Η λύση που υπάρχει είναι ΜΟΝΟ η ναύλωση πλοίων για την άμεση μεταφορά
των μεταναστών - προσφύγων στην ηπειρωτική Ελλάδα με την προϋπόθεση ότι
θα υπάρχει αυξημένο προσωπικό σε λιμενικό και αστυνομία ώστε να
διεκπεραιώνει την καταγραφή των μεταναστών. Οι σημερινές δυνατότητες
είναι μόνο έως 200 άτομα την ημέρα....

Πρέπει να τονιστεί για μια ακόμη φορά ότι το προσωπικό του Λιμενικού όχι
μόνο έχει φθάσει στα όρια της αντοχής του αλλά έχει αναλάβει και μια
τεράστια ευθύνη. Η φύλαξη και η διαχειρίση χιλιάδων ατόμων είναι
εξαιρετικά δύσκολη. Αν συμβεί κάτι τότε ποιος θα αναλάβει την ευθύνη;
Οι ήρωες του Λιμενικού Σώματος θα βρεθούν κατηγορούμενοι ! !

Αξίζει να τονιστεί ότι σήμερα αφέθηκαν ελεύθερα πάνω από 100 άτομα από
το κέντρο της Μόριας (με τα απαραίτητα έγγραφα) ώστε να ταξιδέψουν προς
Αθήνα. Δυστυχώς όμως σήμερα Σάββατο πλοίο για Πειραιά δεν υπάρχει και οι
μετανάστες θα διανυκτερεύσουν σε διάφορα σημεία της πόλης ( εκκλησίες ,
παγκάκια κτλ)

World News Information The Daily Bread is out ! Edition of 31 May 2015‏

The Daily Bread

Don't ask for the Daily Bread, go and take it from those who have stolen it!
Published by
31 May 2015
World Environment Science Technology Politics Education
Today's headline
Kiju Yoshida: Love + Anarchism [Limited Edition]
thumbnailwww­.arrowfilms­.co­.uk - Payment for pre-order items will be collected now for despatch on the release date. Estimated Release Date: 31st October 2015 Format: Dual Format Blu-ray + DVD Directed by: Kiju Yoshida Eros + Mass...

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