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donderdag 30 oktober 2014

(en) Turkey, Anarchist Federation DAF - Meydan #22 - Discussion of Anarchist Economics (11): Historical Roots of Solidarity-Cooperative Economics and Practice Initiatives (tr)

[machine translation]

Solidarity economy known until it reaches the origin of the text published in the 1800s. 
Kropotkin's "The Conquest of Bread" book reveals the best of the best, sharing and 
solidarity principles imagination of organized society; After the "Mutual Assistance" with 
the name of the book he wrote; that, how's life were revealed for all subjects is a 
natural instinct. ---- Unfortunately, today, we see that the concept of Solidarity Economy 
target of capitalism's inclusion strategy, just like the concept of cooperatives. Although 
the Cooperative Solidarity Economy in history, free restructuring in which they play an 
active role in the experience of life is fairly dangerous distortions faced with today. 
United Nations General Assembly in 2012 the "Year of Cooperatives" by declaring these 
distortions had demonstrated the most pronounced.

Previously Square 21st Century Theory and Practice of Surrender from the series of 
articles under the title of the newspaper article, many NGOs capitalism Trojan projects 
realized we deciphered. For years we have described as the Trojan horse of the said NGOs 
"which foresees opposition formed against injustice created by the system, and to create 
self-deactivation of intimate struggle", we see that the common denominator of the 
invention. In this context, capitalism in the commands 'private sector' state-led 'public 
sector' in the face of a 'third sector' is described as the Solidarity Economy and one of 
the applications to be exposed to cooperative Trojan horse attacks are becoming clearer.

Hardens with Greece Economic Crisis in 2011; The European Commission, the European Central 
Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have pushed for many oppressed in the 
pressure Greece society created by the troika Self-organizing experience, repeatedly 
coming up with squats, with the occupied factory, brought together the collective 
production and sharing, pave the way for an organized society .

Chryssanth the Petropoulou penned that "Greece Alternative Collective Networks in Urban 
and Solidarity-Cooperative Economy Exploring Theoretical Origin of the article titled" 
although academic study though life shed light on the claim hosts in a fairly remote 
character from other academic texts. Greece has implemented activities in the region and 
this research is still in the ongoing hundreds of collective struggle is analyzed, it 
tried to evaluate the practical experience, it is a theoretical text in practice produced 
Square , taking into account as a newspaper, we want to move our readers agenda.

Quite extensive with Greece as details of special moves in this study due to their experi- 
enced, although we have considered a restricted part ?nemsesek also too long due to all of 
the research published in our newspaper.

The article "Solidarity-Cooperative Economy Historical Origins and Application 
Initiatives" because of a third part of the earth's many geographies in the experience of 
assessment and an overview of the supply angle that could pave the way for further 
discussion on this issue should be considered as a basic starting point for this concept.

Solidarity-cooperative foundations of the economy, based on the existence of 
pre-capitalist formations that even though they lost in the century (1), has been examined 
theoretically in the so-called utopia of the nineteenth century (2). These currents of 
thought as critics of the Industrial Revolution was formed by the two mainstream adopters 
(3): Someone in the happiness of mankind material wealth disappear in the search for the 
state of the individual to society and glorified. Other current, although on a certain 
material welfare required, happiness, human beings are free sep effected primarily the 
result and any ethical rules of that freedom or advocate can not be sacrificed to the 
interests of the state (4). This paper examined the collective emerged with different 
purposes, though they also seem most affected by this particular idea.

The roots of the Solidarity-cooperative economy, after the Industrial Revolution in Europe 
and America also possible to see in widespread forms of organization of social movements. 
Workplaces and especially these movements emerged in the industry, then moved to the city 
from production areas. Some milestones that occur in this process are as follows: 
Capitalism 1840'ta the first so-called experimental utopian communities in the aftermath 
of the crisis and the development of the first co-operative movement, the Paris Commune in 
1871, thriving communities, after the Mexican Revolution in 1910, the formation stage of 
the Soviet Union in Central Europe businesses collectives trials, Spanish Revolution 
(1936-1939) the anarchist-libertarian communes, 2 in Yugoslavia after World War II, 
solidarity economy structures in the first phase of the revolution in Cuba and China, 
solidarity structures that support the liberation theology in Latin America, the US ' also 
Malcolm X (1952-1963) and Panthers (1966-1968) movements, anti-violence movement in India 
and many others. The practice of self-management in the city and defeat suffered most for 
eliminating exploitation of man by man trial. However, they did not trigger new 
experiments to future generations to liberate humanity (5) and "cracks" in this so-called 
creative resistance has launched a huge debate on progress in (6).

The 20th century, many post-modern projects that emerged in mid-1968 was quite similar to 
the riot affected. These riots, he embraces multiple disciplines and new social movements: 
the women's movement, the ecology movement, sexual liberation movement, the student 
movement, the labor movement from the base, the urban movements, movements of the 
unemployed and so on. (7). As shown by many studies (8), since the 1960s, they multiply 
using the structure of collective solidarity economy alternative. Between 1980 and 1990, 
were swallowed up by the system through most of this collective state aid or major 
sponsorships. Others have remained faithful to the tradition of self-organization.

In 1995, all these movements and initiatives have yet to meet in public debate, and some 
even seemed to have serious disagreements between (9). Usually they're isolated in a 
particular region or a particular subject matter in the relevant field and field meeting 
was taking place in this narrow scale. The first joint venture discussions in 1996, 
Southeast Lacandon jungle in Mexico, the Zapatista movement was performed by the First 
Intergalactic who call date. Then, the forward movement is followed by the movement 
mentioned above:

o In 1999, the movement against the World Trade Organization in Seattle and the subsequent 
anti-globalization movement (10),
o forum of indigenous movements in Latin America and forums in other parts of the world (11)
o Global social forums and the alternative globalization movement (12 ) and,
o occurring in Europe recently "self-management meetings" (13)
o And other coordination activities.
In those days, under the conditions of globalized capitalism creates all disciplines 
around the world and embracing all forms of organization, multiple resistance i can 
organize together with communication networks, revises the importance of regionalism 
again. Resistance s through networking Glocal (glocal) are qualifying (14): Today's 
Zapatista movement (since 1994 in Mexico), homeless people MST movement in Brazil, mothers 
in Argentina movement and the occupied factories movement, many movements in Bolivia 
(Cochabamba movement), Venezuela ("mission to" transform the collective structures called, 
the CECOSESOL), the many self-organization in Europe ("eco-communities" as well as 
Christiania, in MarinaL etc.), recent occurred as a result of the collective movement 
emerged in the US and all over the world (15).

As a result of the exploitation of man by man, and resisting the global capital of 
sovereignty, solidarity, cooperation and mutual assistance on the basis of collective 
functioning, can be seen as cracks in the existing system (6). "... Creative resistances, 
the social conditions of the people evaluating the depth of slavery rather than social 
structures that increase the possibilities of self-selection of an organized life. In 
other words, a new and special kind of socio-political movement, the ultimate aim of a 
radical social transformation activities that are compatible with the exit strategy "(16).

Creative resistance not only the historical roots of initiatives working to transform 
society through changes in daily life, the ecology movement in the continuous challenge to 
economic growth. The first "Solidarity - Cooperative Economics Alternative Festival" as 
stated in the report of what collective participating; "We know we are at the beginning of 
a very long journey. Synecdoche expanding, poverty and misery in which our brothers will 
try to exploit, we will stand against the populist and sadakac power ... We also know 
that, exploitation, injustice, a world based on the unlimited abundance of scam are living 
in the last moments. It made the world falling apart and now we need to upgrade, not only 
that I replace the existing blind; solidarity, cooperation and mutual assistance 
relationship is built tangible examples should be! ".

The article has examined the collective or joint end goals have features include:

- Political parties, be independent of the fascist organizations and small-to-medium-sized 

- The economic support organizations and independent sponsors.

- Determination of meetings and decisions made by the base of the program activities (does 
not apply to permanent members must come together).

- Not only within the group, pointing out the events. Maintain a continuous presence in 
one or more regions.

- Banners, posters, show systematically to the internet or other media assets.

- Collective domestic mutual assistance and mutual solidarity.

- Establishing relations on an equal basis with other groups and stay in communication via 
the internet (18).

- Longing to break out of the system. Another world is longing for. Rejection - created 
cracks in the current system with the process of creating and reputation acquired in this 
way (6). That transforms the space within the city and gives new meaning to the actions, 
and in particular with the activities carried out in these cracks (6) created "poetry" 
craving (20). Now, at the moment, creating relationships with the seeds of another world 
on request (19).

Luxembourg 1, 1976, Marx, 1964, Kropotkin, 1955, Lambos, 2012
2. Polanyi, 1968
Mumford 3. 2003
4. Berneri, 1982
5. Hobsbawm, 2011
6. Holloway, 2010
Psimitis 7. 2006
8. Tilly 2004
9. Wallerstein, 2008
10th G8, World Trade Organization, etc.
11. http://zeztainternazional.ezln.org.mx/
12. http://www.forumsocialmundial.org.br/
13. http://www.foire-autogestion.org/
14. Koehler & Wissen, 2003; PETROPOULOU, 2012,
15. Stavrides 2010, Leontidou 2012
Varkarolis 16, 2012
17. Tilly, 2004
18. Castells, 2009
19. Carlsson and Manning, 2010
PETROPOULOU 20th, 2010

Translation: Trust Pandemic

(en) Italy, 9th National Congress of the FdCA (Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici) (it)

On Saturday 1 November and Sunday 2 November 2014, the FdCA ? Federazione dei Comunisti 
Anarchici ? will hold its 9th National Congress at the Comune Cascina di Cingia in Cingia 
de' Botti, near Cremona. ---- After a year of debate and pre-congressional seminars 
dealing with a range of aspects, the FdCA Congress will be approving documents concerning 
political strategy and general tactics, above all on themes such as the world of labour 
and union struggles, local movements and struggles and the economic context which has 
arisen out of the capitalist restructuring over the past 7 years. ---- With this Congress, 
the FdCA is aiming to redefine and update its political positions as a result of the 
changes in the structure and dynamics of international capitalism, in the role of the 
State, in the prospects for struggle both locally and in workplaces. We hope that we can 
emerge from this Congress with renewed homogeneity in our political strategy, which is the 
basic tool for class-struggle anarchist action and proposals both in Italy and throughout 
the world.

Congress will also have the task of drawing up a document of programmatic orientation 
which will strengthen and broaden the FdCA?s capacity to be an integral part of social 
struggles, to engage in political dialogue and encourage the cooperation of all militants, 
so that the richness of the anarchist communist tradition and identity can feed the 
project and praxis of the libertarian alternative. Experiences in struggles and movements, 
the reflections and teachings accumulated in the period from the 8th Congress in 2010 
until today, thus come together into a programme of action and initiative which can 
support the role of activists of the libertarian revolutionary left within mass 
organizations, movements, anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian struggles, for the 
construction of the libertarian alternative, for equality and freedom.

For information and contacts:
tel.: 3296180304

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL - Press release coordination ZAD Testet / Sivens after the death of Remy (fr)

 [machine translation]

Remy, 21, died in the night from Saturday to Sunday Sivens. Several converging evidence, 
it collapsed a few meters from entrenched police camp, hit by a shot in the shoulder, 
before being immediately picked up by the police. Was it a flash-ball or, more likely, a 
grenade d?sencerclement projected trajectory fire? ---- Only the police know that, until 
now, the hidden truth in various ways. She claims that there were no injuries among the 
opponents es while the medical team coordination demonstrates that there have been many 
Saturdays. Police said they "discovered a body" in the night by failing to mention the 
violent clashes in that time (the prefecture said that the fighting would have stopped to 
21h and failed to say they picked up again to midnight). She claims to have been able to 
come up on Sunday to launch the survey (done once the crime, the police suddenly left 
without, so far, tried to come back).

We demand that all light be shed on this as soon as possible homicide of respect for Remy, 
her family and her friends are. We also hope that those responsible for this tragedy are 
prosecuted at the earliest. And for us, the manager is not just Robocop Regimental xxx who 
pulled the trigger Saturday night - much less Remy. This is who built this violent 
situation that could only turn to tragedy.

So what did the police Saturday to Testet, while the prefect was committed to not to post 
during the weekend saw thousands of activists expected (7000)? There were no workers to 
protect or defend any machine: the only one who had not been evacuated on Friday had been 
burned the same night. Why have posted 250 CRS riot police armed with grenades and 
flash-blalls to keep a small square of land surrounded by a wide moat several meters? Was 
it to protect valuable screens? Or generate tension and to be provocative?

The authorities knew very well what would happen to a vehicle leaving the Testet Friday 
and by posting an armada Saturday.

At the present time when the futility of the proposed dam Testet appears in broad 
daylight, at a time when all the lies and conflicts denounced by opponents for months 
interest has been confirmed by investigations of journalists (The World 24/10 and Figaro, 
26/10) and the ratio of government experts released today, the President of the General 
Council and the Prefect of Tarn no longer have any argument in favor of the dam except for 
pin up the alleged abuse of opponents. They therefore need violence Saturday. They caused. 
She killed Remy.

We are in shock and extend our deepest condolences to his family.

Coordination October 25

PS: We already require a second independent autopsy be performed and notify the prefecture 
that if the body was not preserved so that this expertise against-possible, it would be a 
proof that the authorities want to hide the truth. We denounce attempts to sully the 
memory of Remy claiming that the cause of death would be related to his "alcohol" or the 

France, Alternative Libertaire AL Montreuil - "Where is the revolution in Syrian Kurdistan? "October 31 in Paris (fr)

 [machine translation]

On the eve of the International Day of Solidarity with Koban?, the collective solidarity 
of anarchists Rojava (supported by AL, FA, CGA, OCL) is organizing a meeting to take stock 
of the revolutionary experience in the Kurdish region of Syria. ---- This meeting will be 
an opportunity to affirm our support, but also concretely discuss what is known about the 
revolution in Syrian Kurdistan, and in particular self-management trends. ---- The meeting 
will be held October 31, from 19:30 to 22h, in full "Mesopotamian" district of Paris, to 
the Academy of Arts and Cultures of Kurdistan, 16, rue d'Enghien (Paris 10e), metro 

Belgium,Wereldaidsdag special, solidariteit-rode lintjes-acties-in de klas-getuigenis‏

Is wereldaidsdag nog nodig?

Op Wereldaidsdag, elk jaar op 1 december, staan we stil bij de gevolgen van aids en roepen op tot meer solidariteit. Maar wat zijn de mechanismen achter discriminatie? Wat bedoelen we met stigma? En wat betekent solidariteit?
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Verdeel mee rode lintjes

Het rode lintje is hét symbool van solidariteit met mensen met hiv en aids. In aanloop naar Wereldaidsdag zien we het graag zoveel mogelijk verschijnen. Help jij mee om ze te verspreiden bij je collega's of in je club? Vraag ze nu samen met het verdeeldoosje gratis aan.
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Draag het lintje

Je persoonlijk engagement kan je tonen door het rode lintje, het symbool voor solidariteit, te dragen en je profielfoto op facebook aan te kleden met het rode lintje. Bij verschillende organisaties en instellingen kan je ook een rood lintje oppikken.
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En actie!

Aids en solidariteit staan in de schijnwerpers tijdens verschillende acties. Kom een kijkje nemen en doe mee. Of organiseer zelf je eigen actie met materiaal van Sensoa. Je kan je actie ook registreren in het kader van Music for Life.
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Aids in de klas

Wereldaidsdag is een uitstekende aanleiding om met jongeren over hiv, solidariteit en veilig vrijen te praten. Er is een specifiek lespakket SOS SOA, een getuigenis kan aangevraagd worden en er zijn tal van werkvormen online. Check wat mogelijk is.
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Breng een verhaal in de media

Ben je journalist en wil je iets brengen over hiv en leven met hiv? We bekijken graag wat we voor jou kunnen doen... Een getuigenis van een persoon met hiv, of met iemand die er van dichtbij mee werd geconfronteerd, cijfermateriaal, achtergronden... Een mailtje volstaat.
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Binnen de 36 à 48 maanden zal Europa getuige zijn van een eenmalige extra belasting op spaargeld" - 'De hoofdstad van Spanje‏ is Zwitserland'


29 OKTOBER 2014
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Na de stresstests: "Binnen de 36 à 48 maanden zal Europa getuige zijn van een eenmalige extra belasting op spaargeld"

29 okt 2014

Tunesisch verkiezingssucces beste tegengif tegen al die 'waanzinnige kalifaten'

28 okt 2014

Een partij die amper 7 maanden bestaat is nu de op één na grootste politieke beweging van Spanje

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Het Spaanse establishment heeft al getracht de beweging in diskrediet te brengen door haar banden met Venezuela en de ETA aan te wrijven... Read more
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'De hoofdstad van Spanje is Zwitserland'

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We moeten opletten dat we niet het lot ondergaan dat Italië beschoren was... Read more
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Protestpartijen boeken grote vooruitgang in Spanje, Nederland en het VK

28 okt 2014
Podemos, UKIP, PVV... Read more
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Rust zacht Google Glass (2012 - 2014)

28 okt 2014
Privacy is misschien wel de grootste killer van Google Glass... Read more
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Mond-tot-mondreclame veruit belangrijkste bron van opdrachten voor freelancer

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4 dingen die je gegarandeerd succes brengen

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Er bestaat een betere voorspeller van uw succes dan uw IQ of uw EQ

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5 zaken die u niet wist over seks en uw carrière

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Belgium,Bruxelles,solidarité avec Remi et les autres : rassemblement 18h ce samedi 1/11 à stalingrad‏

Solidarité avec Remi et les autres : rassemblement 18h ce samedi 1/11 à stalingrad‏ Bruxelles centre

un des textes vu sur zad.nadir...
Pendant la nuit de samedi à dimanche un manifestant, Rémi, a été tué au cours des affrontements qui se sont déroulés lors du rassemblement contre le barrage de sivens au Testet. Environ 7000 personnes ont convergé sur la zad du Testet après des mois d’attaques policières, de destruction de la zone humide et des habitats de ceux qui la défendaient. En fin d’après midi puis plus tard dans la nuit, des dizaines de personnes s’en sont pris aux forces de l’ordre qui protégeaient le chantier. Elles souhaitaient ainsi marquer leur colère et retarder la reprise des travaux, initialement prévue pour lundi. Elles ont été repoussées à coups de flashballs, de grenades assourdissantes, de désencerclement et de gaz lacrymogènes. D’après les témoignages des camarades du Testet, la personne décédée se serait écroulée suite à des tirs de grenade puis aurait été emmenée par les forces de l’ordre. La Préfecture affirme ne rien vouloir déclarer à ce sujet avant le résultat public de l’autopsie lundi. Le gouvernement a déjà commencé à stigmatiser les manifestants, et tente de diviser pour noyer le poisson. Mais ils savent bien que, quoi qu’ils fassent, cette mort aura des conséquences explosives.
Ce décès révoltant n’est malheureusement pas suprenant dans ce contexte. A Notre dame des landes, au Testet et partout où nous nous opposons à leurs desseins, nous avons dû faire face au déploiement crû de la violence d’Etat. Si nous avons bien compris de notre coté que nous ne pouvions nous contenter de les regarder docilement détruire nos vies, eux ont démontré qu’ils ne nous feraient aucun cadeau. Pendant les mois d’expulsion de la zad de Notre Dame des Landes, de nombreux camarades ont été blessés gravement par des tirs de flasballs et grenades. Sur la seule manifestation du 22 février 2014 à Nantes, 3 personnes, visées à la tête par des flashballs ont perdu un œil. Depuis des semaines au Testet plusieurs personnes ont été blessées elles aussi et d’autres accidents tragiques ont été évités de justesse lorsque des opposants se sont faits délogés, notamment des cabanes qu’ils avaient construites dans les arbres. Pourtant c’est bien, entre autre, parce que des milliers de personnes se sont opposées physiquement aux travaux, aux expulsions, à l’occupation policière de leurs lieux de vie que le projet d’aéroport de Notre dame des landes est aujourd’hui moribond, et que le barrage du Testet et ceux qui devaient lui succéder sont largement remis en question. C’est cet engagement en acte qui a donné une puissance contagieuse à ces luttes et qui menace partout aujourd’hui l’aménagement marchand du territoire.
Plus quotidiennement la répression s’exerce face à ceux qui luttent dans les prisons, dans les quartiers et dans les centres de rétention et entraîne là aussi son lot de morts trop souvent oubliées, plusieurs dizaines chaque année. Face aux soulèvements et insoumissions, la démocratie libérale montre qu’elle ne tient pas seulement par la domestication minutieuse des individus et des espaces de vie, ou par les dominations économiques et sociales, mais aussi par un usage déterminé de la terreur.
Nous appelons à occuper les rues et lieux de pouvoir partout dès demain, pour marquer notre tristesse, saluer la mémoire du camarade tué ce samedi et pour exprimer notre colère face à la violence d’Etat. Nous ne les laisserons pas nous tuer avec leurs armes dites « non léthales ». Réagissons avec force pour qu’il y ait un avant et un après cette mort. Affirmons plus fort que jamais notre solidarité avec tous ceux qui luttent au Testet et ailleurs contre leurs projets guidés par les logiques de contrôle et de profit, mais aussi avec tous ceux qui tombent plus silencieusement sous les coups de la répression partout ailleurs. Nous ne nous laisserons ni diviser ni paralyser par la peur. Nous continuerons à vivre et lutter sur les espaces qu’ils rêvent d’anéantir, et à leur faire obstacle.
source : http://zad.nadir.org/spip.php?article2684