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dinsdag 30 april 2019

De Zeppelin - Joran van Soest

The artwork "the zeppelin"

The zeppelin is a large installation of 10 meters made of steel.

He won't be able to fly but is on the ground - he seems to have crashed between us. He will be rebuilt over and over again on a large open space and in this way gives shape to the space that extends between you and me.



3d model on landscape - Impression of installation work

The story of the Zeppelin

A daring art project that needs your contribution to get off the ground. The installation work will be exhibited at the Playground landscape exhibition at Landgoed Buitenland in collaboration with Bergarde Galleries, June 2019.



The zeppelin as installation work

The structure of the zeppelin will be built up as installation work on the large field of the estate. The zeppelin is 10 meters long and will be welded from iron pipe, to be subsequently fastened with rope and concrete blocks.

The structure is recorded in a series of short film works. The zeppelin will remain in its permanent place during the exhibition. The zeppelin will then "travel" through NL and BE and it will serve as an installation work of art and stage for your stories.

Where does the money go?

The proceeds from crowdfunding go the necessary equipment, renting machines, welding equipment and the foundation for the installation.

Making films around the making of the zeppelin and transport to the location on the estate

The visual power of the zeppelin
A zeppelin appeals to my imagination;  

he is many times larger than myself. The imposing structure floats through my mind with great imposition, casting its shadow on my imagination. I think everyone knows the zeppelin. It is an image hanging in the collective memory. The zeppelin connects you and me with an image. It stands between us as an empty collapse, as an idea and concept, already decaying in physical form over time. 



The zeppelin floats through our collective memory

 Visiting my grandfather

As a child I had a good relationship with my grandfather - Grandpa Egbert.

I often stayed there. Grandpa worked for years as a radio operator at the Air Force. He has a large collection of books about aviation and when I was with grandfather I would like to browse through these books. Since my high school years I became increasingly fascinated by one of these books. The book about the Zeppelins and airships.



 Grandpa Egbert - radio operator at the air force - at work

A story for us together

For years I have felt that people do not fully understand me, and that I must do my best to understand someone else. Because of this I am very fascinated by what we share as people. How do I understand you and how do you understand me.

I am interested in stories that are bigger than myself. Stories that affect others. Stories that you and I both understand, so that we understand each other better.

The zeppelin as a metaphor

I see in the zeppelin a metaphor for something that can bridge the distance between my experience and that of the other. A structure so large, a structure that appeals to the imagination that it questions and connects our frame of reference. I want to build the zeppelin and I want to make the zeppelin a space to understand each other.



The image of the Zeppelin in the room

 How it started

I want to tell the story by building an airship.

I want to do this with an installation work in the form of a crashed zeppelin, the steel frame of which seems to encompass the space that people share. The first step for the zeppelin project was taken in January 2019 with a solo exhibition at Twelve Twelve Gallery. Here, the research of the zeppelin was presented in images. The exhibition was named "The In Between. It is a reference to the zeppelin as a metaphor for intersubjective space.

About myself and my work

In the summer of 2018 I graduated from AKV | St. Joost in’s-Hertogenbosch. In my work I investigate the boundaries of reality and perception.


I received the SBK-Otto HetterscheidStimuleringsprijs for my graduation work in 2018. From the jury report:

"(..) Joran van Soest takes you to his world where you are both a spectator and a subject, a world of being and not being, of inner world and outer world. In the personal search for his relationship with the other, he knows how to engage and touch the viewer. His work is both powerful, poetic and narrative, investigative and layered, not only in terms of content but also in performance. He uses various media and techniques in an experimental way. We see the versatility and drive of this young artist as an important source for his further development (..). "

Sylvia Bakker, Gallery Twelve Twelve about my solo exhibition The In Between:

"(..) Joran van Soest investigates the boundaries of reality and perception. He experiments with a combination of drawing, painting, collage, photography, performance and film.

The distance between the artist himself and us as a spectator is important to him. He himself says the following about this: 'Other than that I could never take your perspective, something else happens. I interpret your image of the world around us, with my knowledge of how I see the world around me. " His works encourage us to think about who we are and about our relationship with others. (..)

 SOURCE: Joran Van Soest  Source "click me"

 If you wish to donate, to support him "click me"


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Nieuw / Clement Peerens Explosition

De Casino - Concertzaal
Hoofd afbeelding
De voorverkoop start op donderdag 2 mei om 10u
Clement Peerens Explosition komt opnieuw naar DC, en de legendarische Antwerpse rockster kijkt daar naar uit. ‘Ik heb ooit een lief gehad in Sint-Niklaas!’ vertelt hij vrijmoedig. ‘Ik weet niet meer precies hoe ze heette, het kan ook zijn dat ik dat nooit heb geweten. Het ging soms nogal snel in de liefde. En misschien was het wel in Dendermonde. Hoe dan ook: Sint-Niklaas ligt wel aan de verkeerde kant van het water, maar andere plekken liggen nog veel verkeerder!’ Het geschifte trio, bestaande uit de meesterlijke poëet Clement Peerens, de hemelbestormende bassist Sylvain Aertbeliën en de betoverende drumdiva Lady Dave, belooft om naast nieuwe instant hits zijn grootste klassiekers te spelen: van het psychologisch doordachte ‘Vinde Gij Mijn Gat’ en het nostalgische ‘Dikke Lu’ over het maatschappijkritische ‘Boecht van Dunaldy’ tot hedendaagse meesterwerken zoals ‘Blaankenbaarge’. Talrijk zijn de getuigenissen van concertgangers die na anderhalf uur CPeX als betere mensen huiswaarts keerden: velen hervonden hun mentale evenwicht, de bloeddoorstroming werd drastisch beter en verbijsterend hoog aantal kwaaie ziekten verdween op haast miraculeuze wijze. Kortom: CPEX hits DC - Olraaait!
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Laura Tesoro / Uitverkocht!
Laura hoeft niet meer te bewijzen dat ze een topperformer is, en de toekomst ziet er dan ook zeer rooskleurig uit: ze is in mei te zien in het nieuwe seizoen van Liefde Voor Muziek en later dit voorjaar brengt ze nieuw materiaal uit.
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Gers Pardoel / Laatste 45 tickets!
Pardoel verkocht al drie keer de Lotto Arena uit en concerteert deze zomer onder meer op de Lokerse Feesten. Zijn shows creëren een collectieve smile op elk publieksgezicht!
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Ertebrekers + Delv!s / Concertfoto's
Met oorwurmen zoals ‘De Zji’, ‘Eva Mendes’ en ‘Party Too Much’ steelden Flip Kowlier, Peter Lesage en Jeffrey Bearelle a.k.a. Ertebrekers de show @ De Casino! Hier vind je de concertfoto's!
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Binnenkort In De Casino03/05 The Weight Band + Dawn Brothers
09/05 Shht + It It Anita
10/05 DC Rocks! / Pro-Pain + Powerstroke + Peanut Regeert
16/05 Casino Boite / Beraadgeslagen + MDC III
17/05 Praga Khan + Lords Of Acid UITVERKOCHT
19/05 The JB's (The Original James Brown Band)
22/05 Praga Khan + Lords Of Acid UITVERKOCHT
23/05 Blow 3.0 + Evil Empire Orchestra
24/05 Claw Boys Claw + EUT
29/05 Stereo MC's
01/06 Yellowman + Soul Shakers
04/06 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks + Lewsberg
02/07 Corrosion of Conformity
03/07 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes UITVERKOCHT
29/08 Dylan LeBlanc + Paul Cauthen
30/10 Stef Kamil Carlens
04/11 Quaker City Night Hawks
05/11 Sheila E UITVERKOCHT
08/11 Gers Pardoel LAATSTE 45 TICKETS
16/11 Nikki Lane
08/12 Clement Peerens Explosition NIEUW
22/02 The Darkness 

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