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maandag 31 mei 2021

#WORLDWIDE #WORLD #ANARCHISM #News #Journal #Update - #Anarchism from all over the #world - SUNDAY 30 MAY 2021


Today's Topics:

1.  France, UCL AL #316 = Unionism, David and Sylvie
      (CGT-santé): "The staff understood the Ségur scam" 
      (ca, de, it,
      fr, pt)[machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
 2.  Greece, APO, land and freedom:[SAKTX]Call for support for
      the workers' demonstration of resistance and claim 
      28/5 [machine
      translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
3.  Czech, AFED: Solidarity with protesters in Myanmar --
      Invitation to a demonstration against the military
      junta in Burma

4.  UK, ACG: Palestine Action rooftop occupation at Elbit,
      Leicester (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
5.  vrije bond: Demonstratie: Abolish Frontex!  


Message: 1

David is deputy secretary of the CGT union of the regional hospital of Orléans
(CHRO). Sylvie is secretary of the Health and Social Action union in Loiret. He
and she detail in Alternative Libertaire the establishment of a two-tier health.
---- AL: What has changed since the opening of CHRO in 2015 ? ---- David: Before
the doctors were the ordering parties, the directors only linked up with the
regional health agencies (ARS). Then the directors were put on the same level as
the doctors... except that they are the ones who have control of the wallet.
However, their role is to generate numbers. This has led to the departure of doctors.
Sylvie: This is also what has led, elsewhere in the department, to the closure of
small hospitals deemed not profitable enough. Patients are therefore redirected
to the CHRO. But at the same time, hospitalization time decreases, to make the
beds as profitable as possible and reduce staff. Thus, in the department, we lost
about 15% of the staff, mainly because of the establishments which have closed.

David: Part of the staff reductions is done through outsourcing. Thus, the entire
cleaning, apart from the block rooms, was entrusted to Elior. This poses real
health safety problems because disinfection requires very specific training.
However, we ask Elior staff to make money by cleaning the rooms as quickly as
possible. The action time of the products is neglected, they are asked to make a
room with a single wipe instead of three, etc.

What is the objective of the ARS ?

Sylvie: The goal, ultimately, is to separate the hospital in two: on the one
hand, advanced services, such as intensive care ; on the other hand, medicine at
a discount, for those who have little means. However, doctors have the right to
exercise 40% of their activity in a private capacity, by paying a commission to
the hospital. Typically, a doctor will suggest a regular appointment in six
months.... or in two weeks, but in private consultation ! This is two-tier medicine.

David: It leads to aberrant situations, such as the recent scandal surrounding
two cardiologists, one of which broke the French record for interventions: 1,250
in 2018 ! He overestimated the severity of the lesions observed and thus
increased the number of stenting operations. Upstream there is the choice of the
ARS not to develop a real cardio service, favoring minor surgery (installation of
stents and batteries), more complicated operations being sent to Tours, Paris or
to the private sector.

What is the state of mind of the staff now ?

David: The Ségur de la Santé has divided a lot. We demanded 300 euros to
compensate for the salary freeze ; 183 were obtained[1]. The staff, the nose in
the handlebars, saw only that. But they understood the Ségur scam when the pay
slips arrived. The 183 euros are not salary: it is a bonus, which can be
withdrawn at any time. It is pro-rated in the event of a work stoppage. And then
there are 32 other articles: annualization of working time, therefore questioning
of RTT, reduction of rest time from twelve to eleven hours, etc.

Interview by Grégoire and Rémi (UCL Orléans)

CC logo: Leclerc Patrice / Social movement photo library


[1] 1. Read "The shameful bluff of 183 euros" for everyone "", Alternative
libertaire, January 2021 .



Message: 2

March 2020-May 2021 u? We count over a year of health crisis with many months of
quarantine, however, state and capitalist aggression has not entered any
quarantine and continues unabated, since the opening of tourism last spring, the
complete lack of measures to strengthen the EU , the passing of the bankruptcy
bill up to the thousands of recruitments in the security forces, the law for the
suppression of the demonstrations and the sponsorships of millions in the media
spokesmen of the government. It is becoming apparent in the most obvious way that
the management of the pandemic by the state was not intended to meet the needs of
the vast majority of society, but to further promote the anti-social agenda of
the political and economic bosses, to accelerate restructuring policies. the
intensification of conditions of exploitation and oppression and the imposition
of terror through the intensification of state repression to prevent any lurking
social explosion. A year later, we have experienced, to an even greater extent,
the repressive methods of the state, with numerous arrests, attacks and tortures
of fighters, the educational restructuring, which includes the introduction of
police forces in schools, the dozens of murders of workers in the scams of
mercenary slavery , the outbreak of sexual abuse incidents in the workplace,
which come to the surface and involve even high-ranking officials, the attacks in
the struggle of health professionals who defend the public nature of health, the
exclusion of detainees from access to medical care at a time when dozens of
confirmed cases in prisons are known, the killings of refugees / migrants in
detention centers due to poor living conditions and the further looting of the
natural world. At this time, the reopening of tourism and the preservation of
economic activity are being prepared again, at a time when we have hundreds of
deaths and thousands of cases every day and public health structures are
collapsing and failing to respond even to basic incidents.

The new anti-labor bill, which was submitted to a public consultation in October
and will be put to a vote in the next few days in the parliament, moves in this
direction of the full-fledged state attack, which includes a series of measures,
which tighten the conditions of exploitation and smooth ground for imposing more
burdensome living conditions on them from below, at a time when unemployment is
rising and workplace conditions are steadily deteriorating. This bill includes an
extreme streamlining of working hours and, in essence, the abolition of the
8-hour period and its conversion to 10-hour period, the abolition of the 5-day
period with the release of the possibility of work and weekends, the abolition of
the Sunday holiday in seven new sectors. the increase of the overtime ceiling to
150 (from 120 and 96) and their payment in breaks and leave, the release of
individual contracts and the abolition of collective agreements since the
employer will be able to negotiate personally with the employee for the
employment relationship, the introduction of an electronic card for the control
of hours, the introduction of flexible teleworking. In addition, it includes the
anti-union law, which is based on previous provisions voted on SYRIZA, ie the
implementation of the digitization of the registers of union members and the
effective abolition of the strike with the introduction of electronic voting. the
release of individual contracts and the abolition of collective bargaining since
the employer will be able to negotiate personally with the employee for the
employment relationship, the introduction of an electronic card to control the
schedule, the introduction of flexible teleworking. In addition, it includes the
anti-union law, which is based on previous provisions voted on SYRIZA, ie the
implementation of the digitization of the registers of union members and the
effective abolition of the strike with the introduction of electronic voting. the
release of individual contracts and the abolition of collective bargaining since
the employer will be able to negotiate personally with the employee for the
employment relationship, the introduction of an electronic card to control the
schedule, the introduction of flexible teleworking. In addition, it includes the
anti-union law, which is based on previous provisions voted on SYRIZA, ie the
implementation of the digitization of the registers of union members and the
effective abolition of the strike with the introduction of electronic voting.

Amid increasingly burdensome living conditions for the underprivileged, under
health fears and criminal state pandemic management, precarious work, state
repression and the continuing impoverishment of the social base, government and
employers are preparing to pass a bill that violates working conditions,
insurance and trade union action, conquests through years of claims and social
and class struggles. In the face of state and capitalist barbarism and the rotten
world of power, which can promise nothing but poverty, impoverishment, oppression
and subjugation, the need to continue and intensify the battles that will build
an a new society of equality, justice and freedom,





We support the workers' demonstration of resistance and claim Friday 28 May at
7.00 pm. in Chafteia

Assembly of Anarchists for Social and Class Emancipation



Message: 3

The Anarchist Federation, Food not Bombs - Zizkov and Kolektiv 115 call for a
demonstration to condemn the military violence in Myanmar and to show solidarity
with the people who are protesting in various ways against the coup and the junta
in Burma. ---- June 2, 2021 ---- from 5 pm in ---- front of the Myanmar Embassy
in Prague, Wenceslas Square 51 ---- Myanmar (Burma) is a country bordering
Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. This year, on February 1, there was
a military coup led by General Min Aun Hlain. The coup overthrew the elected
government of the National League for Democracy (NLD), which partially took power
in the 2011 elections. Myanmar has long been under a military dictatorship and
the situation has only changed in the last decade, although systematic ethnic and
religious discrimination and the military added a quarter of the members of
parliament out of the election and retained power over power ministries. The
return of the military junta provoked violent protests from the population, mass
strikes and street protests. These are brutally suppressed, which has claimed
hundreds of lives.

Local Food not Bombs (FNB) support protesters with water, food and safety
equipment such as helmets, goggles and respirators. They also supply the needy in
slums and refugee camps.

Collections in support of the Burmese FNB have been announced around the world by
various anarchist groups, FNB groups and punk bands. One of them was also
organized by the historical association Zádruha, which donated part of the prize
(1200, -) from the last orders of Petr Kropotkin's titles.

If you want to take part in informing about the situation in Myanmar, one of the
possibilities is to spread the A3 wall newspaper dedicated to this topic, which
you can download HERE . You can also distribute a poster inviting to the
demonstration, which can be downloaded HERE .

Related links:
A3: Against the Myanmar junta
"We need global solidarity"
A call for international solidarity with the Civil Disobedience Movement
"We are doing what we believe in. We believe in what we do. "
Solidarity with those fighting the coup in Myanmar



Message: 4

After six nights on the roof of Elbit's drone factory in Leicester, Palestine
Action activists have finally been stretchered down by Leicestershire police.
Elbit is a French-Israeli company manufacturing drones used by militaries across
the world as well as border enforcement agencies. ---- The action effectively
stopped production at the plant for six days. Up to 500 local supporters from
Leicester chained and blocked the gates, the Fire Brigade refused to assist the
police in removing the activists, while passing Royal Mail trucks blasted their
horns in support. ---- The blockade by local supporters prevented the police van
holding the detainees from leaving for six hours until riot police moved in to
clear a passage at midnight on Thursday. Although they used their shields to
shove protestors out of the way, the Leicestershire Constabulary were fairly
restrained when compared to the batons, horses and dogs used by their colleagues
in Bristol, the GMP and the Met.

In response to the eventual eviction and arrests in Leicester, the grass-roots
direct action group Palestine Action has taken over another Elbit factory, this
time in Tamworth Staffordshire.



Message: 5

On the 9th of June at 14.00 we will come together, raise our voices and demand
the abolishment of Frontex during a demonstration at Het Huis van Europa (Korte
Vijverberg 5) in The Hague. ---- Frontex is the European Union's border agency
and is a key actor in enforcing the EU's border regime. It is responsible for
systemic human rights violations through its operations; involvement in
deportations; cooperation with third countries, and role in strengthening EU
borders . The EU's border policies are inherently racist and reinforce colonial
and capitalist power structures. It's time to abolish Frontex and the system it
Frontex's budget has grown by over 7 560% since 2005, with €5.6 billion being
reserved for the agency from 2021- 2027. Frontex has been recruiting an army of
border guards who can own and use handguns, and aims to have 10,000 guards by
2027. The agency can now buy its own equipment - such as ships, helicopters and
drones - benefiting the arms, security and surveillance companies that have been
so influential in shaping the EU's border and defence policies through lobbying.

We are calling for Frontex to be abolished. Our aim is not to reform or improve
Frontex, or to replace it with more of the same. But rather to target the
policies and system that keeps Frontex in place. We are working towards the
dismantling of the border-industrial complex, and the building of a society where
people are free to move and live.

On the 9th of June 14.00 at het Huis van Europa we will make our voices be heard.
Make sure to be there, bring your comrades and make some noise. It is time to
abolish Frontex.

More info to be announced!

Abolish Frontex demonstration
09-06-2021 @ 14:00
Huis van Europa
Korte Vijverberg 5 Den Haag

Stop the War on Migrants
Website | Facebook | Instagram

abolish frontex, demonstratie, Den Haag, frontex, stop the war on migrants

Vrije Bond Secretariaat



#WORLDWIDE #FRANCE #Paris #News #Journal #Update - La #lesbophobie reconnue comme circonstance aggravante d’un viol, une première


Homosexualité, le Journal

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La lesbophobie reconnue comme circonstance aggravante d’un viol, une première
Nidhal T, 25 ans, a été condamné, ce vendredi en appel, par la cour d’assises de Paris, à 14 ans de réclusion pour viol. Les propos tenus par l’accusé sur l’orientation sexuelle de sa victime, ont ét…
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