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woensdag 30 september 2015

Greece Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki - On the fence in Evros, in the bottom of the Aegean ... (gr)

(en) Greece  Libertarian Initiative of Thessaloniki - On the fence in
Evros, in the bottom of the Aegean ... (gr) [machine translation]

Over the last months the migration flows are on the rise, mainly from the massive 
displacement of people from Syria to Europe. Because of the brutality of the Islamic State 
in the territories controlled because the warring conditions imposed directly or 
indirectly on Western states or because of poverty, people from a number of countries in 
Asia and Africa continue for years to abandon their homes in search elementary human 
living conditions. ---- But the boats arriving to the southern European countries, flooded 
by refugees and immigrants, victims of war or poverty, or sink the waves and the 
indifference of the respective port authorities, and intentionally or by traffickers or 
port. Hundreds of refugees and migrants corpses washed up on the shores of the islands, 
"soiling" the image of "civilized" Europe.

On top of that until the Greek coast path, the slave-trade inflatable refugees and 
migrants, some locals took the opportunity to unleash the immortal Greek their business 
acumen. Charging mobile pay, tenfold increase in prices when it comes to immigrants, even 
on essentials, canteens setup and improvised shops selling items that people shed need for 
their journey, anything could bring profit from their holding came into effect from local, 
small and big bosses, with specific reference to merit the increase in ticket prices of 
ships to 60 EUR bring to naval EUR thousand companies per shipload and now known to all 
klotsopatinada the machines of inflatables, which resends in Turkey. These fuckers do not 
have anything to envy of the former black marketeers of possession. We will wholeheartedly 
wished to have the fate of the latter.

European states, Skating dogs across Europe bosses, open and close the tap of the influx 
of immigrants according to labor needs. Facilitating and hindering the entry of refugees 
and immigrants in European countries, more or less drowning in the Mediterranean, increase 
or decrease the number of those who manage to reach their coveted destination, ie the 
countries of the "developed" West. Keeping in illegal status, they manage to always have 
an alternating army of cheap, disposable workers without rights and "invisible" against 
any arbitrariness and attack. Building camps, discipline and simultaneously send a message
to all our teachers.

As long as capitalism exists, as there are martial and economic interventions people are 
forced to migrate and the states of the "advanced" countries will adjust their (anti) 
migration policies to the needs in labor, will incite in from below the charity when they 
need them will plant and grow big when racism is unnecessary.

In recent months we experience the first treaty with Germany being the first on the list 
to receive the dirt cheap skilled labor until yesterday developed Syria. The refugee issue 
has come to the central political agenda across Europe, the channels are filled with 
pictures of people who drown in the Mediterranean, stacked in the Greek Islands, crossing 
the border into Macedonia during hundreds, stuck at the border of the extreme right in 
Hungary, accept rubber bullets and tear gas. At the same time, collecting specimens 
campaigns and money spring up everywhere, celebrities and other late humanists call to 
assisting refugees and demonstrations under the slogan «refugees welcome» made in almost 
all European countries. Back But the solidarity of the world, behind the sincere efforts 
of all those who in various ways trying to support mobile to Nordic refugees, seeing and 
tactics of domination. The word "refugee" -which first replaces "illegal immigrant" in 
policies and lips dimosiografon- understood in positively by from above, just to set the 
dividing line between 'refugees' who 'we' and 'illegal immigrants' that our "superfluous." 
Those bosses will kalodechthoun to work for a pittance, simply because they have nowhere
else to go, and those who will continue to be closed in concentration camps, deported, 
drowning in the Mediterranean, to be blown up in minefields, to live without papers, 
"invisible." And if until yesterday this was rhetoric, today became very political, with 
Asylum mobile services that will ensure that only "refugees" (ie useful) will cross borders.

For us though, the workers regardless of nationality, refugees and migrants, victims of 
war and poverty, they are not managed the state apparatus and economic elite. We do not
tolerate human life depend on decisions of transnational organizations such as the EU and 
frontex, national states and the economy needs.

The power that the gennofaskia of indifferent to human life and dignity trivializes, puts 
the mask of democracy and reveals the monster of fascism. This same monster, stripped 
expressed through worm-Nazi Golden Dawn -which began again make their appearance in the 
islands that are points of entry of most of emigrants embodied as a daily practice of 
state mechanisms. Embodied in Mytilini, Kos, Idomeni.

Of the executioners of power from the celebrator of death, we can not expect anything. 
What but put forward is the mass struggle for the overthrow and overturn the whole 
political and economic system that generates hierarchies which intensify exploitation and 
that in times of crisis, employing the state exemption and fascism as a political practice.

Against all authority, we, now and always respond with class solidarity. The weary, the 
barefoot of our time, the persecuted because of wars and persecution of all authority and 
of each State, refugees and immigrants are the heart of our solidarity. They are our class 
brothers, the most undervalued, underpaid and insecure part of our class, prey on the 
teeth every small and large boss. It is our duty to preserve the dignity and freedom of 
movement for all workers, erasing the boundary lines powers carved out for their nationals
but not for goods of the bosses and demanding immediate legalization of all immigrants and 

Alongside always the weak, the oppressed, those uprooted this world, regardless of color 
and religion, locals and 'foreigners' immigrants of yesterday, immigrants of today and 
tomorrow we join hands, we raise our fists.





EMBAT: Chile, "Top of the fighting and fighting." The Unification Congress Anarcho Chilean Communist (quack) and the commitment to libertarian century. Interview with Mario Celis.

EMBAT: Chile, "Top of the fighting and fighting." The
Unification Congress Anarcho Chilean Communist (quack) and the
commitment to libertarian century. Interview with Mario Celis.
(ca) [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

Approximately 2007 still worked when the Popular Library of the House of Obrero "Ateneo 
Libertario" in the city of Quito, accidentally received the Libertarian Communist 
Manifesto by Georges Fonteno, the shipment came from a small group libertarian Argentinian 
the manifesto was reprinted from a translation done in Chile. The work of Fonteno to whom 
at this time we thought was pure anarchists immarcescibles meant a punch in the face 
literally. We understand at this time, in the heat of political futility representing our 
efforts to "change the world" through film screenings, round tables, links with urban 
tribes, groups of sensitive circuits without any real participation in politics, which 
were less anywhere where it is played.

Then the possibility anarchism from Ecuador to develop a serious revolutionary project was
unthinkable. Months after having devoured the manifesto, whose effect since that time 
until today has been split with a large but politically insignificant sector of anarchism 
Creole, for whom the correct reading Fonteno meant Stalinism Orthodoxy, authoritarianism, 
etc., received a visit from a friend of Chile. This visit was important as far as we're 
approaching an attempt, with its successes and limitations, which sought think anarchism 
in connection with the struggles of people from Latin America. The motivation comes from
the reading experience as Fonteno Chilean Anarcho Communist Unification Congress (quack) 
became important references for at least now, sit and think "more seriously."

There were in Ecuadorian anarchism with which we identified us, politically extinct since 
his first battle (15 November 1922) and continued by artists, songwriters or project 
without political significance as alternative organic, tools, experience or references 
necessary to tackle the task of creating a revolutionary organization of national 
character. Obviously the years do not go in vain, that one generation of "old militants" 
little or nothing is, in fact many of those who until a few years ago we identified we 
fully anarchists contact with the real problems of the people and their organizations, as 
well as other related lectures and theoretical aspects which acudíem not for fear of 
"defraud" Bakunin (from a principled reading this) has enabled overcome idealistic 
visions, voluntary and not organic so patents this anarchism with which we assumed we so 
foolish religious. Now we are so close to Bakunin and Marx to Gramsci Fonteno as, Makhno 
to Öcalan as well as contemporary thinkers and progressive processes taking place around 
the world. This interview was conducted during 2014 and 2015, began to Santiago de Chile
in September, along with events and demonstrations commemorating the fascist coup of 
September 11, 1973 and was completed this September. We recommend reading without 
neglecting the criticisms and observations, whenever required, which can be made; reflects
in many ways the current debate within the ranks of the libertarian country, the need for 
a political reference of national coverage instance it is possible today, after so many 
years and mistakes.

Socialism and freedom! Top of the fighting and those who do not fight!

arlos Pazmiño. We started talking about the origins of Anarcho Communist Unity Congress
(quack) in Chile, as was the Chilean anarchists saw the need to overcome the idea of 
voluntary group or organization, educacionista against cultural toward the political 
organization? What is and what is the role of anarchist political organization?

Mario Celis. The libertarian outlook for Chile in the 90s featured a number of groups that 
had passed the counter to show Mapuche demonstrations, and try to put together some 
coordinators, but always all succumbed in the dispersion or practices depoliticised.

In 1998, several groups tried to raise a libertarian center in a squat in central 
Santiago. In this project failed, it returns to the dynamics of groups and coordinators. 
Until 1999, discussions among some groups of Santiago, also connected with groups of 
Valparaiso and Concepcion, pose unify the groups that were seeking to organize themselves 
politically. To this end it is proposed to convene a congress, a meeting for discussion. 
This meeting takes place in a union and lasts a full day. There agreed to create an 
organization with political objectives with the theoretical basis of the "Libertarian 
Communist Manifesto" George Fonteno.

As we needed a name, we decided to use the provisional name of the conference. The acronym 
formed, showed very little professionalism. Many told us "onomatopoeic sounds like a duck, 
it must change." But we get used to using it, because it made us laugh, broke with all 
solemnity and was provocative. Finally remains the official name. Today can be seen as a 
reflection of the time, the turn of the century. If you read completely, the name seems a 
serious organic, old-style unions salnitrers, port, cobblers or graphics. If you read only 
the acronym is the spirit joking, carefree and lacking commitment 90s was the duality of a 
young anarchist who struggled between being or not; tradition or something new, the 
individual or the collective, or structure regulated flexible coordination, commitment and 
volunteerism initiatives ephemeral or permanent practices.

Soon reality forced us to choose one of two options, with no room for ambiguity. It needed 
an organization that defined political goals, operating with a device that worked 
initially commissions and then fronts (social work sectors: student, union, population) 
and the service fees of these fronts. No suspect that the construction of these works, 
which would be essential for later. And without either have the tools to face an era full 
of uncertainty in a really fucked with any conditions objective in view, any reference 
coming back.

Carlos Pazmiño. The quack for documents that can be read, show an internal structure 
defined, organized and planned with specific development committees and political fronts.
It can be said that the quack was a sketch of anarchist party, as he thought and worked 
the organizational structure? What were the pros and cons?

Mario Celis. We never liked talking about the game, or planned to outline a game that 
otherwise was something that caused great rejection, even among us, and it was the worst 
accusation that we did countercultural groupings. For my generation, the concept was 
related to the traditional party of the left, so full of rigidity, authoritarianism, 
patronage, privilege, sexism, etc. Nobody wanted it. Always thought of an organization 
that follows the tradition of anarcho-communism with political program and organizational 
discipline, far from a military order, but rather based on the responsibilities 
autoassumides. An organization that decides with people while, give answers to the 
numbness of social demands, decided that proposals generated as a visible force with 
effect nationwide. But Chilean anarchism had rearmed after a gap of decades and this meant 
get some order in the context libertarian Creole dispersed. At the same time we will be 
looking to educate, train new members, to dwell in other cities and regions relate to 
other organizations, etc.

It was a heavy backpack. So we had to build a solid structure, disciplined, very 
operational, because most were still few. It also created a strong mystical. Some saw this 
as a terrible match-down structure. Initially for other leftist groups (before winning 
their respect us) were a lot of fans in politics. The latter was perhaps closer to being 
true. Our amateurism (without naivety) was a reflection of the post-dictatorship moment 
precisely one of our strengths, to be built around all the time, free from dogmas, recipes 
and tricks, acomodaments typical of politicians.

But nothing objectively become so rigid nor so lax. What existed was an organizational 
discipline, which was not done to undermine the freedom of militants or meanness. But to 
organize and reinsert what libertarian. While it is true that in the final stage, some 
exaggerate this discipline, they sharpen his knife, causing several conflicts and 
abandonment of militants.

The structural issue always complicates things when you do not have experience or not 
deepen the concepts. At the time, the word "structure" caused rejection in some people who 
understood - even today understand - as opposed to freedom. But curiously, those who are 
reluctant to respect the collective order, usually become more severe censors and the 
sentinels of a repressive order.

Finally, learning the discipline was not monitoring, which should be based on trust in 
others and in himself. While the absence of hierarchy requires high levels of commitment 
and maturity of individual and collective. That is essential and possible, our 
organizations have clarity of their political goals and establish a free order internally. 
So today, I think is indisputable.

If this is a party, the parties differ much we know ...

Although arguably so, each organization must clearly define it beforehand. Taking clear 
that this structure, as it is said, is not to become a machine election, nor privileges, 
nor reproduce domination or create a hierarchy covert, which restricts the social 
expressions or fuck life to its members.

I do believe that any organization that intends libertarian certain seriousness, should 
define an organizational structure, a political program, strategic plans, a schedule of 
activities, a system of evaluation parameters achievements, and cross-territorial spaces a 
plan of resources and infrastructure, a cultural plan, etc. This only started talking 

arlos Pazmiño. Anarchism, anarchists or rather, have ceased to think of politics as a 
concrete fact, as reproduced and the people, citing ideological purity not intervene 
effectively in society, leading to political conception freedom flying tactics, strategies 
and program approaches this far. In this regard, as he thought the policy quack? How would 
you define from anarchism?

Mario Celis. Incidentally anarchism is an ideology and practice intrinsically bold 
"entrador" said Chilean and "Score." Not in the sense of being more incendiary, but when 
summoned to penetrate where no one else could build where there is nothing to take steps 
disconcerting to loosen knots, achieving strong gains. And that, of course requires a 
dynamic organizational structure, ethics, clarity and iron discipline, which must be 
fraternal, but strong against all illusion and every element that impair the objectives. 
No plot a constant witch hunt, but a search for balance. In the quack, from the beginning 
there was this research. The assembly was very demanding with every militant and energetic 
against saboteurs, that if we had.

If the quack was art or not, whether it was in the context of Chile in the 90s, reaching 
the new century in which nothing happened again. Agonizing social organizations, 
marginalized and stagnant speeches, which learns the wave of globalization issues such as 
privatization, treaties, abuse, modernity, the malls (shopping malls), a transitional 
eternal pinochetisme before a fragile democracy that refused to die. Before that, the 
quack bets on external ideas openly partisan, anti-capitalism, antiestatisme, along with 
their proposals (using assambleisme, direct action, spokespersons, organizational 
autonomy, social integration and re-articulation). Also exhibiting an aesthetic that takes 
away Santeria symbolic left, creating new shares of propaganda, libertarian education and 
culture. This was more striking and more effective. It gets along with other groups, sow a 
seed for social movements resurfaced in the next decade.

But much of the energy invested to face the complexities of their own organizational 
structure and the same obstacles anarchism. To neutralize the positions defended 
lifestyle, pseudo-rebellion, individualism, the slogan without support, urban tribe, and 
repeated inconduents talks on anarchism of memories (with lots of beer, lots Tagliatelle 
with sauce, lots of "toccata" punk rock, but little content), the sacredness of the 
barricade, etc, etc.

When quack becomes OCL (Libertarian Communist Organisation), these infantilismes, although 
with resistance, they are eliminated. The organization grew and matured, discovering that 
create organizational structures and strategies adapted to the here today could become an
actor starring in the politics of the country. These forms take strength to work in 
population sectors, trade unions and then work FEL (Front libertarian students) in the 
long process of the student movement. The presence of new libertarian organizations, in 
constant critical eye also enriches the scene in the following years.

arlos Pazmiño. The quack was a benchmark for many organizational processes in Latin 
America and Chile itself, what was the scope of the documents and the experience of quack? 
How to measure, so it empirically, their influence?

Mario Celis. Somehow the quack served as a motivating experience in the process of 
anarchism Ecuadorian, Peruvian and Bolivian maybe. In addition to learning of our 
organizations in Argentina and Brazil. I say motivating, because we had more capacity or 
better accompany each process, but certainly organizations of each country, drew their own 
ways, his own contemporary anarchism. In Ecuador, for example, gave a thoughtful growth,
maturity, although not caught a single national organization, began to read from the 
libertarian ideology rapid processes in the country from 90 to today. And although they 
were very different processes that happened in Chile, the fact of being, show that there 
was a new opportunity for anarchism in Latin America, helped goals arise from our 
realities and grow. And of course, it is very satisfying to know that our visits, talks 
and correspondence with people from other countries contributed in some sense. For us it 
was very rewarding, and we met great people.

It is also a responsibility to keep this exchange of experiences. So we spread some texts 
concerned then, along with articles and subsequent reflections of some people quack and 
OCL period in 2000, he continued writing. If all this is even reference material for 
various Latin American companies and new generations in Chile, I feel good and necessary,
because some analyzes and experiences not lose today and because every current process can 
return to zero if there is no historical consciousness .

Now, empirical measurements have little or nothing. Until now, research papers and theses
available that analyze the quack or later experiences not fathom about political dilemmas 
of the time and as repeated today. Even here there is a thesis that falls into gossip 
about people, implying that the process of quack, revolved more around personal conflicts
around opposing political views. Like everywhere else, it was personal discussions, but 
the only important thing is to know what defended politically.
Some of these factors are measurable in the hope that our fellow graduates of social 
sciences, and contribute to systematize create indicators to better understand what 
happened. For example, in the struggle against and in favor of social inclusion: Those 
opposed undoubtedly defended their affinity groups, their tribes, their lifestyle. I think 
that this could be verifiable, not born any political proposal worthy of consideration, 
transcendent. The obsessions of these affinity groups were however, the embryo dispersion 
"insurrectionary" of the decade in 2000.

To verify this is enough to see what happened with these groups, their work and their 
members. What happens now with hundreds of groups born with sudden death and vanish.

But still, I think it is perfectly quantifiable work during this time of the urban tribe 
spend a minimum voluntary work and educacionista (popular as the first pre-university) to 
get a job in protest social sectors.

It has also been ascertainable at the time, the creation of social fronts was not only 
necessary but essential. Only the deepening claiming key issues such as education, housing 
or work, would give the Chilean and Latin American anarchism the impetus for further 
development and current. Moreover, our methods libertarian promoted within the student 
movement, and union struggles for housing, environmental and regional conflicts, would 
become a few years later, the driving force behind the emergence of these movements in the 
decade in 2000 .

I think today in the early 2010, it is necessary to measure the impact past and present, 
and will continue led by subjective opinions of everyone. Someone working in a 
concentrated sector or territory and who contributes with his intellectual work hardly has 
a panoramic view of the entire process. Being complacent in assessing your work without 
deadlines set no goals or wanting to invent everything from scratch, are practices that 
also tend to dilute all progress.

Carlos Pazmiño. Now, based on this and the growing influence of what libertarian emerge in 
Chile, as you evaluate this? What about the quack in the Chilean libertarian second decade 
of the century?

Mario Celis. It is undeniable that since the quack until today, has a legitimate way of 
building organization, ranging from the original idea of social integration, to the 
struggles for major changes, coordination between different sectors and their struggles, 
the idea of territorializing, including feminism, environmentalism, etc. Although 
post-election period of 2013, there are major differences and deviations to other 
ideologies, the work of later generations to quack has in general a development consistent
with the initial approach. Even until now, it has developed more in the field than in 
other sectors student. Followed by the union. But still outstanding job building a 
localized claypit and other highly sensitive issues such as retirement, environmental, 
food, and health. Also in these sectors have dimensions, such as issues of gender, 
migration, or the accelerated aging of the Chilean population.

It has been almost two decades and the profile of militants and sympathizers also been 
extended. Our generation came from strata precarious instability resulting in inconsistent 
participation. The income of a large contingent of students better prepared for the middle 
strata, diversified movement, has more capacity and access to a better analysis. There is 
the intention to expand to multiple sectors which I think is difficult for some of the 
obstacles to the development of anarchism we describe in this time of quack, still 
persist, not only in Chile.

ETARA The problem: The difficulty to break beyond the youth segment have libertarian 
organizations (and those who still suffer adolescence in an adult body).

The identity problem: the lack of a libertarian own identity, and our local time to leave 
behind the practices of urban subcultures, other ideologies, other political projects. The 
organizational problem (still lacking creativity and wealth of organizational forms to 
respond to people's needs, this goes hand in hand with the problem of resources).

My purpose to dwell on the problem myself ideological discrepancies nor have recently 
separated organic because being given a thorough debate on this issue, and that is very 
positive. But clearly I do not consider that an increase libertarian organizations move 
away from anarchism to approach positions in other sectors.

I believe that entering the electoral game in very specific cases, should be discussing 
strategies, and to stretch the hair or split. Opposing priori and categorically to 
participate in elections or to abstract whole situation with other groups, can be as 
counterproductive as venturing into an election with a bad candidate, with few resources 
and no loyalties. Playing with fire, requires a prior analysis of all because then nobody 
cry or fight.

On the attitude of the anarcho-communist front organizations of devotees called 
insurreccionalistes or chaos, I do believe that there has been lukewarm when silent or has 
not been strong enough against all episodes of spontaneous or planned actions 
irrationality violent and politicized. Just showing a clear ethical libertarian achieve 
permanent legitimacy. Shaking us any ambiguity we look at people face to face. Because no 
one, least of one worker, we identify with practices such bombs in the subway, or the 
stoning of police in a march. Because adventures pseudoheroi head, damaging the progress 
achieved. I also see very complex based social struggles to rise cyclically new martyrs, 
there is a vicious circle ending in this logic. We must take care of the aggression of the 
state, to prevent more deaths and demand justice, but primarily our slogans should reflect 
the demands and ways of construction.

Why do you think anarchism has come to occupy a marginal position on the left? For example 
in the debate on the issue of power and the state, anarchism responds heatedly "popular 
power and self," do not you think that has forgotten how to think strictly economic, 
social and political training planned and centralized working class must take the place of 
the state? In Ecuador, as you know, we have raised a proposal to build so-called "New 
Popular Autogobierno Territorial Organization" (NOSTAP). To us the answer spontaneous 
popular power and self cantaleta primary one seems too abstract, that says nothing in real 

Mario Celis. I do not see that as an idea or political power, anarchism in Chile is so 
marginal left, considering it was not much left and discarding the sectors that were once 
left and now prefer to be called progressive. In Chile this decade, libertarian 
organizations have achieved a place in the political left and inserted in various 
important social struggles. This is something that was unthinkable a few years ago. Have 
demonstrated permanence of proposals and driving ability in conflicts that seem eternal. 
The question is how these struggles can be maintained, and if the libertarian movement can 
maintain and grow reclaimed areas. Surely this is not to be followed depending on the 
demands or student union, not only of the existing organizations will be extended.

The fall of the reforms promised by Bachelet, has contributed to stalled or diluted 
effervescence that emerged in 2011 and has fallen into a social movement noticeable wear.
I see that in this current situation, libertarian sectors could play a much more prominent 
place. Both as a structure or political structures stronger, more resources or as a 
libertarian culture that penetrates everyday life.

And for this, of course, you need a proposal. And this proposal would require a much more
daring than that drove the quack NOSTAP Ecuador 90. The proposal is very interesting and
points to the possibility of writing a programmatic orientation practice.

In the Chilean environmental movement two decades ago, we managed to raise proposals 
politico. Based on the economy on a human scale, the writings of Johan Galtung, Murray 
Bookchin, etc. and applying the environmental conflicts in communities and network Tips 
ecological community. All this is diluted by the breakage and the absence of a 
representative national organic. But libertarian organizations today, it is possible to 
make great debates and create a solid proposal. Maybe that's why I still believe in 
building a broad national organic. I am confident that you can find the path to a program 

The slogans of popular power have helped to bring libertarian ideas to other sectors, but 
now it seems that something new is required. Costa understand today a popular power that 
do not attempt to seize everyday spaces for others manipulate or create parallel forces. I 
think the boards of neighbors, as arms of the parties, mayors and ministries, as mere 
propaganda channels, donations, beneficiaries of public policies with private collusive 
sell "operational" cheapest health or legitimize Invasive investments. If no libertarian 
refuses to enter neighboring boards or similar instances must be able to create structures 
that could dispute this space.

About the self, the abstract is not the concept itself, but how it is used, stripped of 
its meaning and its practices. From left marxistoide 90 more marginalized, seized the 
concept, distorting it as a synonym for self, collect coins, resist fantasiosament 
precariousness of resources. Now the term is commonly used, use the same simplistic 
artists or entrepreneurs. For some it is directly gesture of rejecting all resource state, 
although contradict the struggle for rights. Culturally, still denotes a great inclination 
to marginalization, self-imposed, impostada. Many groups make up the deficiency. Lack of 
resources, agenda, members, infrastructure, methods, etc. The work is then small, just 
adapted to these shortcomings, but restructuring, when there are no limits as an element 
of a program. Perhaps because the term "manage," mistakenly understood as the action of
getting things get different media, collecting the remains and administer. In self instead 
administered, cooperatively and driving ourselves a good tangible means of production, 
work organization.

Carlos Pazmiño. Finally, since we have entered the debate was a real political alternative 
to the people, how do you think the ability to make policy from anarchism to build power, 
accumulate forces and fight for hegemony in the popular movement?

Mario Celis. Currently it seems that the Chilean libertarian context, can not be postponed 
further debate. How to create a program feet on the ground consistently. Clarifying my 
assessment of all the achievements, I can advance prospects questioning the current logic 
of struggle, discovering new lights. One issue is organizational - productive start to 
emerge on an interesting path relative to productive areas. That is, the construction of 
spaces in certain areas where the popular organizations take ownership, CREIN, recover or 
adapt production means to generate resources and development logic collective and / or 
Since our contribution to social environmentalism Ecobarrial, has been exploring these 
possibilities in popular sectors across the food issue and its relationship with urban 
gardens, orchards harvesting fast and constant for small spaces. Overcoming poetry, 
esotericism and elitism that accompanies both the environmental issue, we have tried over 
the last decade, filled with political sense actions ecological level neighborhood. This 
is related to the exploration of new practices popular consistently bold, that indicated 

In the "penguin revolution" of 2007, the Chilean secondary students gave several of these 
perplexing times that are totally libertarian (in early 2000 many leaders were trained in 
front of the student and quack OCL). The audacity to take the schools and keep living 
there, forcing the government to dialogue with speakers, meetings, communication and 
creativity to capture the attention of the press, etc. Nothing would have happened without 
these practices. A clear sign that the practices are fighting. With only slogans do not 
get anything.

I think the cultural issue, there is a key driver was the "Café Acracia" a cultural 
practice of quack is now reproducible. You need reactualizing the cultural matrix of 
current anarchism, libertarian create a culture that interprets the era we live in, 
establishing egalitarian relationships, new cultural practices (I mean new formats 
provided us out of the other imaginary realities of other decades, other ideologies). We 
can not glued to the club or in the event that ends in rock and cumbia to college. We need
family formats, new instances of encounter, fighting, sharing, artistic expressions 
policies. We have worn out the cultural mold. We need creativity revive enthusiasm. No 
need to clarify that I am not talking of putting a wig social struggle, returning all 
postmodern bizarre and even less to politicize it or balloon show populace. I speak to 
subvert our own cultural anquilosaments.
In an uncertain 2015 in Chile, including a climate of discontent and discredit the 
parties, together with the possibility of a new constitution, is a crucial moment to 
address a greater role. Do not think it was eluded the discussion on the new constitution, 
for example.

If the Concertación or invents new Mayo "Citizens Councils' debates manipulated to 
legitimize their cosmetic reforms, libertarian organizations unable to abstract debate 
involving all Chile. Only oppose reformism can not lose the opportunity to discuss how to 
end the foundations of the state subsidiary, Pinochet model, which establishes ownership 
over people.

I hope there will be a new stage in which organic and programmatic will not be just "up 
the fighting," but will also "not up the fight", "up which can hardly fight." Either by 
time, ignorance, age, mobility, insulation political circles ... Thinking about those who 
seem lazy, indolent, consumerism, incredulous of all religious individualist ignorant 
bourgeoisified. For them too, and they, now they stagger their certainties, their sense of 
orphans grows, and its research can also understand and identify with libertarian ideas. 
To all of them and they can and should get.

(*) Mario Celis (San Bernardo, Chile, 1969) is a former activist and member of the 
founding committee quack
Current coordinator of the "Center for Social Ecology Ecobarrial" - Chile. He has been 
regional coordinator for South America International Ecological Network "Tierra del Futuro"

An article by the author on the quack in: The Organization of quack Chile: Main 
contribution of its Theory and Practice.

Georges Fonteno "Libertarian Communist Manifesto."

Carlos Pazmiño. Researcher CEPY degree in Communication for Development Sociology student 
magíster FLACSO-Ecuador.

44: 14 + 00: 00equipembat Articles for debate releases and texts anarchism, Chile, 
strategy, institutional organization, people power
Introduction. Approximately 2007 still worked when the Popular Library of the House of 
Obrero "Ateneo Libertario" in the city of Quito, accidentally received the Libertarian 
Communist Manifesto by Georges Fonteno, the shipment came from a small group libertarian 
Argentinian the manifesto was reprinted from a translation done ...
equipembat jose@red-libertaria.net Administrator Process attacks


France, Alternative Libertaire AL leaflet - antiracism, Migrant.es: a single solution, the freedom of movement (fr, it, pt)

 (en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL leaflet - antiracism,
Migrant.es: a single solution, the freedom of movement (fr, it, pt)
[machine translation]

National Front of the Socialist Party, everyone agrees that we need to lock the borders 
and control immigration drastically. There are some differences in shape or virulence in 
speeches, but all gather to say that immigration and immigrants-are destabilizing the 
economy. This idea is now widely used to harden even more repressive laws and police 
systems. Yet this is a completely false idea. ---- The argument we hear most is to 
denounce the supposed "cost" of immigration, that is to say social benefits (RSA, housing 
or unemployment benefits) paid to immigrant-es. But what we often forget to remember is
that these same immigrant-es contribute to Social Security, buy consumer goods, pay taxes 
(including VAT, which alone accounts for half of the tax revenue of State). ---- 
Similarly, the immigrant-es contribute for retirement but often receive no pension or 
because they have no account quarters, because they return to their country of origin 
before to assert their rights.

But the most unfair situation remains that of working people without papers who work in 
unimaginable operating conditions, pay social contributions and can not yet benefit from 
the social benefits to which they could aspire.

This is not the immigrant-es that block the accounts of social security, the mass 
unemployment and the continued reduction of employer contributions. If unemployment is 
over 10%, it is a direct consequence of the laws of capitalism, nothing else. And if the 
law of the market continues to lead our lives, there are always ready to excuse patterns 
that high unemployment to raise the pressure on wage earners and blame the immigrant-es. 
Let us not result in discourses that stigmatize immigrants es action to hide the real 
profiteers, true parasites: the sépéculateurs, politicians, capitalists.

Stop hunting undocumented!

Which is expensive, for cons, it is the policy of "controlling migration flows" and 
hunting undocumented conducted mercilessly by the UMP as in the PS: when we know that 
deportation costs at a minimum close of EUR 20,000, it's enough to think about resource 
allocation ... And this is not the deployment of a new security arrangement between France
and the United Kingdom and the shameful construction project of a wall in Calais that 
could lower the rating of indiscriminate war against the undocumented. As for the draft 
laws submitted by the government, they only aggravate the reform of the Code of Entry and 
Residence of Foreigners and Asylum (CESEDA).

Against the myth of the "invasion of immigrants-es"

Second argument: that of the "invasion" of immigrants es. To counter it, just remember 
that the majority of migration flows are the same inside the South and that only a small 
portion going to the West. Prior to 1974, when the borders were open, no invasion took 
place, even though many African countries crossed hardships. As for all laws passed since 
1974, more and more ferocious and inhuman, just seeing their consequences:

they throw into hiding tens of thousands of people;
they create a worker-its mass undocumented, deprived of any right-es, es exploited by the 
bosses of the building or restoration, without medical cover and social ...
To end the myth of the "foreign invasion" to end the regime of fear and exploitation 
created by the anti-migration laws, we defend:

freedom of movement and settlement;
stop arbitrary arrests;
the closure of detention centers;
stop evictions;
the regularization of all undocumented migrants.


Interview the Federation of Anarchists of Gran Canaria FAGC by the pésol Negre , published in bllibertari.org (ca)

 Interview the Federation of Anarchists of Gran Canaria FAGC
by the pésol Negre , published in bllibertari.org (ca) [machine
translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)

The Federation of Anarchists of Gran Canaria (FAGC) has existed since 2011. How was your 
birth? ---- At first everything came quite spontaneously. At the mercy of 15-M in the 
markets we are people coming from different experiences and from different points of the 
island, with similar libertarian concerns. After letting us hear at meetings and 
demonstrations, we felt it was time to articulate a proprietary tool. So-called black 
block (so we called the M-15 proparlamentarios sectors) became the FAGC. ---- Does FAGC is 
present in the whole archipelago or only on the island of Gran Canaria? ---- Only in Gran 
Canaria. Although we have partners in other islands. ---- We know some aspect of your 
practice, which is what interests us, but I can not help but ask you about some aspect of 
a more theoretical and organizational game. Are ye a federation of groups, individuals 
...? Do you share the same anarchist?

At first affinity groups were different municipalities of the island and various militant 
origins. Also we accepted that most first approached the anarchist militancy. After a 
remarkable peculiarity emerged: beyond the physical distance-now our business is mainly 
focused on the capital and the north of the island, the ideological origins and the range 
of work, told FAGC first They resettled with groups that are neither necessary nor 
specifically anarchist. Something we believe with few precedents within an anarchist 
organization. Obviously there is no uniformity in the ideology, and each member has its 
own collective and libertarian sensibility. Although we agree on the overall strategy.

In the summer of 2014 after a year of public "inactivity" you proclaim the return to an 
ambitious housing project involving a group of antidesahucios urgent action and a 
relocated assembly. How do you get to this point?

Actually Immediate Response Group against evictions and the Assembly of Tenants and 
Homeless predate our year of silence and invisibility (although the workload was remained 
the same or even more). We had two years with a very strong solvent activity: attacking 
the yellow unions, careerism of social movements, business and banking abuses, police 
bullying and so on. However, we did nothing but follow the classic advice of Proudhon and
Bakunin: demolíamos and then we destroyed to build and create. The critical work done, we 
took crucial steps and position ourselves as a leader in the front of the housing, an 
issue particularly sensitive in the Canaries and with little social intervention beyond 
counseling or demagoguery. However, you can not do so in vain. When we intervened in 
destructive work we were repressed, but not nearly as much as when we dedicate ourselves 
to build. Many comrades were exhausted by overwork (being the scourge of the old society 
requires less involvement to offer a new model) and others withdrew the police repression.
We had already started the project of the La Esperanza Community, so it was a perfect 
place to take a breath and start the silent, discreet and ants that project required work 
with survivors and with the relocated FAGC own time.

This assembly is the community relocated Hope. We know that it more than two hundred 
people live and little else. Could you explain roughly what it is and how it works?

The Community Hope is the social project of mass occupation and largest alternative 
housing throughout the State; expropriation and socialization with more political and 
demanding magnitude that consciousness has in years. It works as a model of micro-society 
libertarian without any of its members is. It is asamblearia, horizontal (no leaders) and 
self-managed (not receiving any institutional support and until recently also abroad). 
Everything is decided in an assembly, and it is this which appoints the various committees 
(such as maintenance or Resettlement) to conduct or organize practical tasks. A simple and
functional structured model, but.

You have had problems with the water and other supplies. How do you solucionáis these 
technical and maintenance problems?

In the Community, obviously not rent, but a voluntary Community contribution whose scale 
is charged 25 euros per month. Those who have more contribute more. With that, more 
selfless donations (almost all from, for now, the libertarian field), which for two months 
has received in the Community're Paying vats of water with which we source. The FAGC 
meanwhile also provides what may. All other technical problems are solved by the 
Commission of Maintenance that has skilled workers and workers with extensive experience 
in the construction industry. When major works it has the support of the rest of the 

Managing a community and should not be easy. What are the main conflicts that must be 

Whoever believes in spontaneous harmony of the working masses is that it has read too many 
serials. Of course there are problems, but they are mistaken if they think they are 
problems arising from the number or the social background of the participants. Classist 
arguments become ridiculous. All Community project involves difficulties. The same, 
although not want to believe, that occur in and self-managed squatted social centers, 
unions, groups of ideological affinity between people or communities. Forms may be 
different, but failures background breed. Coexistence problems are inherent to every human 
community, since none is perfect or will by definition. With accustomed to living in 
hostile environments and people with very definite identity codes might seem to worsen, 
but the reality is not. The important thing is just trying to encourage the opposite of 
what we believe: yes, we must strengthen the concept of solidarity, mutual support and 
collaboration, but it is essential to develop one's own consciousness, its own discernment 
and personal judgment. Only then it ends with gregarious and mediocrity. Samblancat put it 
well: "the ideal is not to make the mass individual, but give the mass personality". The 
important thing is socializing tools, circulate them, and those affected are the ones to 
decide how to use them. Living on a libertarian-oriented model with so many shows you that 
anarchy is exciting, but also tough and demanding. And yet it is the only model of society 
in which life is worth living and which aspires to dignity. After the initial excitement 
is the reality, and this requires large doses of work and tenacity.

Is it a proper context for the dissemination of anarchist ideas and practices?
We addressed by principle not indoctrinate anyone and do minimal effort to proselytize. 
Anarchist practices spread of necessity: not know any other way to act and even if we knew
each other, is libertarian in practice, which demonstrates more efficient, so that is 
adopted. The modus operandi anarchist and practices resulting therefrom force applied to 
utilitarianism. People do not choose how nice; chooses functional. This propaganda by deed 
can wake up after a questions, raise concerns and interests. Hence it may information, 
books and even movies and songs are prompted. But this should occur, if it occurs 
naturally. For our part we do not like sermons or the melody.

What would you highlight what you have learned and what they have learned

Have tried to share that dignity is not given, but the Building one; that collaboration is 
stronger than competing; you can not expect anything from the state and the system when
all they really need is within reach of your hand, if you have a bit of courage and 
self-respect; you can skip the legality intelligent and massively without fear of 
consequences; these anarchists as cursed and have criminalized thousand defects, but are 
what you have opened the door of a house for your children. We have learned that the 
social struggle can not be seen as an end in itself, that help people wake up not 
necessarily reciprocal and good feelings. And we have also learned that the poorest of the 
poor are the most generous, the children are strong as rocks and very permeable to 
solidarity, there is a lot of untapped talent among people that our society anathematizes 
as illiterate and the core of the social struggle lies in the strength of individuals 
sentenced to a culturally subordinate role as women are.

In addition to domestic and human difficulties of any organization and social struggle, we 
must add the traditional repression on an island must be especially hard, more in rural 
contexts, as here. What happened to fellow Ruymán Rodríguez last April 29?
That was arbitrarily arrested by the Civil Guard, threatened, insulted and then beaten and 
tortured (he was strangled, for example, on several occasions). He was invited to leave 
the municipality repeatedly. He seized some as pilgrims goods as a bonus bus and was 
charged with a further offense to the arrest: attack to the authority and injuries 
(supposedly the agents who "interrogated"). He is currently involved in a costly criminal 
procedure that asks jail. Everything is an attempt to cause maximum one of the most active
community of people harm.

Your bet is social anarchism, away from false debates and useless struggles. Tell us some 
virtues and some problems of your practice, according to thy mind.

Our bet is for anarchy itself. Obviously we recognize that there are different 
sensibilities and tendencies, but anarchism we seek not need names. If you want to 
distinguish the merely speculative construction or which are not willing to transcend 
academic environments or claims of so-called middle class , we can speak of militant 
anarchism or street , neighborhood . Its virtues lie in its realism, its ability to 
connect with the excluded, its immediacy, its distance from the self-congratulatory 
rhetoric and discourse function lever, practical tool, its firepower to put the system in 
a real challenge. But show the contradictions of the system not only practical and 
discursive not only requires being willing to pay the price of repression: also requires a 
great capacity for work, learning to endure the loneliness of a work where there are few 
references and a great strength soul to withstand the rebuke that await you. It's a race 
to the bottom where if you reach a certain degree of victories you must accept that you 
can do completely isolated: the rest of the libertarian movement that seems to go the 
other way and the social movements that seem to move around the loss of purchasing power 
of the middle classes, but not for the humanitarian emergency of those who have never had 
mortgages or health care or work. His great difficulty, finally, is to accept that 
physically and economically change the lives of people does not make them necessarily 
better people.

What main problems and contradictions involves your social struggles?

The main contradiction is presented in the legal field. You are illegalists by conviction 
and because we believe that an important part of social transformation that people lose 
respect for legality step. But when advise such a case of eviction we have to do with the 
Criminal Code in hand or the law of criminal procedure. We have exhausted legal means 
before resorting to other actions in which we feel most comfortable. The same happens in 
cases of squatting and relocation. Proceed to expropriate illegal act of a house after 
helping end relocated to achieve social rent. The repression aroused our membership also 
implies the need to legally or using bank accounts to raise funds to defend themselves. In 
the case of the Community, there is only one joint account, but some colleagues drafted 
basic requirements, supply requests and demands to government agencies inevitably respond 
to the immediate needs of the people, but not to the conscience and will of many FAGC 
members. It is the great defect of the issue of housing. For this reason we try to raise 
other more direct ways of dealing with the struggles and try to avoid work stops or runs 
aground in the legal field. However, we also understand that there is nothing truly less 
anarchist who force people to start proceedings against their will and that the most 
consistent level of anti-repression, is to stay alive. Diderot said that "the martyr 
awaiting death and fanatic in search," because we believe that the elusive anarchist helpful.

Syndicalists often they find that once solved the problem the worker does not reappear by 
the union. Are not you afraid that the struggle of Hope stay in some care and once they 
solve the problem does not involve anything more?

Exactly, so, as we have said previously, we believe that intervention in the social sphere 
You can not be an end in itself. It is the best way to engage with people on the street, a 
great way to establish a bridgehead into the village; but in no case is the ultimate goal 
of the strategy. Indeed there is a majority that draws you missed the train because the 
forger welfare state. Once he recovers, gets a free and living resources ceiling, the goal 
of his apparent rebellion has already been obtained and there is no more reason for 
discontent. But this is not to calm potential refractory but teaching system where they 
can hurt. So we see ourselves as seed pitchers: throw thousands of seeds per swamps and 
deserts and obviously most will not germinate, but just a few percent fruition so you can 
not speak of failure. In some of these cases they end in turn aids in helping others, and 
that in itself is already worth something. However, the basis of all should be to not end 
there. These struggles are raised to provide shelter, but not only that. Disobedience 
practices, coordinated fieldwork in massive expropriation and socialization are made, it 
becomes revolutionary muscle. You have contact with the people, the subversive training 
and satisfactory result. What is missing? A revolutionary larger challenge: an occupation 
of factories, concerted land expropriation, a rent strike ... Time to time.

How does a project of this magnitude is managed without a large organization (if be so) 
that corresponds behind? People suffer all capitalist vices. Is there no danger of ending 
up going to tow the facts and that the project itself ends up becoming something away or 
even contrary to the ideals that motivated him?

Actually sometimes we overestimate the weight of numbers in organizations. How many 
members have UGT and CCOO? Duplícaselos per thousand and pesebrismo inactivity and will 
remain the same. A few individuals and volunteers believe they can succeed where larger 
organizations zozobrarían. Sometimes a guerrilla is stronger than an army. The second part
of the question, that risk exists, of course, but even surprised nor worried us or 
frustrates us. We have learned something we believe good for future anarchist enclave 
larger: it is only the revolutionary struggle, raising the project accompanied by his 
supporters and propose alternatives; while the majority seconder, will fight not to lose 
the gains made, but what if the people most, after a time has achieved its objectives and 
drift towards other models conformist or backward? Well, you can not force them to not 
live as they want to live, even if it means playing old patterns. Of course, you do not 
drag you or the minority to voluntary servitude. You shared tools of solidarity and 
emancipation; how they use them, if they use them, that's your business.

What You keep relationship with other organizations within and outside the island?
We have contacts rather with the most committed individuals and heretics of some 
organizations, which are those that have succeeded in mobilizing their collective 
enforcement cases, as we mentioned before. However, at the working level and group 
collaboration, we believe that, sad as it sounds, the FAGC is located in a line of war too 
exposed to be co-barricade at the local level. A national and international level we have 
established contacts and forging something going, but for now informally. For now...

How also do some in Upper Llobregat i Cardener, but from a different experience, criticize 
immobility, labels, sectarianism false debates, consumption and the inaction of many 
so-called anarchists of all stripes of course. Do you think finally overcome these 
hindrances that dragged for decades?

It's a matter of sheer survival: either exceed or fifty years speak of anarchism as a 
nineteenth-century rarity that launched his swansong at 36. We believe that we must stop 
see what other anarchists as the main, if not only, militant activity. As censor much 
noise but little militancy will, little anarchy. The solution is to address the issue from 
a proactive perspective. When a proposal not like not enough to crumble in theory; It 
implements an alternative and demonstrates its solvency. Only then you've proven the 
foundation of your critique. People just adds to that which brings positive results, 
whether or not anarchists. What if you can not prove your arguments with facts? Then you 
better shut up. To theorize should be prerequisite hands have been stained ground before.
We endorse our preaching if not our practice, we have nothing to do as a movement.

You are also very active in social networks, generating debate here rather to within what 
would be the libertarian sensibilities. How do you assess the experience?
Well. It is not intended both rub salt in the wound as sharing a real experience, show the 
limits of supposed certainties that actually have so far not gone beyond hypothesis and 
make a call to us we launch, as anarchists, the asphalt. The truth is that our thoughts 
are welcome and waking having some expectation that we value positively. There is also 
criticism and appreciate. Even they coming from the hatred and injustice. We serve a lot, 
like a beacon to a navigator.

Would you like to add anything?
Nothing. Thank you for this opportunity to express ourselves and especially the wit and 
intelligence of your questions.

Pep and you

Berga, agost 2015


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