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maandag 31 augustus 2020

#Anarchism from all over the #world - SUNDAY 30 AUGUST 2020


Today's Topics:

1.  Czech, AFED - A3: Intimidate and bully [machine translation]
 2.  Anarchistische Groep Amsterdam: Benefit film night on
      Ferguson - Touch the Sky (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
3.  Ireland, derryan archists: Derry ABC Banner for Week of
      Solidarity (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
4.  Britain, nott.s.black arrow: Pages from the Blasted Past
5.  Unión Libertaria Estudiantil y del Trabajo - AIT:
      Waterbread with bread for sector street inhabitants.
 6.  avtonom: Solidarity actions at the Belarusian embassy in
      Moscow are held on a daily basis [machine translation]
7.  Britain, wessex solidarity: Corona comment number five, from
      the South of England: Snake oil and tinfoil, by Mal Content.


Message: 1

We will not endanger the fossil industry! We will protect the interests of coal barons! - the Police of the Czech Republic tells us that.
Download, print and distribute the holiday issue of the A3 wall newspaper! ---- Intimidate and bully - written on police vehicles. So it
would be written if this institution was as honest with us as the local powerful politicians have been in recent years. Not everyone, of
course. Some have a well-established tradition that you go the farthest with a lie. So the police "help and protect". And for several years
now, he has been demonstrating this at the climate camps, for example.
Klimakemp is an educational and protest ecological event, regularly organized in our country since 2017. It also includes a manifestation
act of civil disobedience, a standard (ie in the West, not unfortunately in our country) means of drawing attention to an important social
issue. The police are actively involved in organizing climate camps even before they start: they openly or unofficially intimidate
representatives of the municipalities (Horní Jiretín, Jankovice, Veltruby, Stankovice) where the camp is to take place, and strongly
recommend that they prevent this. During climatic camps, she lustrates everyone who comes to her hand, probably even local hawks. In direct
action, he heroically uses disproportionate violence and arrests everyone, including journalists.

Why do climate camps actually take place? After all, the Czechia has formally joined a group of countries that are more or less trying to
introduce at least some measures to protect the climate. In reality, however, the Czech Republic is coughing up compliance with
international agreements, and Poland and Hungary are quickly catching up with the conservative and severely regressive.

In addition, sociological surveys in recent years show that almost half of the local population is a climaskeptic. Reasons? Relevant
information on the real state and development of the climate is allegedly not available. It depends. It is probably necessary to reckon with
the fact that an ordinary citizen in the Czech Republic pays more attention to the current temperature in his backyard and that what comes
to him somehow by itself has the hallmark of Trump's encyclopedic expertise. After all, who else has the opportunity to express himself
indefinitely in the media about almost everything, including the climate? After all, the hop of money - politician. The founder of this
tradition in the new capitalist era is, without exaggeration, the "most quoted ecological speaker" and guru of the local climate change
deniers Klaus the Elder. He needs to be given a consistency of opinion (when he despises everyone but himself, the climate and the fate of
the planet are his ass too) and charisma, for which no other sect leader should be ashamed. The local conservatives follow in his footsteps
faithfully and shout their wisdom about the "new climate religion" or (even more embarrassing) about the "children's schoolchildren".

Of course, the relevant information about how man is gradually liquidating the Earth is available, even in Czech! Everyone would just have
to have the time and desire to find, read and think about them. And form an opinion. If, by chance, the facts recorded and analyzed by
scientists led him to have his great-grandmother figured it out, he would start fighting to save the climate. In the eyes of political
puppets, whose strings are pulled by a business dependent on non-renewable resources, he would become a climate operator. And we are at the
beginning again. Protecting and helping the state means intimidating and bullying people with their own opinions. When thinking people start
with the climate, they may end up with the fact that a state that shit not only on them here and now, but also on the future, is completely

The original warnings about climate change no longer apply. The climate disaster is progressing much faster than expected. California is on
fire, as is the Siberian taiga, the frequency and strength of hurricanes are growing, the eternal glaciers on the mountain tops are losing
their eternity, and the Greenland Glacier is disappearing right before our eyes. But what about when it comes to helping and protecting -
helping capital to protect the private property and investments of billionaires, especially those working in sectors involved in deepening
the climate crisis. In this sense, the police in the Czech Republic are fulfilling their company motto to the letter.

Instead of climate change, the system needs to be changed! Thus, to abolish the fossil industry and, at one, its most loyal protector - the

A3 (August 2020) to download HERE . http://www.afed.cz/A3/A3-2020-08.pdf

Download, print, distribute!

The A3 wall newspaper is published by the Anarchist Federation every month. They are intended mainly for dissemination through stickers in
the streets or posting in workplaces and schools.



Message: 2

Location & Time: OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134 Amsterdam, 5 September, doors open 19:00 start film 19:30. Note: registering via email is
required by the covid-19 rules that apply at this location. Send us an email with your name, telephone number and number of people you come
with. ---- Saturday September 5th we show the new film Touch the Sky. The film tells the story of the uprising in Ferguson 2014 after the
police murdered Michael Brown. The film is made completely of found footage, and gives a reconstruction of what happened and a critique of
various institutes around it. The film doesn't hide anything: neither that people who are racialized, poor or just angry take the
opportunity to loot & light up a store, nor the same people then organize music on the streets and that there can be a good athmosphere.

Money collected this evening will go to a support fund for people arrested in the riots.

Stories, Subversions, & Complexities of Ferguson
A video collage reflecting on the raw moments of the 2014 Ferguson riots. A film for the wild ones, the anarchists, and the dreamers... '

Location & Time: OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134 Amsterdam, September 5th. Open by 7:00 PM, film starts at 7:30 PM. Attention: reservation via
e-mail is mandatory due the the covid-19 rules the location is bound by. Send us an e-mail with your name, phonenumber and number of people
you are coming with.



Message: 3

#derry: Banner completed #anarchistblackcross, #anarchist #anarchism #AnarchoCommunism #anarchosyndicalism for the International Week of
Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners, August 23rd-20th, 2020.
Read about the week of solidarity here:
Read about anarchist prisoners call here:


Message: 4

Get a dose of 10+ years ago on t'internet by visiting the newly archived website of AF-North, the Anarchist Federation in Manchester and the
North-West as it was then. From here you can find the contemporary (as in equally old) websites of the Anarchist Federation and the
International of Anarchist Federations in all their static HTML glory, before all this database-driven malarkey and social media. Here also
you may feel the impulse to click nav-bar links and visit the pages of Solidarity, Subversion and Wildcat from even further back.
For a slightly less musty aroma, at least in terms of web technology, visit Notts Save Our Services and No Borders Nottingham legacy sites
which still have a lot to say about the state of the world in 2020.


Message: 5

May the fight and dignity keep going. The idea is to continue doing this activity with the support of tod@s ?? ULE ---- In Colombia,
ULET-AIT's companions participate in a self-managed e canteen in a claiming camp of the Embera community in the capital Bogota. They are
demanding return to their lands, which have been taken over by the extractive industry. Solidarity is Capitalism's biggest weakness. ----
The Emberá suffered from the armed conflict between the FARC's narco-Marxists, the extreme right-wing paramilitaries of the Self-Defense
Forces and the Army. In the 2000 s, many of them were forced to flee the territories they occupied. During their absence, Ingeominas
government agency issued nine exploration and exploitation licenses to the U.S. transnational Muriel Mining Corporation (MMC), attracted by
the presence of gold ore, without worrying about community consultation procedures Yet the law.



Message: 6

As we have already reported, since August 10,  actions of solidarity with protesters in Belarus in Moscow have been held every day in the
form of a massive unauthorized picket in front of the Belarusian embassy. Hundreds of people are taking part in the picket. After the
attempt to disperse on August 12, which resulted in a mass procession , the police usually did not interfere with the course of the event as
a whole, conducting single, pinpoint detentions of participants and participants. Also, for a tweet about the #women_in_white rally , which
took place in front of the embassy on August 15, Tatyana Usmanova , an activist of "Postcard" ,  was fined and accused of organizing an
unauthorized rally.

 From the very beginning of the protests, flowers and candles have been constantly present at the solidarity rallies in memory of the
deceased protesters in Belarus. Since August 15, pickets and pickets line up in front of the embassy, holding a long white ribbon

Throughout the entire period from August 10, Moscow anarchists and anarchists took part in solidarity actions . On August 23, they came out
with a poster "To dictators - world lockout" in support of workers of the striking enterprises in Belarus, which Lukashenka promised to
close, and to arrange mass layoffs for the workers.

On the evening of 23 August, the #women_in_white action was again held in front of the embassy  .

On the same day, the police detained a member of the Rodonitza music group Oleg Klimov, who was heading for a solidarity action to the
Belarusian embassy. Together with him, not far from the embassy, another 10 people were detained, about whom it is not known whether they
went to the action or not.

In addition to targeted arrests in front of the Belarusian embassy and in its vicinity, the Moscow police detained football fans for the
slogans "Long Live Belarus" at the match. In addition, the  coordinator of the collection in favor of the protesters in Belarus was detained
in the bank building.



Message: 7

Clockwise from left: Buttar supports Trump, Buttar supports the military, Icke talks crap about BLM, Kate Shemirani on ‘sons of liberty',
Sherri Tenpenny and Alex Jones, Senator Jensen on ‘Go Right' a ‘gays for trump' channel. ---- The corona virus has thrown the ruling class
into disarray. Their sales pitch, that their institutional and economic hegemony is capable of managing the infrastructure to the benefit of
all, fell at the first hurdle, as the economy was effectively pitted against itself. ---- Meanwhile yet another fault line has opened in the
anarchist movement, and what for the sake of argument we can call the libertarian left (social democrats and Bolsheviks need not apply).
Part of it has embraced Benthamism, sacrificing individual judgement to someone else's (invariably the ruling class') statistical aggregate
of the greater good. Some find finger-pointing and curtain-twitching a worthwhile use of their time. In promoting his Panopticon prison
design, Bentham commented: "As the watchmen cannot be seen, they need not be on duty at all times, effectively leaving the watching to the
watched." In fact that principle has informed all more-or-less totalitarian states ever since. As a utilitarian, materialist, libertarian
socialist I reject Bentham's definition of utility and there are many well-known thought experiments that reduce it to the absurd.

At the other end of the scale ‘professional contrarians' come across like petulant teenagers answering back to their dads. People who've
spent years masked up for nefarious purposes will demonstrate without them now they are officially sanctioned - of all the things they could
protest about! How hard we tried to get the ‘peaceful protesters' to hide their faces as cover for the ones prepared to kick off. We dreamed
of a world where face coverings were worn as a matter of course and we could blend into the mass.

I've already given my opinion that masks are a placebo. Can you smell smoke through your mask, even outside from six feet away? Ever smoked
a chillum through a rag? The largest smoke particles are like boulders compared with corona viruses, the smallest are comparable and both
are within the colloidal range, in other words they are capable of being indefinitely suspended in air by Brownian motion. So do it or don't
do it as you please, and if a fellow worker hands me a book and asks me to write down a name and address it's no hardship. It won't be mine
of course and I suspect they know that. I don't ever recall debating with a copper my right to use marijuana, I'd just say I didn't have any
and hoped I'd hidden it well enough.

We've had a lot of fun ridiculing the floundering politicians' arbitrary "guidance" and the middle-class dupes who rationalise it. We
caution against taking anything on trust in an untrustworthy world, but some anti-authoritarians have chosen to rub shoulders with even less
trustworthy and more authoritarian tendencies. We have taken issue with our long-standing comrades at The Acorn/Winter Oak over their
promotion of a rally by stand up x, a motley collection of flat-earthers who postulate as always a liberal elite - led by George Soros no
doubt, denying them their right to live in the fourteenth century. On the net you're only ever three clicks from David Icke, except the
stand up x facebook page, then it's one click, and they've booked him for the 29th August. It's all there, guy Fawkes masks, butchers'
aprons, fox news, NWO, secret paedophile rings. The anti-malaria drug being pushed by Bolsonaro is manufactured by the Brazilian military
for obvious reasons, it wouldn't surprise me if Derek Guff had his finger in that particular pie also.

What is their protest intended to achieve; business as usual or just business? Protest always smacks of supplication and this was never more
likely to fall on deaf ears, if you want to "stand up to the system" withdraw your labour, occupy the means of production or expropriate

On the platform:

Dolores Cahill, Irish freedom party - big on law and order, except hate crime which is just free speech.
Dr Zac Cox, a ‘homeopathic dentist'.
Dr Adil, who claims SARS CoV2 isn't a virus at all.
Dr Eric Nepute, purveyor of vitamin products who does think it's a virus, and has been warned off by the Federal Trade Commission for
selling quack cures for it, uses words like "bazillion" on his website - clever bloke.
Dr Scott Jensen, Republican senator for Minnesota, who features on breitbart and ‘Go Right', a Bush Fellow and god-botherer.
Dr Mikael Norway - sorry, no idea who they are.
Dr Sherry Tenpenny, another quack, author of ‘Saying no to Vaccines.'
Kate Shemirani, who sells mistletoe injections for cancer and expensive "beauty products", appears on the ‘sons of liberty': "Re-shaping
America by redirecting future generations to our Judeo Christian heritage through education and media."
Dr Andrew Kaufmann, whose website has a massive disclaimer that it doesn't offer any medical advice, though he will give you a consultation
for a fee.
Dr Kevin Corbett, an artist with a PhD in social sciences.
Rashid Buttar, a struck-off doctor, conspiracy theorist, anti-vaccine proponent, and youtuber. He has twice been reprimanded by the North
Carolina Board of Medical Examiners for unprofessional conduct and cited by the FDA for illegal marketing of unapproved and adulterated
drugs. He variously claims 5g and chemtrails cause Covid, or that it is a biological weapon of the Chinese state.
Piers Corbyn, climate change denier and general-purpose nutcase.
You wouldn't want to be seen with these wankers, unless you're stood on the Minnesota senator's neck.

The anarchist response to pandemic is the same as to any other situation. Do as much research as you feel necessary, apply your judgement
and experience, consult whoever you trust then make up your mind and do as you see fit. Whether to visit your grandmother on her deathbed is
a personal decision to be taken on its merits. You may find yourself balancing actual harm with hypothetical harm and wish to weight those
two factors differently. I won't be lectured on "protecting the NHS" by those who have spent forty years trying to abolish it, or the ones
who sat back on their arses while we were picketing things and getting arrested. Petitions don't count.

The NHS for all its benefits is a capitalist employer and an arm of the corporate state. The people who run it do so not for the benefit of
its workers or patients but for their investors and for "UK-PLC" which requires that at least some of us are fit to augment their capital.
Science is not to be used as propaganda; it is simply an enquiry into the nature of things informed by empiricism and logic. Faulty logic
and badly designed experiments will give you duff gen. Disagreement is to be welcomed and should help us see the wood for the trees, there
are no sides to this, if you like to stand in lines shouting at each other, crack on, it does nothing for me.

Morality must be balanced with utility, like strategy and tactics neither is any use on its own. We can all do that without getting into bed
with the lunatic fringe of the American religious right. Any movement devoid of class analysis is worthless to us. We recall the awful mess
Occupy got into with ‘freemen on the land' and all that bollocks about the Magna Carta. There are people out there who believe fluoridation
makes you gay, vaccination is a conspiracy to stupefy us, and 5g is about mind control. They would sell you bogus medicines for cancer or
tell you to pray it away. Unlike the kind of street fascist who really does benefit from a Totector in the face, our best weapon against
these cranks is ridicule, but we'll make an exception for Senator Jensen.

Workers are every day having to decide between unsafe environments and starvation or homelessness. These are not decisions toff politicians
ever have to make, nor will they help you do so. The latest tory decree on "shielding" has just given the bosses an excuse to shed workers
with chronic health conditions that were protected characteristics under EA10. I'm reminded of the story of the potato farmer who lived by
Chernobyl. When the evacuees started to return they found the old man had never left. The potatoes that came up the first year after the
fire looked a bit odd, he admitted, but you could eat them. A man had come from the government, "don't you know those potatoes can kill
you?" "Not as fast as no potatoes!" was the response.

Why are we still having these silly arguments? Partly because we are not deeply enough rooted in the class, we are peripheral to it. Before
the politicians even took an interest in corona the anarchist movement stopped what it was doing to organise community support and mutual
aid, but it lacked the clout to shut down the economy; that requires mass direct action. We have become reactive, so many of our Class are
hostages to the market that we have shifted our focus from dismantling the hateful death machine to mitigating its effects on the most
vulnerable. A look at our history will reveal that it is often the most vulnerable who stop the wheels. To put it crudely, if you've got a
rock and one good arm you can throw it, better do that than lament the shortage of rocks. Don't allow your perceived privileges to
immobilise you!

If you can't think for yourself who's going to do it for you? Not the bungling fraudsters in Westminster, who obtained their jobs under
false pretences. Not their politically-appointed experts, who like David Knutt will get fired for publishing science that contradicts their
policy. Not internet con-artists who make a living flogging crap. Not flag-waving, god-bothering numbskulls. Not tinfoil-hatted keyboard
worriers. The Working Class must decide what is good for it and that requires us to collectivise each issue, the bigger it is, the more
collective our response must be.

We're just going to have to sort this one out ourselves.



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