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dinsdag 29 september 2020

#WORLDWIDE #Anarchism from all over the world - SUNDAY 27 SEPTEMBER 2020

 Today's Topics:

1.  Turkey, yeryuzu postasi: Police attack women's protest in
      Belarus: hundreds of people detained (tr) 
      [machine translation]
2.  UK, anarchist communist ACG: Dances With Wolves
3.  UK, As evictions hiatus ends, Solfed launches housing rights
      primers (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
4.  [Spain] Stopped the first attempt to evict the Libertarian
      Athenaeum of Vallekas: the fight continues By ANA (ca, pt)
      [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
5.  avtonom: Igor Olinevich: Punishers and Karaevshchina in
      Belarus [machine translation] (a-infos-en@ainfos.ca)
6.  ait russia: "Yellow Vests": "Act 97" [machine translation]


Message: 1

Police in Belarus attacked a women's protest on Saturday, detaining hundreds of women activists. Among those detained is Nina Baginskaya,
73, who has become a symbol of the demonstrations. ---- According to the report of Euronews, Nina Baginskaya, who faced the police during
the rally organized by women and attended by more than 2,000 people on Saturday, was detained for not being pulled from the front of the
police vehicle. Baginskaya, who was taken to the police vehicle and reacted strongly to the police, was released after a short while.
Baginskaya has been at the forefront of the protests since the beginning. ---- Human rights organizations announced that the police detained
nearly 400 female demonstrators.

The demonstrations, which started after the announcement that President Lukashenko, who has ruled the country for 26 years, won the
elections held on August 9, has been continuing for more than a month. While the demonstrations intensified on the weekends, Lukashenko, who
recently went to Russia and met with Putin, does not seem to intend to leave the power.



Message: 2

When TV celebrity, Alesha Dixon, wore a neckless saying "BLM" (for Black Lives Matter) on a prime-time Saturday night programme in September
2020, ITV reportedly received complaints. This came hot on the heals of 24,000 complaints to Offcom about dance troupe, Diversity, doing a
Black Lives Matters dance routine on the same show, Britain's Got Talent. What, we might ask, could the complaints possibly be? That the
default position should be that black lives don't matter? It seems incredible that anyone would think that. However, it is of course the
reason for the slogan in the first place: the real-life experience of black lives in the US is that they often don't seem to matter.
In February 2012, Trayvon Martin was shot dead in Florida by a gun-toting neighbourhood watch zealot for doing nothing more than being a
black teenager walking back from a convenience store, and it turned out that the law was on the side of the white shooter. It seemed that in
the eyes of the law, black lives did not matter. And so a slogan was born asserting that Black Lives Matter too.

Why would anyone complain that Alesha Dixon should echo that sentiment? A twitter user responding to the story wrote "Never thought I would
see the day when white people are at a disadvantage in their own country". There's a lot to unpack there, but the most obvious thing to zone
in on is that the writer seems to think that saying "black lives matter" puts white people at a disadvantage.

How so? How could wanting black lives to matter too possibly disadvantage white people?

Well, let us look at the killing of Trayvon Martin using the perspective of Barbara and Karen Fields. Trayvon Martin did not die because of
his skin colour. He died because he was shot by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman took Trayvon Martin for a criminal. Why? Was it because Trayvon
Martin was black? No. Probable criminality is not a property of black people. That is something imposed upon black people by a racist
society. "The missing step between someone's physical appearance and an invidious outcome is the practice of a double standard: in a word,
racism" (Fields and Fields, 2012, Racecraft, p27). Trayvon Martin was not killed by his skin colour. He was killed by someone who made the
assumption that Trayvon was a criminal.

"Race is the principal unit and core concept of racism" (Fields and Fields, p17). This is an important point. It is a fact that is hidden in
contemporary society, because that society is racist. Racism is a social practice. Trayvon Martin was shot not because of his skin colour,
but because of assumptions made about him by George Zimmerman; racist assumptions. As it happens, it seems probable that Zimmerman was a
racist. But we don't actually require a racist for racist assumptions to be made. We require only racism. Remember racism is a social
practice. It needs only to operate for a fleeting moment where one man has a gun and sees not a teenager but a probable criminal.

Might an armed American neighbourhood watcher see a white teenager as a probable criminal? If that white teenager was visibly poor, then
probably so. If he saw a preppy, ivy leaguer in New England casual sporting attire, then probably not. In America, as in the UK, class is
also a factor in invidious outcomes. For US see "95% of Police Killings in 2015 Occurred in Neighborhoods With Incomes Under $100,000"; for
UK, see Runnymede Trust: We Are Ghosts.

However, instead of the focus being on social change, on the institutional structures of our society, and on principles of justice,
contemporary discourse focuses on narrow identity. Identity becomes the core of activism. But we have already seen that race is a result of
racism, rather than vice versa. This focus on competing identities leaves us with a discourse in which advantage for one identity is
disadvantage for another. Allowing this discourse to flow unchallenged necessarily cedes too much to ideologies of division, community
discord and mutual alienation. If self-described progressive activists have cast aside solidarity and embraced division, how can we expect
reactionaries to challenge the social practices that create race?

So-called progressives have set up black and white as competing identities. That is why for some the antonym of "Black Lives Matter" is
"White Lives Matter". To support the former, for the reactionary, is to oppose the latter. By accepting the core concept of racism, identity
politics feeds that reading. We need to reframe the discourse so that the opposition we are setting up is not black or white, but justice or
injustice. So that it is clear to all that the choice is between black lives mattering and black lives not mattering, rather than a choice
between which identity is to reap the advantages there are to be had. Put another way, we must be clear that our goal is solidarity not



Message: 3

On Monday, with remarkably little fanfare, the hiatus in eviction proceedings was ended, allowing courts to issue new notices and bailiffs
to start enforcing them. ---- Cases outstanding prior to March (ie. from before lockdown) are now free to be brought forward, allowing a
massive backlog affecting tens of thousands of people to be pushed through the system over the next weeks and months, just in time for the
second wave of Covid-19 to hit. ---- Anarchist groups and grassroots housing organisations have been organising against the process in
recent weeks, and the latest of these projects has been the Southampton Solidarity Federation's update to its excellent Stuff Your Landlord
series, designed by the Autonomous Design Group which has been putting out free tenants' organising campaign posters.

The series of eight-page guides, designed to be printable at home or work, cover Section 21 notices (Freedom has a complementary article
here), rent arrears and how to handle harassment by landlords.

Introducing the pamphlets, Southampton Solfed said:

Knowing the law is useful, because when landlords don't follow it you can use it against them. But most of the time the law isn't on our
side, and we can't rely on it to make sure we're treated fairly. While it should be seen as the floor for basic human decency, it's usually
a ceiling.

If you've rented, you've probably talked with other tenants about how to deal with a dodgy landlord and survive a market stacked in their
favour. Maybe you've even gone with a fellow tenant to speak to your landlord about a problem. These conversations and actions are the basis
of solidarity.

With this in mind, we've created guides providing the basics in housing law, and a primer on why we advocate direct action solidarity over
the courts. The state has shown that it will only begrudgingly support tenants, extending moratoriums on evictions for short periods and at
the last second. We need to know how to fight for ourselves.

The guides offer a good complement to the group's Renters' Checklist, and the Advisory Service For Squatters' recently published Notes For
New Squatters.



Message: 4

Last September 16, it became clear that solidarity and direct action is the best weapon we have as a means of defense against the State and
repression. About 150 people from Vallekas and other neighborhoods in the city planted themselves at the door of the Athenaeum to prevent
the eviction of the space. It is not just a matter of evicting a space, it is defending occupation as a tool for fighting social war, as a
tool for creating with our own hands, the margin of parties and institutions, spaces for fighting, meeting and learning. ---- And we did it
thanks to everyone. We have a small exhibition of journalists, city police vans and the district delegate. Due to the fluency of solidarity,
the judicial secretariat had no choice but to go straight. Now, any day and without prior notice, the Athenaeum can be evicted.

More special is this show of solidarity if we take into account how the repressive discourse on Vallekas (and the working-class
neighborhoods of Madrid in general) is developing: media criminalization, constant prominence of the media and the political class for the
cases of Covid-19, persecution migrant people, police abuses, video surveillance, fines and a particularly intensified persecution of
occupation in recent months. All this with the retina laden with images like the hunger lines, which do not cease, the terminations of
contract and evictions, which do not cease, the health centers collapsed, the workers crowded on the subway and waiting for a politician to
tell them if they can going out on the street for something other than working for our bosses. This is the logic of the State and capital
for the poor and the neighborhoods where we live.

The struggle continues in many and varied ways, solidarity has no limits or barriers, and goes beyond the concrete days of displacement:
banks, real estate, speculators, police, media, politicians and businessmen are still there, managing and managing the conditions of our
exploration. We call for extending solidarity in all its forms.

This Sunday we again called for days of resistance at the Athenaeum, and we continued with the call: on the Friday of the week of the
evacuation of the Athenaeum, demonstration at 8 pm in Vallekas in solidarity with the occupied spaces. The exact place, we will confirm on
the eviction day.

Solidarity with the occupied spaces!

No eviction, no termination without an answer!

Occupation, resistance and direct action!




Message: 5

We all became eyewitnesses of terrible bullying and torture over thousands of our fellow citizens. Absurdly brutal beatings, incessant
humiliation, hours of torture, rape with truncheons, numerous threats of rape and murder. Some were killed with firearms, some were beaten
to death, and those who were hanged were found in the forests. Sophisticated mental torture, when one group of people was forced to sing the
anthem of the state or riot police, and another group was beaten in front of them. Scenes reminiscent of the Gestapo and the GULAG. ----
 From my own experience I can say that the worst thing is when other people are tortured, hour after hour, day after day. When the stream of
inhuman screams, groans, blows, pleas for mercy form a new closed reality, in which there is no longer any confidence in one's right not
only to a minimum dignity, but also to life itself. Such moral abuse causes much greater suffering than physical pain, it is impossible to
forget, erase such an experience. From now on, the politeness and outward good nature of any cop will be perceived as just a mask on the
face of a Gestapo beast.

I would like to understand how so? Why? What for? Maybe the punishers avenged their beaten colleagues? And, indeed, for the first time in
many years, the riot police finally got a snout. A couple of offices in the center were thoroughly dented.

However, what is the point of taking revenge on absolutely left-wing people, because even the punishers themselves understood that many of
the detainees had nothing to do with the protests. The story of Anton Lyadov, a Russian blogger, is indicative. He was detained several
hours before the protest, he was recognized, even quite culturally talked with him about trips to Venezuela and North Korea, but still
passed through the torture conveyor. The cruelty cannot be attributed to the fact that the riot police are, in principle, animals. For
several weeks before August 9, they carried out detentions and, despite the excesses that occurred, there was nothing like the subsequent

So why are they such bastards? To answer this question, one should pay attention to the systematic and repeatable punitive techniques
throughout the country. In completely different cities, the same thing: the position on the knees with the forehead to the floor, stretch
marks with palms on the wall, the designation of some detainees in yellow and red paint, or by applying inscriptions on their heads,
increased torture for any tattoos and external differences (piercings, long or dyed hair, pigtails), beatings for arbitrary body movements,
the prohibition to look punishers in the eyes.

You need to understand that torturing several thousand people (in fact, more) is a technically very difficult task. Such synchronicity and
skill cannot appear chaotically; such a technique is worked out in advance and practiced. But has something like this already happened in
our country? Isn't this bullying a splash of the sick imagination of sadists in uniform?

In these framesyou see a pacification action in one of the Russian zones. A striking resemblance to what happened in the IVS on Akrestsin
Street and in the ROVD, isn't it? Such punitive actions are carried out to train the FSIN special forces. I personally spoke with a person
who was in such a zone during the pacification. According to him, the special forces reached an agreement with the administration of the
zone, the operas provoked a conflict in order to cause a riot, but the riot did not work out. Nevertheless, the guards opened the gates and
let the riot police in. In addition to the FSIN, there were also small groups of special forces from other units, in different uniforms and
other tactics. For several hours the chastisers beat the entire zone, they were crippled and even killed, then the special forces left. Most
of all went to those who did not offer resistance and left the barracks on command. Those who barricaded corridors and doors with iron bunks
and fought back,

In Belarus itself, in addition to the events in the KGB pre-trial detention center in 2010-2011 described in my book, I know about two
punitive actions to pacify large objects.

In the early 2000s, the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Almaz" were brought into the Vitebsk jail. The Department of the
Execution of Punishments (DIN) decided thus to tighten the regime as strictly as possible. The special forces acted so brutally that even
the warders hid in the cells of the prisoners along with the keys, because they also fell under the distribution. It's simple, the special
forces act on the assumption that the entire object is captured, and the prisoners could change into the uniform of the jailers. Actually,
Almaz was formed on the basis of the Berkut prison special forces detachment, so the habits remained the same.

We will not ignore the special forces of the Internal Troops of the SOBR. From the description of tasks on Wikipedia: "... organizes
preventive measures in correctional facilities." What are these preventive measures? They look something like this . I could not find
evidence that SOBR entered the prison or zone. However, I managed to take testimony from the direct victim of such "prevention" when the
same "Almaz" entered the prison.

"I ended up in Volodarka[SIZO-1]in the spring of 2006. The background is such that in 2005 there were massive arrests of members of the
Morozov's organized criminal group and members of the Fireman's organized criminal group.

A typical day looked like this. When they took us for a walk to the courtyards or to the bathhouse, and there were masks on the longitudinal
axis, we were necessarily beaten. There were two typical options. The first, light one, we passed through their formation and were strewn
with a hail of clubs. Second, on command, we stretched out facing the wall, and they beat us until they got tired of them, most often on the
legs. If you are indignant - a blow, if you turn your head - a blow, if you stretch your arms - a blow. More tattoos came in addition. And
so every day, the question of luck will you meet them longitudinally or not. Often we did not go out for a walk at all. One day one of their
huts[cameras], a businessman with glasses, decided to go for a walk alone. The inspector was very unhappy that he would have to go for one
person. After a while, the Comerce came back all beaten, limping, with broken glasses. Didn't reach ... Later, he wrote complaints about
beatings and damage to property, and he was even given a confrontation with the Almaz workers. "How can I identify them if they were all
wearing masks?" He spread his hands helplessly. I could not identify, "the check did not reveal the facts of violations."

Only that was still nothing. Sometimes the masks flew right into the camera and beat everyone in a row. Their favorite tactic was to quietly
sneak up to the brakes[doors], quickly fly into the hut and throw those who were sleeping on the upper tier of the bunk by the collar. In
the center of the hut there is an oak[iron table]and the masks tried to throw the man so that he would hit his back on the edge of the oak.
Backs were crippled, and there were spinal fractures. Some of the guards adopted this fashion, and they also flew in and beat everyone up.
They had other masks, the usual green form, we quickly learned how to calculate them. Once, we were pressed twice in a row, first by special
forces, and an hour later by local ones.

They said that some of the controllers also got from the masks, so they felt their impunity. We were still lucky, our hut was pressed only a
few times. But the hut above us was pressed regularly. They shouted so that everything could be heard through the tails[barred window], it
is not clear how they stood up at all. It used to be that out of 15 people after a raid of masks, only three remained, the rest were sent to
a medical unit or to a punishment cell so that the beatings would heal there.

The worst case was for the special corridor, they were killed every day.[In the book by Sergei Pavlovich "How I Stole a Million" there is a
description of the special corridor. It is located behind separate doors in the basement of the prison, 16 double cells, there is no
connection with the rest of the prison. They hold special prisoners that the administration needs to break.]

I was also lucky that I got to Volodarka only in 2006. Inmates said that in 2005 it was worse. The beatings stopped only when I was
convicted and transferred from the cell under investigation to the convicts, to wait for the stage. All this time, I was formally innocent.

I ask all former prisoners who have gone through the hell of "prevention" to respond and testify. It's time to talk about it. Write! "

In normal times, Almaz hone their skills on criminals, they are regularly involved in arrests. Almaz workers often "work" on drug-related
matters, knocking out a door or window, and harshly twisting a simple drug addict is their usual routine.

As for the riot police, they train differently. They get the green light to train with ... ordinary people in the provinces! I first learned
about this from the former cops with whom I was sitting. The riot police are allowed to raid small towns and wreak havoc there. One of these
stories happened in Krupki in 2011, and got out only because the former cops got mixed up. Pay attention to the words "do you see this
stick? Now, give the condom, we'll put it on, we'll shove it in the ass. " For 9 years nothing has changed. How many of these "grains" were
there in reality, and how many people passed through the hands of these fascists?

Unlike the jailers, who are interested in long-term control, the purpose of the punitive stormtroopers is to establish a regime of
continuous terror over the entire facility / territory. The population of the object is divided into gradations: light terror, ordinary
terror, intensified terror and maximum terror. The result of such a regime should be absolute obedience, and turning the population away
from the active protest group. During pacification, a person is depersonalized, turned into a gray mass.

I would like to especially emphasize the following point. It is impossible to raise a dragon without periodically feeding it. And when you
hear that somewhere they are pacifying the prisoners, then before thinking "maybe they need it", remember the bloody August 2020, and where
exactly the punishers learned such skills.

Today it has become obvious that the punitive action to pacify the Belarusian people has completely failed, having met with an unexpected
rebuff and steadfastness, and, on the contrary, rallied the people as never before.

Continuing the theme of the origins of cruelty, I ask you to think about it at this moment: people were beaten at Akrestsin Street all the
time. Can you imagine a whole work shift in an atmosphere of almost continuous roars, crying, groans? And the punishers can! Yes, there were
those who beat less often, who did not mock as others, who shied away from direct bullying and even pulled them away from their more violent
colleagues. But they were all able to mentally withstand this atmosphere and continue to perform their functions, and even in between times
call their wife to talk about everyday issues. Such a psychotype is more reminiscent of a surgeon who impartially cuts the human body,
despite the blood, groans, and tremors. They have an increased sensitivity threshold, which protects them from emotional burnout.

A good sadist is a bad performer. The sadist is emotionally unstable, because sadism is, in principle, the formation of an emotional
connection between the tormentor and the victim. Sadists often hide among the officers of the ROVD, temporary detention facilities, prisons
and zones, they want to torture people, and like spiders they wait for a convenient situation. Among them there were those who gladly helped
the riot police. Their passion often becomes a source of conflict with superiors and coworkers.

Spetsnaz and OMON are sharpened weapons that can carry out orders as part of a unit under stressful conditions. Surely they have a
professional deformation, like many security officials, for sure some have a penchant for sadism and perhaps some small percentage of
sadists are recruited on purpose. But first of all, they must follow the order, and not get carried away with torture, and as in every, so
to speak, profession has its own passion.

There is some difference between the personal levels of spetsnaz and riot police. The first officers, nevertheless, carry out high-precision
tasks, they are required to have a high predictability of the result. The latter are recruited for the role of professional bouncers,
accuracy and high intelligence are not required from them, respectively, the range of aggression is much wider. This is where the difference
ends, they are equally merciless.

People at the demonstrations try to shame the punishers, cry, give them flowers, hug them. Do you know how they feel? Sometimes
bewilderment, but most likely contempt. For them, a person kneeling down only makes them want to beat them even harder; pleading for mercy
is an aggravating circumstance.

What explains the special enthusiasm with which the punishers tortured their victims? Oddly enough, the belief in the correctness of the
deeds. This belief has nothing to do with the real world. It resembles the faith of fanatics, sectarians, it is a convenient cocoon that
stabilizes the personality of the punisher. After all, only a minority of scoundrels are able to admit to themselves that they are scum and
bastards, for whom moral justification is the order of the person in power. Most need some kind of rational picture of the world in which
they are, albeit harsh, but positive heroes.

They are initially raised in a continuous brainwashing environment. For them, Lukashenka is the father of everything and everyone, society
is organized correctly and the country is always surrounded by enemies, and many more enemies are sent inside. Such a picture of the world
allows one to withdraw from the development of one's own assessments, and to shift the responsibility to the superiors. However, make no
mistake, the more absurd the orders are, the more zeal they will follow them. It is impossible to ask hundreds of times "Who paid you?", To
receive the same answer, and not to doubt the official version. From doubts, their inner tension grows (subconsciously, they understand
everything), and from that they begin to scoff even more furiously in order to discharge themselves and thereby prove their own innocence.
This question "Who paid you?" Is not really a question, but a statement for self-belief, self-justification, "I believe! I believe! I
believe! " For them, it is an integral form of psychological self-defense.

During the time of the Gulag, many KGB officers and wardens furiously persecuted political prisoners, although in that situation it was
impossible to seriously consider that millions of prisoners were counterparts, spies, saboteurs, saboteurs, saboteurs, terrorists. Only such
faith in the leader and the correctness of what was happening allowed them not to fall in their own eyes and gave meaning to their actions.

So who is the punisher? This is a biorobot, with a system of ideological positions and moral dogmas, stitched like a program code. It is
useless to talk to them, he does not accept rational arguments. The gap in this defense is the symbols and facts of the weakness of their
leader; any fascist is fed by the power of the leader's image. For example, when the workers of the MZKT shouted to Lukashenka "Go away!"
Remember when he flew in a helicopter with an automatic device and went out to them? The riot policemen were sincerely delighted and clapped
like children. "The folder is strong, the folder will protect." Those tons of disrespect and ridicule that pour out on the tyrant every day
act depressively on the punishers.

The situation is such that professional detachments of fascists operate in the country, technically capable of carrying out actions to
pacify the entire society. What to do with them? What should be the criteria for responsibility? Of course, responsibility should be
personal, for those actions that a person has done personally. But in the case of these punishers, how to define this personal
responsibility if they are all masked, anonymous, and act as a cohesive whole? Even if one of them did not personally beat, torture, or
kill, this one still continues to function within the unit, and thus he confirms the acceptability of the actions of others for himself.
Look at the Almaz people who killed Taraikovsky. Did any of them make a fuss when the mortally wounded Alexander fell? Maybe confusion began
among them, that something was done wrong and there was a murderer among them? They killed, as in a shooting range, and continued on with
their dirty work. Without each of them, all that terror would have been simply impossible, each of them contributed to the terror against

There is a precedent in history when an entire military organization was declared criminal. It's about the SS. The Nuremberg Tribunal found
collectively guilty of all members of the paramilitary units of the SS from September 1, 1939, because only thanks to the well-coordinated
organizational work of the SS were able to carry out their especially grave crimes.

I believe that OMON and DIAMOND should be recognized as criminal organizations for war crimes against the people and subjected to a tribunal.

The rest of the security forces must be dealt with personally. To do this, it is enough to create a web platform with lists of all
departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (and not only), as well as current and former employees. Let people recognize their
tormentors and file statements describing their crimes. The regime practices the principle "Testimony is the queen of evidence". We have no
reason not to trust the testimony of the victims, the accusatory material will be collected quickly, and the torturers will fall into the
same hole that their "Themis" dug for ordinary people.

Finally, about the main thing. It should not even be possible for individual professional power units to impose their will on the entire
people. Under what circumstances would the August punitive action be impossible? If the people were armed, as in Switzerland. There, every
citizen who has completed military service has the right to keep an assault rifle at home.

Previously, one could hear "Oh, our people should not be given the arms of arms, they will do this." However, the revolution proved that our
people have a high level of self-discipline and strong moral qualities.

If the people were armed, the events of August 9-12 simply would not have happened. The people would have taken the IVS and the ROVD by
storm, releasing the detainees, and Lukashenka would have fled in fear.

Karaevshchina has no right to repeat itself; its very theoretical possibility must be nipped in the bud. An example of armed Switzerland to
help us.

Igor Olinevich



Message: 6

On the 97th week since the beginning of the protests of the movement "yellow vests" its activists again took to the streets and roads of
France on September 19. In Paris, a small column of demonstrators gathered in the Place de la Colonel Fabienne and at about 2 pm moved
through the city, surrounded by an impressive police force. ---- The route of the procession led through the Boulevard Menilmontand, the
Pere Lachaise cemetery and the Place de la Nation to the Gilded Gate of the Museum of the History of Immigration. On the way, the
demonstrators chanted the slogans and demands of the protesters, made stops in front of shops, where they expressed outrage at consumerism
and solidarity with the struggle of workers. Among the traditional topics related to issues of social justice, the question of the forced
wearing of masks, including in schools, was also raised. "Our children have the right to breathe!" - this is one of the messages of the
movement (https://blogs.mediapart.fr/ceinna-coll/blog/200920/gj-acte-83-sem97-paris-19092020-ne-peut-pas-nous-interdire-de-respirer)

Hundreds of "yellow vests" took part in a demonstration in Valenciennes in northern France. dedicated to honoring those who were injured by
the police in 2 years of performances. Protesters gathered at the Gomon cinema. The provocations of the forces of the protection of the
capitalist order, which began to roughly detain the demonstrators under the pretext of "identifying", led to clashes. Then the protesters
headed to the city center, to Canada Square. There were also clashes with the police in the center

The performances of the "yellow vests" were also held in Besançon, Montpellier and a number of other cities. At many roundabouts, protesters
set up traditional pickets, and at toll stations (like in Puget-Ville) cars were allowed free.



#FRANCE - #Homosexualité, le #Journal By #LucSchrijvers - Un manuel scolaire homophobe dans un lycée privé de Lyon


Homosexualité, le Journal
  By Luc Schrijvers
Un manuel scolaire homophobe dans un lycée privé de Lyon
Dans un papier publié ce lundi Rue89 Lyon, a enquête sur un manuel scolaire intitulé “Raisons de croire, petite théologie par les textes” utilisé au lycée Sainte-Marie dans le 5e arrondissement. Un o…
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