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woensdag 31 december 2014

(en) The FAI faced with the repression of anarchism and its media manipulation

The FAI (Iberian anarchist federation) express its opposition to the recent arrests of 
anarchists in Catalonia and Madrid, and offers its solidarity and support to detainees and 
prisoners and their families and significant others. ---- The organized growth of 
libertarian environment and social protest in recent years is being systematically 
persecuted by the state, under the protection of repressive laws characterize terrorist 
all kinds of acts contrary to the established order. ---- Not surprisingly arrests are a 
warning to those involved in any protest activity and are the gateway to the new Muzzle 
rule ("Public safety act") aims to establish an undercover state except to stop the social 
movement for change that has already started. This is why the state generates social alarm 
by police operations and judicial processes based on arbitrary evidences and charges, 
which feed the false myth of terrorist anarchism and promoter of the armed struggle.

This type of counterterrorism operations usually end in acquittal or imposing sentences 
under the repressed persons, consistent with the absence of armed organizations and 
terrorist attacks in the Spanish territory.

According suggest some newspapers (like Libertad digital ?Digital freedom?) the warrant of 
the judge G?mez Berm?dez (in Spain) reflects the existence of any relationship between the 
detainees and the FAI, shedding these statements we have violent ideas and practices, 
which is absolutely false.

Some media (such as Europa press and various websites related to Spanish government) 
attempt to poison, confuse and relate us to the FAI-FRI (Informal anarchist federation - 
International revolutionary front) organization, and GAC (Coordinated anarchist groups) 
that have nothing to do with us.

The practice of FAI is visible and public, internationalist and social. This is evident 
both our adherence to the IFA (International of anarchist federations) and the wide range 
of activities we do in society.

The FAI promotes the development of anarchist and social organization based on direct 
action, mutual support and self-management, without any interference by the State and 
Capital, as the FAI struggles for the emergence of a society emancipated from the system 
and promotes the free and full development of individuals.

For these reasons, the FAI publicly denounces the imprisonment and repression of anarchist 
activism, social protest and media manipulation campaign of anarchism and the Federation.

Peninsular committee of the FAI, December 25, 2014


(en) Canada, UCL - Collective Emma Goldman - Beauty model. (fr, it, pt)

(en) Canada, UCL - Collective Emma Goldman - Beauty model.
(fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

We inform you of this text which reached us by email. Feel free to do the same and send us 
your news and opinion letters. ---- Size: ---- Weight: ---- Bust: ---- White teeth ---- No 
tattoos ---- Be aged between 17 and 21 years ---- Every morning the same dilemma. What 
sweater with what jeans? Does my shirt with my game down, my purse and my lipstick? A 
touch of mascara. I stiffened hair. Another layer of perfume. Finally, the top really 
makes me not worth, I have lots of beads, I eat too much. Perhaps with black, we will win. 
But black is bland. A sweater less tight then and neckline, to compensate. I choose jeans 
that puts more value in my ass. After 5 makeup touch-ups, hair re-plating 3, 3 spray 
perfume, 6 jersey changes, I'm late for my class, but I feel satisfied with my image. 
Whatever it could be better, but hey, I'm already late...

After leaving home, I pass a billboard. Tall blonde, perfect white smile, slim and 
radiant, even a small button or imperfection on his youthful face. Surely double surgical 
D. And I tell myself that I lost two hours to prepare me for nothing if I do not even look 
like that. But basically it's ridiculous, I know, the picture is full of touches. This is 
not a real woman. It was created on a software and I have no reason to envy. And yet, I 
feel uncomfortable. I should have more style, more comfort, better myself.

I go on the subway. I look at other women around me compare myself. Often, I console 
myself. Because there are more ugly and bigger than me. And then I feel guilty. They need 
to feel worse than I am, what takes me to judge? And there was the most beautiful, 
thinner, so those style. And here I feel ugly and fat.

In the evening, I decided to go to the bar. I go home I do touch-ups. I want to please, a 
guy notices me. Skirt, neckline perfume. I put my hair, looking at me 20 times in the 
mirror. A little more mascara. I change up, one, two, three times. I finally found THE 
perfect kit that will turn heads. I get to the bar, order a drink. I join my friends, or 2 
spots a beautiful guy. I go to the bathroom, took the opportunity to let me touch-ups. I 
feel confident, but not too much. And later, I go with him. The stranger, friend, 
boyfriend or fuckfriend. I think that, perhaps, I like that, perhaps, he loves me. We are 
getting closer, we kiss. Undressing and it becomes fake, programmed. As if our every move 
was learned chained like a bad choreography. And it was he who lead. He takes me, puts me 
on top of him, pulls my hair, slap my ass. Expects that I'm hot, sexy, performing like a 
porn movie. And I sickens, feel guilty. Guilty of not being up to par, not to satisfy it. 
And not be satisfied either, in the end.

The world of fashion and advertising convey meaning heavy messages for women. How to feel 
good about yourself when you must achieve unrealistic beauty ideals? Why this passage he 
seems mandatory to be recognized as a woman in our society? The obsession with beauty and 
eternal youth contaminates us and dictates our behavior in order to be a Woman with a big 
F. It teaches us how to act, what to wear, how to wear makeup to please and be desirable. 
But who really benefits from this image of beauty and the perfect woman? What is our 
definition of beauty? Will it many ways to be beautiful, or should we refer to 
prefabricated models taxed? One of the most valued standards of beauty in our society is 
that of the white woman, blonde and thin. And all means look good to reach it. Whether by 
drastic means such as surgeries, surgeries that blur the passage of time by erasing 
wrinkles that disappear childhood magnifying breasts or, conversely, take us back to our 
childhood ?pilant hair. Whether by softer means such as makeup, tanning, beauty products. 
Our body is constantly modified to achieve the image of perfection. But these means are 
they truly accessible to all women? Do they have the financial means to acquire the 
perfect woman conversion kit? It is possible for these women, if they have the means to 
change. But at what price? One can not ignore the capitalist system in which we find 
ourselves. System that causes people to overuse the detriment of our physical and mental 
health. Achieving beauty standards inevitably involves consumption. Makeup use, shampoo, 
creams, salves, powders, gels, lotions, dyes, deodorants, dyes.

To sunbathe, flatten, swell, soften, perfume, densify, Volumiser, coloring, waving, 
dyeing, matte, exfoliate, moisturize, condition, lighten. All these products and methods 
are not free and end up costing an arm and a leg. Only for hair dyes, talking about 315 
million dollars spent annually. This represents 10 colorings to the second [1] 
Advertising inevitably has an important role in our consumption habits. It presents us 
with products that are intended miraculous. The reality is that it remains dissatisfied, 
though. And this dissatisfaction can manifest in different ways. Anger, frustration of not 
being like the women in advertising, to the erosion of self-esteem and the development of 
maladaptive personality traits (eg dependent personality trait) or to the emergence of 
more complex and serious disorders such as eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, 
unspecified food pipe disorders) [2] depression, self-mutilation to the suicide attempt. 
In addition to being influenced by the media, women are also influenced by others. How 
many times in high school did I say I would like to be as beautiful as the other woman 
having the most beautiful clothes, more "fashionable" etc. This is called social pressure. 
And this pressure comes from the media and society (over) consumption in which we live. 
Everything fits together like a puzzle.

[1] Planetoscope: Global stastistiques in real time. (2012). Spotted 
[2] AQPAMM: Quebec association of parents and friends of the person with mental 
illness. (2014). Spotted 
Published ago 14 hours ago by Collectif Emma Goldman


(en) Tunisia, Call for a first Mediterranean anarchist meeting March 2015 (fr, pt)

Ecrit par The Libertarian Commun, FR AF, IAF ---- Today, the Mediterranean region 
continues to be one of the regions in the world beset by popular uprisings and protests. 
These range from north to south of the Mediterranean, following the global economic and 
financial crisis, causing an increase in insecurity and poverty and the displacement of 
hundreds of thousands of people. ---- Even if the circumstances differ from one region to 
another, the population remains at the mercy of the capitalists and their cliques. 
Following the global crisis, a series of popular uprisings swept the region. They started 
in Tunisia and we do not know where it will end. These uprisings and these events, facing 
the Mediterranean region, gave hope in the ability of people to change their lives.

However, despite the popular revolts, the situation in Tunisia and Egypt deteriorated 
sharply over the past three years. Indeed, the RDC militias of the old regime (Tunisia) 
and the military junta (Egypt) took advantage of the post-revolutionary floating to 
consolidate their power through the cooperation and support of former members of these 
clans. They now have the upper hand in all the key positions of power and wealth, thus 
condemning people to more instability and misery.

As for the situation in Syria and Libya, Islamist mercenary groups financed by some Arab 
Emirate and / or Iran, confiscated the people's struggle against oppression and 
dictatorship for their own account. The Syrian people, in particular, find themselves in 
the fight against the barbarism of Bashar al-Assad and against fighters for the Islamic 

Although the ruling classes of these countries intimidate and suppress blood 
demonstrations and uprisings, population, and anarchists, continued to resist and fight 
for their emancipation, to self-organize and build solidarity and mutual aid.

It is in this spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance that we call all anarchists, 
anarchist and anti-authoritarian to join us in creating a network for the exchange and 
sharing of information, projects and solidarity between anarchists of the Mediterranean.

For this, the Tunisian libertarian group "The Libertarian Commons", the Anarchist 
Federation and the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA) invite you to the 
Mediterranean anarchist meetings to be held in Tunisia from 27 to 29 March 2015. This 
invitation is open to all and all our comrades, including those who do not belong to this 
The meeting will focus on the situation faced by the peoples of the Mediterranean, during 
economic crises, and the popular protests that seek to overthrow regimes that exploited 
and exploiting even people.

The Libertarian Commons, the French Anarchist Federation and the International of 
Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA)

French F?d?ration anarchiste (FR AF): relations-internationales@federation-anarchiste.org
The Libertarian Commons (Tunisia): commun.anar.lib@gmail.com
International of Anarchists federations (IFA): secretariat@i-f-a.org


(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #245 - Thousand cows in a factory farm (fr, it, pt)

 (en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #245 - Thousand cows
in a factory farm (fr, it, pt) [machine translation]

On 14 September, the Peasant Confederation and Novissen, a local association, blocked the 
factory farm called the 1000 cows (Somme). Since September 2013, they are fighting against 
this insane project. Michel Ramery, its founder, intends to use animals for anaerobic 
digestion... and possibly milk. He recently tried to force putting 500 cows on the site 
while it was not all permissions. The standoff is on. ---- With the factory farm cows 
1000, its founder, Michel Ramery is located far from the small farm in dairy production. 
The goal is to 1000 cows building and acquire 3,000 hectares of land for an operating 
license. With three milkings per day, it intends to produce 9 million liters per year. 
Thanks to gains in its giant digester, he is willing to sell the milk to 270 euros per 
tonne while the market price is around 350 euros. This kind of policy will necessarily 
lead to lower prices and create difficulties for small farms. It does not have to worry 
because the project is a real pump money. All confused, he would receive 4 million state 
aid per year.

The industrialization of agriculture involves a concentration of means of production in 
livestock, in hectares, building, manpower and financial resources. The future would be 
huge farms in near monoproduction (it necessarily loses diversity) managed by financial 

Destruction of the food economy

We import raw materials and export the surplus that we will sell low, especially in 
so-called developing countries. Destruction of the food economy for them, rural 
depopulation and destruction of small farming here. Produce more does not feed the world, 
it creates famines! Liberalization already leading the way. The end of milk quotas[1] 
anticipates the agricultural disaster ahead. According to some estimates, we would spend 
78,000 dairy farms in 2011 to some 25,000 in 2035.

To be independent of the food perspective, it takes many farms, able to provide a varied 
diet rich in employment. The farm-factory 1000 cows replaces twenty farms 50 cows (French 
average) and 42 jobs when it hired a dozen people for raising activity. With the numerous 
frauds and irregularities of which it is subject, this project would never have come into 
being. But, contrary to what the government can say, the draft Ramery collects strong 
political support.

Say no to industrial agriculture

The only government response to the disappearance of farmers planned is repression. 
Following action of the Peasant Confederation on the site of the factory farm, five union 
activists were arrested and taken into custody. Their trial will be held on October 28 at 
Amiens and the peasant union does not intend to let buried alive.

Then, on 28 October, all to Amiens to say no to union repression and industrial agriculture!

George Claas (AL Var)

[1] Milk quotas limit the exploitation by production volume in order to maintain the 
courses and avoid a race to the concentration and the enlargement of farms


(en) Turkey, DAF - Meydan #23 - "The Political History of the most" bizarre "and e-Party Party" - Elijah Rare (tr)

(en) Turkey, DAF - Meydan #23 - "The Political History of the
most" bizarre "and e-Party Party" - Elijah Rare (tr) [machine

Agenda very intense and underrated because it is complicated, but the names of the 
region's political agenda, discourse and noteworthy for its emblem, and sometimes smile 
ettirip will be one of the surprise party email Party, gave the organization the petition 
on November 26, the Ministry of Interior. ---- E-Party, namely Electronic Democracy Party 
Co-Chairman (former CHP deputies) Emrehan Carpenter in his speech, which does not collect 
rallies of the party, election bother wandering people with buses, paperless, said cloth 
flag or will be a party. It is also found to be effective in an e-Parliament party's 
decision-making and consultation issues, he stressed. ---- In fact, e-party, only one 
party attracts interest TC bizarre and political life. Because TC political history that 
"transition to multi-party" giving the right of discourse, founded truly is full of 
parties with very different objectives. That would be a material with humor and of course, 
this diversity also appeared. Here are some of the exclusive right to their own party that 
strange TC political parties:

Treatment Protection Party: Another amazing aspect of this party name creates confusion 
estimated Contrary to the "green" and not by s Islamic ?cole be established by the people.

Great Anatolia Party: TC MP map an ant-like party in the form of the acronym and logo 
depicted on BANAP has changed abbreviations as BAP on playing again on the critics of the 
MP; emblem also be a drummer of Turgut Ozal Ozal groom and the bride and groom as a gift 
to the Jaguar cars dedicated to pierce the drum was replaced with an emblem depicting the 
last Jaguar.

National Self Government Party : the party formed by the headman of the Member, the 
headman was established in order to pass the word politics has been in the news.

Turkey is happy with Disabilities Party: This party was imprinting the name of the message 
it carries is closed due to financial difficulties in 2004.

Small party: the name of the party showing the humility that he did not take power and win 
the election and stated that the purpose of the program to include the organization of the 
state so the program. The Constitutional Court also precisely for this reason, that the 
party "small" ness and politics "ineffectiveness" reasons, has decided to shut down the party.

Sultan Party: Party name put clear that certain processes in the rushing of many thinking 
that or business founder Yasar Sultan to give his name to the party, Sultan Party, the 
political history of the region "color which" has provided the groundwork for being one of 
the party.

Confidence Party: Party like Sultan Trust Ozen, the founder of the party, such as the 
name, reputation the more 'illegal' as provided in raids on several occasions due to gambling.

Said each of the political parties, unusual regulations, draws attention to unfamiliar 
areas and work organization. These parties only in the historical geography of the 
political "color" as well if you want to be left in memory, sometimes a "success" is also 
tinged with the reality of the sample. "Childhood" and the failure of the successful 
?rnekles corruption across the rest of the party in mind, unsolved is shaved to date with 
the massacre.

Elijah Rare

Alternative Libertaire AL #245 - Blockupy Frankfurt The ECB in the viewfinder (fr, it, pt)

Alternative Libertaire AL #245 - Blockupy Frankfurt The ECB
in the viewfinder (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]

From November 20 to 23, thousands of people gathered in the financial capital of the 
European Union. Events, debates and actions have marked the three days with a certainty: 
this calls suites. ---- One billion three hundred thousand euros, that's what has to cost 
the new building of the European Central Bank based in Frankfurt. The work is almost 
complete and we can see the tower overlooking the-high 185 yards. Figures that symbolize 
good purpose would: embody the rule of capital and submit people to the gospel of the 
market. ---- From 20 to 23 November, thousands of anti-capitalist, from lesquel it-s trade 
unionists, environmentalists, feminists, anti-fascist, anti-racist and political activists 
gathered es in the financial capital of the Union European. ---- It was jointly 
responsible denounce the institution of austerity policies pursued jointly by the Member 
States in line with the interests and demands of capital. They came from all L?nder 
(regions) of Germany, but also from a dozen European countries and responding to the call 
of the collective Blockupy Frankfurt.

A large mobilization

These four days have resulted in the holding many forums and workshops to share 
experiences of mobilization and struggle to establish a network to coordinate more. The 
day of Saturday, November 22 has in turn been marked by an event that brought together 
3,000 people and ended with a share of invasion of the new seat of the ECB by hundreds of 
activists who managed to outflank the police, hung banners and launched on the glass front 
of dozens of eggs filled with paint.

Blockupy Frankfurt does not intend to stop there and has already called for a massive 
mobilization Wednesday, March 18, 2015 in Frankfurt to block the ECB on the occasion of 
the inauguration of the building, which should draw any what the EU account Heads of State 
and leaders of financial capitalism.

Laurent (AL Paris Northeast)

More information: https://blockupy.org


Belgium, gettingthevoiceoutnewsletter, Évasion, ontsnapping, escaped !

Good news from the closed centres: Escaped on 31/12/2014
Posted on December 31, 2014 by admin - Read this post in Français,

This night two very young serbians were able to escape from the 127bis.
Incarcerated since three days, they lifted their window out after the
last contrôle of midnight and found their freedom.




31 DECEMBER 2014
Daily Express n°1310

'Als we onze opposanten niet gevangen kunnen nemen, hun familieleden dan maar'

31 dec 2014

Een Chinees waarschuwde op 15 december voor de verdwijning van Air Asia QZ8501

30 dec 2014

Regering Elio Di Rupo kende piek aan stakingsacties

31 dec 2014
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Falklands vrezen Russische vliegtuigen na deal tussen Poetin en Argentinië

30 dec 2014
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Data News na onthoofding op zoek naar 'body'

30 dec 2014
De 'onthoofding' van het vakblad Data News brengt ook een dieper liggend probleem van de vakbladen aan de oppervlakte... Read more
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Goedkoopste oudejaarshotelovernachting is Athene, de duurste...

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Olie op laagste stand in meer dan 5 jaar

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Beleeft de internationale luchtvaart een annus horribilis?

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Is geeuwen echt teken van vermoeidheid of verveling?

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Vijf eigenschappen van de rijke elite die middenklassers niet begrijpen

30 dec 2014
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Belgium,Beste wensen voor 2015! - Tous nos meilleurs voeux pour 2015!‏ Best wishes for 2015

We selecteerden ook 14 sterke beelden van het afgelopen jaar. Samen met onze partners in het Zuiden, vrijwilligers, sympathisanten en andere organisaties hier in België, hebben we heel wat kunnen realiseren. Blik mee terug op 2014 met G3W.
Nous avons aussi sélectionné 14 images fortes de l'année écoulée. En compagnie de nos partenaires dans le Sud, de bénévoles, de sympathisants et d'autres organisations ici en Belgique, nous avons vraiment pu réaliser beaucoup de choses. Une brève rétrospective de 2014 avec M3M.
We also selected the 14 strong imagery of the past year. Together with our partners in the South, volunteers, sympathizers and other organizations here in Belgium, we were able to achieve a lot. Look back on 2014 with G3W. Blik mee terug op 2014 met G3W.

World,The End Malnutrition Daily is out! Edition of 31 December 2014‏

The End Malnutrition Daily
Published by
Fred Tissandier
31 December 2014
Business Leisure Science World Environment Politics 
#hunger #malnutrition
Today's headline
Give a child Zero Hunger for 2015, and Knorr will match your gift!
thumbnailgive­.wfp.org - The Card security code on your credit card or debit card is a 3 digit number on VISA and MasterCard branded credit and debit cards located on the signature strip (back) of your card. The Card secur...

132 contributors - featured today:
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World,Avaaz - in 2015, we Rise - 24 hours left!

Wow, we've blown past our goal - let's double it by the end the year!! Here's the email —

Dear amazing Avaazers, this is from the heart -- 

Rising to the moment in the climate march. Let’s build this magic in 2015!
Things feel fragile right now. 

War is spreading, the politics of fear is rising, we're decimating our planet, and climate change threatens our survival. 

And yet -- the power of women is rising, democracy and the internet are spreading, and global poverty has been cut in half -- never have ordinary people had more power to meet these challenges, and decide our own fate. 

It feels like we're poised on the edge between our deepest dreams and oldest fears, and we face a choice - to rise to this moment, or let it fall. 

Will humanity rise? It might depend, in part, on us. There's 40 million of us now, the largest global community like this ever. This fall, millions of us changed the political game on climate change. It was magical. As inspiring as the thousands of us who put our hands up to risk our lives on the front line of the Ebola fight. And the millions of us who took action to protect our oceans and defeat a Monsanto mega-project.

From politicians, media and people, I'm hearing the same thing - we're bringing hope. And hope is the game changer. Hope, is how we rise. 

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To pledge an amount other than the ones listed above, click here. 
Fundraising is often a problem for social change organisations. Government or corporate funding would profoundly threaten our mission. Funding from large donors also often comes with strings attached. And high-pressure tactics like telemarketing, postal mail, or direct on-the-street programmes often cost nearly as much as they raise! That's why the Avaaz model - online, people-powered donations - is the best way in the world to power an engine of social change, and a huge part of our community's promise. 

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Ricken and the whole Avaaz team 

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Reason 2 – An Avaaz donation is an investment with permanent social change returns 

With Avaaz, our donations fund high impact campaigns that also recruit more people. More people means more donations, and more impact. So you're not only achieving a particular change with your donation, you're helping grow a community with new members that will multiply your donation many times over, and be a permanent and ever-increasing source of change. It's a tremendous philanthropic value to have this kind of double and permanent impact. 

Reason 3 – We have no bureaucracy 

Avaaz is a massive network of citizens, but our organisation is absolutely tiny – just 69 full time campaigners with operational and technology support. Most large global NGOs have hundreds or even thousands of staff. Our small size means we have no time for red tape, layers of management, or being focused on anything but getting results. 

Reason 4 – We're regularly audited, and fiscally responsible 

There's a lot of fear out there about misuse of donated money. Most of the fear is misplaced – most organisations are filled with good people trying to do good things. With Avaaz you can be sure – partly because we're required by law to be audited every 12 months. This audit thoroughly checks every aspect of our books and financial practices. We've been audited 8 times since we launched and every time been given a squeaky clean bill of health (for details, click here). 

Reason 5 – We have a world-class team that does outstanding work 

Campaigning, advocacy and social change are a serious and demanding business – the more competent the team, the more impact our donations have. Avaaz attracts some of the best campaigners and advocates in the world. Many of our Campaign Directors joined us after being CEOs of successful advocacy organisations, and most have degrees from the top universities in the world. 

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Reason 6 – We're 100% independent 

Avaaz takes absolutely no money from governments or corporations. This is hugely important to ensuring that our voice is exclusively determined by the values of our members, and not by any large funder or agenda. While we received initial seed grants from partner organisations and charitable organisations, 100% of the Avaaz budget now comes from small online donations. This means that the only agenda we have to follow is the people's agenda. 

Reason 7 – We pass the money on when it makes sense, and give to the best efforts 

Avaaz has donated nearly $10 million to other organisations, because we saw them as better placed than us to have impact on a particular issue. For example, we've granted $2 million to Ebola frontline organisations, $1 million to a top rainforest conservation group, $1.6 million to Burmese monks and aid groups, $1.3 million to Haitian aid organisations (see this video from the groups that received our donations), and more than $1 million to relief organisations in Pakistan. The way we support organisations is important too. Most foundations have endless process and constraints that make them slow, bureaucratic and risk averse in supporting advocacy. Avaaz finds the best people and organisations and doesn't micromanage them -- we just empower them to do what they know best.

Reason 8 – We're political (this really matters)

Most charities offer tax deductibility for donations. But this means that they are, in a way, partially taxpayer funded, and governments use that to place a very thick set of rules on what they can and can't do. Chief among them is restricting what they can say to criticise, support, or oppose a politician. Avaaz is very rare in that our donations are not tax deductible, leaving us 100% free to say and do whatever we need to to get leaders to listen to people. Since so many important issues are won and lost in the political realm, this makes us much more effective than advocacy groups that shy away from speaking out politically.

Reason 9 – We go where the greatest needs and opportunities are

Most organisations focus on a single issue over a long period of time. This is very important to do, but that can mean that when desperate needs or amazing opportunities for social change arise, they get ignored because everyone is working on their own issue. Avaaz campaigns target the most urgent needs and opportunities, showing up just when a powerful burst of citizens' attention is needed most. We work continuously with top quality partners in the areas we campaign on, and all describe Avaaz as an amazing added value to their work.

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Reason 10 – Democratic accountability is hard-wired into our model

The Avaaz model of campaigning is people-powered. Our priorities are set at annual and weekly levels by polls of our membership and every campaign we run is first polled with members. No matter how much work we put into developing a campaign, if it fails to get the greenlight from members, we don't run it. So on a day to day basis, how we spend the donations we receive is determined directly by members.

Reason 11 – There's no other organisation like us

Avaaz is the world's first and only massive, high-tech, people-powered, multi-issue, genuinely global advocacy organisation. In a world where the problems we face are consistently global, and the solutions to them increasingly require global, democratic action, Avaaz is uniquely placed to effect change. No other organisation can rapidly mobilise large-scale, coordinated democratic pressure in over 194 countries within 24 hours. A new model of internet-based, people-powered politics has changed politics in several countries, and Avaaz is taking that proven model global. The result is already the largest global online movement in history, and we're just getting started.

Avaaz.org is a 40-million-person global campaign network
 that works to ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 18 countries on 6 continents and operates in 17 languages. Learn about some of Avaaz's biggest campaigns here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.